Why this game uses so much cpu and ram and the global conspiracy

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Paavelsons, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Do they pay taxes on that income?

    Also it consumes energy, spiking up prices and making living harder for poor people
    And it is contributing to the destructive change in Earth's climate
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    OMW really
    Look this is a gaming forum, if not bitcoin then something else ok
    Even if they dont pay taxes on that given currency it does not make the whole idea behind a game and earning real world currency for it such a bad idea.
    Youre so quick to speak, but does that include all gamers on all genres?
    So now you're accusing the world of gamers making the rest of the world poor with their resources.
    Who made you an advocate for the needy in anyways?
    You sit on a high and mighty throne right where you are but do not for one second consider that the poor and the needy can actually do with making some extra cash.
    No you will rather rant about taxes, geez do you know how many people from how many countries play this game?
    obviously an income can be measured by both the servers and the gamers computer so it could easily be taxable whether its a taxable currency or not.
    Next do not speak of the poor and the needy as if youre their advocate while not realizing the destructive nature of billions of cattle and livestock affecting our atmosphere and corporate industries being very rich due to that.
    You can also not speak of the poor and needy since I assume you do not live in Africa or any third world country for that matter.
    Also it would be advisable that you do not try to provoke a happy go lucky jolly fellow on a forum.
  3. RarePepe

    RarePepe Forum Greenhorn

    This theory is just a fail from my perspective at least.....
    first of all this game popped of on august 2011 which was way more laggy than now....so the lags-bugs are dropping through the time...
    so the whole crypto thing popped off at 2017 based on google searches...but where is the aftermath if dso was cryptomining ???nowhere almost same lvls of latency and bugs as before....

    --so let's put that to the test....using a package sniffer while playing the game didnt showed up anything unusual on ip-addresses or countries...so fail no1 in the crypto-theory
    --let's go further...is the crypto mining slowing your internet connection??? based on reddit and crypto forum sources -> in most cases it has huge effect in most cases(just used a speed test while playing)......except ethereum using a pool...
    ----mooooore further deeep----

    a pool is a competition between bitcoin miners ,which they try to solve as fast as possible a complex mathematical equation... the fastest the better.....so i assume that dso would be a huge competitor through the 80% of users using a potato to play this game against some gtx 1080s or some asics for sure.....and also risk some lawsuits while the company seems not to be at the best economic state ...

    so now gg in the chat bois i rate this 4/10 on a meme scale

    bonus meme---> Bitcoin mining is more efficient on chips>>gpus>>>>>>>>>>cpus
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Gamers are one of the most gullible fandoms, considering the amount of corporate slaves and corporate defenders among gamers
    And where did i advocate for the needy? it's a totally different issue than climate change and i'm not accusing gamers of exploiting the world, that's corporation infact, nor i did accuse gamers
    it's bitcoin miners, who can be gamers,but not necessarily

    And of course corporation are more responsible
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Where did I mention BP in the story?
    I said
    Now, you started a "conspiracy theory" conversation that is not just laughable but it also shows the level of ignorance.
    Conspiracy theorist is not a person who talks BS without any: knowledge, proof or evidence used to back up the theory.
    Are you for real?
    Do you even know what Bitcoin is?
    :D :D :D
    Here comes the best part ... there is no data or a single scientific evidence showing that climate change is caused by the human negligence and the pollution. Sure ... people are polluting the planet ... but that is not related to the climate change. On contrary, there is more evidence that it is a natural cycle going on for million years.

    Since you have a lot to learn and study ... which takes years and years ... you can start with this documentary on Bitcoin.
    Tell me what you have learnt at the end.
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  6. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What is that? Last week's temperatures in your neighborhood?
    Good ... now go back and find the data of Earth's temperatures in the past 4-5 Million years. Lets see the cycles.
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  8. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    What is that? That is the evidence you claimed did not exist.
    This website(https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/) links to numerous studies, all of which conclude that the mostly likely cause of the recent warming trend is traceable to human actions. Maybe look past the first graph.
    As to natural vs. human caused, maybe these websites will help you.

    I agree that when considering a scientific question, one should consider multiple time scales. This has been done. The conclusion is that the current warming trend CANNOT be explained by these million year cycles.
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  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    there is data, plenty of it

    And the climate visibly changed
    Prolonged drought, more powerful storms?Every year get hotter and hotter
    There is plenty of data showing evidence of antropogenic climate change
  10. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    I'm sorry Trakilaki, i admire you but on this argument you are wrong and KingKrazy1 is right...is not possible to choose only some documents and not others.
    scientific researches demonstrate human impact on global climate changes and no one can deny it; you can close your eyes in front of evidence but things don't disappear only because you don't want to see it.
    this is right.
    that "CANNOT" is supported by scientific evidence, it isn't an opinion that can be discussed
  11. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

  12. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Oh but climate change is so much fun to go on and on about :rolleyes: (I will use the terms/phrases cryptocurrency, gaming company and computer resources somewhere in this post ;))

    Pop Quiz:
    1) Which planet in our solar system is most like Earth?
    If you answered, "Mars," then you are wrong. It is Venus
    2) What is the average surface temperature on Venus?
    Around 450 degrees (that's celsius btw so for y'all that still have not got on board with the metric system say about 860 F)
    3) What is the cause of this very high temp if Venus is so much like Earth?
    Runaway greenhouse gases (Carl Sagan... maybe you've heard of him... did his Ph.D. dissertation on this.)
    4) Are there any gaming companies on Venus?
    I'm pretty sure that's a NO (even if there are they are not very far along since I cannot find them on the net :D)

    Concluding hypothesis:
    If there are no gaming companies on Venus then cryptocurrency mining from said companies cannot be the cause of climate change or the cause of this game using so much computer resources.

    Luck be with ye,

    Oh, but it does. Everything that has happened on this little rock over the last 4.5B years is in the geological record. In fact, according to that, we are about due for another ice age. If we are not skiing in the desert in say, 500 to 1000 years, then the homo sapien caused climate change wonks may have a case. Interesting tidbit: One of the things climate changers fear is the sea level rising a few meters. A mere 14,000 years ago (negligible in geological time) my home was over 200 meters underwater :eek:
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    What if there is temperature of 737K on Venus because of some past cryptocoin mining activities? What if those bizzare miners moved to our Earth after rising temperature on Venus beyond the reason and killing every single living creature there? We mustn't let those hell-miners destroy our planet like that, too! We must fight back! If we don't... the temperature on the Earth will continue raising and after everything here goes extinct they will move to another planet.
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is not an evidence.
    But even that supports what i have said:
    which means there would be global warming with or without humans.
    You can read it in those links you provided.
    Also ... NASA is not a reliable source. NASA is the last place you would want to look for evidence ... especially they, NASA themselves admitted their research and findings are far inferior to others.
    In general there is only one source that is providing all the info ... and everyone else is working with that information. That is not a science!
    That is the why almost everything we thought we knew about humanity is turning up to be false today ... with new set of data and evidence available to scientists.
    That is why today we know:
    - Big Bang theory is not correct ... it has been officially proven wrong (yet the schoolbooks are not changing its contents)
    - Human evolution and the evolution of the species ... scientists are gathering new data and evidence every day which contradict the theory (that is why it is only a theory).
    - We know that the Pyramids were not made as a tombs for the pharaohs ... even though the mainstream historians and egyptologists are rejecting every proof that is not playing by their books.
    - We know that Sahara desert and Egypt were not always having the same desert conditions as they have today ... not so long ago they were not hot desert landscape as they are today. In same time scientists are getting new evidence that today's Ice covered areas (Siberia in example) were having tropical climate in the past.
    - We already have examples of past flooding because of climate change ... but we are ignoring the facts and label them as myths.
    They say Atlantis sunk!
    What if Atlantis really existed (and it did exist) and it was a victim of a global warming of the past ... and got flooded by the water from the melting glaciers.
    - etc ... etc ...
    NASA is only reliable when referring to Deep State and Shadow Government ... as they are government's agency and getting resource from the government. And the government is created and controlled by the banksters and big corporations.
    don't worry about taxes ... they are getting them form everyone and more than just taxes.
    After all they will solve the "global warming " with a green taxation. :)
    Everyone who pays the price can still continue polluting ...
    The climate change is visible and no one has yet provided evidence why is that? I don't know what global warming everyone is talking about when summers on Balkan Peninsula (where i live) are getting colder and colder each year.

    Here is what is wrong.
    They are having no data. they only have data from the recent history ... that is why they are showing decades or century instead of epochs or eons.
    Humans are measuring weather temperatures since recently ... even that is not enough , knowing that those devices could be located only few in one place or another (mostly rich and developed countries at time) while there were no measuring in any other place of the planet. so we can't be talking about global activity at all.
    So how do they predict the historic events? They are using few methods and predicting the past temperatures.
    Most used method is radiocarbon dating (among others).
    But their methods and predictions are erroneous and unreliable. They are using glacial sediments to extract data ... and then they are applying their methods so they can extract any kind of data. There comes the problem ... radiocarbon dating is not reliable so in order to make it reliable they are assuming the examined organic material is not contaminated by older radiocarbon. And that is not a reliable data nor method ... since no one can prove that the examined organic material was not contaminated.
    Just to show how unreliable their methods are ... we can just mention cases where the samples were giving astonishing results --- calculated age few thousand years into the future.

    So unless we have a time machine and measure the temperatures in the past few million years ... at all points of the planet ... scientists will be always "assuming".

    The pollution on the other hand is undeniable fact. No assumption there.
    But this can be easily be solved ... starting with the fossil fuel.
    Many countries and people are working on renewable energy ... with a key point to Hydrogen.
    But wait ... they ^ the shadow government and the military industrial complex don't want you to have free or inexpensive energy source. that way they can't control you and make profits ... that way they can't create new 9/11s as a reason for their dirty "war on terror".

    On topic ... this is the close answer:
    The game is badly optimized ... but it was not crated by these devs.
    Drakensang and the Nebula 3 engine was created by Radon Labs.
    The very first dev team was the Radon Labs' team who was bought, at time, by BP.
    Once that team was forced out ... the game started to deviate from the origins.
    Therefore they are probably using different techniques for the later updates over the engine.

    BTW ...
    Hi Mikey ... was that beer any good? :D
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  15. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Hey Traki,
    Beer is always good :cool:

    and aslo BTW
    This is actually why human-caused climate change is only a hypothesis (not really even a theory.) The only true way to research a planet's climate is, well, off the planet. Satellites dedicated to studying global climate have only begun to be launched with the majority of missions scheduled for 2020 and beyond. Also, these missions are being done by ESA, JAXA, and IRSO. NASA does space telescopes and presumably a Mars mission (they are hoping Elon figures it out for them though so they can forget about that too.)

    NASA's involvement with climate change research is about as much as BP's involvement with cryptocurrency mining slowing down your PC (like how is got that on-topic reference in there, lolz)

    Luck be with ye,
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  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So you are actually ignorant of science and that's why you spout such trash

    But at least you aren't a flat earther

    Evolution has been proven countless times and if you made that remark about it being simply a theory,perhaps using your "logic" gravity is a theory
    And you don't know the meaning of scientific theory
    There is countless evidence for evolution, there is no excuse for someone denying evolution, it's like claiming that the earth is flat or that the sun orbits the earth

    Atlantis was simply a myth used by Plato in his philosophical books
    Also denying the big bang should disqualify from talking about science

    Seriously, get an education

    Also the synthesis of Hydrogen is a source of greenhouse gasses, since the methods to produce hydrogen require hydrocarbons, reactions with water and methane for example, and produce hydrogen and CO2, the main culprit behind climate change
    Water is a stable molecule, it requires energy to decompose it, it requires lots of energy
    If you can harness the energy the sun sends to earth, you can, why isn't it being done? It's called capitalism and the capitalists and since a green energy plan is not profitable enough in relation to the exploitation of fossil fuels, it won't be done, perhaps it'll be implemented when it's too late
    Also the capitalists and the denies, like Trump, know climate change is happening and for example, he knows that with the melting of the ice caps, the sea levels will rise and infact he wanted to install barriers for his golf camp in Ireland
    The CEOs of the oil companies know that this is happening, but since they are heartless capitalists, they care about profits, not the salvation of the human species, because a capitalists is an heartless monster

    Well, the devs are not responsible for the creation of the game and the engine, but the bad optimization is the fault of the current devs
  17. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    Which/whose theory you are exactly referring at? :)
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    "I didn't" expect this to come from Wikipedia Science Templars. :)
    Seriously dude don't read Wikipedia every time you want to portray yourself as scientist :D
    Science is not carved into stone ... everything can change.
    Everyone knows it is happening ... as I said it would happen even without humans presence on this planet.
    It is not a capitalism but a Corporate Fascism.
    Do you even read what you are writing?
    In order to get a hydrogen you would want quite opposite of synthesis ... you would want to split elements instead of joining them together.
    You are talking about methane not water ... where can be usually methane found? At oil production plants of course. That is the method they are getting hydrogen from methane during oil and gas production. Hydrogen can be separated from water with a process called electrolysis ... it doesn't produce carbon dioxide since there is no carbon in water. The electricity needed for the process can be get from any "green" energy source like sun energy or wind energy in example. and there is more than just one method on how to produce hydrogen and the methods will get more sophisticated and cheaper with the time as more researches would be made.
    It is know for at least half a century that Big Bang is inaccurate. That is why no one ... except you ... is claiming it is true or accurate.
    The existence of Atlantis has never been proven true or false.
    Exclude Atlantis and there is still abundant evidence of sunken settlements and cities all around the world. They all went under water because of natural or extraterrestrial catastrophic events.
    Of course ... that is why we are getting humans evolving from microbes in the backyard ponds every day.
    By the way you prove things out ... you would deny yourself. You would see the world's map on Wikipedia and you would come to conclusion the Earth is flat. For me the evidence is quite obvious. Can i see London from Mount Everest, using powerful telescope? No i can't. For me that would be enough evidence that the Earth is not flat :D

    And seriously ... stop polluting around. The OP is asking of a "theory" where he is questioning the possibility of hidden cryptocurrency farming while playing the game. You spread BS without even understanding what Bitcoin is, what is the idea behind the currency etc etc.
    Using hidden scripts for cryptocurrency mining is not just theory but it is everyday practice ... but not with the game.
    The price of technology is being manipulated by the companies ... it is not dependent on the users.
    If you watched the video I have provided ... the conclusion is simple. The bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is dead.
    It has been hijacked by the banksters.
    Those who brought the laws on the table are the ones who are ruling the market now.
    It is like Jack the Reaper is on trial where he is playing a judge and jury in a trial on his own atrocities.
    Those companies who are producing the technologies are ran by the same people who are making the market rules and legislation.
  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    he's trying the old creationist trick, he's purposefully misunderstanding the meaning of scientific theory
    It's a theory, not a fact, duh( just ignore that i am scientifically illiterate, please take me seriously)
    Getting an education doesn't mean become a scientist, not every educated person is a scientist
    Obviously school is where you get your education, provided it's done right, but wikipedia can serve as a starting point, to have a basic idea of what you learning
    Of course to go in depth, you have to study

    But it is also called antropogenic climate change, due to the CO2 being dumped into the atmosphere and due to the consequences from that

    it's not corporate fascism, it's called neoliberal capitalism, and what's happening is a result of that
    fascism in Italy and Germany did not propose any alternative economic system to either capitalism or socialism, fascism was simply authoritarian capitalism, similar to today's authoritarian capitalism
    The third position that some fascists claimed to have invented didn't and doesn't exist

    Infact i said it, but now the methods for industrial production of Hydrogen involve steam reforming

    Electrolysis of water can be used, but it's extremely costly, it requires lots of energy to decompose water, since it's a very stable molecule
    It's not economically convenient now
    What you linked is simply a way to speed up the reaction, it's not something different, it's the same reaction with a catalyst
    And it's using not exactly common materials, tungsten and molybdenum aren't all that common in the earth crust as far as i remember
    That's the reason why steam reforming is used now

    Perhaps you should listen to actual scientists and you can find tons of information about the evidence for the big bang
    So far it is the best model scientists have to interpret the experimental evidence, like the cosmic background radiation or the expansion of the universe

    So far Atlantis remains a myth and a story for Plato to explain his philosophy
    It may have been inspired by the destruction of Akrotiri, located in modern Santorini, during the eruption of Thera in 1645 BC, that's one of the hypothesis

    First off, you should learn what evolution is, nobody is claiming that evolution means that bacteria become humans
    But since we are talking about bacteria, explain with another and better theory than evolution why bacteria resistant to anti-biotics appear and why it's a serious medical issue
    What's that, if not evidence for evolution?

    No, i would not, only if i was a child
    Because anyone older than a child would understand that the map you see on wikipedia is simply a projection of Earth's surface onto a plane

    Infact i was skeptical that dso devs were mining cryptocurrency, i claimed it was bad optimization and bad management of the game
  20. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    I do not agree with you, but I do not understand what he is trying either. I always find it funny how ppl say "theory", and do not know what theory they are thinking of, how many theories are there/have been, all the definitions of evolution, basically, what evolutionary biology is all about.

    Sry, triggered biologist here. :D