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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by TheBullFroG, Dec 3, 2020.

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Should Bigpoint bring back old DSO?

  1. Yes I want old DSO

  2. No new is good

  1. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there Bigpoint and forum readers, (last update opinion)

    Well you can already guess the reason that I'm writting this thread. It's because me and obviusly you are against the last update that came out today 3/12 which is by far the wrost update that Bigpoint has made. Totally changed Dwarf's moves, cooldowns and many more. Items aint the same anymore and its just not as good as it was.

    This game was ruined after that last update and I can confirm that or I should better say WE ALL can confirm that. I do not know if there is an option for Bigpoint to rollback the last update but if they can they need to bring back our game.

    Also I have to mention that farming on DSO was one of the most relaxing things I could do during my day and after that I think nothing will be the same anymore. Im afraid that I will quit the game and will be hoping one day to see old DSO and get back to my everyday routine.

    Thanks for reading and hope this Thread will reach Bigpoint Support Group and let them know what our opinion is. Hope y'all the best!
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  2. DarkThief

    DarkThief Forum Greenhorn

    Hey TheBullFroG I couldn't agree more with you mate, things only turned our worst. To be honest the game was amazing it really was and we all loved it. It was also my favourite farming game but I guess things turned the wrong way. Hope Bigpoint get the last update out of there and bring the old one.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Bit too early for me to give a final opinion, since i only played for about 30minutes and used that time look at what the heck happend to my poor dwarf's skills n items :)
    Many items which had great stats, now seem to have some random stuff trown onto them. Dragans ring not part of set anymore...which makes no sense. The unique bonus on items are just ***. Sharpnel skill bonus? Im willing to bet that was one of the least used skills for dwarf...but yes lets throw that onto the weapon most dwarfs have. (seem like there wasnt put much thought into it)

    Lots of stuff still confusing to me and will give game a chance, but so far I dont like it a bit.

    EDIT 1 : Just tried PW q5 and my god....just not fun, lowest setting lvl80 mobs with a ton of HP and hitting hard. Takes for ever to clear and i doubt i can solo boss. Teleported out after 15minutes with no reason to try anytime soon.

    EDIT 2: I do see potential in making different builds, but im not sure if i got the patience :)
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  4. Godbaj

    Godbaj Forum Greenhorn

    It sucks so mutch game is ruined for me
  5. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    The thing is that no one wants to grind everything back. They did ruined everything. Think of the players that was trying to farm some items and make them strong, well guess what they are screwed too because they cannot have the previus buffs. Bigpoint thought it would be a good idea too delete all buffs and remake them again. That's just nutts..
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  6. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    Hands down the worst update.. How can they focus such things and dont listen to people.

    What I mostly dont like is the cooldown on my frozen sphere spell, I was building character on this one, all these years and now, all the fun is gone.. I quit, theres nothing for me here.. will better play Grim Dawn or Path of Exile..
  7. darkon9999

    darkon9999 Advanced

    It's just indescribable ... To create such ... such ... from a completely playable project ... I can't find words ... сensorship .
  8. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    I couldn’t agree more with you brother but the thing is that it’s not only the cooldown that you are having problem with but the whole thing is not normal they cannot just ruin everything like that..
  9. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    That was exactly my thought when I’ve log into the game and saw some of the new changes
  10. kapitanvitek

    kapitanvitek Forum Greenhorn

    I loved this game. I started to play this game about 5years ago ( I made max lv 45 and I think I knew how to play the game good like fast farm etc... ). Then I had break and I started over with my friend in July 2020. There was after 5 years a lot of changes, but that changes were ok, nothing that hard to adapt. They just added lv 55, harder caves (infernal 1,2,3,...), added new material for craft, new pets, mounts, just some new stuff. It was cool, I loved it the same after those updates and I enjoyed it a lot in last 5 months.

    But now, I am terrified. They RUINED THE GAME. I accept that they made new graphics, new look of the hitpoints, just new design. BUT I HATE EVERYTHING instead of design.
    1) They just made everything costs more. I think its very unnecessary, but ok.
    2) They reworked skills. I played something for many years, now I can not play the same build. Also they deleted 2 slots for skills. They just destroyed everything i knew about the game
    3) Where were dungeons with lv 44 (Andrakasch) is now lv 37. Also, I killed purple miniboss pretty easily, but now, I almost cant kill it. AND IT DROPS NOTHING GOOD. Sorry, but I dont know, how to farm in this game anymore.
    4) YOU COMPLETELY DESTROYED STATS. Where is BP? (so useful for average players). Why I had 2,5 attack speed and now i have 1,25??? I feel like I am lv 1 again..... also you just ADD NUMBERS into this game and made us weaker!!!
    5) I think its ok to add lv 100, but you should made new map with new locations instead of this. This is terrible!!!!!

    Sorry, but after 5 years of updating you made game great and really enjoyable. but now...... i think you made a big mistake. I dont know single person that likes this patch.

    IT FEELS TO ME LIKE THIS IS TOTALLY A NEW GAME, you should create this patch like a new game. You totally destroyed DSO and made a new game, where we have to all start over.

    And one of the worst things is, that you have no page with all the informations that came with this patch. you just dare to add something to the game and tell nobody what is it about. I can find nowhere any information about patch, what changed, what is new etc... just information that I can use to adapt to the patch.

    I hope, this review will change somethind and DSO will look at this review. I just want to tell you my opinion and I think, many players have the same opinion.

    In the end I would like to tell: please, bring the old DSO back and if yo want to add something to the game, do it, but let the game have the same principle, that the game had.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope DSO will make better decisions in the future and will fix this patch.
  11. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    I am so angry , i lost so much time of my life to farm and build my OP Dwarf just to woke up one day and see everything removed.
    My dwarf is worst than noob right now and useless , why i can trust then and farm again lost my time and then they will change everything again. QUIT guys , lets move to a new real game not this nonsense
  12. Thor5000

    Thor5000 Forum Greenhorn

    Back to the old one!!!!!!!
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  13. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    Listen everyone we can always just move to another game, normally that will effect a company like bigpoint but this is not the case guys. We loved the game as it was not like this. Why everything got f**ked up in 2020?
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  14. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Forum Apprentice

    What in the actual **** happened to the game? Sure it wasn't perfect before, but it sure as hell is not at all better now. Actually, it is perfect. Perfect garbage.

    The items all look so ugly now, which is fine by me. It's just a texture, who cares. What I do care about though, is that everything has been extremely nerfed. Frozen sphere? Useless. Singularity? Useless. Frozen wind? Useless. One of the nicest sets in the game, the Dragan set, had its 6% weapon damage stat removed from the item. My chestplate also no longer gives me the mana I desperately need.

    Everything has been extremely nerfed, while before I could farm Infernal II with ease with my poor stats (40k damage, 1.8 attack speed, 60k health) etc, I now struggle to even beat the Great Desert on Excruciating. Everything feels so slow now. And you expect us to play the winter solstice event, while you completely destroy everything we've farmed over the years less than a day before the event starts? I've completed the event every time ever since it was added (I think around 2010, but I could be mistaken) but I sure as hell won't even attempt to do that now.

    I'm not even going to mention how all my other characters have been completely stripped naked of all items. Sure, I don't really play on them, but now I am 100% never touching them again. How am I supposed to do anything on a level 50 account that doesn't even have any green items? Yeah sure I did get 200k Andermant for alll my old gems and items and whatnot, but what am I gonna do with that? Buy a few gems? As if that's gonna increase my stats. I feel like I'm back at level 1 with white items.

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    I played for couple hours and checked everything and well..;

    All my gold\plat lines became crappy 40-50% lines (with 2 exceptions)
    I farmed months for a perfect banner of heroes back in the day, which i kept using cus the new capes never dropped. I had 99% its 43%. It had 100% attack speed, now its 72%.
    I dont care all my items going to be replaced if i ever levelup to 75+ (which at this point i doubt i will), but wouldve been nice if had the items(stats/lines) i worked hard for. My dmg is halved thanks to the crappy lines they gave me.
    Someone i know who is fairly new to the game went up with almost 10k dmg cus he got lines he never had....

    Im kinda mad/sad about this.

    And something i really hate about this update are the paywalls for hp/mana pots and buffs. This will prolly be the reason Im going to uninstall soon :(
  16. -Alexx-destroyer-

    -Alexx-destroyer- Forum Apprentice

    let´s not pay a single cent to BP anymore
  17. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Connoisseur

    Hi again,

    They, BP, prepare us for 24th noverber, then they say that we must wait for 1st december, and finally we had to wait for 3rd december saying everything was ready... really? only 1 mision that is not possible to finish it cos it's bugged a map full of lag that my character didn't stop making jumps due to the lag, and we finally went on by the same maps with less of everything, i mean i had less damage or event though i had more it looked like i did less damage, when i went in lethal or Inf1 now being in painful was stressful and to finish with my willing to play it. Runes and jewels and gem of resistnace o each type os element? do we really need for that? a part of other gem i still don't know what they are for in the game. Skills make me cry with laughter, the look of the items i don't distinguish them, the sets we had craft... all of this for nothing and i could go on saying how disgusting i see this update... and i wanted to play the story and do some quest... and i see there's nothing new but having to get use to this "new" game. Daily quest are an abuse, wisdom of group is at "0" again? i had 40k damage without essens and now almots 60k, i had 66k of life and now 220k and i though beware my foes, and the truth is i had to run like a headless hen in lethat cos i had less armor, a critical hit rate of less than 34% when i had 80% in inf2 and a critical damage of +140 when i had almost +300 and as i said before i could go on wit a long list....

    Shame for BP and it's the first time i say something like this but in case there's no changes i think it's better for looking for greener pastures

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  18. TheBullFroG

    TheBullFroG Forum Greenhorn

    Hey there everyone,

    I never thought that most of the players will have the sam opinion like I do. Yes indeed the game is now crappy but will Bigpoint gonna make it like it was before? I feel like they won't because think of it for a moment, you made tons of changes in the game that we never was waiting for and added 100 more levels. I guess that they really spend tons of resources on making that but for what reason?
    Don't you have a beta server to test and see what players gonna say? Who though that it would be a good idea to release that update anyway?

    Also I do got dissapointed with the fact that my items and my Dwarf in general is just trash. I had to farm most of my days (like everyone) 5 - 8 hours to upgrade my items and my character in general and now this comes out. Attack Speed from 2.1 dropped to 1.1 how is that even possible? Weapon from 1700 crit chance now dropped 200 is that a joke?

    The maps that I was farming for fun and ease and now cannot even stay more than 3 minutes on my level maps because im dying like a 1 level on a 48 lvl map.

    Don't know if Bigpoint gonna see this Thread hope they do but the game won't last long like this.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2020
  19. darkon9999

    darkon9999 Advanced

    Dear project developers.

    First, I would like to thank you for the work you have done. I truly believe that you have wanted and tried to make the game better. Alas, the road to hell is paved with good wishes, as they say ... What you have done is so unlike the previous game that it is, in fact, a new project, unfamiliar to me. And I will not say that I like him. To begin with, I do not understand why, instead of the promised glyphs, instead of seeds, I was given a devalued nearly tenfold gold. Why did the prices for consumables rise sevenfold, and for the change of skills, almost a hundredfold. After all, you perfectly understood that players will try to experiment with character upgrade, simply because they do not have any information about the current builds. Why was it not possible for the first couple of months of a new game to make the transfer generally free? I am generally silent about the design of the new game. And yes, I did not even try to leave the city and farm - it was enough for me to read on the forum the calls about endless bugs and the lack of game balance as such. I made a sad conclusion - this is not the game that I loved and wanted to play. Even the remaining ten days of the luxury tariff won't motivate me to play. Maybe I'll come back in a few months and see what changes for the better in the game. Now it is a completely raw, unbalanced and user-unfriendly product. Sorry, but it is.
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  20. Patiq53

    Patiq53 Forum Greenhorn

    Bravo DSO Bravo Drakensang should i delete?

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