Why this game uses so much cpu and ram and the global conspiracy

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Paavelsons, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Haha nice one ;)...
    You do realise it’s no conspiracy...
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    This is starting to share some things in common with the Ask the Guru thread... someone can post something totally bats#!+ crazy and no one will bat an eye. :D
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    And it's called theory because that's how scientists called it, words have no inherent meaning, they can be used to mean a certain thing
    Dictionaries do not give the meaning of words, they give the usage of them
    So scientists decided to call a collection of evidence and mathematical models that explain a certain phenomenon theory, they could used another term, but that's how it's used
    They are scientific theories
    Guess what, according to your "reasoning", gravity doesn't exist, because gravity is a theory

    There is no place for belief in science, faith has no place in science
    You can actually try to build a better theory to explain the evidence, like fossils, DNA, ecc.
    Guess what, creationists don't do that, they ignore inconvenient evidence and invent ad hoc interpretation of their religious texts to explain that, that's not how science works and that's why creationists are not taken seriously by actual scientists
    And i'm referring to old earth or young earth creationists, that's why i mean by creationists, i do not refer to actual philosophers who think a god created the universe or caused the big bang or whatever, that's the realm of philosophy, not science and it has nothing to do with evolution
    I also never see any of them call themselves creationists, plenty of christians or muslims or whatever accept evolution, infact it doesn't conflict with their belief at all

    And yes, sometimes the answer is either black or white
    In this case, evolution is right, because it explains the evidence better than any theory so far, while creationism doesn't
    It's the same about the roundness of the earth or the fact that earth orbits the sun

    They generally lecture at fake universities in the south of the US, usually funded by rich religious fundamentalists, no serious university
    Nobody takes Kent Hovind or Ken Ham seriously

    That's mathematics, not science, and yes, science can't prove, it can demonstrate and it can build theories with actual predictive capability, using both mathematics as a language and using experimental evidence to see wherever a certain model actually reflects reality

    If an ipothesis doesn't match reality or a mathematical model doesn't match it, it is thrown out

    Also evolution=cultural marxism is quite a new one, never seen that before, what's next round earth=cultural marxism?
    Let's just not open another parenthesis about cultural marxism to explain how that's not a thing and anyone who actually uses that phrase usually demonstrates a tremendous ignorance of philosophy, ignorance of marxism and credulity to **** propaganda( yes, cultural marxism is a modern version of the cultural bolshevism conspiracy theory peddled by the ****)
    Good, Newton's theories are just theories, so jumping from from a skyscraper is completely harmless, nobody had killed themselves if that why, right?It's a theory after all
    Or is it just you not understanding what a scientific theory is?I'm sold on the second conclusion

    Yes, you can't prove god exists using science, but that has nothing to do with evolution nor with science, since science was not invented for that
    You also brought god in this discussion for some reason, god is perfectly compatible with evolution or the big bang for that matter, plenty of christians or religious people, let alone theists accept evolution and the big bang, it's some crybabies who don't and let them cry
    What's not compatible with evolution is the childish version of god and religion peddled by creationists

    Also you can't prove or disprove a scientific theory, you can either expand and modify it to fit new evidence or you can discard for a better theory that explains everything better
    That's what happened to the theory of gravity of Newton, it was expanded into the theory of general relativity of Einstein, which is a more general theory than Newton's theory( Newton's theory is just a special case of Einstein's theory)

    No theory is 100% correct, because a theory is an approximation of reality, it's model that approximates how reality works, you can't know reality completely, because the senses, our way to get reality are flawed and only give a subjective version of it

    so apparently evolution and big bang theory is socialist propaganda, somehow
    Care to explain that? I'm not sure i follow, we jumped from biology and physics to political economy
    Where is the link from talking about physics to talking about a mode of production and how to organize the economy?
    I smell the stench of a non sequitur here and man, we need a gas mask to be able to breath, toxic gasses are being emanated from this one
  4. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Love it :p:p
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nope it is not scary :p
    I have recently bumped into this ... even though i haven't seen it before i made my previous posts in this thread it just confirmed my observations. That gentleman is a winner of Nobel Prize in Physics ... back when Nobel Prize actually had credibility unlike now when presidents of countries who murder thousands people a day are getting Nobel Prize in Peace or Metallica is getting Nobel Prize in Music :D
    Nowadays NGO members are being referred to as scientists with their biased sponsored fake "facts".
    It is all business ... the companies are ruling the truth. It has always been that way.
    People should understand that they have not been told the truth ... because if they know the truth they would ask "inappropriate questions". Humanity is being kept from real technologies and science so very few can make profits. It is not about money it is about power.
    When I mentioned Hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuel ... i was actually talking mainstream science , i didn't want to get to real deal ... like Zero-point energy or Antigravity propulsion system.

    I was educated (or should i say miseducated) by the mainstream science standards as everyone else. But I am open minded and i am always open to new ideas and facts that can actually be proven or at least taken into consideration. But the mainstream science is not allowing that ... for them everything is already carved into stone and there are no possibilities for changes even if they know they are wrong. The new evidence and everything that is not according to the mainstream science is being put aside and no one is doing research on it ... just because it doesn't fit within mainstream brackets.
    So how i started to get interested in what they don't want us to know about?
    First I was involved with the military ... and I quickly learnt that people are not being told the truth by their own governments.
    I was seeing things happening ... while the governments were either not telling people about it OR fabricated fake reports have been made.
    I was one of those who was not believing in UFOs and referring those people who believe as "crackpots" ... until one day I had close encounter of the first kind which changed my life and my views forever.
    I was studying Computer Science at university ... and once i was given a task to prepare a lecture on topic "History of Computing". So i had to prepare myself and lecture the topic to other students.
    I was using mainstream literature in the branch ... and I had to read more than just what I need it. One particular topic has caught my attention. It was basically the roots of the computing and all the computing systems. It had to do with Sumerian civilization and their advance computing skills for their time (basically we are still using those systems) . Yet we have been told they were savages and we are the prime of the human civilization :)
    It has passed a decade since then ... and i am learning things every day (literally).
    When it comes to evolution ... even the mainstream science admits they are having evidence that they don't understand ... evidence which doesn't fit the evolution theory because some particular things happened so quickly and precise it can't be a random happening.

    It is a vast topic ... and i have no more time ATM :p

    Those are not theories those are LAWS. they can be proven every time of the day.
    But there is a catch ... they are working only on planet Earth.
    Einstein's theory is working outside Earth ... and we have the quantum physics which is dealing with the world of small.
    All those are not "loving" each other ... they hate each other because they can't be connected.
    That is why scientists are into String Theory ... whose purpose is to have all the dots connected and would be connecting the worlds of small, Earth and space into one working theory of everything.
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  6. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Those two idiots you mentioned (Kent Hovind and the other guy) do not in any way represent creationists these days. Just googling them will tell you that they are fundamentalists who hold an extreme view and are in no way in the majority. So you are again playing with stereotypes which is why I jokingly did the same by calling your ideas socialism. It seems you don’t understand sarcasm and jokes for what they are. Neither do you understand science for what it is. Just because the theories of gravitation are universally accepted by us humans doesn’t mean they are true. And that in turn doesn’t mean that jumping off a building won’t hurt you. Where did you get that from? When something is a theory it doesn’t mean it never works in any case as you suggested, it just means that it probably works most of the time bit there is the small mathematical probability that it won’t work in every case. Wow, what a childish interpretation of theories and science in general. I feel like I have to explain to a five year old or something.
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    But the law of gravity is part of the theory
    Yes, it works not only in the conditions of earth, it works in the context of small speeds, but not at high speed

    Einstein's theory of general relativity also works on Earth, but it can be approximated to the laws of Newton, which work perfectly for calculation, while with Einstein's theory calculations can be more complex

    It's not that they hate each other, it's that physicists are trying to find a more general theory that connects both of them
    They are trying to do the same with Quantum mechanics and general relativity, the whole idea behind gravitons, an ipothetical particle is an attempt to do that

    But that's how science works, nothing unusual
  8. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    And let’s not forget about all the fake news being spread these last few years or even decades. It’s even been proven that many of the so-called media is government-sponsored and completely under the control of the state. RT is paid for by the Russian government, CNN is sponsored by the American Left, Fox News is owned by the Amerian Right, etc. etc. So no wonder that so many people are believing these lies because this deception is being manipulated on a truly grand scale. And there seems to be no stop to these lies. I guess Trump was right when he called CNN out for what it is, fake news. That’s not to say that I agree 100% with him, but he certainly seems to be a real pain in the EDIT of the globalist elite (which is what they deserve for deceiving humanity, I guess).
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  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    And guess who creationists are, they are religious fundamentalists, all other theists, deists, atheists, pantheists,ecc. accept evolution
    Is it the perfect explanation? of course it isn't, since it's a product of the human mind, but it's the best we have

    Creationism was the best we had in the past, when we didn't have so much evidence for evolution

    I'm trying to explain to you what scientific theory means, it doesn't mean theory in the conventional sense, it means a collection of facts, mathematical models, evidences with predictive capabilities that explains a certain phenomenon
    The theory of evolution explains how species change over time
    Orbital theory explains how electrons organize in atoms to put it simply
    the theory of gravity explains why masses attract each other

    We can go on an epystemological discussion about what science is, how it works, if it can produce knowledge, ecc. but that's another topic

    In the cases it doesn't work, theories get modified and refined to account for those cases or new, more general theories are created

    Also pardon me for not getting your sarcasm about cultural marxism and socialism, there are so many EDIT who would probably think that unironically and it's not easy that to get sarcasm on the internet when it resembles people who seriously think that
    CNN is not sponsored by the american left, it is sponsored by liberals, who aren't left wing at all, they might be more left wing than conservatives
    Both CNN and Fox news represent american corporations, not really a wing
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  10. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    You are clearly mistaken in saying all religious people are fundamentalists. There are many moderate Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. who are the very much the opposite of fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are those who hold extreme views which are by definition minority views. And you’re somehow attempting to argue that a minority view is suddenly the majority view? It’s like saying that the majority of Muslims support terrorist organisations, just because of a few who do. Not only is this incredibly racist but also incredibly untrue. Give me a break.

    You clearly don’t know the meaning of political Left or political Right. What do you mean liberals aren’t on the Left? Are you kidding? Liberals are by definition on the Left. That is literally common knowledge; liberals are on the Left and conservatives are on the Right. Even an elementary school kid knows that. CNN and Fox News can’t really be grouped together politically at all, except as you said that both are owned by corporations. But these corporations are fighting against each other which is why both news outlets have opposing agendas and therefore talk about different things in their programs.
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  11. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Just a reminder.
    You can discuss conspiracy theories as long as you stay off politics and religion.

  12. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I have the same beliefs. Some inventions have no human birth they are just integrated in industry or military.
    And that is so true I have seen so many energy from 0 and no one seems to be intrested by that and developers shut up after they make that so called descovery. Hmmm