What to do in this game now and What happened to Drakensang?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Psytron, Aug 23, 2021.

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  1. Psytron

    Psytron Forum Greenhorn

    Hey guys, level 56 spellweaver here (I played a few days some years ago and recently returned to the game) - and I am really worried about the state of this game. If any point here makes me sound too harsh, it's because I really want to enjoy the game but have encountered too much frustration with it...

    1 - What do I do now? Cardun is not an option: the questline I am repeatedly told to do to unlock it is bugged and there is ZERO chances to have it completed, so that is not an option. Also, no scroll was sent to me at level 50, so... Zero chances to unlock it. Asked about it to the Support but they didn't help - got a reply asking me to write them in Portuguese... For some reason. Searched everywhere, every forum, every video - there is no way, period. Without Cardun, seems I'm left with... events? Well, read 2, please.

    2 - How can I have a small chance at events? I can do them on the easiest mode, of course, but to actually progress it takes too many re-runs of the same thing... I don't have, for starters, 24 hours per day to play the same exact things over and over again. And at the end, I lost more resources than I have won, so I have to ask - is there a way to do events at my level? (Read 3 before answering this one please)

    3 - How do you guys find people to play? No one replies to me in this game. No one. No one is able to answer any question, or make a team, or send me a guild invite - nothing. All that I see being typed on global chat is: "Blood mage inv". Nothing else... It's confusing because it seems that without a team, no one can do anything good in this game but then... you can't find teams.

    4 - Why do lower players get Daily Quests on Fatal and over? How are we supposed to do those? Is it just a way to make you waste currency and should I ignore it, or am I missing something? I know you can re-roll them, but the principle of giving lower players super-hard / impossible tasks just to make them spend credits so they can enjoy something isn't very polite, is it?

    5 - Do you guys feel the monetization in this game is ALL wrong? I don't mind paying the bucks on online games for extra stuff, I really don't... But let's be serious and fair: things in Drakensang are extremely overpriced, and most of the fun features are blocked behind paywalls... Example: Inventory expansion is too expensive and should not use premium currency - this is plain evil. Besides being a really greedy thing to do - it's useless even for the developers. How do they expect to sell inventory spaces when people start to notice they can't even finish leveling up a character? And how do they expect new players to enjoy a game that right out of the bat sends you to do missions that require you to hold tons of stuff in a tiny inventory? I don't perceive this as a fair way to monetize the game, and I am sure all of you can name a lot more of aspects like this. Makes no sense... Why not skins, vanity stuff? Why not, for example, pay wall the mounts and pets, and make the essential things available for gold? THAT would be fair and acceptable.

    6 - Now quite honestly, as seasoned, long-time players, what would you advice me to do: stick to it or just find another game?

    Once again, I am sorry if I sound too harsh but it's the feeling you get trying to understand how to survive in this game right now. I am really, really, trying to get past these problems, but they are GIANT problems.

    Best regards!
  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi @Psytron as it seems you ask for advise and i quote:

    Here comes mine: try to find another game
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  3. Majkelix

    Majkelix Junior Expert

    You don't sound too harsh. What you're saying is only the truth - sadly.

    I've been playing DSO since 2013/14 very regularly, had an endgame character multiple times (after every reset hidden under name of next content expansion), but eventually stopped playing shortly after this "wonderful" content expansion in December 2020 came out.

    Why? Cause in current state it's simply not fun anymore and it feels like they've spat at our faces while releasing this unfinished and bugged [EDIT]

    My advice: just find another game. There are sooo many great ones to choose from nowadays.
    Good old days 2013 - 2016 have passed. Time to move on.
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  4. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I quit playing *again* 2 weeks ago. I've been reading the forum to see if there is anything interesting going on. There was a really good bonus code a few weeks ago, so I logged on for that. I've also played DSO since 2013. There is no reason to play this game anymore.
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  5. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Im game 8yesr DSO .... Time no game ... no freends, no guild .... Game r.i.p... gaming only freend Bp...and bot
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  6. uvozapanje

    uvozapanje Forum Apprentice

    they should just shut down this game just for good old days when this game wass sometnig and a big part of are life,bringing such a glorious game to this point is just blasphemy..sry for my bad english cheers