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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Venomfist, Jun 2, 2020.

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Do you think it is "fair" or "good" that the game works like this?

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  1. Venomfist

    Venomfist Forum Apprentice

    I've returned to DSO after a 1-2 year break.
    Something that I've noticed is that the game now feels like it's based highly off of RNG. And I don't remember the game being like that. I also don't know why this direction would be good for dso?

    Most severe cases I could think of(not mentioning that they removed unique item vendors after bosses):

    1. Tegan Cloak (Herald's dragon skin)
    There are people that drop it in their first 10 runs, and there are others (including me unfortunatelly) that do 100s, 1000s and even more runs for the cape item, and still don't get it.

    2. Golden Fairy (pet)
    There are people (happily including me) that dropped the fairy in their first few runs, and there are others (e.g. my friend and 2 guildmates) That were doing 150-200+ runs and did not get it.

    I can already see everyone saying "well it's just luck", but I don't understand how anyone thinks that this kind of "luck" should be accepted and endorsed by players.

    So Why? Why does it have to be like this? One player does about 30 minutes to get the desired item, and the other player does 30 hours and doesen't get it?
    I'd understand this if it was about some kind of vanity item, you see. Like an extremely rare mount or weapon skin for example. But no, here it's about items that you really need to make a great character! The herald cloak is certainly the best cloak for most classes and has no relevant substitution! The golden fairy is the best damage/farming pet in all of dso and has no relevant substitution as well!

    Solution suggestion: Increase drop chances, or give players a guaranteed way to get these items(for e.g. 1. make an achievement for 500 herald kills where you get one Herald's skin / 2. include the pet in the progress bar)
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  2. Imрerfect

    Imрerfect Forum Apprentice

    I agree with you man, only high rated or unique items should be extreme low drop chance. I got the herald bow and gloves in my first 2 consecutive runs, and my friends doing 100's and nothing for em', not fair.
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  3. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    To answer why... people got used to this game being non-working crap in most occasions and regarding the drop chances...it ´s been promised once... it even worked once and then it stopped working from one day to another :)
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  4. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    i feel the same way about that herold skin.

    2 guildmates farmed with me each 5-10 runs and they drop it.
    i have already spent 5-6k progwnes keys and still nothing.

    and i dont understand why?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    RNG is just really crappy in this game. Its everywhere....

    Couple months ago I met someone ingame who just became lvl55. (I play for couple years)
    We play together allot and see how lucky he is with everything. He drops every pet/mount that only drop in events (which some i still dont have after years). He drops more usefull platium lines in 3 months than me since they wre implemented. After 3 months he's able to craft a 360% weapon, while i havent even dropped enough lines to start crafting. And I can continue like this and its not the first player i met last couple years whos lucky with everything.

    But after this last person and he showed me he's now stronger than me, thanks to his plat lines.....i completely lost any motivation and only logged to collect daily ander.

    Its just stupid and gives me the feeling I will never get what i farm hours upon hours for. If youre lucky, then this game can be fun i guess, but if youre not, its just an endless void.
  6. Venomfist

    Venomfist Forum Apprentice

    Wow... That's sad and kinda true...
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  7. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I've been playing this game on and off for years. I play events that are fun. The sewers event wasn't too bad. The RNG has always been insane. I have one really unlucky character. It isn't fair and doesn't make sense that some equipment is unattainable with some characters. I don't pay any attention when things don't drop anymore because sooner or later the game will be updated and make all your equipment obsolete anyway.
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  8. Venomfist

    Venomfist Forum Apprentice

    Are any mods reading this btw?
    Will this feedback get forwarded? :d
  9. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    It will i doubt it will be taken heed of by the upper layers however
    Ye same im struggling w 360 weap for over a year and only now have i gotten 8th 90+ to start making it ...meanwhile 2 my guildmates who started after the great rl214 omeganerf (I just put together all gold lines 2d before the patch was announced i havent been as mad ever again in my gaming life :D) and both of them landed 360 weap from 2/2 plats within first month of the plat lines being in game :)