why cant go online [Heredur connection issues]

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kikomans, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. d3s0

    d3s0 Forum Apprentice

    This thought looks somewhat closer to truth bro, but there will be only hopes about something done on this :D
  2. broksi

    broksi Forum Greenhorn

    grr agaiinn!!!! r they joking... i cant even go farming when i change the map (any map i mean ) i get kicked off..! and then 30 min til li logg in.. then again kicked ... :mad::mad::mad::mad::
  3. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    i lose my connection all time too>;< Its bad-.-
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  4. d3s0

    d3s0 Forum Apprentice

    It's like 45 minutes since my last DC, still trying to log back in :D
  5. Rh()mbus

    Rh()mbus Forum Greenhorn

    same issue (heredur) - didn't have problem yesterday, have only got 1 connection in the last hour and then failed as soon as I left an urban area... v. frustrating. its hard enough finding the time for the events without them being unavailable when I actually have some time... grrrrrr...!
  6. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    BP don't want to spend mony for that ..this is not a new problem ,is old one ...
    server transfer or increaser heredur capacity,Delete all old files from server do sam cleaning with old accounts (Below lvl 30) that stop playing the game more then 6 mounths ago ..shuld help .
    don't worry we still gone have this problem during Defet the bosses event too....
    Why Bp shuld care about the community of Heredur server ??
    If they get our mony is ok for them....Server work at minimal is ok for them...:D
    Best thing we shuld all stop buying this product and become all free till BP Decide to give us a server that we can play in it.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013
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  7. dannyy868686

    dannyy868686 Someday Author

    this is a little dishearting to hear :/, im new to the game, few days ive been playing now, dose this happen often?
  8. Serenthía

    Serenthía Someday Author

    Mainly when events occur... It's their way of saying, pay to finish the event, that way you can do it quickly and avoid these problems ( as if i would ever pay to do such thing)
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    TAVRON Forum Greenhorn

    This happened to me yesterday and again today I wonder if we will get credit the entry fee's we paid for ;0)
  10. broksi

    broksi Forum Greenhorn

    ohh not AGAAIN .. :X the f.. problem appeared again... i thought that they fixed the bugs ! ***
  11. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    This issue has once again been escalated and is a top priority.
  12. dragons

    dragons Active Author

    When I play at night there is no problem, but at the day is happening...throughout the whole day.
    Started since the announcement of the event, I'm not surpriced.

    Real money must be thrown at Heredur, from Bigpoint, why are they not doing it? Up to you do discover :D
  13. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    See the latest OA for the real cause of the issues. Things should run more smoothly now.
  14. killaman788

    killaman788 Forum Greenhorn

    well at least im not the only one having issues im on agathon server
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