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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. BlackHat

    BlackHat Junior Expert

    mmmmm...not good thing....the bad choose of every time.

    Finishing event is very simple in 4-5 days in normal mode playing 1hour/day.
    Monsters in Painfull mode are easy to kill but the boss have much more strenght than normal.
    So in normal you can kill him (in solo) with 100 snow essences for 150 honey cookies and in painfull with 500 snow essences for only 225 honey cookies. you can get also 200 cookies in normal or 300 in painfull but it happen few times.

    I can' think how difficult will be kill Kramparus in excruciating or in fatal mode.
    In 2015 event you can finish mini-events in few time because you can kill Kramparus and save children killing few monsters on the way.
    Now we must clear all map before killing boss otherwise we haven't time to save children so we spent more than 30minutes to do that every time.
    How we can open big present?
    How many hours we must play during minievents to finish them? 8hours or more? No thanks.

    It is a mini-event of a game...not a work
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  2. Galvard

    Galvard Forum Mogul

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  3. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

  4. Galvard

    Galvard Forum Mogul

    But on the pictures of 3th challenge is "Follow the children's tracks to the Winter Summit (on any difficulty except Normal) to find Kranparus' lair!"
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  5. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    I am willing to place the odds on the coins coming for sale to make them some money
  6. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    According to everyone, each mini event has a locked difficulty and the last one is on fatal no matter your level.
  7. Daky87

    Daky87 Forum Apprentice

    Another post from me but still the same.Reduce totems dmg bcs its too high or bp pls call me a taxi till boss :)
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  8. ElveElve

    ElveElve Someday Author

    I have all 55s' gear, full new dragan set, all T8 gems (t9 is max) and i CANNOT solo mod2 (yes, painful) bear boss. my toon will NOT get stronger as I am 85-90% maxed stats already, here are my stats (snow ess 150% dmg included):


    ITS MOD2!!! I cant kill it!

    Also, i tried mod4, just for giggles, and guess what, with 80% res and armor (skin + rage jump double shielding) the troll boss (before bear) ONESHOT ME with 12,000 dmg or 15,000 dmg i cannot remember. MEANING that the troll has 60,000 -75,000 raw damage. Are you guys plain stupid? FIRE the guy responsible for this. we need an open letter to CEO to explain these things, probably guy is unaware as they are running 2,000 peoples' company, its just 1 sack, please fire the guy responsible for this, he/she deserves it!! get someone with basic levels of mathematial comprehension!

    I will finish this event solo with MAXED character on MOD1 (easiest). LOL yeah, watch me grab my credit card and spending 500 euro just so that i still die in 1 hit.

    LOL no wonder such a great game with beautiful graphics etc. is not played by many given the current state of the game, nobody can stand this stupidity

    Again, without regards,


    P.S. Sorry for lengthy post, but I must add, last event i did solo hardest mode several times, with much weaker toon was EASIER, also i did open the 1,500 gift, why i cannot kill mod2 boss with MUCH stronger character than last year is BEYOND my imagination! FIRE THIS PERSON RESPONSIBLE!!!!! I kill Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q6 Q8 bosses solo FATAL, but this guy PAINFUL is too much!!!!
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  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Mode 4 is supposed to be a challenge and is probably best tackled by a group with revive stones.... Not every part of the game needs to be soloable. if the mode 4 bear is 1 shotting at 65K or 75K that means a 1h axe/tank dk with shield can survive with 19k hp, 70% armor, 80% block rate and 70%+ block reduce. And those are in the game as well.
  10. ElveElve

    ElveElve Someday Author

    My tank has 35k hp, 80% block, 80% block strength, 70% res 60% armor, I am talking about MOD2 being too hard for MAXED character.

    I will play the game the way I want, not the way the game forces me to. I like 2hand, i dont have to wait for team. I can solo dragan fatal, i can solo Q fatal, i cannot solo PAINFUL bear. That was my point.
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  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I missed that...I will try mode 2 tonight with my 2H dk and report back (i have only done runs on normal with my dk so far). i will say that I can get over 13K hp with my 2H dk if i go 25/25 in that, as well as nearly 67% armor. that is with weaker gems than you have (7 to 10 sacreds, the rest flawless, but i do have a lot of event gems). you might have your wisdom points allocated inefficiently and might want to trade damage for hp.
  12. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    1 - The event runs ok as it used to be. I have some to say just about the difference between normal and painful.
    Devs failed a lot on scaling mobs dmg on painful mode. In my case , i think that fits to a lot of players, we were forced to run only normal mode since the painful map is hugely expensive comparing to normal map. Normal map is ok for newbies and very very easy for me. Than i went to painful. Too much dmg and BigPaws have an amazing HP for the lvl. It costs me less than 100 ess on normal solo , 100 doesnt even tickles Bigpaws on painful. This must be revised.

    2 - There is a problem with the auto pick up of sugar beets. When i farm , i feel a huge lag while they are on screen. After that , turns to normal. Im sure the auto pick for sugar beets is causing that feeling of lag.
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  13. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Event is the same no rewards toil. But easy enough to solo at lvl 1 & 2 with boss kills at lvl 2. Don't know why players can't get past the statues, all you need to do is look, move ahead a bit to safe spots between shots and time your advance. Don't know why they won't offer a 300% damage snow essence for sale and just offer the weak regular when they have noticeably increased the bear resistance and damage.
    As far as aspirations of farming 1500 coins...yeah that ain't going to happen, especially now since DSO decided that they will control which mode of difficulty players can play. Thanks for that, made the mini events not worth wasting resources, time and effort on now.
    But lots of draken for all the stuff we want that Gnob will never offer so thanks for that too. IF you want to waste resources especially on mini #3 lol.
    My rating for the event is a firm 4/10 due to lack of diverse rewards a 30 day event should have. (you would think.)
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  14. JabaRune

    JabaRune Forum Apprentice

    One of my biggest issues with the event is that the boss's abilities are often invisible... there will also be no animation. Really big issue for me, especially when first entering the cave. After I'm in the fight with him and he's chasing me, I can tell when he's about to cast a spell because he stops moving, so I can react and dodge, but at the start of the fight it is much more difficult because he is always standing still... and considering he can 1 shot me, it is just annoying... it also wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have to run past the shooting pillars again (which also one shot me and are far more annoying than challenging/rewarding)

    I've encountered invisible abilities in the game before but never a complete lack of animation too... whenever I jump out of the way of a homing spell at the last instant, it goes invisible and still chases me... but this isn't like that at all.

    Having a way to turn off the pillars after going past them once would be a good idea imo... maybe also make them more difficult to pass the first time? I think it would be neat to see tanks(or just a skilled player) running through first to turn off the pillars so that their team can cross...
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  15. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    It's after the latest releases, I've been encountering invisible ice missiles from those heads in PW Sigris boss fights. DtU was particularly troublesome for those same reasons, Herald standing still, apparently doing nothing and 1 second later you ate an invisible fire nova, Balor standing still, 1 second later you ate an invisible dragon breath, all of this while the Ping remains "normal" according to the DSO in game latency indicator (my average ping is 64ms).

    Also, you might want to note that, at least in my personal experience, these "invisible animation" issues are not exclusive to the event maps but are way more frequent in them.


    Now onto more specific issues..., you, YET AGAIN, used your broken formula to scale the monsters/bosses in this event, excruciating is a bad joke, I won't even bother trying fatal, if the mini events are under this same formula, we mortals can kiss good bye the golden present, I don't know how many times we have to repeat ourselves, your formula doesn't work, it's making events a freaking nightmare and not enjoyable, at all.

    Also, higher difficulties = ~3x the effort for ~1.5x the rewards, for all I care, don't even bother adding anything further than painful, no one in his/her right mind and clever enough is farming those levels.

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  16. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    someone doesnt understand what balancing is my last post was deleted but okay.
  17. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    The event is good, but you need to remake your broken formulas for the other difficulties can't tank the bear lvl 4 with my char and i can with all the fatal bosses in the PW, is this a joke and you will fix it?

    The effort/rewards are insane, if you kill Big Paws in painful you can get a gold present and get a very very bad leg or can kill him in Fatal and get "the same" the difference between painful - excruciating -fatal are only the possibilitie to get more presents and some cookies... and the monsters are too strong for that...

    Now you can't select the difficulty for the minis, this is really? or another joke? you are allowing enter in excruciating and fatal to those twinks and get all the prizes... And Forcing us to enter in the difficulty you want and waste more resources and get nothing (ok, more money for BP)...

    And another thing...

    "If while Challenge 3 is active, you enter the Winter Summit in Normal difficulty, then enter the Challenge map, the difficulty will be set to Fatal"...
    What's it? thought the entrance of the Challenge was only available on Painful, Excruciating and Fatal...
  18. Yamaac_chocobo

    Yamaac_chocobo Junior Expert

    Do you know what " challenge" means?
  19. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    Last year a played this event only the last 3 days, so I can't totally compare past and present events.

    I can just say that those statues, at normal, hit my char 1.1k with block. At painfull they hit me 3.8k-4.2k with block.
    But, wait, painfull difficulty selection says "500% more hp, 200% more dmg, etc".
    I'm not so good at math, but, isn't 200% of 1.1k lower than 3.8k?
    I guess I should calculate it:
    DMG= 200% of 1.1k= 2.2k
    DMG= 1.1k + 200% of 1.1k= 3.3k

    Otherwise cookies drop at painfull sould be 2.5 and not 1, like normal.

    They are EDIT kidding us.
    I hope that none will buy anything with real money during this event.
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  20. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    And you know what is the balance between effort/rewards?
    I'm not "crying" because the tough monsters and bosses, i'm "crying" because the difference between lvl 1 and 4 are crazy, you can kill Big Paws with ~100 snow ess in lvl 1 and get 175-200 cookies and 2 blue or 1 pink present (to get bad items all the time), or kill him in lvl 4 with ~1k ess
    (its a guess, because i'm a tank only waste few or nothing) and get 375-500 cookies and get 1 or 2 gold preset (again to get bad items)... It means you need 10x more effort to get only 3x more rewards but you can get it with 2 or 3 runs in normal. Now imagine what will happen with the "challenge".

    They did it with that in mind... The drop formulas are okay...
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