Feedback Winter Solstice Festival 2016

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. anonynoob

    anonynoob Forum Apprentice

    We are all surprised as much.
    Usually when you see this type or short term profits, it's designed to move on another project and dealint the project the final blow with the milking.
  2. xXxTroublexXx

    xXxTroublexXx Forum Apprentice

    Very good main event. I like it. The mini's I can not talk about, I tried the first, died too much and reviving for 120 is not worth it. Maybe next year :)

    So although I didn't go for the big present, the rewards in the big present are certainly worth it.
    So many people are complaining about the turrets, well, for me that's number 1 way to see if somebody is a good player or not. I mean, you can die once from such turret, but it can not be that you die ten times. So many people asking for revive with stone, I did spend too much ander reviven that at a certain point, dead was dead and I did the rest of the map solo. I have all 4 classes, some good endgame, some bad lowlvl, still on all chars it is pretty easy to avoid turrets. Don't go running blind through it, just look at how the turrets shoot and their timing, it's easy. If they change anything about the turrets it should be that they can't onehit somebody, but instead deal damage equal to total hp-1. In that case if you have bad luck you can always resist 1 shot.
  3. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    a complete waste of time and recources these mini christmas event's.
    if next year is the same i'll log out for the whole month.
  4. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    Finished the 3rd Challenge and open the present yesterday
    It was not easy, did 50 runs for the coins and "wasted" 4k~ anders buying stones for my friends (10k~ in all the challenges) and other things :oops:
    It's really a challenge a lot of players won't be able to finish the challenge and open the present but maybe the next year they will be stronger and they will be able to do it

  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Finally collected 1500 coins last night


    As for the feedback ... the devs could have updated the event mechanics ... at least .
    No champions counting for DQs ... No boss counting for DQs ... and no quest has been given in the daily challenges (example - kill Big Paws and get xxx cookies/snow essences ... and ... kill Kranparus and get 5 phestos coins).
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  6. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    You killed me with the last gift xDD
    Was waiting for something like drakens or anders xd
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  7. calinka

    calinka Forum Apprentice

    Same thing for me, i was like o_O .... really what is this garbage. :)