Why are players so unwilling to help??

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by JonathanColton, Aug 11, 2020.

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  1. JonathanColton

    JonathanColton Forum Greenhorn

    My dwarf is lvl55 only for a short time, so my base dmg is like 4,5-6K and I can't do anything on my own. I tried soloing stonekeep on fatal to get some blue items with gold stats and craft something better, but it's too grindy and slow. Reading some guides, I realized that only items from any infernal dificulty will truly push me forward.
    So I spent a few days begging others in the chat to help me, but no one responded. With these circumstances, how am I supposed to progress in the game? Why is there even a stage like this in dso? If I wanted some better equipment, I would need to spend months of grinding and that would still be less effective than a few runs in some infernal maps.
    What should I do now? Seriously, quitting sounds like a good option
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    BP has increased the penalty on team play on higher difficulties, buffing the mobs, and worse, the bosses disproportionately as the group's player count increases.

    The devs also decided to remove the vendors who used to show up inside the Parallel World boss rooms after the boss was defeated. They claimed to increase the unique item drop rate to compensate for the removal of the vendors, but most players believe that meant the devs increased the drop rate of mediocre generic unique items (e.g., the Keen's set) while if anything the drop rate and quality of the boss-specific unique items was decreased. You could no longer buy a true PW unique; PW uniques dropped less frequently; and many are garbage because the base stats are in the low single-digits. So you have to farm exponentially more often in order to eventually get something useful (unless you're very lucky … so far, I am not :)), meaning fast-farming is more of a necessity than before.

    So, advanced players struggle harder when carrying weak players, slowing them down, which goes against the new imperative to fast farm.


    Yeah, that means you're going to struggle. I have as well, but I'm finally seeing some progress.

    I recommend doing the repeatable crafting quests on Painful, focusing initially in the Duria region so you can pick up material to create HP potions and tonics. You'll also need to farm bosses on Fatal to gather the golden sickles you'll need for the tonics. I recommend working the beetle sentinel (Khephre?) in the Great Desert to earn Keys of Prowess, then use those to farm Asar in the boss room off of the North-East corner of that same map.

    When you have enough Noble Magnolia from farming Prison of Souls (or perhaps other dugeons in Silfmoor) and a golden sickle, you can craft a 2-hour HP tonic … that should give you enough HP to survive farming the Great Desert (or other scaling dungeon) on Excruciating.

    You might pick up better equipment, and you'll definitely earn more gold, glyphs and Wisdom points.

    You'll need the gold for crafting later. You'll use the glyphs to start increasing the level of your equipment (weapons require the most glyphs to level up, but give you the biggest boost of damage, so try to focus there). You'll use the Wisdom to increase your stats, offensive and defensive.

    I did do lower to higher rarity crafting, starting even with gold lines on green (Improved) items to build blue gear to build purple gear to build orange gear. I burned through all my cash before achieving too much, but I did get a small boost from a couple crafted items, enough to keep me going toward farming excruciating without tonics, then fatal.

    You might want to hold out, wait until you're farming on fatal before you start crafting random purple items together, hoping to luck into multiple gold-line orange gear.

    I also recommend the moon events, especially Full Moon. You'll get celerity (attack speed) runes, and event uniques. I'm still using a Bloodmoon two-handed rifle as my main weapon. In fact, I just dropped a tier 3 rifle last month, which allows me to farm Infernal I and even cautiously approach Infernal II … again, in scaling natural world dungeons … Parallel World mobs and bosses are definitely tougher, so if I'm going after the Sigrismarr PW Uniques on Fatal, I still need an HP tonic to reduce the chance of death by mob.

    Yes, embrace the grind, or move on to a different type of game.
  3. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    A lot of people, talking about the strong ones, are bored right now and are just waiting to see what developments the game will have after the summer holidays. Many of them play just a little, and limit this time to what is strictly necessary for themselves. If you have little fun, and the resulting utility is itself scarce, it becomes difficult to have the incentive to take on the problems of others. It's not an excuse, but I think it's a pretty good explanation of the moment.

    if you see me online, try to contact me and I'll help you for a couple of runs. But I also play very little, and I limit myself to the maps of the event these days: 10-12 runs per day and I take the event away ... lol.
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  4. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    One reason could be that there will be an expansion in a while, so you risk your efforts worth nothing with the new lv60 items etc.

    The group play has been made into a basic 2 hour hybrid alone and less in the group, indeed in some cases it's just off-putting.

    In the past it was enough to chat and / or create a group and everything worked, but it's almost as dead as the fun of this game.

    If you are interested you can look for q7 / q8 and the construction of the nano is finished, the items of level t2 are enough for you. What matters is the bonus sets, so repeat them t3 or incremental and go this way.

    What you are missing is the time as I wrote you in a little while everything changes!
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  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I have to agree with what dkarl has said above. There often is very little incentive other than personal satisfaction to help others out in this game.

    I used to help out pretty much any player on Tegan server who asked for it, but I've since stopped. This is just because most players do not play the way I do, and I am getting tired of being dragged down by them. What I mean by this is that I actually make conscious use of my group skills and talents in a group setting. Most people dismiss these talents as irrelevant... so I dismiss them from my group.

    As well, I am in the awkward situation of a computer good enough to enjoy some eye candy, but not good enough to run a group full of people spamming missiles in every direction at 4.000 attack speed. This game gets exceedingly laggy in a large group unless I want to play on the lowest possible quality. Well, too bad. I like my eye candy, so I will just play alone or with my significant other.
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  6. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    What server? Character name?
  7. Ulisson

    Ulisson Someday Author

    There is one simple way how to get T6 items even without a group :).
    1. You need to have premium (bought or as some action reward or from bonus code).
    2. Use all possible ways to increase HP, armor, resistances and moving speed (equipment, buffs, daily rewards..)
    3. Enter some map on i3 (I recomend desert)
    4. Open all chests there and take the items
    5. You will die a lot of times - but never mind (with premium). Recover and go back for the rest of items :)

    What I can also recommend is:
    - do not store things for future use (TM, cores, drakens, gold, essencies etc.). Use them now for improve your strenght and you will get them in future in higher quantity
    - focus on colecting mounts, companions, emotes etc to get permanent bonuses
    - when you will have deluxe premium, remove (not melt) all runes from all items and place them back to same items with 35% discount - it will bring you few items levels for free

    But in total you are right nothing will bring you forward as few rounds on i4 eg. on Dragan with the group. If you will have pearls you can donate and you will have group for i4 very fast.

    btw: I had 5k damage one year ago and now I have 25k. I am playing 1-2hrs per day. Very rarely in group (aprox 2times per month).
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  8. xkeke34

    xkeke34 Forum Apprentice

    This problem has been present in all regions for a long time.If I speak on my behalf, this situation makes me sad.
    Some vanguard players must be feeling on top of the iceberg after reaching a certain amount of damage.
    But they remember that not every victory brings good things with it.Sometimes victory brings destruction with it.
    Be respectful, Live happy..
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  9. kapiszon123pl

    kapiszon123pl Forum Greenhorn

    Old players remember how difficult it used to be. It's easier now. Several times easier. Strong players are already bored of helping. If you help a new player once, he will keep writing to you. Strong players leave the guild at some point because everyone needs help. You cannot take care of your own tasks, you only have to help. If you refuse once you will be cursed. Even if you have a full group and you are already helping, others who are not helping at this moment will hate you. Why do new players want to cut corners? After years of playing, most players got bored of being a volunteer. This game takes a lot of time. If you don't have strong friends in the game, you need to play a lot. This is normal.
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  10. Ulisson

    Ulisson Someday Author

    I have to disagree. It is not several times easier - especially if you are playing solo. I played this game 8 years ago and also now 1 year with new character. So I have comparison. The main problem is that there is a lot of players on lvl 55 but their differencies are higher then between lvl 30 and 55. Did you tried to start new character in last time from beginning? Without any help from stronger players? Now you are able to reach lvl 55 in few weeks, but then the progress is very very slow. And a lot of events are... how to say it and dont be rude? E.g. current aniversary event... Good event with a lot of very good rewards. But for fresh 55? You can forget. I dont know how strong you are now, but can you imagine how much expensive and time consuming it is to play this event on painfull level? I played it year ago without any chance to reach more than half in Duria column. It is not a problem that I didnt get all the strong rewards. But that I spent a lot of time, frags etc and got nothing usefull.
    There is now some leveling on some event on reward lines based on succes levels and it is really better. But the best improvement would be if before start of every event you will have the choice how demanding progress bar you will want (less demanding, lower rewards of course). But lower reward is really better than nothing. If you are fresh 55 you will be happy with polished gem, you dont need the impossible event with sacred gem at the end.
    The main problem of current events is that the main rewards are on the end of progress bars and if you will not finish the event you will get almost nothing. And this is the problem of fresh 55. You will get high demanding events with almost 0 rewards for a very long time (in comparison of progress before lvl 55).

    But agree with begging and then cursing :-/
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  11. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    my character is not "op" but i can carry another player in inf3-4 within reason and i often do but please understand what it takes to carry another person in those modes.

    you need to be able to do the map/boss on those modes your self then adding a carry makes it harder, not alot of people can do this and alot of those who can dont want to for various reasons

    first the modes, painful-fatal no problem at all to take a weak player, inf1 and up the scaling just gets stupid on the boss and most who need help are asking for inf3

    heres some advice if you do manage to get someone to take you through the higher modes, DO NOT FILL THE GROUP WITH RANDOM REQUESTS TO JOIN....they are 99% weak like you are and as stated above you are just making it even harder.
    this happened the other day, someone wanted help with q7 so i take them to inf3 after a few runs they want star and inv their freind and make it even harder on me, not to long after that i left

    likes others have said helping takes time away from what we need to do for our progress
    here are some other example of why people wont help, besides the fact most "op" are in a guild of friends and play with them 99% of the time

    you sit on mount at the dungeon entrance and do nothing....man this one makes me angry, ATLEAST TRY use skills to stun/distract/slow
    yes you wont do much damage we know that and IT IS FINE IF YOU DIE most of us long time players have a stack of spirit stones(999) on us so its not an issue....

    you could atleast chat, there is a social aspect. accepting help and saying nothing is booooring
    IM TIRED Of DOING NOTHING BUT Q7....thats all i see q7 help, need weapon q7 q7 q7 q7 q7 q7 q7 blame the devs for that..

    i started as you did a noob in the desert after returning and i did just fine, you are a dwarf you have it sooo easy to farm the desert you probally dont even realise

    takes tesla turret and stick to the right side of the map(dont fight the snake mobs) plop 2 of em down and run around its THAT EASY
    run arround and they cant even hit you and the tesla will kill em simple, and since there is no snake mobs on the right side there is nothing shooting you from a distance, you can even throw in some oil to make it even easyer

    make friends, find a guild is the best advice. find some who are weak like u and play and grow stronger together
  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    1 if u have 25k DMG after 1 year u cant Play in dso.
    Idk how much time it Take now but few months ago u can do 5-40k in one week 1-2h per day

    And why ppl dont help fresh 55?
    1 bc its too slow - now this game is repeat milions x the same map even more than in the past
    2 bc how much u can help and for what? I was helping ppl every day on my twings and what i get for this years? Ppl go cry on forum that twings are too strong and bp destroy 'fun' from playing twings.
    After i get strong stats on 55lvl i help ppl but only from my guild.
    3 bc its noend story
    4 bc ppl have theys lives/family and if they Play they wants to upgrade theys char
    5 bc events needs to many preparations
    And much more...
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  13. Ulisson

    Ulisson Someday Author

    Improvement from 5 to 40k in one week 1-2h per day? Without any help from others? Wow, please give me the advice how to do it. There should be some easy way which I totally missed. Thanks a lot.
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  14. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    low damage players are almost 100% novices, all they do is delay the group, they collect everything that falls on the maps and they do not shoot or support with skills, others only on the mount and do not move, and when they arrive al boos, they die from simple and predictable attacks and don't even know how to use their abilities. I don't understand how they got to level 55 without knowing how to benefit from abilities and items.
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Because they are lazy and don't bother putting a minimal quantity of effort, at least to respect those who carry them, often due to their own detriment.
  16. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    BP's fault is at it more often than not, though.
  17. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    Its not possibile now but in the past it was.
    Even without this way 40-50k DMG take few weeks so if u dont have it after 1year...nc
  18. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Don't be delusional, You can't reach 40-50k dmg for 1 month without help, because if you want to craft you need pristine cores that drops from inf 1 and above, other way is drakens/materi which new players don't have at all . In order to reach 40-50k dmg you need atleast dragan set, and should i mention that your char must have 4 gold on every item,so yeah .

    Now to the question. The problem with new players is that when they reach lvl 55 first thing they do is go in regional and start spam the glorious ''q7 inf3/4 help me pls'' they see nobody gonna help them so they start enter in groups for q7 inf3 with pretext that they have dmg for the Q. New players don't understand that before the uniues they need glyphs/gold and items with good enchantments .
    I used to help a lot new players ( I still do but not that often as before) because i know how hard is being new player in Drakensang online, however after I carry player X next time I am online in the game the first thing i see is player X asking me for other stuff , which annoys me a lot, just because I am a good soul and I carried you for 1 or 2 hours with other players in certain map that doesn't mean Im gonna carry you until you reach full royal gems and 4x platin items . There is still a guy that I carried 1 or 2 months ago and he still send me invites for his random groups without even asking me or telling me where is this group heading to :D :D :D .
    You want a tip how to get better ? Ok if You have around 30k dmg and 70/80 % crit fatal go in stonekeep/tegan sanctuary inf1 and start killing the mini bosses you will get a lot purple items (and yes you can do it I have a mage with q7 set (YES Q7 NOT BLOODMAGE AND Q7 SET : ))))))))))) ) and i can do stonekeep/ tegan sanctuary without problems with mana buff and movement speed buff)
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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yes, but not when newbies don't move, stay on their mount and die from predictable attacks at the boss or don't learn the abilities.
  20. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    It was a time when u have 70-80% chance to get 3-4 gold values in every craft with t6 or higher tiers.
    In this time u can get full eq 4x gold in 1week.
    Than u need only uniqs.
    Draken cores? U can do it for example on fullmoon(in the past they droped from Wolf and from bloodmag)
    Dragan? U dont need have it
    to get 40-50k DMG
    Also u have newmoon
    Rest of the eq u can have from qs and u get
    this DMG.
    Do dont lie that's hard to do. Its harder now bc gold values are harder to craft but its stil not so hard to do it now
    Than look at the time. 1 years playing for 30k DMG? Nc