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  1. Sayaa

    Sayaa Advanced

    Because of mix of a variety of genres and styles, monthly updates (guns, locations, good/bad fixes), popularity, cooperative, interesting graphics, developed PvP, simplicity, good storyline -if you read the quests=], isometric (nostalgia for the old games) and it's Free.
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  2. h4wk3y3

    h4wk3y3 Forum Greenhorn

    "Why do you like to play Drakensang Online?"
    Simply the best mmo-rpg game for OSX users! The graphics are enticing, it has a blend of medieval-fantasy set up, and most of all it doesn't come with a manual; all they require from you is to enjoy the game.
  3. Theranger

    Theranger Someday Author

    i like to play dso because of the sheer extent of unique bosses and quests very good for a browser game interspersed with the social aspect of it, all in all a good way to relax for few hours :)
  4. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

    I play because my friend who died of a terminal disease told me to play this with him. He is no more, but I play in his memory since I still find his presence when playing.
  5. .ΣΩΘ.

    .ΣΩΘ. Forum Greenhorn

    Divine Refreshing Adventurous Keen Entertaining Neat Stunning Augmenting Novity Grand
  6. taiwanyao

    taiwanyao Forum Greenhorn

    Because it is easy to play and I have many friend in this game,we play it for long time. I believe that we can play it forever!! =)
  7. VukChe

    VukChe Forum Apprentice

    I like DSO becouse this game teach people tolerance (no bully about politics, religions, ....). And of course the guilds are great thing in the game, specially the humor between players.
  8. jacque27

    jacque27 Forum Greenhorn

    I love Drakensang because it gives me a break from stressful world of study and work! Generally, people are good so I have many friends here. It may just be a game but they are real company. The excitement of building up my character, getting uniques, finding out that I can defeat the boss already that I couldnt do before, and wonderful events are the things that keep me going. I may be one of the weakest player but I am the happiest. Haha!
  9. ..Chezo..

    ..Chezo.. Forum Greenhorn

    I love to log into and play Drakensang everyday to escape into my own dream world, where I can be and do what I need to do to make my day complete.
    My Character is my own personal therapist which helps me from releasing my days frustrations to taking my brain to places i could never go without Drakensang.
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  11. darko29

    darko29 Forum Greenhorn

    Well it helped me to improve my english,and game is mostly about skill and not so much about equipment,you can meet some players and make friends with them,and most of all hours and hours of fun.
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