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  1. Bombastisch

    Bombastisch Forum Greenhorn

    Hi DSO Team,

    I'll ask you a few questions that you should try to answer for yourselves.

    It is very difficult to start because there are so many mistakes or things that have not been thought through for years.

    I play for about 9 years for STEAM-dwarf . have intentionally capitalized "STEAM" ..explain
    below .

    But ..

    1. Cooldowns: Why do I have to wait when I change pet? why do I have to wait when I change skill on the Map about 300sec ?, why do I have to wait on workbench (although it has already become minimally better)....
    Why shorten cooldowns by runes/Jewel or by skills , does not refer to jump? why must wait despite all skills and legendary Jewel always about +3 seconds?

    If I die and am revived... why does it have to take so long before I can move again? Please again all nonsensical cooldowns away
    away with all cooldowns... is our time we invest in the game!

    2.display skills, why group skill, bonus or busts be placed so awkwardly that it disturbs when playing, click on it and my character stops everything because I now accidentally read which (for me completely unimportant) how much bonus I have etc.. why can not it be hidden somewhere nicely, or at least in the menu can be turned off ?

    3.Other players in the group: Why do I have to look at his efekt shooting? when all shoot it's just huge goulash where there is nothing to see... I just want to look at my animations... why is it not possible for example in the menu, efekte of completely turn off ? Please do not confuse with weapon efect...
    When I kill boss ,and want to pick up loot, via CTRL key, and are players on the same place, comes Menu to add to friend list, ignore etc.. and I can not pick up loot... why must this menu appeared ?
    if other players are in the portfolio, why do we have to trip each other? Why can't it be like on City?
    few Years of problem , if I opponent who comes too close to me , why can not I hurt him ? only when I attack from a distance ?

    Problem there is also when I jump next to opponents, after that is automatically shot although it is not desired... but would like to just run away.... Why is it not possible to shoot only by keystroke ? so shoot only with key "Shift" otherwise only run ?

    4. EVENT ITEMS : Why can't all event items be picked up automatically and stored somewher up on inventory? Why can't the event items be stored somewhere above? Why do they have to take up space in the inventory and our Time to pick up?

    5. Essences :
    Why would there have to be so many different essences? Why do they have to take up so much space in the inventory? Essences for all different events, total nonsense . Please all gone

    6.Daily promotion: Since DL it has become very bad joke to click through Daily challenge , and woe if you clicked wrong ! Why not as a menu ? What do you want to challenge ? Fragment of infernal package? 6,12,16,18,20 etc , okay ... then you have to kill this or that ... but please do not over 500x through lists!

    7. Dwarf:
    Okay,i will not discuss long... but only one of many i will address. We are STEAM Mechanicus Dwarf.. also we have Steam power..

    we had had slow but longer jump... like any class , someone has this, other this.... You have taken away the jump length (no one understands why because we are just steam mechanics) but okay, but now we have shortest jump and slowest... when I jump all other players run away... or when the jump, by jumping even faster... damn, this is balancing??

    Either gives equal jump to all ..or leave it as it was originally , as and why we had chosen Dwarf.

    Think that's enough for now
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  2. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    "When I kill boss ,and want to pick up loot, via CTRL key, and are players on the same place, comes Menu to add to friend list, ignore etc.. and I can not pick up loot... why must this menu appeared ?"

    i've always found this aggravating!!