Why are players so unwilling to help??

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by JonathanColton, Aug 11, 2020.

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  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Why are older players unwilling to help newer players you ask. 1: Most of the time when newer players ask for help. Their idea of help is you do all the work, kill everything so they can ride along on their mount picking up drops. 2: It is very time consuming. Their idea of help is that you are going to do a hundred Hearld runs with them in hopes of a Hearld set dropping. No one has time to do a hundred runs. 3: Newer players seem to think that older players have unlimited resources. That we never run out of essence, infernal passes, realm frags, pots, revive stones etc..................... to help them. If older players use all their resources helping others they can't play the game or events themselves. 4: Players will stand right next to you in Cardhun or Kings for a year with out even so much as a polite hello. Why would older players be willing to help someone who can't take two seconds out of their day to say Hi. Then turn around and want hours of help. Try being polite and make some friends before asking for hours of help.

    And yes grinding is what this game is all about. You are lucky you only need to grind months for gear now. Took me over a year in the old lvl 40 maps. Grinding away at killing Khalys and Mortis for a lvl 40 predator.
  2. Ulisson

    Ulisson Someday Author

    Sorry, but these are not the real advices. I tried to place here a real advices what can fresh 55 do. You dont.
    - If you are fresh 55 you dont have gold, cores, gems, frags and everything take a long time. And because you are not able to play on higher difficulties, everything is even slower.
    - And if we are speaking about solo game with fresh 55 I cannot imagine where you want to gain eg. approx 300M runes to craft all items to lvl 60 or cores to move 4golds ench. from legendary items to uniqs. Or royal rubins (I have now 1 royal and 4 sanct and still only 30k dmg.)
    - draken cores from wolf and blood mage? How much times you will need to go there e.g. on painfull to gain necesarry hundres of them?

    btw: I have full dragan set on T7, 1 improved royal rubin and 4 sanct rubins, all items on 60lvl and all of them on T4-T7. I cannot imagine how these can be gained in "few weeks" and even with that I have only 25k dmg, attac speed 2,5, 80% critics with 334% critic damage. The only one way is to bought everything, but where is then the game?
  3. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    u dont need royal gems to get 40-50k dmg i say it up more than 1 time
    u need 4x gold items and newmoon set and sets from q.
    fresh players?
    i can do 5k+/h gold in my character
    in second one - tank with 20k dmg - i can do ~2k/h
    so? where u have problems with gold on MAGE when i can do it easy on tank?
    after 1 year of playing u still cant use ur skills on mage or why u have problems?
    even if u cant do it so fast as strong players u still can do it fast.
    pain=3 cores
    fatal = 5 cores
    how much q1 u can do it in 1h?
    idk how can i do it on my tank bc i dont play on him
    on my mag 1xq1 fatal take me 2-3min. so its 20-30 runs per h = 100-150 cores in 1h.
    U dont need full eq on 60lvl.
    U need 75kk for DMG and 18kk for crit and even less bc u dont need 60 lvl u can have 59 and it will be good
    How much time u need kill bosses? Better q is how much time u have to be killng bosses.
    And threre are events with easy Draken cores Like now - u can get 20cores per day almost for free so its 600cores for free in full event
    As i says before after 1year u stil cant Play dso
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  4. Ulisson

    Ulisson Someday Author

    Sorry but its again a nonsenses. Your calculations are really unrealistic. You really have some experience from last time with fresh 55lvl?

    Fresh 55 on fatal Q1 30x per hour - really? Wake up please. Or better - show me please how you will do solo with 5k damage Q1 on fatal in 2mins. My best time during last PVE season was 3,44 mins with 25k dmg.

    We are speaking about few weeks from 5k to 50k. How much weeks? 10? With 1-2 hrs per day. So we are speaking about 100hrs of game. There will be two full moon iteration, 1 nov iteration, maybe 2 other events too difficult for 55lvl and 5k dmg.

    So imagine that you have fresh 55 with 5k dmg, 1,5 attac speed, 10% / +100% of critics, 200 golds, 1000 andermants, 0 cores, few polished gems, 100 frags, 0 crescerits, 0 gold enchantments, all items on T0 and lvl 55.

    Please tell me what you will do in first 10 hrs to double your damage from 5k to 10k.

    Do not forget that you have only 28 slots in inventory (only 10 of them free) and you are able to sell / melt items only in cities :)
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  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Give him the selling, peddler isn't that expensive a talent :D
    He can't accomplish what he's saying on a fresh char anyways, even with peddler :D :D :D

    A fresh character does about 750 gold per hour, IF one knows what and how to play and ignores plat lines etc. (or has a bot).

    That's on your character though. It won't be even nearly as fast on a fresh character.

    That's with deluxe.

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I rarely help people anymore, cus in past the people I help are stronger than me in couple months in what took me allot longer, simply cus they get carried and have luck with RNG.

    Simple example; guy who plays for like 6-7 months now and i used to help a bit....now runs around with almost full tier X gears, while i dont even have tier 9s. And soon they surpass me, they never msg or play with me again. They just use you to get stronger and im done with that.
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  7. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well having played the game back in the Beta days (where Level 40 was the max).. I can tell that game has become A LOT easier.


    There are waaay more things to do now and there is absolute no end.
    Insane amount of upgrading, never-ending Gems, upgradable (or whatever its called) Runes etc etc, apart from infinite amount of grindy Events.

    It's like every second you miss is falling behind of others who do/did not.
    It's an infinite loop of "getting better"
    An Infinite grind fest.

    On top of these..
    Apparently Devs made things much harder for parties (Poor newbies) which killing what made this game a "Team-play game" where everyone had a role to play.

    I mean.. I see those "OP" Level 55s (good luck to new 55s!) solo'ing almost everything with ease.

    Rip DKs, of course.
    Everything is slower, more painful and Tanks (1H) are .. not really needed anymore.. with insane Damages of other classes.

    So yeah, with all this strong pushing of the game for being as selfish as possible.. No wonder we have such results.

    --- MERGED ---

    Apart from what I said above, there is the fact that most of the Low-Mid Level range characters don't belong to newbies but to people who already have at least one or two Level 55 character instead.

    No wonder they are rushing like crazy to Level 55 either by grouping with their main character or a friend/guildee..
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  8. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    You will appreciate it more if you are responsible for most of your build. Just take time to meet peeople that you can get along with. Don't rush anything.
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  9. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    I guess the OP gave up on the game which is likely a wise decision.
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  10. MRDarak31

    MRDarak31 Padavan

    You think they helped us when it all started?
    Nobody will spend time on you because you don't know the game and you don't know what to do. That's what you have a forum for
    No one is physically able to answer all players' requests
    Everyone plays with the people they know and prefers to help them
    I feel sorry for the words when I really read such posts.
    The game is so easy and you complain about strangers having their time and you think there will be two parts to fight and you have their inventory
    Buy yourself tonics and build your character chronologically, and you don't waste time "begging" in the city
  11. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Hehehe. Piss off to your farming will ya?

    Thankfully not everyone is like you in this endless farming game, because otherwise there would be only few people left playing and then you'd be crying that you can't find people to kill with ur OP stats and sht :cool:
    When it all started 9 years ago everyone was noob as well, if thats what you mean?
    Let me guess.. people they know from real life?!
    I mean u do realise the stupidity of expecting people to know each other if they don't play together first right?!

    Oh wait.
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  12. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Turns out.. Game became worse than I thought.

    With a lot of i3 Desert runs (kudos to sharing people) I made a full T6 Unique set, called Glowing Dune.
    That doubled or tripled some of my stats. But turns out those stats don't help to nothing, almost. (I mean they would, if didn't have default/fixed irrelevant enhancements but yea, no)

    Then I've figured I could get Unique Amulet, Belt and Trophy from Asar and it's relatively easy Boss (including drop rates) so I've been carried few times in i3 and dropped all 3.
    That helped, but same issue as above.

    Then going back to PWs..
    I somehow dropped T5 Q7 weapon & gloves (mediocre base stats but eh) with an i2 group (that's another carry, obviously)

    But wait.. They lose me like 1/3 Damage and some other stats (Hp, Armor etc) because guess why.. Odd Enhancements!
    I mean.. Movement speed in Weapon? Really?

    So.. let's fix the Weapon enhancement at least right?
    Yea sounded like the thing to do.

    So off I go to those i3 Desert farm-groups again, mainly started by 60k+ Dmg Rangers (they ain't quite often but not so rare)..
    In the mean time, got enough Community coins for a Premium, so I did that and upgraded all my Wisdom runes to max (5x5), which, costs a fortune (around 20k Gold) Then the "Premium" pets.

    Coming back to Crafting.. Guess what. It turned out to be a torture/mission impossible task as well.
    I mean.. Purples drop quite often in Desert i3 and usually with good %s, but, say, 3x 1/1/1 (%70+) item with a 1/1/0 can still end up 1/1/0/0, or 2x 1/1/1 with 2x 1/1/0 could end up 1/0/0/0 etc etc, so there is no guarantee.

    Such waste of time & gold.

    Oh, of course the Materia core cost is 350 for T5 item, which I seem to have somehow, but if I were to upgrade the Tier to 6, then I'd need 350 more.. And guess what, you can NOT buy those anwhere with any currency.

    ^All these for one (1) single item. Imagine 12 (or 13 if 1H Tank) ..

    Oh and of course all these with immense help. I mean can I blame the "unhelpful" people? Not really unless they are being p...ks.
    Can they blame me? Not unless I'm being a p...k.
    Because that's how the game is at the moment, so blame BP instead..

    Events you say.. Same story as above.
    I mean Fatal seems to be doable with an average group at the stage but.. It's not enough/fast for most Events.
    Especially if you need an item or two, again, with default odd enhancements.
  13. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Raider, I'm just genuinely curious. Why do you jump forward to play the higher infernals right away, then complain about needing to be carried?

    Or am I just an oddball player? Because I went on hiatus quite a few times and would always come back with now-outdated gears, stats, etc. I always had friends who wanted to let me freeload them, but I would decline and grind my way up to the top through each difficulty level. I know it may sound tedious, but as a result, I built a solid foundation in terms of my understanding of the game (from a SW perspective) as well as not having this issue of very high tier gears (which btw, requires more cores to craft, which is harder to earn as a weak player), and could build my enchantments up step by step. I distinctly recall my first few pristine core crafts were at most 3x gold line items. I didn't even have 4x gold line items until after platinum lines were added to the game.

    Really, if you want to take the fast lane, you have to live with the consequences. And the consequences now is that you have high tier gear and neither the cores nor the enchantments to plaster onto those high tiered gears to actually make use of them. Whereas if you had opted for lower tier gears, which are cheaper to enchant, you might actually be able to do some Painful to Fatal runs on your own by now. And remember... enchantments aren't wasted. You can always soul craft them.
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  14. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    You do have a point but you didn't really follow from what I can tell.

    Even with all this help, it takes a huge time investment.
    Imagine me doing all this by myself (Like I did until 50-55 level). It could take a whole year and I might not be able to reach somewhere.

    That's said I wasn't really keen to jump into those difficulties.

    I was just following quests (I admit, I chose PW quests over Qaizah until Level 55 ) but there were almost always some helpful people Xp farming/helping with Quests that don't wanna bother with Lower Difficulties, or people to tell what I need and all.

    I mean, a lot of people themselves encouraged me to unlock Infernals so that I could go with 'em.
    The thing is though, apart from less possibility of dropping purples, they are much harder to be found with decent enhancement %s in lower difficulties & I can't farm them fast enough as a DK.

    That's said gold isn't really an issue when you are in i3 (assuming you found a group accepting you) selling most of gear.
    Although my gold ain't going up thanks to crafting.

    Even then it's still too easy to fail a craft and waste all the time spent. And it is what I hate the most atm.

    http://prntscr.com/uf0evu with http://prntscr.com/uf0fwb
    Level 37 Wisdom, Level 52 Group.

    T5 Q7 weapon (& gloves) still kill my damage to 2/3

    So what am I doing wrong? Apart from re-starting as DK that is.
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  15. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Uhh... -looks at all the other MMORPGs I've played- There are some out there that make the time investment in DSO look like child's play. So no, I don't know what the complaint is about when it comes to that. Games with a microtransaction monetisation model always like to force you to weigh whether you want to spend your time or your money. They literally built in a shortcut for you, it just involves a credit card.

    As for players not going to lower difficulties, it's natural that people are going to farm what they need, and not what their freeloaders need. If you really want to just play lower difficulties and work your way up, you'll have to gather friends in the same range of power (or bring your own into the game). Depending on how much you play per day, you can probably do Inf 3 by grinding with said group of friends with the occasional carry in 6 months or less. Considering that you play on Heredur where there's actually people on the server, building a stable group of players with a similar power to yours shouldn't be that hard.

    The real answer is that this game is probably better off played with the mindset of enjoying the journey than rushing to reach the goal.
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  16. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    Q7 (or any other PW ITEM) is not worth if you don't craft it... I'm a DK, I'm a casual player, I have only 2 item with 4 gold enchantments, (many with 3,5 gold) not to talk about plat, but I can say one thing : if you manage to craft all your items also with 3 gold (3,5/4) you will see the difference.
    All your pg's improvements will come from good crafting; a good legendary item is better than a PW item uncrafted...
    Now I can afford inf3 world maps (carefully, very carefully but I can) and inf1 PW maps... But I go inf1 world map and fatal PW maps so I don't have to waste too much time and resources, and is ok... No one forces you to do higher levels, you must face the fact that this game is about grinding, a lot of grinding, and be carried won't help you much.
    I've played alone (my reasons) for 5 years, I'm a weak DK (at least medium), and I don't regret it, you fix the target and try to reach, so you enjoy (big word) the game.
    What I'm trying to say is that the game is made in a certain way so is on you to enjoy or not (there are a lot of things that should be adjusted, certainly), and it doesn't matter if you are carried or not.
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  17. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Tbh being a "free-loader" never been enjoyable for me. But I feel the pushing of the game.

    And I actually I did have some friends while levelling up but most either stopped or stayed waay behind as casuals or whatever.

    Besides, most people hangs-out solo since that's what the game encouraging with the current mechanics.
    So I don't really see much such groups of people working their way up. (Apart from Quests)

    Quite possible to be joined by some "OP" guy that will invite you to go higher Difficulties anyhow.
    You don't deny the temptation do you? :p
    Yea, I've figured that it aaall comes to that bottleneck. And it is quite frustrating; for 1: to effort/time it takes to do it, for 2: seeing how whole game based on a single part of the game.
    Apart from Events that needs you to be strong to farm "fast enough" that is.
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