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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    after 436 or so progress on mini and 1500 on main event lol i realized this event isnt even worth the "big present" or any of it rather farm pw and get something more worth trying for rather then wasting resources and time on event
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  2. -Skyfire-

    -Skyfire- Someday Author

    Well, the main event was really bad, and now the challenge is even worse. Killing the boss is easy enough, but after that you have to beat a timer to get through the mob spam and missile towers along narrow corridors... and you have to do it 50 times to finish the event. I don't think I'll even try challenge 2 and 3. If your goal is to get less players to play events, you sure are doing an excellent job.
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  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Feedback: Time commitment need to do the mini is too long. Game needs to be able to be played by people with jobs.

    Suggestions: Allow the mini boss map to be reset from the entrance and extend the mini times to a week. Or increase the value of freeing the prisoners. No more than 1/16th of the time period allotted should be required for completion per character. So if you allot 48 hours for a mini or event like the kranparus event with a major prize at the end, it should not take a near end game character more than 4 hours to complete it.

    Feedback 2: Fairground location in Kinghill is terrible. Traversing the Kingshill map from end to end is lame. Come up with a better solution. This is a hack and slash game, I want to spend my time and money and have fun killing bad guys, not pointlessly running around in urban environments.

    Suggestion: Put the fairgrounds closer to the teleport stone. Swap the location of the jesters with the location of the fairgrounds to bring it closer.
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  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Last year the minis were 2, 3 and 5 days respectively. now they have 'improved' it to 2, 3, 3. minus two days for last one. and it was normal, now it is fatal. finance dep is sure taking over the event design. thank you.

    Also thank you for the first post in this thread, with a link to the guide (called 2016 event), though if you go there, it is actually updated 2015, but with old dates for the minis. i went there to check the dates, scrolled down, and yesterday I was surprised the mini has started. thanks to this hyperlink I thought Im reading relevant information.

    And the event is overall horrible. too much grinding, too many things slowing you down so I see you guys want us to pay. crystal clear. i wish you all happy life and similar to what you designed game-life-play.

    DKs are probably the only class could complete it with no issues, as they can run through and heal. others will get bored as hell.

    This game has and this event (Christmas event!) has nothing to do with enjoyment and so is the game overall. I regret I got back here... guess not for long.

    Play this crap yourself.
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm not too thrilled about the time changes, but you aren't quite right.
    Last year was before there was Painful/Excruciating/Fatal events.
    And as I remember, each iteration got harder, so depending on their scaling, the third could be of similar difficulty as the third "Hard" mode last year.
  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Well, it was painful. if I recall it correctly. painful is pretty 'normal'. and it sure isnt fatal. they didnt even have fatal mode during events. so 200% vs 1300% hp. a bit of a difference, isnt it?
  7. BlackHat

    BlackHat Junior Expert

    I don't remember the diffucult of last years challenges...I think was all painfull.
    I hope that the difficult in last year challenge was painfull/excruciating/fatal like @_Baragain_ said so I know that it will be easy finish challenge 2 and 3 like last years. We do that with new lev 50 so now it'll be easier.

    In this first challenge the "difficult" was the time we spent throught event map in painfull mode.
    I can't spent 2minutes to go up challenge map, kill boss, save children and then spent 5minutes in event map.
    I'm DK and I can run across all monsters but my friends no.

    Why, using 2H, if a totem hits me I get 2000dmg in painfull challenge map and 8000dmg in painfull event map?
    Why I can kill a monster with 2hit in painfull challenge map and 5hit in painfull event map?
    Why I can kill a Kramparus using 200 blue essences in painfull challenge map and Big Paws with 600 snow essences in painfull event map?

    Why I can't use premium/deluxe rebirth (or rebirth with 40ander)?
    Why I must spend € to buy Premium/Deluxe when I die only few times in a month (only in boss fatal map or during minievent) and when I die I can't use it?
    I remember that last year premium rebirth work during challenge because as soon as we killed Kramparus someone suicide to save children from starting point.
  8. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Shady John does not need to come back.

    Fingers crossed that the next two challenges are doable, mini #1 was not easy.
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  9. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    In other forum there is statement that mini starts at 20th and NOT 16th. Is that true?
  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    One more thing: At pretty much every level, this event is easier for mechs compared to dks (and probably rangers and sws, but I don't play those). A mech can pretty much skip to just the last row of turrets for bear hunting in the main event winter solstice map thanks to the long jump talent, and my mech is probably averaging 2000 or so points an hour at this point.

    Similarly, for the mini, a mech can skip all winter solstice map turrets compared to a dk, and can probably kill kranparus faster then any similarly geared character as kranparus is stationary. This is a huge time savings difference in terms of repeatedly killing kranparus for the big present once the mini progress can be completed - I would not be surprised if it cuts the time per kranparus kill in half, if not more.

    I'm not sure this is good. Well, its good for my mech, but not my dk and I imagine not the rangers and sws.
  11. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    2nd mini released.1st thing that comes to my mind is that this is EDIT.Not everyone plays a tank you ...great team of devs you...You created those towers and they give 1hit to pretty much every class if the shield doesnt parry, but warrior.EDIT is up with that? You make the mobs do so much dmg ....yet you havent realised that not everyone can recover thousands of HP back with just 1 massacre.. EDIT plan to make these events or minis only available for dks?

    I have 3.4k ice ressist as a mage and 1 of those towers give me up to 7k dmg...EDIT ? Why EDIT do i pay for ressist stones if those are 0?????????????????

    You should stop making these difficulties only available for tanks have 3 other classes in this game.Just saying that this is BS.I go with warrior that has polished gems and up my full hp with a massacre, yet i go with my sacred mage and i die like a new player without any gems because of those towers :/
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  12. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Talking about the second mini event.... What went wrong guys ? How come your event is cheaper to buy than actually play it (with SW) ???
    I guess the last mini event will be the same. I made 2 runs and bought the rest just because it's cheaper. I am not sure if I should laugh or cry. Seriously.
    I hope you will sell those phestos coins too!

    "To do list" for the next year:

    Reduce the damage of the towers, or make them ignore block and reduce damage.
    Make bullet's fly slower so it's more fun to dodge it and reduce mobs or lower their hp when in the group.
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  13. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I agree, this nonsense is for tanks. they make everything possible so we pay. I hate this event so much, but here is how I do it with end game mage:
    1. I recovered my dragan 3/3
    2. heredur shield
    3. 25% teleport 1handed weapon (unique from cube), with no gems
    4. the fastest boots I have (37%)
    5. Ring of Life (I have 1 T3), regen skull
    6. dont use the 50% weapon dmg talent bonus, so get extra hp.
    7. 40% short stun pet
    8. with enough hp and block and regen, run through the first map
    9. when on second, I run a little bit, and then switch to 2handed somewhere in the middle, or when get blocked hard. kill the mobs around on blue.
    10. run to the last safe spot before the boss. change items (ring of life to crit dmg, 2handed, pet to 400 crit, -10 points of hp talent, + 50% weapon dmg talent)
    11. run to the boss. kill him on blue/pink/whatever
    12. switch into defensive mode again (ring, pet, 1handed, shield etc)
    13. run and collect that progress junk.

    takes me around 9 minutes. 10 minutes with reset. but I'm not sure it will work on fatal. statues might deal too much dmg to safely run through.

    and on the event itself, and the game overall - their strategy is simple:
    1. make it uber complicated so people pay.
    2. if player is a pro, and can handle it - make it boring so he pays too.
    3. if player is a pro, and doesnt get bored, limit him by time and any other possible means, so he cannot make it.

    And here are the monetization scenarios:
    1. snowman and its essences? I get bored running through those nonsense maps wasting time. sure some would just buy essences.
    2. mobs are too easy or normal? ok, lets make those statues one hit everyone.
    3. lets make the map long as hell, so premiums get bored running again after death.
    4. lets make it packed with useless mobs, so players cannot run through. lets place mobs between the statues.
    5. lets make the players run through the boring map to get into mini.
    6. lets make it so the players cannot jump through, all but dwarfs. (who are the primary monetization focus of 2016)
    7. ppl want hard levels? okay, but lets make everything so complicated, so ppl still decide to do normal, get bored, and pay.
    8. lets not implement auto-pickup, to enhance the impression.
    9. lets make it all in kingshill, so ppl enjoy extra lag.
    10. lets pack the map with mobs, so player cannot jump at all and is blocked all the time.
    11. lets enhance old bug with invisible bodies on the floor, so ppl cannot move and are blocked by that invisible obstacle, and die during mini if decide to run through.
    12. lets sell progress.
    13. lets make minis short in time, so some cannot complete it.
    14. besides of statues, tons of mobs, lets make some of them steal rage/mana.

    you guys noticed the amount of mobs in such a narrow map? now compare it to New New Moon. I has been done on purpose, to get us bored so we pay. it is so crystal clear... unbelievable.

    so guys, the dev team, and the finance. I know you sure dont care, but

    You have created uber boring game, that I do not enjoy and only play eventually (now) due to addiction. but you will sure lose me pretty soon, as I suspect lots of other addicted players who are just tired by this unenjoyable crap you designed. You act like you are product on sunset, trying to get as much money as possible from those who are still here and are okay to pay. that wouldnt work for long, trust me.

    if anyone asks me for a feedback about the game, be sure I will tell them to never even think about playing it. 'the best browser game.'

  14. glesia

    glesia Advanced

    i have quit the 2nd challenge again this year like most of tegan players. to hard to much farming. still at 300 coins and i will be for a very long time.
  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I started playing Sept of 2015. I've 4 characters: SM/37 (not played since last winter), DK/46, SW/46, and R/32 (played this summer).

    Sept worked on my SW. Got to Stalgard and he wasn't strong enough anymore to survive. Worked on DK Sept/Oct to level 46 and crossed Frog Delta. Piddled with SW end of Oct and finally got a weapon that made Stalgard possible. Spent lots of time there, finally got some better equipment (Automatied, 171 mana points, yea, SW/46 and can actually beat the Destructor alone - most of the time without dying). Start of Dec took my SW to Jungle. Got lots of sugar beats there.

    Christmas event. Been looking forward to it. With start of Dec, SW collected some 1400 sugar beats. Once Solstice Cave opened (tried each day for DK and SW), started SW snowmen runs in Wilderness and Stifmoor. With 700 snow essenses, tried Winter Summit. Had to resort to blue essences to make it to Big Paws. Got handed my hinny by Big Paws. Used half of my snow essences, barely made a dent in his HP. It was sad. Compared to last year (with DK), this looks impossible.

    During the week, don't get much play time. Most days, just get Cave. Got some SW runs on snowment, added Burning Coast (3 map cycle) for snowmen. Built up nearly 4K snow essences. Tried Winter Summit again.
    * Cost: 400 Andermant (dying), nearly 2K snow essences, couple dozen universal health potions, took over an hour, after more than 20 minutes of battling Big Paws and 3 deaths, did beat him.
    * Rewards: not a cotton picking thing.
    Well, did get bunch of green and blue items to melt for almost 20K Glyph count, but that was it. I can get more of that faster playing where I can get experience.

    I've come to the conclusion that the "Christmas" event is to spend an entire month making no experience progress just so one can stock up on snow essenses (dmg + 150%) for the year. Which are a little better than the blues dropped throughout the year.
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  16. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    I was tempted to go for Mini 1 but after spending at least 6 hours and I was only at 800/2000. Was tempted to pay for progress but I figure not worth it just for the gem (was missing completion Mini 1 since last year)

    I did not even attempt for Mini 2. Not to say the 3rd challenge.

    The way this is structured, it is totally not Xmas like spirit.
  17. knifesss

    knifesss Forum Apprentice

    I started 3 months ago and am a Lv. 46 DK and I like the event. At my current state of readiness I will not even try the minis, that said, I am half way through the event It's a bit of a grind and I have spent ander on health pots ( I need at least two to four for Big paws).

    As for rewards i like the stacks of blue and green presents that i will open on Christmas a little present for me :D I will finish the event and hopefully be able to dye the trolls coat. :cool: And am looking forward to the gems at the end wish me luck that it is a nice, fat, offensive ruby.

    Kill then all!
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  18. HurrDurr

    HurrDurr Forum Apprentice

    So, 2nd challenge underway and nothing was done to difficulty scaling/towers. Seems like everything is as intended. Cool.
    Fun fact: i can't even enter challenge map. Towers one-shot me and mobs block the path to asure it all.
    Nothing say more like Christmas than frustration and anger.
    Looks like most players will be filling up their ragequit meter instead of event progress bar.

    Anyway, let me in holiday spirit wish to dso team everything what they are wishing to us players with their actions.
  19. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Well long time i didnt feel so frustrated since i started playing this game. 2nd mini made me feel as if i was needing to beg someone to help me kill heredur in the kingshill crypt. Usually that works , but even with a super dk , devs made this mini impossible for an old char. The map is already long, a crowd of mobs everywhere, not mentioning that 1 hit rays. Than after quitting by refusing WASTING my anders reviving myself inside map, I asked myself: Why do I still play this game and insist on spending money on premium? I was never lucky on uniques (i dont need them anyways), all i ask is : let us play! I did like it was said above, increase hp , warlord + 165% block rates shield , all that configs that make us think , this way ill survive lol. Oh no, not I, i didnt survive! Let players play! Thats all! We all carry anders and will to pay to revive in maps , but not in that way 2nd mini is. Im not that stupid!
  20. glesia

    glesia Advanced

    big wast of supplies and not worth the time to get mad over. dso why they done this crap i dunno. 300 coins from last year. will be able to open that present in 7 years time i figure. and im a strong player with $2000 usd dollars into him at 65000 CV. final conclusion not worth anyone's time. just go farm other thing. them cheap bastards
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