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do you think dso responds in a positive way to player input?

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  2. no

  1. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    players have had their post's removed/deleated.
    sence they really do not need what's posted by the players to make the game work, do they really care what the players say about what makes the game fun? or worse even playable for them.
    any reaction to the player input in the forum is slow at best, from what I see they do very little to make it fun and a lot to make it harder.
    I know dozzens of players who got fed up with this and just quit playing, never having a positive response to what is posted makes them mad enough to just stop logging on.
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  2. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Bring some ideas on how to improve the game in such a way that will make you invest some money in it. Write down some ideas on what would you like to see for sale, or what special offers would you like to see in the shop. That may trigger fast and constructive dso response.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    They have never been listening to any of the player's feedback ... they are only pretending like they are listening and make few features ... which are made in completely opposite way than the players suggested and tell you "we are listening to your feedback".
    Lets just see how opposite works ... it all started when Jason said "We wanted to reduce the grinding" (referring to removal of CoT).

    Lets be real ... the forum is dead.
    They made all indigenous EN forum users quit and go away. I made a study on this topic ... "how are the players quitting"?
    It is not so hard to see that all of them are encountering an obstacle and coming to the forum asking for solution. They get help from the players ... but they are no tech savvy to implement it and they never get over the issue.
    That means Game Over for them.
    Just look in their posts ... their last day being seen online is few days after asking help on forum ... and since they couldn't get past the obstacle they quit.
    All that because the game requires from players to be tech savvy in order to play the game.
    Most of the players ... or should I say the potential players ... are looking for game to have fun and relax, but instead of entertainment they soon find out they need to have few international certificates and diplomas in computing and networking in order to keep up with the daily issues while playing the game.
    Support and the community are helping as much as they can ... but one can't expect to keep players in game while making their playing time a real hassle instead of entertainment.
    Getting back to what you were referring to ... players were making guides, tutorials and videos to help each other. What BP did? They deleted thousands of posts without previous notification or warning ... in secret hoping no one would notice.
    We could have saved them ... I could provide storage place.
    Then they ask "why all that negativity"?
  4. TruthOfZero

    TruthOfZero Forum Apprentice

  5. aizjg

    aizjg Forum Greenhorn

    discord is way easier to discard stuff. So ofcourse they wouldn't mind. In Discord your message literally gets pushed away by newer messages until a few minutes later nobody ever knew it was there. How could discord even fix the issues this forum is having when it's the company and not the platform that is the problem.
  6. -koMah!

    -koMah! Forum Apprentice

    Do you play DSO? Well, nobody cares about your opinion.
    You can create creative and important tips, but nobody cares about your opinion.
    You can report blatant bugs, blatant cheaters and blatant injustices, but nobody cares about your opinion.
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  7. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    I´ve rarely seen constructive debate there as well as more than 50ish people attending communication rest had just joined and peeks from the dark
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  8. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    The word discord and DSO go hand in hand:) I voted "No" for the record.
  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    I learned a long time ago this is not the players game. It is BP game and they don't care what you think, and they are not interested in your opinion.
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