Why are players so unwilling to help?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Lendokamat, Dec 30, 2019.

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  1. Lendokamat

    Lendokamat Forum Greenhorn

    My dwarf is lvl55 only for a short time, so my base dmg is like 4,5-6K and I can't do anything on my own. I tried soloing stonekeep on fatal to get some blue items with gold stats and craft something better, but it's too grindy and slow. Reading some guides, I realized that only items from any infernal dificulty will truly push me forward.
    So I spent a few days begging others in the chat to help me, but no one responded. With these circumstances, how am I supposed to progress in the game? Why is there even a stage like this in dso? If I wanted some better equipment, I would need to spend months of grinding and that would still be less effective than a few runs in some infernal maps.
    What should I do now? Seriously, quitting sounds like a good option
  2. KurtBlack

    KurtBlack Forum Apprentice

    The sad truth is that what you described is exactly what every new and returning player goes trough - the only answer that the developers provide is getting carried. The reason why people are unwilling to help is that every single new and returning player needs help due to how the progression of new 55 is designed, therefore the demand for help far exceeds the goodwill of people.

    A lot of players that were up-to-date with the game had relatively easy progress as opposed to the current reality of going from new 55 to Inferno IV. The recent updates deleted the unique item dealer so now instead of asking someone for help single time you might need to ask 200 times if you are unlucky and you might be partially unable to obtain things like Witchseeker belt due to it being Amphora-only after the said update.

    Another update that really set back new players was 220 and the increase of Boss type monster strength, which as you might guess means you will have even harder time getting help from people since the number of people that can do those encounters went down, and those that can now are mostly annoyed as it takes more times.

    Your best chance is to make friends and find a guild that will be willing to help you or finding some parties for Infernal III Great Desert (or lower). This is obviously pretty hard because mostly what you see on regional chats is "X (encounter) no "weak players"" or "X OP damage".

    I doubt this will change as Infernal V is in works and the developers do nothing to address that issue.
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  3. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I don't mind having some grinding sessions in the Great Desert with complete strangers even in inf3 as long as they don't just stand around or ride their mounts just to collect loot. Even if they can't really do much damage I want them to try at least.
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  4. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Hi Lendo,
    if you just reached lvl55 fatal Mode will be hard to manage if your fresh lvl55 is Not stronger than average, which it is not, as you already stated.
    Better start solo in painful Mode which will be hard enough, or even Go normal.
    This might not be the loot you would like to get, that has infernal Ranking base values, but you can collect ancient wisdom and even on lower modes you can find items with enchantments worth crafting.
    Besides Gold costs and cores needed to Transfer on unique items are cheaper on low ranked items.
    Building your wisdom tree and crafting some good (even if far away from top) values and getting some Sets on low rank, to put them on, will make you stronger to Go higher modes.
    You can rise the rank of the items later on.

    It is understandable, you want the shortcut, get pulled through high modes, Drop high quality loot and get strong within few days or weeks. But this only works if you are helped a Lot, which might happen, if you manage to find a Guild, as advised before.

    Otherwise you will have to take smal steps by yourself and get some help every now and then.
    A good place to look for help is the forum, as Lot of players you meet ingame are in similar Position like you, looking for help, to achieve their personal goals.

    Once you grew stronger it will get easier to find players with similar Goals and help each other. ;)

    As a little Tip , have a look on the items that can be purchased in hiraja for bone Coins, as they are good starter-stuff.
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  5. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    I will be somewhat realistic, these are my tips:

    1) Wisdom goes up, for that desert in normal mode will be enough.

    2) Get glyphs and climb everything to level 60, that will help you a lot.

    3) do the events even in normal mode, the witch set will suit you very well even if it is rank 0 or the dredge set when next year comes.

    4) If you use the premium or premium deluxe the cubes will also help you a lot, if you can I recommend: ring, ornament and amulet that give the cubes.

    5) weapon, I use the wolves, for tastes colors, although there is not much more option, or the wolves or the set of Q7.

    6) forget about the platinum lines, (they usually go on inf4 and as you say people are not in charge of loading people without damage because of the updates they have been implementing), for now look for lines in yellow and you will be noticing the improvement.

    7) Look for groups that have more or less your damages and / or guild, that will make farming less routine and you can kill the boss in difficulties that you could not alone, helping you from the resurrection stones.

    I think that I do not leave anything in the inkwell, I hope it helps you, a hug and I wish you good luck in these parts :)
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  6. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Don't overlook the value of farming in scaling dungeons (normal world maps, but at higher difficulty levels). Mobs are ~the same strength as the equivalent Parallel World levels, maybe a bit weaker, but the sentinels (boss that spawns after you clear all mobs from a scaling dungeon map) are significantly less powerful than PW true bosses. You won't drop PW unique sets, but you'll get tons of junk equipment for selling (to get cash for crafting) and melting (to get glyphs to increase tiers of items you're actually wearing), plus the occasional item with one or more gold lines that can be the base of your crafting efforts.

    Plus, you can gather ingredients to craft consumables (I focus on health potions to recover HP, and tonics for temporary HP buffs; at early level 55, even a 10,000 Common HP buff is a significant boost in overall HP, especially when multiplied by various enchantments on your equipment and pet).

    Advancing in the Wisdom tree, partially glyphing up some of my equipment, and learning to judiciously use buffs has finally allowed my dwarf to survive any PW boss on Painful, usually with blue essence (I can manage most PW Painful mode mobs without any essence at all).

    On the other hand, I can now manage Fatal on scaling dungeons (mostly with no essence or maybe white for mobs, switching to green or blue for most sentinels), so am farming much more there. I'm hoping by the time I have all equipment at 60 I'll be comfortable running Parallel World Excruciating, maybe Fatal, though that will require additional improvements (gems, runes, maybe a few 4/4 gold line legendary items). At that time, I'll start to make a concerted effort to drop PW unique sets (from what I've read, our dwarves should concentrate on Q7 [Herald still makes me work hard, but I can survive if I'm patient] and Q8 items [I can do Sigrismar on Excruciating already, if I concentrate, but it's not good for my blood pressure :)]).

    Soloing this game is not achievable in a few months. I'd advise you to reset your expectations and embrace the grind, or find a different game to play. Not trying to be rude; that's just the reality of DSO for new level-cap toons (less than 2 or 3 years at Level 55).
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  7. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    My two cents: All the advices before are all good...if you don't have a guild you must be prepared to stay months (for me six) in the desert and moon events.
    Even if you find Q7 and Q8 set you need to craft the item (first and most important the weapon, for now), also 3 gold lines only will boost your char a lot. Then you will be able to farm PW without big problems (also other mod then painful).
    There are 3 great walls in the progress of difficulty, from normal to PW painful, from fatal to inf1 and when you try inf4...once you were able to do PW painful, with a bit of effort you can do fatal also...
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  8. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    imo the reason "op" players dont like to cary others in inf1-4 is the scaling on the bosses gets stupid and they are anoying enough already without extra health added...thats not to say people wont help you, its more so on bosses in inf1-4 that people wont help again because of the stupid scaling. ask to join groups for desert and such without a boss, i personally take noobs everyday in desert inf3 dont care the dmg they do or w/e as LONG AS THEY PLAY

    DO NOT SIT ON YOUR MOUNT AND JUST PICK UP LOOT- this is the one guaranteed way to piss off "op" players, fight use your skills stuns and stuff most experianced players have stones to revive u...

    it really sounds like you are trying to "skip" progress, bad news for you thats not this game, dso is little gains at a time

    if you must have higher tier items and cant get help then....

    save lock picks, buy 140 inf4 frags(yeah you will prob have to pay anders) and enter a map open the chests and there u go tier7 pink make them legendary, yep you will die but just run back to chest and pick items easy peasy

    blame the devs, the update making mobs harder and more important bosses created a HUGE rift between new and old players..

    20k hp buff, use it like always
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  9. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    My first desert farm group in a month or so. First guy who joins... is that guy :|


    This is one of the reasons why not many players want to help. I'm not op. Maybe if I were op, I wouldn't mind as I would kill everything just by looking at it...
    Others above have named all the other reasons, e.g. boss HP scaling.
  10. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    In my opinion, the factors that determined the current situation are only two:
    • those who are actually strong have often had to help themselves (pioneers have no one to whom ask for help) and therefore believe that it is right and fair that newcomers do the same. Certainly the conditions of the general context now are much more unfavorable than they were time ago (the game progression system is ruined as never was before), but many people believe that if these are the current conditions then first the newbies will roll up the sleeves and better for them.
    • the events are present and running almost every day (as maybe is right it is) and they have become damned long and boring even for the strongest players: helping the newbies means slowing down your progress even more, or worse having to stop it because you are begged to do something else (the so-called "Qs", which to an end player may not even serve at all).
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  11. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    What server? My guild on Agathon accepts English speaking members and helps all members in events and all higher level PW maps
  12. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    all reasons have been said...
    I’d like to help but I have limited playtime so I need to focus on getting events done.
    Removal of sellers on end of maps.
    Simply cannot spend time on 10 runs on inf4 q7 spending loads of ess in a slim hope that someone gets decent drop.
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  13. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Everything stated above is indeed true reason for your problems. Also there is simply less players nowadays. Besides that quite number of people are irritated with Bp actions so they not helping you in good faith. They have opinion you would waste your time and by not helping they make you a favor.

    Of course it's achieveable to play only solo. Inf III-IV bosses are only real issue. Don't spread lies :p
    As for new players solo experience it's tough but also in odd reason way more satisfactory than earlier. You just have to treat char progress as a real challenge not sth given.
    Btw. you doing it quite wrong - new solo players DO NOT leave Great Desert apart from events. Your aim is to be able grind it on inf I at least with buffs on. If you can't grind inf I there reasonably comfortably you don't leave map :D Only exception is when you grind gems on Dragon in Stalgard. If you do solo anything else you wasting your time.
  14. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Serious question: You use your gold to buy buffs and potions, don't craft consumables, and don't attempt to craft equipment? Which leaves only equipment level glyphing and Wisdom Tree progress as your growth engine? I can get glyphs, gold, craftable raw equipment and ingredients in other scaling dungeons, why limit myself to the Desert which lacks the consumable ingredients? And give myself some variety of mobs, layout, scenery, music. Maybe I'm not made for this game, either :)
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  15. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    There is couple reasons. Desert has very good layout, you don't need to refresh map, beetle is faster mini than anything else so you collect keys and as consequence tellurian cores faster, you improve wisdom lvl slightly faster, it's one of the easiest maps in DSO overall, starting from inf I has highest drop of pinkies - earlier i'm not sure - and couple more little reasons. When you add everything it's quite a lot tough.
    This is also map that allows most convincingly gimmick with Hiraja 2-h which on the other hand can push new players very quickly in range of 13-14k. 2 days of heavy farm from 5k to 14k isn't unheard of. Weapon is on tellurian and has half cost of table operations so very sensible thing as a newbie is to push that thing whole up to tier 6 for which you need tellurian ores. If im not mistaken it's only 687 cores to make t. 0 weapon into t.6 weapon. Of course you need kamikadze inf I, II, III to get according legendary but that's fully manageable with very high rate of pinkies. Kamikadze is good fun if done only from time to time. There is also some merit to use set from Sheerab early.
    As for gold versus glyphs you mostly prefer gold at the start. You have hell lot of crafting and crafts are more adventagous for you than glyphs. I guess some glyph doesn't hurt at all like for example glyphing very nice high tier pinkies which is 6k, but you shouldn't aim to glyph your weapon as fast as possible :p
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