Why do Rangers have the best of everything?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by extinckDK, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    You basically said the same thing you can't compare ranger vs other classes if you don't take those classes separately and compare them with ranger.
  2. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    Hi again,

    ArcaneMaster i have aleardy told u in my first post wath mages can archive with right equipment and how much dmg dei deal in confront with others 2 classes...but it seems u realy don't want to understand ,wen u gone have same equipment like others end gamers u not gone speek about this ever .

    U just make fun of yourself wen u have messed with my first post ,read it more carefull and u gone understand wath i mean, Ranger don't choise healing skill for wolfs/tree we choise the other skill deadly blow pvp and pve ,and wen u fight n pvp if u use guardian a DK gone heal fast on him if is to far to reach a ranger,Sw gone tack control of it.
    Samone whu don't even know the basisc on this game don't have nothig to teach others so in future just pay more atention wen samone is traing to teach u how to play and wath u need ;)

    In my opinion if u put togheter all 3 clases give them same equip(roshan-Dark,keen-dark,yachak-dark) and good left side equip and put them to test and fight ,gone win the one whu got beter skills...equipment at end game is almost same for all...
    Is pointless to say the other class have beter equip then another, wen the real diference is in tactic .
    If u have right equipment u can win agains players whu spend lots of mony( i don't speek about thouse full sacred .red esence and sam time thouse whu use buffs al times n pvp ,just average p2p with 2k euro ..)

    Sw have less hp then a ranger yes is true but it seems players forget that Sw deal more dmg and have beter evanding skill then a ranger...
    I tell u again come to Heredur and u see Masters of Sw class that a ranger can barely hit them 1-2 times, i am sure all servers have Masters of each class that they realy good players in pvp and pve ..

    Sry for my bad English.
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  3. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Like I said, each class has its good and bad. So RA can kill the bosses in nightmare map. Big deal. Every class can kill those bosses with premium.

    And if RA is so great, why can't they do this:

    and this:
  4. ArcaneMaster

    ArcaneMaster Active Author

    you clearly lack basic understanding of what this game is. plz dont get me wrong this is not to mock your petty understanding but this is to reveal u how clueless u are.

    first of all please define evade o wise one!!!

    mages have teleport once in every 10sec to evade.
    guess what rangers have? yes dive, dance 3 back to back on full concentration, speed buff? and sw got better evade than ranger... seriously another false statement? how many more lies are u going to put forth??

    sw got more dmg than ranger? lol u are really sounding like u have not even played this game every in your life?
    rangers do 4x ctriti dmg on thier marked enemies name one class that can even come close to it?

    sw dmg is basically aoe dmg but is that of any advantage in 1v1? and these op class cry they need more power.. how noob can they get?

    sw are suppose to be dmg class and devs use that excuse to make sw so bloody weak. but then why give rangers so much dmg? its just annoying when ranger have such high dmg and far more hp/armor then sw!!!
    any ranger can safely miss few armor/hp gems to put reist but what about sw? devs just wake up .. and stop giving crappy excuses to make sw more and mroe weak.


    nxt time dont just make vague statements and try and get your stupid act together its embarrassing u talk such nonsense and consider yourself as pro and upon that capable of teaching others?? insanity is the word my friend.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  5. perrush

    perrush Active Author

    If mate80 was a ranger, he just did the same. You take the most OP DK there is as an example ??
  6. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Exactly, if that Feyagol ranger was a SW he'd do the same. For DK, I agree it is more difficult but all you need is premium for unlimited revive.

    Maybe Ranger has an advantage in the nightmare map, but that doesn't mean Ranger is OP. SW and DK also has many advantages elsewhere/versus other bosses. What's your ideal version of Ranger? A ranger who has the hp of SW and the damage of DK? Lol.

    And no, if mate80 was a ranger, he couldn't have done the same. Ranger's don't have that kind of def, HP regeneration and HP steal to survive those bosses solo.
  7. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    First of all, just calm down. You sound like you know everything and everyone else is either stupid or insane. Just know that when you lose your head you spit out nonsense.

    Teleport is instant, which means you can immediately use your skills afterwards and gives a huge advantage over jump and blade dance. Even after successfully evading enemy attacks with blade dance the RA can't really retaliate because blade dance used up all the concentration. With slow concentration regen, RA has to keep running and wait for concentration. Each second RA is on the run, he/she risks of getting hurt or killed by the enemy.

    As for the 4x critical damage...
    That's 4x of a skill that does only 125% base damage... I really don't know why you think marking 2x damage is OP. The skills are VERY WEAK themselves without the 2x damage from mark:
    Precision shot: 125% base damage, does physical damage and no burn like fireball
    deadly blow: 60% base damage, melee range...
    blade dance: 65% base damage, mainly for evading
    Scatter shot: 60% base damage, LOL

    What does SW have?
    For example, SW meteor crit = 2 x 300%, destruction = 2 x 400%, explosion = 2x 1000% damage.
    Unlike ranger, SW skills are already very OP and don't need the enemy to be marked to deal full damage.

    SW is very OP in PvP because it has instant stuns, very fast-spamming range skills like fireballs and magic missile. The fire lightning ice damage ignores armor. Also 80% armor reduction and RA does not have. Don't forget about the 1000% explosion and the cyanite shield.

    Ranger already has the worst lv40 fame skill and lv45 skill.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  8. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    You never seen An0nymy0us? He did like Mate80 did in the video. And for mage version Vikie does the same.
  9. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    So you agree that just because RA posted a video on killing nightmare bosses while SW and DK didn't doesn't mean that they can't do the same.

    I also would like to see An0nymy0us kill khalys in 22 seconds.
  10. ArcaneMaster

    ArcaneMaster Active Author

    m the one who is talking nonsense? and u mr sensible think explosion 2x1000% dmg is op in pvp? explain me this who in the name god will opt to die in 1v1 and 3v3 in order to get a kill? yes really smart ppl like u i belive.
    dont u know the explosion is after death? which means U ARE DEAD ALREADY??

    in pve/farming this is the worst skill to use unless u have premuim who will ever use this if they dont have premium?

    i nvr get that why u alwasy say tele is instant and all other skill in dso are not?!!! so does dive take 5secs to execute?

    about dance, ofourse it takes concentration .. thats an additional evading skill added as bonus to rangers. dont tell u need that free too? and why is speed buff not mentioned? u scared it will potray rangers as op?

    lmao dive=tele=jump they all are instant .. except for dwarf rockets they take time so yeah another gibberish story

    now about meteor and destruction. omg its funny u mentioned it right after talking "instant nonsense". u my friend are bothered dance is not instant and here u are listing skill that literaly have longest casting time in dso? i guess devs should look at this and take off all the annoying long casting wait time from this skills.
    Rangers dont mind anyway.. they think all sw use it in pvp and hit with 100% acurracy.

    and about 4x dmg u think its not op?
    normal = 125% dmg
    marked = 250% dmg
    min marked criti = 500% dmg (with basic 200% cirit dmg)

    this is not op? if not then u seriously lack the understanding pvp. and all this with base criti dmg of 200%

    really hate devs to make sw so weak and not give us dmg like rangers and here we see all rangers crying foul asking for more? just pathetic
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  11. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    I never said that. You didn't get my point. All class have the same chance for what one class capable to. For a DK in nightmare, Chukydecieza can do it solo.
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  12. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Let me talk the way you do:

    Have you considered other pvp modes such as 5v5 and 6v6?
    Yes, explosion comes after death, what you want to explode for 1000% damage while you're alive? Compared to the explosions that RA and DK have it is very OP.
    Even if you don't have premium the shield is very OP too, makes you pretty much unkillable for 4 seconds!

    Yeah so if you know that dance costs so much concentration why would it be a problem for you? Are you scared of rangers with no concentration?
    Speed buff will make RA OP? Since when did your argument come to this? I guess insanity really is the word.

    Of course teleport is "instant" and jump is not. Teleport has the shortest animation time and delay after landing. Of course a mediocre SW wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Of course meteor and destruction has long casting times. But I know a SW like you would want them to have no delay at all so you can easily 1-Hit KO everyone as soon as you see them.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  13. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    I'm glad at least 1 person here gets it.
  14. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    From my field experience, we talk about duel here, mage and DK have better advantage than ranger.

    Rangers need to precisely hit the target twice to be effective and its very hard even with 2.00 speed.

    Mages can easily lands fireball and run. Even it's a bit slow than ranger but in the end enemy died burning. Except for DK that can survive with healing. And it's quite easy compared to what ranger needs to kill.

    For DKs it's very hard to land a hit but they can survive very long. The effective way for DK is repeatly use mighty wild swing and recover. Which is slow but sure.

    If we say about same level, gear, and skill mage is equal to DK and both have bigger chance to win againts ranger.

    Don't say something about healing again, I'm tired to hear that. If you think mage can't handle top DK with healing just watch in youtube how Pumetto or Zorator play.
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  15. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    All classes good..All have advantages and disadvantages...so this thread is pretty useless.)
  16. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    I've made a mistake in mentioning other classes in my reply to that thread. I should have just said what was really on my mind.. that the map is too hard all-together. You say any class can be capable of what another class is but what you should be doing is emphasizing "CAN". How much money does it take for a ranger to be able to solo bosses as easily as that DK does it? How much money does it take for mage to 1-shot all with fireball like most rangers do with precision. Sure each class CAN be capable of doing what another class is but at what cost?

    How many people are going to pay that price so they can play a DK when they've chosen Ranger as their character.. what's the point? If you want to tank, make DK... not ranger.

    Back to the point:
    The map is too hard. Sure, you tough guys are able to do it, doesn't matter what class you are because you can still do it. But what about those without your stats? I won't even bother to mention other classes because mage clearly CAN just tank all bosses and we should all be able to... I guess. What of another ranger then? Ranger is best suited for Nightmare map, we all agree? Then why is it that an average ranger cannot do this map?
  17. ArcaneMaster

    ArcaneMaster Active Author

    yes you are right as 4 sec is all it takes to clear maps, kill bosses and take out all in pvp. u are so funny :p
    now u think rangers lvl 40 is useless? then obviously u havent seen pro rangers using it to carry flag and run like hell in 5v5. i dont want to upset the pro rangers community by uploading few more videos and showing the naive ones how pro actually use it(more like abuse it).

    lol are u really that dumb? u are making a counter point that having an extra evade skill is of no use? really? you really are the wisest of us all.

    twisting words to make yourself sound reasonble just makes u look more pathetic.
    show me one line where i said speed buff alone will make ra op? so obviously you are not reading. speed buff is def adds so much to evading power of a ranger
    now put speed+dive+dances together, is this not op for evading? if not u really need to stop playing my dear.
    and the "fake pro" said sw got more evading than ranger.

    twisting facts again? and why do you sound scared?
    last time when u posted u compared destruction to precision.
    so aint it obvious they should have same casting speed then?
    hey i the naive one nvr mentioned destruction but you my dear "pro" compared the two and portrayed destrution as better. how sweet.

    thnx for this enlightenment o wise one. mediocre sw cant spot the animation difference of say 0.2sec and pro rangers as yourself are blind to huge casting speed of destruction? lol u even compared precision with destruction, which literally is the longest casting skill dso ever had. ooow why the double standards??

    even after so many posts here and you are still trying to prove
    1.sw with just teleport have better evading than a ranger with dive/dance and speed buff.
    2. rangers 4x dmg is useless?
    3. ranger added hp and armor to that of sw is of no use?

    this is beyond insanity. no word will explain your hallucinations. a mediocre sw's advice to "hallucinated pro", plz think b4 you post and plz analyse what u say. or i dont know, dont post when u are drunk or high. sorry i dont see any logical explanation to why would any normal person put forth such vague twisted facts to make a pathetic point.

    on a different note happy xmas to all :D
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  18. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert


    If u hate that much rangers..just delete ur weak Sw and make Ranger.
    Is not onli me but others players from all classes tell u basicaly same thing that i did but ur lack of understanding make u lose control and u jump from a point to another just to avoid the truth.
    All 3 classes r OP all depends on the time u have play with them ,wath equip u have ,gems from long time period farming or mony.

    Equipment is irelevant becouse at end game all have same equip:
    -Dark+ rashon,keen,yachak
    -Full Dark
    -Karabossa set+dark
    -Karabossa +rashon,keen ,yachak
    Left side equip depend on wath u find,go find sam low lvls rings, wepon ornament and amulet up them to 45....
    All depend on wath tipe of caracter u wanna make

    And i tell u why i consider my self a Pro!
    Becouse after almost 3 years i have build my ugly ranger to mach players with 3k+ euro in game,sure i can't beat them all but i can win 4-5 /10 if i go 1 v1 battle ,sam of them can't even catch me becouse they don't have tactic Sw,DK,Ra.
    Wen a F2p do that ,u don't call that player Pro from all the hard work he did in past years to build his/her char and fight agains Top players and win agains them sure not all times ,is a noob right ?....

    Merry Crystmas.
  19. ArcaneMaster

    ArcaneMaster Active Author

    sure my dear, but on one condition will u do all the pw and grind and get me all the uniques which i got after grinding for months? if yes then by all means ill be happy to oblige.

    i cant help but notice your every suggestions is basically "discard all the hard work u have done for months and years and delete ur char".
    i am not sur but are u not the one who suggested i should reroll to highly populated server? to play 6v6?

    and fyi if u have seen my earlier posts i would happily to switch to ranger if given a choice. infact i already got a seasoned centurion lvl41 ranger. but grinding in dso is pathetic so it will take months and years till i can abuse all my fury.

    well i have been playing for about 2 years or so and touch wood i have made it to marshal and got myself at no.10, and i can take out most p2p's with ease in pvp. so i know what u mean and plz don't have an impression that m trying to demean your hard-work. but when u go in guns blazing and call yourself pro and all others noob and make pointless statements, it really puts a question mark, doesnt it?
    all i want is ppl to put forth something meaningful when they are talking about someones problems.

    its xmas time.. share love and hopefully devs do share some for us sw and make us take some dmg and not just die in 1-2 shots.

    any case dont get offended by anything i have said its all in the favor of debate, hey i dont get bothered by what u and sdknight say.
    and if u consider yourself a pro then by all means.:cool:
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  20. Lighting

    Lighting Forum Apprentice

    Ranger's precision shots should have an equal amount of animation time like lightning/Meteor or some delay. Then overall will be more fair to other classes.
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