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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    It's normal, they don't want we achieve two goals at the same time (progress in the event and progress in the quest for coins).

    Change mode and maybe you'll be positively surprised (even though you probably won't progress in the event).
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  2. 10drakula10

    10drakula10 Forum Greenhorn

    More and more disappointments from Eventes!
    1) Strong players have achieved their advantage with jesters!
    Stones, runes, gold, game currency !
    Removed !!!!
    2) After the murder of the bosses in Interworld appeared seller for fragments!
    - Removed !!!!
    3) Rapidly raised the bet in the hellish 1-3 1-3 !
    4) In the events the best awards at Infernal-4 !
    (and before it clap) ... (((
    5) Stronger players will become stronger!
    Both beginners and middle class are getting weaker!
    From the fact that you increase the demand, from the game!
    You said you've increased hell 1-4 because the strong players are bored! But soon they will be bored again, because with every event they have more and more unique stones and runes from the progress! I suppose they were not bored. To make the bosses in Infernal -4 almost indestructible! It took a group of super-powerful players 30 minutes for 1 murder ... So that they would play like us 24/7 ... and only one unit manages to progress and take these unique runes! Here they will be bored !!!!!!)))))))
    For example:
    Today I was in two different groups on Invernal-1... I spent 1,000-1,200 entities on the boss... I'll spend 400 alone)))))
    I'm playing on Gerdar's server. I ask strong players to help finish the event at Infernal 4, (only from my essences will not be about 100,000 and help) **** such !
    Here's the truth to you!
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  3. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    I’ve made some tables for the italian section regarding the kramparus challenges, and I want to share, so you can give me advices and comments.
    Here are the total number of runs per difficulty (assuming that the progress is gained only in the same difficulty).
    In the column “total run” you can find how much runs are needed to finish the mini challenge (for every difficulty)

    2° mini challenge (bar I+II, total progress 7700)

    difficultyProg x cageprog x runtotal runinf fragm
    3° mini challenge (bar I+II, total progress13200)

    difficultyProg x cageprog x runtotal runinf fragm
    then I've made calculations about how much Phestos’ coins we can collect in every difficulty.
    For Normal and painful (80% and 90% respectively for coins drop) I’ve used the binomial distribution to calculate the expected value, the variance and the standard deviation (as square root of the variance); all this because the number of coins we can collect in this difficulty is not fixed, but variable,so I search for an interval of values.

    coins 2° mini challenge

    difficultytotal runAverage coinsSt dev coins

    coins 3° mini challenge

    difficultytotal runAverage coinsSt dev coins

    I’ve also calculated the probability (only for normal and painful obviously) that a player, at the end of the mini, has collected a number of coins included in the interval considered in the previous table; I’ve also considered an interval with a deviation of 2σ (±2 st. dev.)

    norm 1σ (1 st dev)
    norm 2σ (2 st dev)
    pain 1σ (1 st dev)
    pain 2σ (2 st dev)
    Interval = [coins min; coins max]

    probability 2° mini challenge

    intervalscoins mincoins max% prob
    norm 1σ340,134082363,865917664,62%
    pain 1σ276,858117291,941883164,47%
    pain 2σ269,316234299,483766195,50%
    probability 3° mini challenge

    intervalscoins mincoins max% prob
    norm 1σ557,40968594,590320170,60%
    pain 1σ452,596611476,203389368,76%
    pain 2σ440,793221488,006778795,94%
    An example, for clarify: if we consider the 2° mini and the runs needed to complete the progress in normal, the probability that we finish with a number of coins included in the interval I=[340; 363] (1° table, row norm 1σ) is 64,62%; the probability that we finish with a number of coins included in the interval I=[328; 375] (1° table, row norm 2σ) is 94,80%.
    Hope the tables are clear and could be useful for someone…
    If you have questions or comments, please ask me; if you find mistakes in my calculation, please tell me and I will provide for corrections.
    If you want to add something, feel free to do it.
    Thanks in advance for your attention.

    p.s. I'm sorry for my english, but is not my native language.
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  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I play this game for fun.
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  5. Bubymir

    Bubymir Forum Greenhorn

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  6. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Pretty true. But the anomaly was before, when jesters were in the game, not now. Should arrive the moment for their removal.... and that was indeed.

    True again and as above again. The anomaly was given by their presence, not their absence.

    Higher the difficulty, better the rewards, does it sound so strange?

    This is just true, the game is struggling now for newbies.

    Not everything is supposed to be for everyone. Improve your character until you can afford inf4, then you will be ready for the next edition of the event.

    Again, the anomaly is pretend to be carried by strong players in hard challenges that simply are not made for you.

    Admirable, as always. Thank you.
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  7. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    This is excellent material. Thank you, good stuff.

    I'd like to note to players that do not know this :
    You need to farm phestos coins with repeatable quest.
    Coins on these minis are , at least to me, "extra" coins that you get when you collect purple presents actually and progress the mini event bar. These minis seemed to actually drop ok'ish amount of purple presents which is the limiting factor for this repeatable quest.
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  8. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    Obviously with the coin nerf in the minis the repeatable quest is the only reasonable way to get phestos' coins and open the big present ...if purples drop :)
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    At first I thought it was my imagination ... so I tested it for a few days.
    The drop of purple presents has been nerfed a lot ... and it has not been done with the latest hotfix but few days earlier (or maybe it was the case with me because I was playing on TS where the release was already made).
    Last night I was playing for 2 hours on all difficulties just to turn in the quest only once.
    And of course it was not just me... everyone else noticed it.
    And that alone is a proof of what I was previously talking about. The drop of exo items has been increased huge ... but the chance of getting platinum enchantments (especially a good one) has been decreased huge on power of ten.
    That is also connected to crafting which was tweaked accordingly. The crafting is not random as all think. It is random but there are many ways of random ... even when the chance of transferring platinum line is set to 0.00000000001% and even if check event is being inserted to check how much gold has been spent so you would get higher percent at certain point.
    In the end it all leads to wasting time thinking how much gold has been acquired ... but of course in vain because it is not even closely enough to craft a single item under those odds.
    So we are all wasting months and years without any progress.
    The drops need to be reverted to the old way when getting a single exo items was a quite achievement.
    now no one is even colleting green and blue items ... they are just useless in every possible way.
    Define fun.
    I still haven't opened the present nor I have collected enough coins.
    The only thing I have opened is the stupid Casin-o-mat with 9999x snow essence by mistake ... trying to exit the dungeon I clicked on it and lost 100 coins.
    I have 7500 progress on Infernal IV main event bar just because of the bonus code. :)
    In future it will be required of you to like all my posts in which I am trashing all the gangbangers and botters :) so you would say you are not one of them.
    In conclusion ... stronger players should play on Fatal and the weaker ones should try on Excruciating.
    Because nothing more can be get at higher difficulties ... there you can get only trash items that are only consuming your time in vain.
  10. 10drakula10

    10drakula10 Forum Greenhorn

    I really would like my Persian to become stronger !!!
    But HOW, and When in 100 years ,,,, ?????
    +500 euros already pushed into the game, and progress = 1%
    And for the fact that they constantly change the complexity, and delete something so that the Persian stomps in one place !!!
    And none of the pumped ones will help if it goes to minus (farm essences, and time is 2-3 times longer) ...
    So I will forever remain middle class !!!! ((
    For 500 euros, I would buy an account in browser paid games,. There if something changes but not so cruel !!! ...
    So beginners and middle class ,,, count the time and donat .... to match the satisfaction of the game and the time spent !!!!
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  11. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    I finished the main event in hell 4, collecting the pigs, killing miniboss, boss and opening the machine with 5 coins of phestos and amphorae
    of a key, per round about +2000 of progress. It is easier in individual mode and the snow essence farm is during the mini snow opening the golden gifts and killing the bear in normal mode. And only play between 1 and 2 two hours per day.
    The game is boring for those who collect green, blue and purple objects and then have to sell until they run out of fingers, a lot of time is wasted doing that. Events now ask you to have movement speed objects, damage objects, and defense objects in your inventory, but no one saves objects, secondary sets that have those values in their inventory. Anyway, I prefer these long events of 1 month because the wolf event is already too short (in 30 minutes you finish it in lethal mode by killing only miniboss on map 1 and map 2). Each game is boring if you stay several hours a day and throughout the week, it's just a matter of organizing game times.
  12. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I try to better explain.

    These events, which are endless even if you are strong, allow you to improve *only* slightly - thanks to some rune - but they aren't useful to make the leap in quality.

    At the same way, you surely don't get any solid improvement by spending 500 euros in the game (only BP gets it from your money). You should forget all these crappy events and focus yourself on what you really need, little by little.

    The first thing is a nice weapon: the Q7 set (that's fine for all classes) and a legendary weapon with decent / good enchantments (3 or 4 golden damage on weap) to be transferred over Q7 weapon are equally important.

    Going crazy about these events if you do not have at least this basic requirement only distracts you from your true goal, and prevents you from allocating the time necessary to really improve your char.

    On the basis of my personal experience, the good drop of pink gifts has been moved from Painful to Excruciating mode. Just try 5-6 runs in sequence and see.
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  13. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I hate my real life and i will thank forever who invited me to play DSO seven years ago.
    It's impossible because it isn't the same for all.
    I like to play alone because I'm free to run, to stop, help someone or to chat when I want.
    gangbangers and botters aren't free
    I'm free :)
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  14. 10drakula10

    10drakula10 Forum Greenhorn

    Ahaha ,,, so you blurted out !!!!!
    only 1 rune gives + 4% resistance to ice, + 4% to increased critical strike, + 4% to health
    and this is only a weak rune with the main event ,,, and if we look at the runes from the mini event, I just said nothing and did not write anything ... they are all at Infernal-4 !!!
    And the fact that before the infernal -4 they give us 10 ordinary gems, they are better than 1 royal .. ?????
    And the set with Q-7a melted, I run with the Q-4 set and the set of Dragan and the shoulders of the witches ,,, knowledge of 180 levs, but the stones and runes are scanty from the fact that for us they are unattainable !!!!!
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  15. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    So, if you already have everything, where is the problem? Go and commit yourself instead of staying here to complain.

    These runes are not the only ones available in the game: start to accumulate drakens and clovers then buy the other runes you find in the shops. You already have good equipment, you will have good runes and gems (the drop of gems has never been so plentiful as it is now)... this is the path to be strong enough to afford inf4 mode.

    Won't you succeed this year? There is a Christmas every year.
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  16. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Im not sure but are you all EDIT blind because you refuse to use your eyes or you indeed don't have em. Just compare last year christmas event rewards + mini and this year main event (without mini event and without inf4 progress bar) tell me wich rewards are better last year or this year ? Ya this year the present is one idea harder to open (not for me) but the rewards you get compared to last year are better much better.Yes, this game requires you to grind in order to get good rewards but what do you expect from MMORPG game ?!? If you don't like this style simply change the game, if you don't have the mentality to carry yourself until you become strong to the point where you can do dungeon X on the highest difficulty, what are you doing in MMORPG game ?!? I carried my own ass to that point and now I can do every event to the point where I want. This event is grindy ? Just use the damn calculator and math how much hours per day you will need in order to achieve the reward you want.Nobody is forcing you to finish it first,nobody is forcing you to get the highest reward.IF you don't have fun playing this game then just quit it already what are you doing ? I have fun playing this game if you don't just (you know what to do ;) )
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  17. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    sorry but if the problem is inf4 why don't you focus to open the big present? it's easier and it gives you more rewards than the whole inf4 bar.
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  18. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Due to having tons of platinum exos I have no room in my bag :/ What do you think? Shall I just throw them over the rainbow, or keep them, hoping that one day the crafting odds will be actually good, and go on "playing" with my 10 free slots?

    There just needs to be some balance, man. You sound almost as if you were fine with grinding 500 runs per day every day for 2 months straight.
    I agree with you that people should not demand everything. Not all rewards are supposed to be acquired by all toons. They need to get stronger first, and until then they should just be happy with what they can obtain at the moment at their power level.

    I played my first Winter event on my old DK. I was new to the game, it must have been long time ago, because I didn't even have any universal healing potions... Anyway, it was impossible. I couldn't even make it out of the village lol.
    So I'm quite used to not getting everything there is.

    But the current massive backlash about the i4 in the 1st challenge was caused by the fact that all the rewards were locked behind the i4 gate. So it basically made no sense playing the challenge below i4. Not even for the phestos coins, cause they drop by 1, while each violet present is basically worth 4 coins, so why not just farm the main map instead... Challenge 1 was a waste.
    But Challenge 2 and 3 should be different. The grind will be immense though. Devs can be happy, even now after the i4 restriction has been lifted, not everyone finishes, 'case guess what? It's almost Christmas, so I don't expect many people to do 140 runs in 4 days or so, hahah.

    So yeah, this is not only an MMORPG, this is also an ARPG, and also free-to-play, and all of these are about grinding. But like I said, there needs to be some reasonable balance. It's not about giving everything for free though, of course.

    That's what I do. With all the snow essence needed and how virtually impossible it is for me to play i4, immediately on the first or second day of the event I thought I should just focus on the big present.
    I'm not even done with the i1 progress bar lol
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  19. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I expect, just to give you a couple of easy examples, that they add new maps every few months (I do not ask every 3 months as PoE does), certainly not every several years . And I expect them to add new, even more powerful and varied equipment, and not that they nerf the existing ones just to give us something "new" (ridiculous) to do in the game. I could go on and on this step.

    For the rest you're almost right, too bad it's not even an MMORPG, but we don't go too much for the subtle. Grinding is certainly a component, perhaps the main one, of this kind of games but, as I tried to make you understand, this is not the problem.

    What I do have not to concern you ;)
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  20. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    add me to the non cloak bunch! I really don't like to see 20 weapons and 2 winter bags from the bear without ever getting even 1 cloak.

    also the amount of essence required to kill it makes the low drops of 2 and 5 seem insulting.
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