What the Drakensang Team could do :)

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by RabiaCarpine, Jun 2, 2023.

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  1. RabiaCarpine

    RabiaCarpine Forum Greenhorn

    The Game has a very nice illustration and such a great atmosphere. I wonder who draws the Illustrations and Creative Directions, i would even work for them for free but at the moment the "skills" and weapons ingame actually have completely different use and purpose in the "PvP" and "PvE" mode, which doesn't impact the artistic atmosphere but nowhere ingame is this written. No offense :) . Perhaps you finally get the reward you deserve if you re-release one or even many modes or features of your game as seperate games.
  2. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    I don't quite understand what the idea is. Release a separate client for PvE and PvP? Because currently PvP is not in a very good state so I doubt anyone would decide to go for PvP content only unless there's a major rework.

    Even the PvE has problems to tackle: Right now you can solo just about anything at half-max stats so there's no point in pushing further end game, not to mention how difficult it may be for newer players to get a grasp on the game and start building up their characters.

    With the implementation of the Old Glory set these issues became even more apparent both in PvE and PvP. Currently there's just a lot that needs to be fixed before the game can receive any major changes. If I misunderstood your idea then feel free to try and rephrase it ;)
  3. RabiaCarpine

    RabiaCarpine Forum Greenhorn


    true, i might not know alot about that. But a re-release can eventually put the game in the spotlight again. And the game is a piece of art! It has a lot of illustrations and i looked at the credits: almost half the people that worked on it are artists! very nice looking. Can you explain whats meant by the pvp is in a bad state? I saw that the attacks have a different effect in pvp than pve, but it's not possible to read it anywhere. I think my Mage is very underpowered in PvP where i dont like a conjurer guardian style op build because its not stylish. I would need like 4 minutes to deplete the health of a Dragonknight in PvP. Do you think the spellweaver is weak in pvp?? Can you tell me more?
  4. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    There are certain things that are disabled during pvp: runes, jewels as well as wisdom talents have no effect in official arena. You also have a status effect for pvp which increases/decreases certain stats. I dont remember from the top of my head the effects but you can see this status effect while in the official arena, same place as other buffs/debuffs.

    So first off all, this is completely impossible for newer players to know about without doing some research beforehand or having prior knowledge about it. As you also mentioned there is no way to see how skills are impacted by PvP. The only options you have are asking others or going in blind and hoping it works out.

    Another issue is movement speed. The movement speed cap is too high and makes capture the flag especially annoying. I mentioned Old Glory in the last reply. In case you don't know its the newest mythical set that was introduced alongside the reworked Big game hunt event. This set can only be obtained from said event and you will most likely have to pay to get it unless you have a lot of resources and luck on your side. I've tried out the set for mage and its fun to use as it makes ice missile build more powerful in PvE. However the other mythic set black warlord regalia from dragan event was silently nerfed for mage and now Old Glory is better in every aspect. The real problem however lies at PvP. As items count for PvP so does set bonuses, and the old glory set bonus is very strong leading to players with the set having a big advantage compared to those who don't. Mage with Old Glory can stack ice debuffs to the point where the opponent can barely move.

    So no, mage isn't necessarily weak in PvP. The problem is the lack of instruction to make a viable pvp build from the game itself. There are builds that work but they differ a lot from the standard PvE build so you might have to ask around to get a decent build to start off. I suppose "trial and error until it works" would be a good motto for the current PvP. :)
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  5. RabiaCarpine

    RabiaCarpine Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks that you even answered me. In case someone reads this when looking at the mage i do think the guardian build is very strong, if a mage casts mindcontrol on a mage's guardian you won the duel in like 10 seconds! But i didnt like a conjurer style build. Also i once dueled a knight and he must have been cheating, what skill as a dragonknight lets him regenerate half of a spellweavers hp like 20 times in a row?

    TIPP: if you play pvp and if you open skills and perks in the arena you do see the effects of the skills and what ones are nerfed. But one competition isnt even long enough to make a strategic build. also i already made a pvp build aiming to take out one opponent at a time but you're correct.
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  6. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    Its been a long while since I played PvP myself but if I had to guess that dragonknight was using spike shield which regens when the opponent targets him. Or it could've been dragon hide which lets them regen when they hit you. Currently I'm just sticking to doing big PvE events once in a while and helping some people out, the PvP aspect of the game has been long gone for me.
  7. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    Thank you both for the tips. Cheers....