What Do We Know So Far?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    You forget about runes a bit here, which will be quite a fundamental change in that there will be only a limited number of runes that can be used and then mainly that they will be reworked in efficiency from the object to the total values from the character. This is a pure nerf and a devaluation of these runes.
    Especially by the fact that it will be necessary to decide which ones to use at the expense of others - HP runes, armor, resistance, attack speed, run speed, winter runes, CD shortening runes, damage runes, wisdom runes, resource reduction runes.
    If I take it into the resources spent and the means to obtain them. The total values will never exceed the values from the item in the final stage, especially if you have gems promoted to the highest rarity and unique with a gold base to do so.
    By doing so, they only show how they do not value long-time players and their work and effort .... it's just one thing, to reduce the margin of scissors between new and old players, so that the view of the status in builds is not so frustrating. Long-term work in the profit of runes cannot be overwhelmed by a few months of playing, it is a long-term matter of several years, which is probably undesirable. By changing the concept in the craft, they will at least get too close to it, because runes will become more of a side effect in strengthening states.

    It is clear to me that for the new system these changes are a bad necessity, but what guarantees do we have that after the conversion, the famous history will not be repeated after the introduction of Qaizah and their transfers to new types of gems, which subsequently returned to the original variant after half a year or a year. Then we would be robbed of a lot with unnecessary improvements to a higher possible variant.

    When there will be a limit of only 5 types and max 40 pieces ... most of the space will fill you with winter runes, HP, resistance, armor, and attack speed, maybe runes run ..... for others it will no longer be a lot of space, if you take into account the runes on the CD ... possibly injuries and reduced resources .... these will still be priority runes then you will have to consider what to do for the overall statistics.
    In the final decision, it will probably be revealed only on the basis of the new craft and its technique which runes will actually lose their value over others, which will be difficult to replace to limit space. So unless some runes are converted into jewels to make room for additional runes.
    I do not mention materi fragments, wisdom, or group runes and regeneration runes. It will still be a great loss for this possible diversity that we currently have at our disposal.
    By running the runes to the total values for the increase, perhaps a 3-combination of Hp, resistance, armor together .... in the manner of winter runes could be interesting. Then that would solve the problem of limited placement a bit.
    The question would be how they have planned conversions of values for changing runes .... then even if they put the customization together at the expense of some degradation of values.
    I'm not an enthusiast for this type of change, but within the choice of lesser evil and greater potential benefits.
    I am sorry for my English. I'm not a native speaker.
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Thoughts? I am actually stunned how much accurate I was :D
    But ... I was only joking:
    But they were actually being serious, WTH.

    If we take look of the new website look ... it is quite clear...
    do you get the picture now? about the "original ideas"?

    How dare Hollywood copying DSO.

    For those who haven't seen the last Terminator failure:
    In the first moments of the movie back when John Connor was still a child ... a terminator T-800 , sent by Skynet, killed the child - the future leader of the human resistance - the most important man in the human history. That means that everything we know until now has never happened ... not even Skynet itself, has ever existed. However ... there is a new AI system called Legion instead of Skynet and he is also sending terminators back in time. This time they have to kill Dani Ramos which is the female version of John Connor ... because ... why not.
    The terminator T-800 that actually killed John Connor has finished his mission and ... since no one gave him new commands ... he grew human conscience and saved Alicia and her son from Alicia's abusive husband and started living with them. He started a company and started selling draperies for living. (WTH) ... ... ...
    That means nothing after the Judgement Day has happened and everything we were watching previously was a lie. New beginning happened without the abusive toxic men. The new AI Legion is searching the new potential Female human leader Dani and her SJWs.

    In short that is what will happen to DSO ... everything will be taken from you and melted and only content after the so called "CE" will be relevant ... everything else will be ... as the answering person in the screenshots said "irrelevant stupid content from the past".
    So there you go ... that is why items will be melted and items stolen from our inventory. Because you are forgetting that they have never even existed before.
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  3. gbit

    gbit Forum Ambassador

    A topos in science fiction... And seems also in dso :D
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  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Couldn't they just update the old legacy item to the new format? For example the old ring of death and old ring of life or the ring of inner fortitude, the black warlord set, etc.

    Also, other old items as well, the old uniques that used to drop.
    They could have been updated, instead they are stealing.

    Also, i guess that probably most of the grinding is going to be done for rune farming, which are probably going to be super important.
    Will gems and jewels be as important as they are now?
  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Idk if i am even hitting a repeat button when I say this, but they had to change the way crafting works.
    not because putting legendaries into uniques is one of the most OP concepts in a game, but because the rng required to do that made many players leave easily.
    Which from a business perspective is bad business.

    Any end game is a grind, thats more than fairly stated, but if a player feels the grind is too much and not worth their time, they will leave
    Welcome to the tier and augment and prestine and soul core systems

    Think about tier 20 for a moment, with the increase from tier 8 to 9 = 200 core per tier.
    They could have just blatantly made it cheaper with CE.

    The problem is horizontal linear progression doesnt allow for much scaling in 2 ways, 1 being the fact that the requirements will go up but also with the requirements comes the cost.
    I think you more than any player would be aware of the glyphs needed to make all level 65 if the cap was 60 and the glyphs needed to make all level 70 if 65 was the cap.

    And yet they do not want to deliver content that will not be challenging, so staying at 55 is not an option
    So what do they do?

    bring infernal 20?

    They cant

    So the first thing they did was move over to a vertical linear progression system for ce.

    They are well aware players such as yourself worked hard for your plat lines, and some dont even use plats or only use few gold and few plats as a whole, limiting their potential.

    So needing to attract players with a easy crafting system is the only way forward, makes it easy for us, makes it easy for new players.
    I believe all our core ( not like I have lots ) will be converted to glyphs so that we can craft more.

    They aid that our gear will not be useless and well since we can use any lines on any items I fully intend to go 1h dps, 300% idoti on main hand and off hand heck quite possibly even to carry myself through leveling use a level 69? cube set since tiers will be converted to item levels.

    Im gonna try that atleast.

    None of the runes we have will go in vain they will become % modifiers meaning all our double gems ( not like im one to talk )
    will go into 10 slots per item, and their values will be exponentially increased.

    Since we will not lose gear anymore when transferring lines from 1 item to another, and this includes uniques, we can experiment and play with any sets, without losing our old gear or having to farm 4 lines ever again, as long as you have the glyphs that is.

    So all your gear useless as they are after ce will not quite be so useless as they are already crafted.

    Yes they will change how critical damage works but there is apparently a new cap for it or something.

    Gems, definitely new higher gems coming, and we wont work to death for them, we have to get them maxed anyways because, wewill probably be doing pvp with them.

    I suspect a 2:1 ratio and using gold to upgrade them.

    So no more 3 gems to make a next tier and the more royals you have the better.

    So yes I agree, what was will never be, but it has happened, but will happen again but, when it happens again it will be different.

    I am pretty underlying sure youre full t10 gear atm, I could be wrong but your average item level will be 73.
    Now if the level cap is 85 you will only need to worry about gear from around level 75 as your gear is crafted and you have awesome gems.
    which isnt too much of a worry anyways, because when you do craft gear you can just transfer the lines, and keep farming.

    right about now in this stage of my reply you are telling yourself it cannot be this easy, this is crazy this is not how I know bigppoint.

    Youre half right, its not going to be easy, you will be farming like a madman

    Something stupid i have encountered as we know I have surmised that items level at a percentage of 4.5% per level.
    This might change but I have come to realize that the max size rubies can attain = a gem that gives 320 damage.

    Thats what ive calculated atleast, and here is the scary part, for a ruby with 320 damage to exist and items to keep a 3:1 ratio with gems item level 120 will probably be bloodshed items level.

    You want my honest opinion? I think the servers are gonna fry, they dont have servers strong enough for whats coming.
    geared pvp, I estimate will be 90% of their income by march 2021.
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  6. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    Its not only me but everyone calling for Mages Nerf , in PVP they are stun kings and with their black hole they kill everything even with 40k dmg only can go in higher infernals. A mage with 40k dmg are equal to 80k dmg or even more of dwarfs,rangers and DK so how the hell is this fair???
  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    What it is like to be on the other side of that beating stick.
    Go make yourself a dk and play pve <- do it, do it to understand what its like to be a dk right now
    Understand that i had to go and use q7 to be anything in dso at all, well anything play worthy atleast.
    Is that so?
    Tthis is your personal opinion or something you calculated on a data sheet to provide precise information?
    because you do understand that runes will get a next tier right?
    Now runes being turned into a relative modifier aka % increased lets quickly have a look.
    where one could max out on 200% idoti in helmet as a player because cdr runes was a thing in amulet
    they will on the next tier become 50% per rune
    but not only that they will each provide 40% increased damage as supremes
    now beign allowed a total of 5 means you will have a total of 200% increased damage
    Not 200% on this item but 200% increased <- that is huuuuge
    Ok so maybe i am right about damage runes
    but what about hp and what about resist and armor
    Let me tell you my build plans so far as i can tell pre ts build planning is rather limited
    because I used to be a q4 dk I never had the luxury of increasing my runes by buying with draken whenever i wanted
    Now given I have a supreme and 4x 30% and 7x 20% I will be able to make another 2x 30% which allows me to have 2x 40% 2x 30%
    1 x 20% which = 160% increased hp
    anyways being a little short on the total % increase there compared to other players
    regardless to say 160% is huge as a relative modifier
    let me show you why, from wisdom alone i will get 50% meaning + 160% = 210% increased
    now 20 000 + 210% = 62000 more hp from 1 tonic alone
    anyways long story short i will craft torso 70% armor on item and 180% increased damage
    belt 70% res on item and 180% increased damage
    helmet will do that with hp
    shoulders will craft 23% attack speedd and 180% increased damage
    cloak 120% crit on this item
    adornment I will craft 300% idoti
    off hand will craft 120% crit on this item and main hand will craft idoti too.
    rings I will push whatever the new crit damage meta is.
    and maybe a travel speed line or 2
    gloves depending on my speed needs will craft anything from 40-100% increased attack speed or idoti or a combination of both
    if I do land a high level sargon amulet and it has 748 damage as a unique line ima craft it either idoti or new crit dmg depending on the needs
    and that so far is my build plan, till I see what happens on ts
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  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    40k damage in pvp?

    Also, you're straight up EDIT now.
    Also no, with 40k dmg you can realistically go in inf 1, max inf 2 or maybe inf 3, no way you can go in inf 4 and upwards conformtably, with a mage or anyone really.

    Maybe you should start telling the truth and stop inventing anedoctes that never happened?
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  9. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    You are saying that runes will get higher level than supreme? Till now, I've only heard about new type, not a higher lvl but if it is so, then ppl with 10 att speed or 10-20 hp ones won't be so EDIT.

    Maybe he messed up the numbers (base dmg can't go higher than 4k (ranged classes have a bit higher)), but when I loose 2/3 of my hp (My hp total in pvp is cca 40k) from mage's sphere (not just OP, lower ranks, "never heard of" etc.) - what should I think about it - is fair!?

    Not to mention that any mage if knows how to use skills is in advantage already! How - vortex = insta spam + stun - speed + armor break and so on ...

    I never thought about nerfing any class, but they constantly doing it to ONE class (dk) and boosting another (mage) and occasionally other two (EA, heavy shot ...)

    Why is it so - because mages whining about DK has to be nerfed!! - ALL THE TIME

    Can you tell me that I'm lying about those above?
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  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    especially considering we are limited to 5 per type
    So ya :D
    the excuse was 80% increased armor for 10 seconds just does not justify the amount of damage bosses and monster deal on the infernals
    I guess the nerf on mighty wild swing was another pvp excuse of some sort
    and another one and another one and another one
    and now not very many dks left
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  11. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    So far, nowhere has it been officially said how much the runes will rise .... they were talking about a new type. If there is a further increase in runes, it will be quite inefficient in terms of time and cost. By having to run the runes to another higher rarity, it would be quite disadvantageous to the overall humiliation in quantity. I doubt that the conversion of runes would be at any more advantageous level for the player, the probability that it could approach the values of solstice runes would be more likely.
    Which begs the question that creating a coalescence of runes would be more worthwhile to make room for other types of runes. Due to the lack of space and the restriction to 5 types, you will have to consider what you will use at the expense of others and where you will then have to rebalance the decline of what you will miss.
    I will not write in numbers or calculations. By playing for the DK class all the more, you should be aware of this if you are in the end game stage by how much defense you will lose. Then the question is how hard the new set of difficulty modes will be and what compromises at the expense of injury it will lead you when you have to increase your defense. Then you can get to the point that not much has changed for you that the essence has remained the same and only the coat has changed in the settings.
    We will see if there will be an increase in other rarities for gems.
    In a way, if this happens and they introduce it, it is quite probable that the runes for defense will lose some of their significance and will be more of an accompanying factor.
    In any case, it is clear at first glance that the whole thing is just to reduce the distance between old and new players, because runes for defense (mainly I mean runes HP) will be devalued by this system even by being represented in the highest amount (if I omit runes on the speed of attack, which are right after the runs on HP).
    It is quite likely that this matter of runes can be quite a big thorn in the side of DEVs and therefore plan to craft gems with preference at the expense of runes. It is clear that long-term players would still be well in advance, which is probably quite undesirable. As they once opened the range of these values, they now try to close it as much as possible so that the players are more equal. In that case, it's a pure devaluation of the runes ... and as the purpose is called sanctifying the means ... so the change of craft only masked this.

    And most importantly, if it's just a game with items, then in two years it can easily happen that we may come to a state where they can rewind this again due to a crazy craft, which may have failed in the original idea. If there is a link or other conversion run, the deficit will be felt enough.
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  12. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    There are not many warriors left because it became fashionable to go 2-handed, the game was fine when a 1-handed warrior and 4 more characters could go in a group, in fact I created a warrior for that, I wanted to do something different because I was bored with my dwarf, and until it was destroyed, I was amused.

    Now it is impossible to see a one-handed warrior and I would give an arm for them to come back, having a warrior in the front line stopping the boss's attacks while you cut his face from afar seems to me the most effective way to play, now everything is jumps, You dodge and pray that the boss does not hit you because he sends you to sunbathe lying on the ground.

    Needless to say, my warrior became a useless character and I had to change him to 2 hands, with the consequent loss of time and effort that it took me to get him all the equipment, now it is one more my warrior, Q7 equipment like all kinds of characters Before at least one hand you could choose a thousand combinations, 2 hands or you take the set of Q7 or you are worth nothing, in my opinion, a ruin for everything.

    With the new expansion I hope that the warriors can go to 1 hand again because it is a viable option, that they do not have the damage penalty and cannot do anything by themselves, before it was fun to have a warrior and I hope that it can be again .
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  13. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Great Master

    I smile.
    Mybe you are right, but i prefer to think it's only a remake in your fantasy.
    I'm sad to see the guru of this forum so angry for the next changes about this game.
    You have a deep knowledge of this game, you have spent a lot of your time on test server to give us preciouses informations,
    but now it seems you don't want anymore...
    I invite you to reflect on a point:
    in the last times we can read a lot of users to talk about the end of this game
    mybe they are right
    the developers will propose us a new game without to delete this game, but only deleting the items of the past.
    We are only free to accept the new game, because we haven't the power to change the developers' mind ;)
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  14. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I hate it when people say this because your point of view makes dps dks never see the light of day.
    dks did not leave just suddenly when no one needed tanks anymore there is loads of aspects that made them leave over time
    the increased dmg from mobs
    the totally destroyed skills
    the low base damage
    the buff of bosses
    all I see here is gibble gabble with no concrete evidence of anything
    lets wait one more week then reply to me and tell me how horrible the runes system is ok....
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    How is it the fault of mages that the developers removed the effects of gems in pvp, which had the consequences of making mages' attack do too much damage because there's really no viable to increase elemental resistances in pvp?

    But that also happens with any other high skill attacks, not just frozensphere.

    Maybe the problem is pvp, after all, not a single class.
  16. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Thanks for the well-written post. I had the same experience with my warrior as you did. I miss the old days when a warrior was an important part of groups.
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  17. brayan1994

    brayan1994 Forum Apprentice

    Google traductor

    The problem is that the other classes don't need tanks for most effective cultivation routines, they need to move fast and with high dmg, for example, to farm Sofia's remedies they don't ask for tanks in chat. They only need us when bosses or mobs are very strong.

    That is why the tanks have to have a 2H configuration to go alone to farm in the difficulty that we can.


    An example, if you can grow to fill a bar in inf 1 faster than in inf 3-4, why do you need a tank? That is one of the problems, the other is that when they try to do something, instead of improving the recommendations of inf 3-4, the developers lower the one of inf 1, making it impossible for a weak DK 2H to improve the same as the others lessons.
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  18. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    Have you not noticed that when you go in a group it falls more and better drop? That is why a warrior is needed, because to go in high difficulties there is nothing better than a good warrior who stops everything while the others beat the boss.

    Go make a herald inf7, which is better, go with a 1-handed or 2-handed warrior? an inf7 dragan, 1 hand or 2? a grimmmag, better one hand or two? do you see where I'm going?

    I piss on fashions and on rat children who want everything and want it now, things were going well with one-handed warriors, he stopped and the rest of us hit, now or do you bring a magician and a hunter to slow down the bosses or are you lost, nice change huh? (irony)
  19. brayan1994

    brayan1994 Forum Apprentice

    Only when bosses or mobs are very strong do they need tanks. In Dragan, they only need tanks until the infernal passages are over or they do not want to spend more passages at high difficulties, then they go to Dragan inf 3 and do not ask for tanks, only dmg.

    The tank they used inf 5-6 is no longer needed for inf 3, only dmg. The tank has to switch to 2H and go to farm alone since it has no dmg for inf 3. Not many have a tank that can do inf 5-6 and 2H with dmg 60k + for inf 3.
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  20. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    What's a tank?

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