Where to find destructor neck

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Unico, May 22, 2019.

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  1. Unico

    Unico Forum Greenhorn

    Hi,i am searching for destructor neck. On wiki(i believe) i saw it is dropped not from destructor but from "iron boss" first of destructor in teleportarium(evocated as soon as machine goes against last wall). I would like to get it,my question is: is it still droppable there from iron boss?Is it droppable somewhere else? Is it droppable in normal difficulty? Reason of my post is that when you are ahead teleportarium door and you can "see" uniques you can get,the neck is not present. Thank you in advance!
    EDIT:it should be called mysterious gear and should give a damage bonus. Speaking about damage, is better mysterious gear or Asar neck? Thank you again.
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    In year 2013 ... Skynet sent army of terminators back in time. Their mission was to capture the Mysterious Gear.
    During the siege of Andrakasch ... long time ago ... a terminator, model T-7T Tetrapod, captured the Mysterious gear. But the terminator couldn't get back in the future and deliver the amulet because Gandalf The Wizard, Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli destroyed the Time Field Generator.They are members of The Fellowship of the Ring ... who were sent to help King Murolosh Sparks in the battle for Middle Earth against the armies of Mortis, The Lord of the Dead.
    In the meantime, Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Marry (also members of The Fellowship of the Ring) ... while running away from the Nine Nazgul ... they were passing through Teleportarium when accidentally bumped into T-7T Tetrapod and destroyed it. But the Mysterious Gear was never found later on.
    According to the recently leaked Racoon City Police report, Leon S. Kennedy has got the amulet. Leon is a RCPD officer who was on a mission to destroy the T-Virus created by the Umbrella Corporation ... but he was deceived and manipulated by Ada Wong who led him think that the T-Virus is inside the amulet ... while she took the real vial with her.
    Recently DSO development Team has announced they hired Spiderman and Batman who are about to find Leon and bring back the amulet.
    So ... the amulet is currently unavailable but it is a matter of time when it will be brought back in the game again. Probably in the next couple of decades.
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  3. MikeyMetro

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    08:00 my local time. What a way to start my day :D:D:D Forget the coffee... going straight to beer. Here Traki, have one on me :)
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  4. trakilaki

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  5. TwiliShadow

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    What? No Borg? They couldn't get past Janeway?

    Congrats. Was a fun read. :)
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ah, no no ... they were part of Path of Destiny quest. They were Tommy Vercetty's lawyers.
    Tommy Vercetty stole Urda's Amulet when she was relaxing on one of the beaches in Vice City ... they set him free later on because they said he stole the amulet in self-defense.
    Anyway ... that is different quest ... different unique item.
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