What Do We Know So Far?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    Perhaps, and perhaps not... If you have the enchantments ready and a lot of cores (endgame players have it) you can farm nearly immediately in higher levels and then you have only to switch ench... Repeat this and you will reach endgame in a little amount of time.... My opinion.
  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    Probably not gonna happen ... (rest of your post explained it very well).

    I'm wondering how the trinkets will work because more than 70% of useful runes are OTI!

    Jewel usage could be replaced with additional slots (3 x 10 royals in jewels vs new slots), but I'm more curious what will happen with runes, how they'll be reworked and will be they useful or I shod worry about their functionality ?
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  3. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    As said in a previous post by @dkarl I would know if celerity runes will be set with the values they have in weapons or in adornment... It's not a secondary point, I think
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  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    well there is the possibility of that but there is also the fact that traki has pointed out before and that is that max enchantments increase with item level, this would lead to players needing to farm on bloodshed for highest possible enchants, and yes easy to just switch out enchantments, but as far as i can see yes any enchantment on any item but to transfer all enchants to a unique it would seem to me that the same item type would be needed, so you can sure np transfer all enchants from a weapon to gloves, but you would need to combine those gloves with gloves when it comes to the specific unique item.
    I could be wrong but this is what I gather so far.
    Anyways I am still kind of clueless as to what they will do with idoti lines as I have boots with 240% idoti and they are gold so full plat would then be 75% per line but thats on our level, meaning on a higher level it could easily be 75% idoti lines gold on level 100 and 95% per line as plat lines, we are gonna hard form and not for a few weeks but quite a few months and I am semi certain the changes they make will double if not quadruple the current player base.
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  5. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    Any enchantment on any item: this is what we know till now... The rest are hypothesis, and could be good as mine, simply we don't know :D
    P. S. Yes enchantment values will grow with level but 4 plat now are sufficient for farming in high levels (don't know how much high)... If a build is good and balanced now, I think it would remain good and balanced in CE (with switch crafting better I think), on the contrary a lot of players will quit.
    Not farming lvl100 bosses immediately but an high level so new high equipment first, and step by step to lvl100, then higher enchantment values.
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  6. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    I could guess that we'll have to pass 2 step items upgrade.:
    • First - to combine "old plat" lines with new craft system or Soul craft if you have it ready on current item (f.e. - 366% 2h dmg oti).
    • Then find the best "new" item you can with your 55 lvl equipment and fill it with 1st step ((old) plat line enchants ).
    • Second - with "new" items and "old" enchants you're ready for normal farm (higher/st lvl items and plat lines).
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  7. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    Exactly, I think it will be in this way, always remembering that we don't know a lot of details....
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I am already using the quiver + jewels with my longbow. I am already over 100K base damage without the Belt of Zeal, Khalys' Cloak and Black Knight's amulet.
    Gems are sufficient ATM ... they are used as a dust source.
    Don't waste time on it now. The devs will get rid of the Q7 set first then make the other changes.
    Q7 set is the set that they are trying to forget they have ever released it in the game.
    From the talks here in this thread ... i can assume that items with absolute value enchantments will be the new normal.
    There will be no tiers ... so those absolute values will scale with the level ... which will make the values high on high level.
    Imagine in example Sargon's bow with T0 base damage of lets say 280 and unique value 66 on level 55. That value adds extra base damage on the bow. Same goes with sargon's amulet ... it has 100 damage at level 55 ... imagine the damage on level 70 in example. The base damage of the amulet will not even be a fraction of that value because of the T0 tier.
    Add on that increased damage on this item runes or enchants.
    Those are not Runes ... those are Jewels. Jewels are gems. No matter what, they are working with a particular buff even if they would be placed in the shoes or those "trinkets".
    what 70% of useful runes are you using? :D
    apart from HP and resistance on this item I am not using any other relevant OTI runes ... what is relevant for you is not for me :p
    Rune of focus in example is much more needed for me than damage OTI rune.
    Enchantment's mechanic can be changed at any time. It has always been like that. These mechanics are working only since Qaizah ... before Qaizah relative enchantments were not scalable. There was a different set of rules ... in example relative enchantments were pre defined by certain value at certain level when the item actually drops.
    Only the absolute enchantments could scale.
    They could change the mechanics again.
    In my opinion they will Ping-Pong again and return the old rune mechanics - they would have same value no matter in what item/trinket.
    All is decided in advance my "lower back" :D
    They don't know what they do and when they are doing something they are making it from today for tomorrow and then change their mind again and again ... and again.
    What was it? Was it the Creatress Tears? Was it the item shops? Was it the runes? ... etc
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  9. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    Come closer so I can punch You XD

    5 x supreme armor, 5 x supreme dmg (only head), 20 x hp ... *amulet - junk (supreme focus and the rest - Mighty dmg)
    10 x supreme att speed and 4 x resist is only ones "none oti" you ... damn ranger :D
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  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    yes but allowing other classes to attain this on 1h <- and much more than now even, even for you.
    I took an average of 4.5% increase per level

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  11. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    I agree, no matter in what item/trinket, but with the max at 20% (weapon) or max at 10% adornment)?... I'm talking about celerity runes...
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    noob XD
    I forgot the armor OTI rune
    What to allow? I am using sargon's longbow not gwenfara's shortbow.
    Sargon's weapon is same for all classes.
    I was talking about celerity runes too :p
    The old runes were having same value in any of the 3 slots (main hand, Adornment, double-handed).
    with only difference ... back then there was also another rune of grand celerity only for 2H
    so the new ones could probably have a same bonus if used anywhere

    And now again ... i just had flashbacks about the fact they stole the Royal Blues!
  13. Orange_George

    Orange_George Advanced

    and what does this new release do to my health ?
    i am runnung around 250,000 and can max out around 300,000
    can i get more?

    going to need alot more to solo any bosses, the inf3 boss in the white essence map just 1 hit me with my 248,667hp

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  14. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Thanks everyone for the feedback so far.

    Follow-up questions:

    6. With the new enchantment transfer crafting, I can just sell/melt all of the junk legendaries I've been stockpiling for Inherited Enchantment legendary-2-legendary crafting, right? (Freeing up a ton of slots in both my locker and backpack … this is a good thing, @TwiliShadow should be happy :).)

    7. … and, gold will be infinitely less valuable again, as enchantment transfer will require GOP, not gold. We'll still need gold for consumable crafting, but that's not very expensive …

    8. … will gem crafting involve gold?

    9. … if gem crafting doesn't require combining multiple gems (and presumably rune crafting won't either?), are my 1 Gem of Enhancement and 2 Runes of Enhancement worthless?

    10. Thank you @trakilaki for the reminder that the Halloween Pumpkins are jewels not runes … did someone say (or just hope?) that max slotted restrictions will be lifted for jewels & runes (e.g., I have 3 Jewels of Rejuvenation sitting in my locker … would love to upgrade and add those to the trinket holder, along with the 3 currently slotted into my helmet … and wisdom runes, I have a few extras floating around in storage).

    11. Most of the respondents to this thread are probably already at the Wisdom Level 200 cap (I just reached 150 today on my main toon) … are we under the impression that cap remains the same, at least in the immediate future of CE?

    12. Speaking of consumable crafting, now that the new difficulties will be available in the SNDs, will we get new levels of Potions, Elixirs, Tonics, and Physics? (Extraordinary, Legendary, … ?)
    I apologize if I'm asking questions which have already been answered earlier in this thread. I have active toons on stablebuild, but have never seen a dev online, and don't keep up with other social media (livestream, discord, Facebook) due to scheduling conflicts and/or extreme disgust [Facebook sucks :p].
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  15. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    Be careful of what you say, reality often surprises you.... :D
  16. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    yes but youre also using 2x mortis rings and that is because you have crit damage cap
    your build is truly unique and you know this.
    btw that 100k dmg is it perma or during ghost buff?
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Without equipment ... bare handed XD
    Of course with the buff :p
    Gwenfara's buff and 24% advanced physic of vigor (it is solo those icons are from skills and talents)
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  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Now I'm wondering, how are you doing this? All things considered, I can think of a way to reach about 100k with all the buffs etc. How are you reaching 120k if you're not using Mortis, nor Witchseeker, nor Belt of Zeal, nor Cloak of Heroes, nor Black Knight Amulet?
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Do you see me saying i am not using them in the post with the screenshot? :p
    You are quoting an older post without a screenshot. There are also Jewels ...
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  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So it's worth to save up those ghost festival jewels, they might come in handy in the future.
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