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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Kernelly, Jan 7, 2021.

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Do you like the game as it is now?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, it could be much better

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  1. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    And by we, I mean entire group of players who have Facebook and share their opinions there, regular players who contacted me, websites with game criticism, discord, mine and other guilds that contacted me and shared their opinions, also many forum users.

    Things we don't like:
    - Removal of Jesters (why did they get removed in the first place? because of gambling is not for children policy? this game is about one of the darkest medieval fantasy universes and among the all bloody, kid things in game you decide to remove the best and safest FEATURE?)
    - Ignoring bugs (entire New Year event is bugged, and because the quest is bugged we can't even farm progress effectively (1k progress every 4 runs if the quest would be working) and that's just one example of a bug, sadly there is a ton of bugs that come back or appearing every patch)
    - The balance in this game nowadays is a dramatic thing (PvP is not balanced at all, player's stats got lowered with the 100 lvl increase, people who farmed the game for 10 years now can't even kill a boss in some difficulties, and these are just some examples)
    - Removal of basic/gray/white armor and weapons from the blacksmiths (why did you remove them in the first place? unecessary change and people still complain it like I do, just why, from what I've heard some people bought these anyway when they were low levels to fill their equipment slots...)
    - Why is the half of game icons missing? (literally half of the icons: buffs, items, food, consumables are white icons, this isn't something that affects gameplay much, but it's obviously a bug)
    - Why did you change all the standard essence names to Essence of vigor? (old names at least had some significance to them, when you knew the game had the essences of battle, war and destruction you easily knew which one was the best...! this isn't an important thing, but it's weird you changed the names still, w h y)
    - Why aren't you responding to player's advices? (forums were partially made for that purpose and for patchnotes and other minor topics of course, a few years ago you heard players more openly, now the game is bugged, some changes everyone hates and you don't react)
    - Gem crafting isn't ultra bad, but it can be much better (let us grind gems into shiny dust more easily, grinding one type of gem takes literally 10 seconds, let us grind many types of gems at once)
    - Overall crafting is weak (just think about spending 500 andermant to get a ONE USE multitool to get a few flowers to make ONE POTION THAT YOU CAN GET FOR some affordable gold...)

    Things we appreciate you added/changed:
    - Collector's bag (helpful, cool feature for people who love collecting mounts, emotes, costumes when the events aren't bugged)
    - The fact you didn't stop creating new events and vanity items

    Please write your thoughts about the game so I could include upsides and downsides of it in this post. I really hope Bigpoint will start thinking more about what we players think about the game. Many opinions help the game evolve in a good way and I wish you that. Regards
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  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    The poll tries to oversimplify such a huge topic. There are aspects of the game I still like (otherwise I wouldn't still be playing it), but at the same time, I have to agree that it could be much better... starting off with a pile of bug fixes. So for me, I'd actually have to end up voting for both options, but that's not an option. xD

    Fairly certain this one happened because of some EU law involving banning lootboxes in another game that I can't mention here on the forums, that resulted in a chain reaction of gambling features being removed from many games, not just this one. I'm sure BP would like to have it back in the game if they could, since I'm sure they lost a nice chunk of income by removing the Jesters, but I doubt they'd be keen to get entangled in court cases that might end up getting the game altogether shut down if the court decides against them.

    There is a way to speed up gem crafting if you don't want to fall asleep waiting for the animation. You can cancel it with the Esc key. It requires a lot more clicking as a tradeoff, but you can save time when you have 2 pages of gems to dust. :D
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Only problem is that the Jesters were NOT gambling. The old crafting 2.0, now that WAS gambling.

    The Jesters... Not at all. You got something useful every time you put in coins or andermant. Every time! Now, how useful the item was varied, yes, but how big the return is does not define whether it is gambling or not.

    Go to a casino... put in coins. You do NOT get something back every play. Fact is most plays you don't get anything back. ... Just as it was with the Crafting 2.0 attempts.
  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    True, but that's an advanced players' understanding of gambling in this game. If BP got dragged to a court, who knows how a judge would see it or a lawyer would paint the picture.
  5. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    I think it only got because of aesthetics, which, admittedly, did resemble a "gambling machine" (with jackpot etc.). The thing is, there were guaranteed rewards, which I believe on average even exceeded the value invested (certainly with gold).

    However, there are actual loot boxes in the game! Chests, even with their own jackpots! Amphoras! And what about Varholm chests that can be bought for andermant?
  6. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    You're right, thanks for clarification

    --- MERGED ---

    Also one more thing. Ancient Wisdom was once purchasable in the shop as some of you know. Some time ago they removed it from the shop, you can no longer buy it for andermant. When I first noticed it I thought, good I guess, it's not gonna be so easy for rich people to get buff stats because of Wisdom. Guess what's in the store now xD 200 EURO FOR A LARGE HERO BOOST INCLUDING 127K ANCIENT WISDOMN IF IM NOT MISTAKEN. I mean, what even is this. Premium is already a bit too op perhaps? People with premium have many huge benefits, maybe even unfair for some people. But buying a hero boost for 200 euro with so much ancient wisdom? I mean, I don't even know what to think about it. It's just weird. They removed purchasable Ancient Wisdom just to include it in a PACK for 200 euro
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  7. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    the perfect solution would be 2 extra private servers, 1 with level 40 in the old old releases (before glyphs)
    and a level 45 server (before R132 so we can have the old fun tutorial and the bright colours back)
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  8. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    I wouldn't mind that, would satisfy some players and that's certainly good.
  9. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    so true .. i would definitely play on atleast one of those servers
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  10. Johnyman

    Johnyman Forum Greenhorn

    You can describe the new DSO with only 3 words - PAY TO PLAY
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  11. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    i would love to pay some $$ to play a lvl 40/45 server... just to get to lvl 40/45 and enjoy having hard Q battles and starting from scratch
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  12. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    same ... just create a server where i would have to buy monthly premium otherwise i would not be able to play .. that would be fair for BP and for players aswell .. because having a different server with max. player lvl 45 would cost some money but i would definitely play there if i would have to pay 10€ monthly fee .. and i would really like to play there, gold old times :(
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  13. AnotherNoobOnGame

    AnotherNoobOnGame Forum Greenhorn

    I cannot talk in details about what I think about the current shape of the game 'cause I stopped years ago, but I'll answer the question just because probably I still care a little about a game where I spent thousands of euros and hours meeting so many people and having good time with them.
    I've been a moderator myself, playing since 7-8 years, one of the strongest in Heredur (said from others people) with 2-3 classes and also friend of some other people that somehow had access to things they shouldn't have known such as exploits, banning waves coming and ways to buy andermants outside of the game with a huge discount.
    To be honest all this things were known by so many people and I still feel like it isn't a big deal to talk about them but I'm also sure some people would decribe me as a "snitch" anyway even tho this things are dated nowadays. Or at least I hope so.
    My personal though about Drakensang is that this game has never had a proper management and they weren't able to understand a thing about what players have ever wanted or they didn't care about it.
    Either ways I've been feeling like we could do something till the day I decided to leave after thousands of euros and hours of playing just because of a chat I had with someone that was in BP staff back at then that literally denied there was a certain exploit that I've been testing myself on my accounts even if I once again literally wrote to him to check my own accounts risking a permaban on account that were on the top of the server.
    From that day on I had clear in my head that this game management won't ever listen to players and kept thinking there was so major things going on in BP that made that staffer deny something so obvious and so serious.
    I've been also one of those that was loud about the creation of some groups where BP could talk with players and I can see now there are such ways as that Discord server they made, but from what I can hear from my mates still playing it doesn't work a lot.

    Drakensang Online has ever had a huge potential in my opinion because it's kinda unique and that's something you can easily verify trying to find another game that looks similar to it, I did it for years and I can assure you will only find things that look better, that have same mechanism as every MMO RPG but nothing to do with Drakensang Online.
    I think that most of the mistakes that were done during the years could be easily avoided by just listening carefully to the community and giving a voice to a group of veterans that have been always coming up with very good ideas and an exceptional knowledge of the game thousands times bigger than any human that ever worked on this game at BP.
    I think that somehow Drakesang deserve to die in order to teach those people up there that their lack of communication and their arrogance won't pay at all never in a million years.
    It's disgusting how they kept taking away all the efforts people kept doing during the years with those unspeakable expansions just because they couldn't come up with some better ideas even tho there were tens of them on the forums.
    It's crazy how they kept ignoring things that people kept writing on forums for years and they always came up with the opposite or even worse of what people wanted.
    It's just ABSURD that somebody up there really though a game born as an MMORPG game could take everything away from players and ignore his core mechanism (the link between PvE and PvP) entering in a market section dominated by so many MOBA.
    It's completely crazy to think a worthless, annoying, useless, poor PvE such as the one Drakensang has ever had could live on his own and aswell to think that a Gearless PvP could fix all the mistake in balancing that were made in 7 years.
    It doesn't make any sense to tell me that the voice of 40 veterans doesn't matter when there are 500 rookies out there with zero knowledge that are doing nothing more than asking everything for free and faster as possible.
    The game became more and more boring starting from level 55 expasion when things started to become so easy to do for any costant player that you could finish it all and keep playing PvP till boredom kill you waiting for a match to start.
    It's crazy to deny the game isn't healthy telling me that "they can see so many players online everyday" when I can only see always the same damned nicknames since years wherever I go.
    It's even more crazy to think that this unealthy scheme of resetting everything adding only those disgusting difficulties every time could pay out and even more to think that people are willing to spend thousands of hours and euros on a game that has majors expasions only every now and then and when they come they have to do all again like they're starting from zero.
    It's stupid to get opinions from every player out there even if he played 30 minutes in PvP in his whole game experience to balance 4 classes and even more to try to balance PvP with a that gearless junk when you perfectly know that without sets, gems, runes, etc., there have been always a class that is much stronger than others because of his tankiness.
    Let alone the fact that for years 1v1 has been the kingdom of people that didn't fight at all waiting for the debuff to kick in and nobody ever made something about it even tho there were hundreds of complains about it.
    I mean I can go on for ages, but one thing I want to say.
    All those devs, management and everyone up there, weren't able to predict what this game was gonna be with their changes but a small group of veterans of this game predicted everything 2 years ago.
    Maybe if there's still a chance, it's time to shout your own mouths and listen to players.
  14. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Apprentice

  15. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Good proposal, but I expect that 2 extra servers will entail too many expenses and new bugs can arise there too.
    I do think it might be wise to let low-level players switch to the Dark Legacy version only after they reach Level 55.
    And that all players above lvl 55 end up at the stage when Dark Legacy just came online. That way, players are at least able to find better items.
    Now with the latest releases with my mage lvl 100 I no longer feel able to find better items because the mobs are way too strong.
    So the areas where I would now have to compete for better items have been made impossible because I cannot beat those monsters.
    In addition, the available new items to strengthen your char are far too limited in my opinion.