When are you gonna fix arena matching system?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Master0fpuppets, Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. SlimyFish

    SlimyFish Forum Greenhorn

    Yeah. Didnt want to lvl to 45... I got all the way to 27 only in arena. Did to 34 off mobs just to see if would get more matches. But had hoped to do it all in arena. Boooo... For now ill stick to picking fights with you 40+ in open world ;)

    Thanks for the reply multi.
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  2. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Just go up 2 more levels then you're guaranteed to meet the 40's in arena and get at least more honor.
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  3. avidgolfer_gp

    avidgolfer_gp Forum Apprentice

    Read my post "Algorithm for making arena sides needs to change"
    The matching system CAN be made fairer without increasing the wait time for matches. The developers know the math behind this game, they can come up with a formula that creates matches in which ALL players in a match are on a level playing field, even if that means putting a lvl 25 ardent knight in a room with lvl 35 legionnaires. For my part, I'm sick and tired of going into a match and getting picked off repeatedly at the player spawn point by some player who can one- or two-hit kill me before I even get off the spawn point. The system is geared for a few obsessive-compulsive players, at the cost of the great majority of players. Even if these 'super-players' are on your side, they rack up most of the points in a match and therefore just get stronger (how do you think lo lvls become knights so quickly?). NOT FUN, and games are supposed to be all about FUN.
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  4. SlimyFish

    SlimyFish Forum Greenhorn

    I really agree. I started a dwarf who isn't for pvp at all, but do a few matches here and there. Even with crap gear and low rank I can hold my own up to a point. Even though his win ratio isn't the worlds greatest, he does ok, and honestly I kinda like the extra challenge, but i can see where it would get frustrating. I also think running around 1-2 shooting everyone isn't exactly fun and am kinda pissed that on my high rank toon I cant get any matches now. Its like being penalized for putting a lot of effort into PVP. I would love to be able to sign up for lvl 40 matches. It would be cool to give a slight bonus on points if your a lower lvl that chooses to fight in higher lvl matches. Or even forgo having a full team. Let us choose if we want to enter a 6v6 with just 1 or two of us against a full team. Anything beats getting repeatedly knocked around like a rag doll, or on the other end, not getting any matches at all. There just doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Sure, there's a few decent matches here and there. But certainly a lot of room for improvement. I actually do a ton of open world PVP since I can go after higher lvls and get a challenge, but I would love to see some reworking there to attract more players. More Honor points off open world kills plus allow the kills to go towards your daily quests.
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  5. MrBlond

    MrBlond Forum Greenhorn

    Unfortunately drastic changes to PVP usually prove to make players stop playing all together (why we moved to Drakensang in the first place). This game does offer some great PVP, and does a lot of things very well. Being excluded from matches all-together as a result of being a good player is slightly EDIT (if you are EDIT no offence intended, some of my best friends are EDIT). Did I say EDIT too many times?
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  6. SlimyFish

    SlimyFish Forum Greenhorn

    Totally agree about the changes bro. But the changes to Lineage2 PVP were insane. They had a beautiful system that they destroyed. Going red, the risk of dropping gear, losing exp on death, was so much fun in the beginning. I would love if Drakensang had a similar open world PVP structure.
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  7. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

  8. avidgolfer

    avidgolfer Forum Greenhorn

    Here is a perfect example of why this system needs to be fixed. In this match, one player just sat by the spawn point picking us off continuously for over 50 kills in less than 7 mins! His level/fame combo was way too high for most of the players on the red team, we didn't stand a chance. This is one of the reasons it takes so long for matches to form, a lot of players don't join them because it's a waste of time to join and then get annihilated like this by one player who is too strong for everyone else. It's players like this who are ruining the pvp games.[​IMG] http://postimg.org/image/puy5qug5f/
  9. SlimyFish

    SlimyFish Forum Greenhorn

    I am one of those players and the system doesnt even put me in matches anymore. Im lucky to get 1 1v1 in a day. So its not all rainbows and lolipops for anyone. I agree the system needs to be changed. But saying people are ruining the game by putting effort into creating great pvp characters is rediculous. When we started. We never had any fame bonuses and did only pvp from lvl 5 and up. Thats the first characters we made. So no bonus points no mass amounts of Andermant, no exp blockers. We worked for it and had to endure many matches of being slaughtered like you mentioned. But we stuck to it instead of crying about it. The system aint perfect. Power through it and grab the points you can until you catch up.
  10. kama5utra

    kama5utra Someday Author

    pvp matching it is not even worth mentioning ... it is just so ridiculous
  11. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    It's Newbie not noob, big diference mate.
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  12. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    just got to lvl 35 and now facing lvl 4os and dying
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