Why do Rangers have the best of everything?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by extinckDK, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. extinckDK

    extinckDK Forum Apprentice

    How many DKs can achieved 14k HP and 1500 max damage for mages? Your figures are exaggerated.

    I'm not referring to bread and butter attacks.
    Please read my sentence carefully. I wrote. "Easiest execution of deadly high damage precision shots with no time delay and almost immediate."

    Here i meant which class can execute a VERY DEADLY HIT EASILY. And Ranger's precision shot can be executed easily without any delay and almost immediate unlike mages lightning/Meteor which comes with some delay and warning animation.


    How many DKs have 14k hp? Even Daywaker2 who have paid alot in this game have 10,300k hp only.

    Most DKs are struggling with their HP/low damage and they are expected to tank hence DKs are always losing out.

    Meanwhile, Ranger's HP can easily achieved comparable HP/armour like DK, which is not right, furthermore they are ranged attackers with achievable high damages as well.

    I didn't mentioned anything about your birdy.. just walking tree n spiking roots.
    Now that you mentioned.. your birdy also killed many players with 250% of base damage and many have die under that deadly peck.

    Happy New Year to you too.
  2. milek85

    milek85 Someday Author

    i played will all 3 classes and i can say that ranger is best.

    i was level 43 with knight and i wasnt weak i didnt have luck like with ranger . i have unlock like 30 legendary items and i got EDIT.

    why is that. thats because there like 10 different weapons for knight.

    knight is bad only because of that. too many weapons and bad bad drops. its very very hard to find drops with damage or critical if you are not using premium. i had that problem.

    with ranger and spell. its different thing . everything have damage or critical.

    knight good gear cant lose against other 2 classes. easy as that.
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  3. Darcous

    Darcous Forum Apprentice

    You should come to heredur :D We have many warriors with those stats and mages with 1500 max ;)
    Mages with their fireballs or just with chain lightning and if they put the talent for chain lightning they can also stun and make really deadly damage.

    Mage's Lighting strike has also 250% why you mention only for our bird and not for mages ?

    But if you hate so much rangers and you think they are way too op why dont you make a new account on server Heredur to come see 1500 DMG mage and 14k 4k warrior?
  4. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    14k HP and 4k armor? Tell me one DK who has that and then tell me how much he's paid for andermants. 1500 damage? I doubt it. Btw, rangers can get that damage just as 'easily' as mages can. Use realistic figures if you mean to make a reasonable and compelling argument.

    DK has highest armor and health as well as an array of stuns. Disadvantage? Melee class and decaying energy. (slowly lose Rage)

    Spellweaver has quick execution of elemental skills, some of which are crowd control, and rapid regeneration of mana. Disadvantage? Weak defenses.

    Ranger has burst damage which in-itself is superior to the other classes' damage and speed; travel and attack. Disadvantage? Not very fast recovery rate of Concentration.

    Steam Mechanicus has unique and diverse talent choices that allow multiple types/specs, many stackable skills and talents. Ex: Turret that reduces cooldowns... what with the already fast cd, this allows them to use skills consecutively. Disadvantage? Slow recovery of Steam (ehh... they don't rely on energy as heavily as the other classes do) and either the defenses of a mage or the offenses of a DK.

    So you see, all the classes are different. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the archetypes are so different from each other that you can't compare either one to the other, you can only compare singular things... like ranger armor vs spellweaver armor, but that doesn't mean anything, it's just one aspect of a very complex character and no one should hope to find a flaw by analyzing only those aspects. If you want any accuracy in your comparison you need to consider everything about a class... and if you do that, your conclusion would be very similar to the above statements.

    P.S: I am not saying 14k Hp and 4k armor or 1500 damage is not possible (On second thought, 1500 damage is useless because of the Critical Hit Rate that would be sacrificed... same as having 750 damage but with good crit) they are possible, but the work and the money that it takes makes these numbers unrealistic. Besides, you're comparing a heavy P2P that also has time to farm items to an average player. No chance for accuracy.
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  5. extinckDK

    extinckDK Forum Apprentice

    I have check out many youtube DSO players and many famous heavy p2p warriors and mages have yet achieved the above stats you mentioned.

    Maybe you can start asking Heredur warriors/mages to post those mentioned stats online as well to make it believable. They will be legends too. Anyway, we are not talking about 1-2 heavy p2p.

    Maybe you misunderstood what i'm trying to say here. I don't know how to explain further to you.
    Precision shots which is a very deadly shot can be executed too easily and without any delay unlike Mages' lightning/meteor which at least have some delay and warning.

    I do not hate Rangers. I just think it is really unfair to the other 2 classes since Rangers despite having the Best of everything for now, some still whine too much or keep asking for more in forum.

    But to all the Rangers out there, do not worry too much. I think Bigpoint have learnt a big lesson after nerfing DKs. Resulting too many DKs to leave the game. So although Rangers having the best of everything for now. Pretty sure Bigpoint won't repeat their mistake once again.

    On shifting to Heredur:
    I have already put 1 year of grinding building up my DK and I have made so many friends at my server, so it is not easy to let go of my friends here and jump to another server.
  6. Geobli

    Geobli Advanced

    Counter that Precision "deadly" shots(you have to be marked, they have small hit radius, they can't hit you behind objects, they decrease con. fast, enough delay, they have big damage, range and go thru targets if they are marked) with your own pluses. Everyone have their plus, minus, play style, strategies and "build".

    P.S. Those "OP" threads are getting funny after the "proofs" come in. :D
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  7. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    I play all four classes and I found out that some people just don't get it. You need to mark before you use precision shot. How about you try playing a ranger? When you fight SWs they just shoot once and run away and wait for the burn. Fireballs do as much dmg as a precision. You mark them once they shoot you once and run. Almost all skills of ranger needs concentration and we easily run out of it while SWs get lots of mana regen. SWs hit magical dmg which can only be countered by resistance. It is much easier for players to get armor than resistance. Even the buff turns into only dmg and armor value. NO HP OR RESISTANCE TO COUNTER SWs! When rangers summon a wood wraith a SW just controls it. Why don't you complain DKs can heal a lot with the highest equip stats in the whole game?

    BTW, Day's defense is high like crazy which is why he has lower hp. If you can build a ranger with armor and hp as high as his, I'll say you spent a damn lot of money. That is basically impossible.
  8. milek85

    milek85 Someday Author

    ranger is not strongest class. maybe is the easiest to play because of marking but not best class.

    i like playing with knight and i think that they are best class but without premium is useless to play because you need tons of cot for right gear. and finding gear for knight is very very hard.
  9. Wakaole

    Wakaole Someday Author

    only weak player complain about other character capabilities...

    we all have weakness and greatness..

    We can only try using our greatness to overcome our weakness.

    If u always loose ..dont be a cry baby...
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  10. yzm5508512

    yzm5508512 Someday Author

    my friend has a 1600avg damage mage,2000crit,6500hp and 1000block 1000block reduction XD he can easily hit 4000 with fireball,mage definitely the strongest pvp class because he has easilest way to execute a attack(fireball) then run around . ranger is not weak in old days when armor is not easy to build up, now when facing strong warrior, almost no chance to win,warrior just need the stun damage and it is enough to kill ranger.
  11. Darcous

    Darcous Forum Apprentice

    I can't understand the reason everyone make new threads about a class they hate or think they are way to op.
    EVERY class has its Pros and Cons.The 80% of those who think Rangers are the most op class why you don't make a ranger and see if you can kill easy a mage?Some mages are paper in low levels but if you level your ranger up to 40-45 and go some PVP you will see that mages start to be smarter..They just hide behind some objects and simply open the map and see where the enemy is..They just shoot a firebal wich 70% times it will burn you becouse of the talent.
    In the other hand rangers to do DEADLY DAMAGE as you mentioned you need to mark the enemy first which is hard if the emy has the pvp talent that adds more movement speed.So rangers do deal this DEADLY DAMAGE must mark first the enemy with hunting arrow which is very thin and almost impossible if the enemy is smart and changes direction everythime he see us shooting him.

    You should be more careful abut what you say.If someone could make a thread for mages i will go to help this guy becouse mages are the arena kings..If someone don't think so,he could just ask me why..I got hundrend of reasons to say that mages are op in PvP
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  12. milek85

    milek85 Someday Author

    great post. you are 100% right. mage hit, hide and run . experience mage is very hard to kill because of hit, hide and run.
  13. Darcous

    Darcous Forum Apprentice

    Thanks,im just trying to show them that ranger isnt op and they should start deal with mage instead of ranger but they can't or just dont want to understand it.
  14. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    Hmm.. Fireball does 135% of base damage (with Mighty Fireball talent)

    Maximum damage with those stats: 1600*1.35=2160 *2 =4320 with Crit
    But that's if enemy has 0 armor and resistance.

    Contrary to popular belief, Fireball isn't entirely elemental damage. It's about 75% elemental and 25% physical.

    Assuming the average player has 45% armor and 20% resistance:

    4320*.75=3240 elemental
    100%-20%=80 (reduction by resistance)

    4320*.25=1080 physical
    100%-45%=55% (reduction by armor)

    2592+594= 3186 damage

    If my calcs are correct, and I do believe they are, the credibility of your post has just been removed.

    If you want to know the real way someone can hit 4k with Fireball... it's critical damage.
  15. yzm5508512

    yzm5508512 Someday Author

    look at the critical hit value i mentioned,even yourself have figured it out that "critical" fireball can hit 4k hp,u still judged my credibility,i m so sad for ur time. Are those players who claim ranger is op class and 1 shoot 5k-6k hp were talking about non-critical dmg?
    There r several reasons why u replied to me
    1 u were freaking bored and wanted to chat
    2 u have never fighted against such strong mages and u did not believe me from the beginning
    1 i m talking about 1600dmg mage easily deal 4000 critical dmg by fireball, and he has at least 220%critical damage,idon't know if he use enigma or legendary ball. if u r so bored, calculate again
    2 if u ve never met strong mages before, search videos on youtube of Thailand drakensang. Those TOP mages have 2.0spd 1200dmg,trashing everything in the arena

    for those who think ranger op,i m not a weak ranger,i have 800dmg 2.1spd,i still think that mage is king of arena.With endgame gear, mage definitely is the strongest,even warrior has to hide to heal and wait for rage to release mighty swing.if u insist ranger is op class,try imagine mage has to hit opponent with ice missle and fireball deal 220% dmg,or fireball only deals 65%dmg, u can feel how miserable mage would be.
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  16. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    You have no clue what you're talking about. 1600 damage can hit 3180 with critical on a player with 45% armor and 20% resistance. No more, unless we change stats like crit damage and enemies' defense.
    Mage with 1600 base damage can't easily deal 4k with Fireball. I am a Marshal... I promise you there is no doubt I have fought the strongest players on my server, mages, rangers, and DKs. I play all of the classes and in none of my posts have I said ranger is OP so I don't know how you can believe that I "insist ranger is op class".

    So here, I'll calculate again with the 220% critical damage.

    1600*1.35=2160* 2.2 = 4750

    4750*.75=3564*.8 = 2851 elemental

    4750*.25= 1187.5 *.55= 653 physical

    2851+653=3504 total

    Now, just to be absolutely clear because you seem to have difficulty understanding what I say, that is against a same level player with 45% armor and 20% resistance.

    For that mage to hit 4000 Fireball, you have to have lower resistance and armor than those stated above OR the mage needs to have higher Critical Damage than 220%. Which... should not be possible because where is all this 1600 damage coming from? Leaves no room for critical damage.

    P.S: I feel sorry for you since you even believe that junk. Your 'friend' is a liar.
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  17. yzm5508512

    yzm5508512 Someday Author

    u forgot the pvp bonus,15% dmg bonous and 10%fireball bonus
    and the last part is not to u,i m not good at english,sry for the misunderstanding
  18. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    Right, sorry.

    1600*1.6=2560* 2.2 = 5632

    5632*.75=4224*.8 = 3379 elemental

    5632*.25= 1408 *.55= 774 physical

    3379+774= 4153 total on someone with 45% armor and 20% resistance.
    Perhaps you should set out on increasing your defense, then. Also, that is one player.. you're comparing one OP player to your OK ranger and assuming that the class is OP.
    You see... I can do that too. A ranger friend of mine hit me 10k marked Precision Shot. Rangers must be OP? lol
  19. yzm5508512

    yzm5508512 Someday Author

    i was talking about endgame player,sure against very strong player, fireball cant hit 4000,i have 3200defense and 900 resistance,i often get hit 2600hp,that's one fireball and i m talking about AKTOT that i usually fight against. u r a marshal, tell me how many fireball u can cast when u freeze player?
    recently i fought with NO1 rank mage in 6v6,a doubt hand mage, he hit me 4000crit with fireball, and he's not satisfied XD accuse me that i have skyhigh resistance,he is trashing everyone
    tell me,if mage has to make opponent with ice missle and fireball deals 250%,or fireball only deal 65%,how would u choose and why
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  20. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    I barely freeze players. It's useless, they all have 35 fame and jump away immediately...unless I make the jump and then stun them again but that's a waste of time. But since I have 1,74 attack speed I can hit 2 fireballs after freezing someone.

    I used drakensang optimizer website and made a mage with the stats you were talking about. He needs all perfect gear with +24 damage, the Wand of Destruction, full dark gear, and an orb with +50% +50% Block Rate and +50% +50% Block Amount, AND he needs full Sacred Gems. The mage came out with 1,20 attack speed, though. A lot of money, time, and luck is required for those stats and I still believe your friend is lying.
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