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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Commissioner

    It's a lv 50 thing and doesn't even exist in their class descriptions! It destroyed at lv55 and as a result it was a big failure of the developers and a big rip off for the users who believed in it and were betrayed in this after developing the set to play that way.

    Here are the various descriptions of the classes, especially that of the Dk:


    Dragonknights are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and are capable of channeling their pent-up anger to invoke special skills and make powerful attacks. That's why the longer they stay in battle, the more dangerous they become!"

    What I would like is that they respect what they wrote as a description of the Dk for a simple reason what brayan1994 wrote, and errors including damage recur every time after a certain level of the remote classes.
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  2. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    But the nobs here want only a mupet who cant farm anything alone. This game has also solo stuff to be done ... so, what's a tank?
  3. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Commissioner

    What everyone wants is not always what it should be!

    As for me, I just have to balance the classes and the dk goes back to doing the dk since the tank story is a development failure, the users themselves don't want to depend on a particular class.

    If it had been the other way around, I think there would have been more solidarity, but we've only seen nerf requests.
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  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    let this sink in for a while to some people
    let the top message sink in for a while
    reason being this is more of an arpg with mmo aspects than a mmo
    you want a tank awesome make one
    you state they need one on i7 and yet theres videos of mecs and mages killing dragan on i7 <- solo
    it is this mentality that you need to be an uber tank that just triggers me beyond words.

    What trigger me more than you spitting stuff like tanks is essential do not even know in what ways a dk was nerfed

    dragon hide from 10 seconds and 80% increased armor and resist to 8 seconds and 11k on each
    mighty wild swing from 2 seconds to 3 seconds
    furious battle cry cooldown was increased because it was too strong with cube weapon in pvp arena
    most dk nerfs happened due to arena

    maybe understand a class before spitting random nonsense, a dragon knight is based on generating RAGE and rage screams berserker class iow taking dmg triggers them and they hit back harder and the longer they fight the harder they hit.
    That is a BERSERKER the concept of tank not only being idealistically for cheapskates not willing to use resources such as essences is baaad in design

    You cannot be a high def tank and solo high maps you become dependent as a class on other classes to deal damage on your behalf meaning only ranged players can do solo leaderboard
    I mean wth is wrong with you?
    Dks has a 30% higher amount of hp than ranged classes in order to be able to take hits, so that they can generate rage so that they can fight back
    ranged classes have resource regen and this thing called range

    In spite of that
    Look at the mage in this video face tanking infernal 7 something that dks cannot afford.

    And why did this even become a class discussion in the first place?
    you wanna go cry "I wanna make a tank" go boo hoo somewhere else.
  5. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    I'm not crying, nor do I want it to be a class discussion.:)

    I say that it was very good when there were tanks, that I made one to get out of the routine of my dwarf (who is my main character) and that the changes in bp destroyed it, since then it has been forgotten because it is worth nothing, And yes, I would like it to be useful in the new update to have one again and to be able to dust it off to have fun again from time to time.

    I don't think it's asking so much :p
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Actually that is asking waay too much.
    Because the majority of dks well thoses thats left and the many that left, left due to lack of dps, and survivability.

    But you make it seem like tank dks is a thing and I can promise you dks get forced to become tanks only the last few will leave.

    On the bright side there will be battleshields for dks, so I do believe they will become dps 1h builds.
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  7. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well who cares boys (& ladies, maybe) since the new Level Cap will be 100 (yes, one hundred) according to the Official facebook page :rolleyes:
  8. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    We can say that this time Fidelis was honest, the cap level will not be 75.

    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    Happy im allready semi-inactive.
  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Oh boy, the power creep is going to be even more broken that it is now.
  11. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Yes power creep will be huge
    And yet i believe this will save the game
    As intimidating as an additional 45 levels does sound bear in mind that it is an additional 45 skills points <- That is the big difference.

    1 fully customizable crafting
    2 fully customizable skills trees even with their own passive trees modifying the skills
    3 virtually unlimited gemming according to what you want from your build
    4 the exact same to an extent with runes

    Yes 1.5 mio dmg builds will be possible

    everyone is bored, literally everyone
    Now they allow for fast building 3 months to max a char and everyone is negative
    theyre doing this for a reason
    The reason is geared pvp
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  12. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Active Author

    L. O. L. BP in full meme-mode. (heavy sattire incoming)

    Conscientious programmer: Erm, dear devs, don't you think we are overdoing it a little? This will make every current item obsolete, and goes against previous level-up design with more weight on each passing level. Maybe we should aim for a more reasonable number? 65, maybe 70 tops...

    BP: Silence, you ignorant hamster! D'you have any idea how badly our previous expansions performed? Everytime we introduce something, those ungrateful brats either complain it's too hard to git gud or they say it's too easy for newcomers! They will whine either way! But what if we screw everyone SUPER hard?? HAHAH! 5 or 10 more levels? Rookie numbers! Why not go all out? 2x higher level cap! 10M damage! Item screw! Enchant screw! Merchant screw! Rune screw! Core screw! Cube screw! No, of course nobody will leave the game, why do you even bring that up?

    ...ehhh testing you say? Um... we had quite good results with our last Twitch event, only like 60% of players couldn't load any map, we aim to reach at least 95%+ on CE launch day...

    They don't have to bring jesters as 5th playable class... we will all be jesters (sorry, testers) in this novel, wild concept of a new MMO...

    On a more serious note... how many levels do you think our gear will gain from higher tiers? Surely they will not raise T10 by 30+ lvls... I guess I was right to not care about any uniques, enchants, builds, and I actually don't mind starting anew (I "wasted" only around 2 months in this game) but I do feel slightly amused, and would probably be a bit angry if I had a 1yr+ build. If BP manages to pull this off gracefully, without losing too much playerbase, they will themselves be surprised...
  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    On a more serious note from my side too
    a tier 10 level 55 item = item level 73 and a t10 level 60 = item level 78
    so they could either add 5 new infernals or do this
    thing is though with 5x new infernals we dont get 45 more skills points and new and improved passives
    we dont get higher wisdom trees
    and they dont get to do away with the horizontal scaling system and you would have to farm gear to t15
    which would be more or less about 8k core per item
    or this vertical items system that you have to farm anyways, but you dont need 1 billion core to upgrade
    and you dont need core to recraft
    This was the only logical steps for them
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  14. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    agree with Phyrix here, I really hope extended wisdom+active skill tree change is hopefully really done so that it allows different play styles for different classes(and each style would still be viable ofc. I think some will be stronger than others but still). Fools hope this might be but still. At least I like the idea that (at least I won't ) char does not hit maxlevel week after CE how it has been earlier :D.
  15. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    For 45 levels increase expansion I was expecting a bit more skills for every class
    DK gets rammus w (check you will see what am i talking about)
    Mage gets 2 unique skills actually even tho they look kinda useless
    Dwarf gets an emote for skill and ranger hunting trap with very small range
    Ranger gets bearach mosqitoes.
    Also I'm expecting to get a lot andermands for forcing me to level up 2 characters to lvl 100.
    Which leads to a really good question. At the moment my dwarf have t10 herald cloack with max base and good enchantments lvl 60 (with glyphs of course) and it will be converted to level 73 (not the max level) using your logic . My mage have the herald cloack as a piece and I'm planning to craft it when I reach lvl 100 with him, my question is how am i going to upgrade this cloack to maximum potential when i can't get it as a drop from herald ? Does that mean that normal cloacks will be actually better because you can get one as drop from the highest mode that is coming.
  16. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Not to be a chill, but each skill gets 10 levels, considering that oh the mec might only be 5 but then more passives
    lets see the power levels of each skill on level 10 before we judge
    If its bad we all will know its bad, and if its good we all will know its good, its that simple.

    well since we can just transfer enchants I guess it wont be a problem

    I suspect herald cloak will become a drop so you can just farm it, but saying that I also feel like spoiling your plans with the herald cloak since apparently there will be more unique cloaks.
  17. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    Since you haven't reached the level of supreme runes yet, it is obvious that it does not directly affect you so much when it comes to the higher established rarity of runes. Now take a straight look at how long it takes to climb to such a level is one thing, the amount of currency invested is another. Another thing is when you look back chronologically that every CE that was implemented was further modified during the process.
    I only expressed concern about the astronomical cost of those that runes of even higher quality. Especially in the past, when sapphires were divided according to rarity into large and small runes of attack speed and after another time consolidated into one rune of speed .... convert, which applied will remember every old player, because the course was always very painful. I certainly don't have to mention how supreme runes were lowered to the same level as mighty when converting large runes.
    Perhaps a different view would be if a craft such as that planned for gems was used to increase the quality of the runes.

    By releasing everything in the upcoming CE, it theoretically gives new possibilities for runes .... it was an inspiring idea for creating coalescence runes ... mainly due to freeing up space for other types that could be used. 40 places is simply not enough, considering that I use 7-9 types of runes, then it will be a compromise and at the expense of something. It may still be a change if they do not plan to turn some types into jewelry, for example, where there is currently much more space.

    Yes, you are right that this is chatting and the forum is there.
    It's the same chatter as the current idea and creating a future set. We are not yet at a stage where we have data on the difficulty of bloodshed and can fully evaluate the situation. I've pointed out that it's quite likely that you can stay in the same place as you do now if you know nothing about these problems. Basically, then nothing big has to change, especially for DK, this is doubly true unless it goes through more radical changes in the settings to catch up with this game again. These things will only show up on a public test and also especially if they will be tested even in the highest regimes.
    Or are you participating in an alpha test group that you already know some specific data from the database? I am also quite curious about what kind of rebalance they plan for sets and how they will affect the set and the fact that they have plans with sets and connect them more with skills. It can pretty much shuffle the cards we hold in our hands ... as long as it gives new possibilities and it doesn't get messed up.

    I'm watching a video and a tank mage, but together with the Ranger and the Dwarf together ... yes, this harmonious combination of a thorny wall together with a wortex and an oil stain is really devastating for the boss due to the accumulating deceleration. Especially when using the group skill moment protection after a meteor impact which provides protection.
    It is not the fault of the magicians that some have taken on the role of a tank. Overall, the game simply evolves, changes, and players have no choice but to adapt to the game.
    It's sad how bitter you are in your toxicity to constantly spit on mages. I understand that you are playing for the DK class, which is currently crippled in the highest regimes, that you are broken from your fight with the DEVS and you had your plans to raise and keep this class. It is sad and sad that such a great fighter and creative creator with ideas is dying before our eyes. I understand that this can be quite frustrating, but let's see that all classes carry some development scars.
    It's just that the roles take turns, when a class from some period is at the top. I will only talk about the PVE regime. PVP I'm not interested, I take it more as the current evil for the overall game. The fact that the game is undergoing constant development where a precisely given and defined concept was completely loosened over time, which was the result of many rebalances and associated nerfs. It's quite a fundamental difference if the conditions are playable for the class so that it fills the fun which is the meaning of the word game. Yes, for the last three years, the mage has become a playable character, ..... but that should be all classes. It is very sad that resentment and injustice are so much signed from the history of the game that whenever this topic occurs, it is necessary to tread on others. We are just players and the development can hardly be influenced by the fact that DEVS has its plans and visions .... but this is not a problem of the classes represented in the game or of the players that it is so cruelly played with us.

    Perhaps with the advent of the new CE, something fundamental will change for you so that it will resurrect you ... I also expressed these concerns in connection with the change in the runes system. Where defense is quite essential for you as a DK class. If the defense is insufficient again you will have to descend at the expense of the attack and that is a fact ... you do not need any data or tables to calculate 1 + 1 .... These were expressed concerns about the new system and I think that just for you as DK, coalescence runes would be very useful ..... maybe I was wrong about the new perfect system of changes, but only time will tell.

    Otherwise, as for the topic of tank .... so yes, I also play the role of tank mage by being an end player and I have more options for assembled builds. Because there is a predominance of glass canons and few players are able to hold the end bosses and disperse them during the fight. If you have a fast movement when slowing down so that you avoid the main attacks. Accompanying injuries can already survive unless an additional horde of minions strike you. I rather perceive it as a meaninglessly set CD for tonics for 1 sec, which is also worth a consideration for survival and would fundamentally affect things if it were set to 10sec. There is nothing else to see ... the build are not presented.
    Anyway, it's a really good joke to say and announce everywhere how a glass cannon fight tank Dragan in inf7 mode in two minutes, it really amused me ... I won't argue or guess, because this is really useless in addition by respecting you as a player who can look into the system or calculate certain data for the game. I would like to watch this video that you are spreading here if you have a video if you have a link. I only saw a chat with a player who was making a joke of you.

    But let's end a possible dispute and be a truce, it's just a game and there are other more important things in life for us as people.
    I wish you DK that this CE will raise you to your feet and I acknowledge that you are at the moment and you feel like a class of fracture .... I understand and understand this pain, because as a class of magicians I also went through this in PVE 6-4 years ago, when I was not able to achieve such efficiency as now and I stood in the background of other classes even though we were on the same level in terms of equipment.

    I am sorry for my English. I'm not a native speaker.
    the google translator sometimes crumbles sense.

    Build Mage tank defensive mode:
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2020
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  18. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    As far as uniques are concerned imo current meta they are nothing, maybe the smash speed from q7 is goodish but we dont know the max speed and new crit damage limits after ce, but as it stands current uniques offer nothing in comparison to what we will be able to craft,
    As ive mentioned before crafting most gear 3x dmg and 1x oti would probably be the way to go for torso shoulders and belt helmet might be good with an oti hp line
    that is if and only if you decide to fill your rings with the new form of crit dmg whatever it is.
    otherwise you can use 23% attack speed lines in some items too, or full speed in gloves ofc.
    if not oti damage in gloves then certainly increased damage or a combo of all 3 speed oti and dmg%
    I will stick to making boots full speed though and maybe an extra line here or there.
    It might be advisable to craft an oti resist line on your amulet too.
    cloak oti crit or well if youre going with a block build then oti on pauldrons 100% increased in cloak and ofc if off hand is defensive maybe go oti there too.
    adornment it could be advisable to make it idoti if youre 1h with offensive off hand and crit cloak.
    all of which ofc has to go with their correlating gems when it comes to oti lines and then the runes if even just 100% increased in total will be insanely strong, a lot stronger than we have now.
    And yes I do not have max end game runes for a very simple reason, I moved to heredur on a new build in April 2019 and have since left the game twice when not agreeing with some decisions, and there was a bad latency period of 4 months this year too.

    Dks offensive has remained the same while ranged classes have defenses enough, for almost any difficulty, one definitely calls that an imbalance, dks need offensive levels of ranged classes to compensate for the dps, we wont need another 30% more hp than ranged, if we had the dps to go with it.
    Lets se what CE brings, only 3 days left before info dribbles down from ts.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dude why are you so noob? :)
    Crafting is a rigged event ... on top of it there are these ingredients and crap that people need to farm. That was never in the game and it doesn't belong in Drakensang Online ... those are for Farmerama or Farmville games not this one.
    I refuse to farm those ingredients because it hurts people's intelligence ... Only my rubies and Cyanites are upgraded the rest of my gems are at default common tier.
    Read my and Baragains feedback on the initial Craft 2.0 ... which they never implemented on live servers.
    Also when someone is quoting my posts and involving in conversation ... I am expecting to at least read all of my posts.
    Problem, reaction, solution.
    You have been given info and you still can't process that info :) ... I don't read news about the game anymore except posts in this thread, but let me use your info and tell you what that really means:

    Dude ... i was expecting more knowledge on your side :p
    I am not defending the stupid infernal system ... but it can work infinitely without a single change.
    They don't have to introduce any new tier or new difficulty!
    What are the requirements for all difficulties?
    What? Can't hear you ...
    Since they removed the quest requirement (partially removed - you are still required to solve the main quests in order to enter new region) the level is the requirement.
    Painful - 20
    Excruciating - 40
    Fatal - 50
    Infernal + - 55 but just because level 55 is cap level ATM
    but it can be
    Infernal II - 60
    Infernal III - 70
    Infernal IV - 80
    Infernal V - 90
    Infernal VI - 95
    Infernal VII - 100
    You see? Nothing has to change.
    Dude seriously ... you believe that? The devs that were saying "we are not focused in PvP because the majority of the players are PvE" are making these changes affecting the all aspects of the game ... just because of PvP?
    Nice joke :D :D
    Apart from the joke ...
    you still can't see the big picture ... Level 100?
    Dude ... players couldn't get a PvP match even with 55 levels, let alone divided by 100 levels.
    That means they are scaling all players on one level ... and the gear will be one level for all ... and that means you don't have to farm anything. All you have to do is go to swerdfield pastures and get level 10 gear and your gear will be scaled in the arena.
    The gear could NOT be upgraded with glyps and everyone will have same gear at same level.
    And this MOBA crap is good for you?
    Players level 10 and level 100 in a same match?
    That is why they are melting our gear without consent ... because those items are not scalable.

    Who told you that?
    If that is the case I will be first to exploit the hell of that system. Actually it will not be exploit since it will be designed to be working that way.
    apart from the useless BS and wisdom runes ... could you point me out what rune ATM is having an absolute modifier? :rolleyes:
    That is a good news? Really? players are having a lot of gems that from now on they will not be able to use except for dust.
    When I say something I am usually right ... but i don't remember saying anything about something being easy so I can't be neither right, wrong nor "half right"
    that ... like ... should convince me it is actually a good thing?
    What 1.5 M builds what BS everything at the end translates into gazillion resistance armor and HP on mobs ... so it doesn't matter if you have 2 billion or only 200 damage.
    Like bigger numbers should be something good?
    those changes happened because of the arena and the devs claiming they want to make skills working same in PvP and PvE ... unlike the old good times when the skills were having different description for PvP and PvE.
    funny though ... they want skills working same both in PvE and PvP but not talents and gear.
    You can't put them and logic in same sentence.
    Also ... you are throwing info on the new changes with the new game in your posts ... but funny enough you are describing everything in the arguments against other players ... like everything would be working like it is working ATM.
    8K cores?
    we already have items requiring more than 10K cores without the changes.
    Both gurus were a subject of a censorship and misconduct throughout the years .
    Both gurus happen to be real life warriors with a decent education. When the other guru left the game he left it angry ...
    You bet i am angry ... if you were doing what I was doing , and if you were treated like we were treated - all because of different opinion ... you would have been angry too. :)
    Investors request ... devs accept.
    You are not involved in the process.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2020
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  20. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Firstly we will just swap lines and both items will be kept literally.
    Secondly I am not in favor of ingredients crafting either.
    they said this in a livestream and a few days later demoed it.

    all oti runes are absolute modifiers
    armor oti
    dmg oti
    res oti
    additional skils points and a passives tree that works in conjunction with the skills tree
    yup thats coming
    anyways we will be level 100, idk on what level we will be able to farm gear.

    Nope not really good but I think it has something to do with power creep and players being able to keep gear and the amount of levels gear will be added.

    And dks got screwed the hardest because of that

    I meant 8k per item additionally on top of what we have already spent.

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