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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by TheBullFroG, Dec 3, 2020.

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Should Bigpoint bring back old DSO?

  1. Yes I want old DSO

  2. No new is good

  1. .lucas2013.89

    .lucas2013.89 Forum Greenhorn

    Man it is very normal for a game to show errors, but the dso is full of errors, in everything, but the worst thing that seems incredible is not even the errors but defective tools, such as the price of runes ??, the drop of infernal fragments ??, clearly even someone very stupid can realize that whoever devised these mechanisms never even entered the game, "is it very strange that everyone gets so mad all of a sudden"? what do you do in the game ?, stand still in the city ?, I saw your comments on several posts, I agree with just one thing you said, the idea of the game is good, but whoever is managing the updates should not even remember the name of the game, it sucks, some servers have no more than 12 players online, and you don't know why everyone is complaining? you must already have a handful of hellish passages, fragments of a sphere ...) so you are defending this clowning, "evolving the game system" the pvp is worse than ever, we went back to lvl 50, where the first one killed, you can't mirror your skill across the class, you just take a missed shot and die. Today when I enter the game I will look for the new amazing maps, because, until today I have not seen them, I found only tedious and forgotten maps that in their entirety have errors, the game is totally unbalanced, full of errors and every day with fewer players . I am very disgusted by players like you, if the bp puts a blank screen in front of you and says that it is the new update you will defend it to the death, stop being content with crumbs like these useless codes, I have a lot money, and most of the players who support this game must also have it, we don’t want to be rewarded with 3 days of VIP (best code of the PB), we just want to have fun without having to play until our fingers bleed to get something useless.
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  2. Hotaru

    Hotaru Junior Expert

    I don’t understand, first you say it’s not bad and then you say you have errors in all the main aspects of the game? (talents, visuals, events and more) LMFO, if it’s good for you, why are you here? I believe that most players here can prove that the game is very bad, but funny, your words seem to make it very clear that you know the problems, and then defend ?, it makes no sense, lol, I guarantee that everyone here is fighting for a goal common, everyone wants to help through reasoned opinions.
  3. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Junior Expert

    I think Kernelly is one of the 8 who like the game it is right now... it seems that 166 votes agains don't work for anything. Shameful. it seems they only take time to waving a hammer like a toy... cos we all know it's not gonna work for anything, just making a little bit of air... but not heads off... don't understand this sarcasm... but like the song says "who let the ***kisser out" :p:p:p
  4. lesbrou

    lesbrou Forum Greenhorn

    [QUOTE = "Kernelly, post: 760152, membre: 244695"] Les dernières mises à jour ne sont pas mauvaises. Les principaux problèmes du jeu sont les bugs (talents, visuels, événements et plus) et parfois l'équilibre (PvP, talents et plus). D'une manière ou d'une autre, c'est assez bizarre que tout le monde soit si fou tout d'un coup. Le jeu n'a jamais été sans bugless, il a toujours eu des problèmes, mais ils ont été corrigés, de nouveaux sont apparus quand ils ont publié du nouveau contenu et il a également été corrigé de toute façon. Vous vous plaignez tous du nouveau CE avec une tonne de connaissances, de contenu, d'objets, de codes bonus gratuits, de récompenses de quête bonus après avoir corrigé les bugs. De quoi vous plaignez-vous même maintenant. Chaque commentaire est différent et personne ne semble savoir quel est le vrai problème. Je suis pour ma part heureux que Bigpoint crée de nouvelles cartes impressionnantes, des objets dope, des connaissances intéressantes et fasse évoluer les systèmes de jeu. Je n'ai aucune idée pourquoi tout le monde est si impoli et NÉGATIF à l'égard des récents changements. Même si je comprends que les bogues et l'équilibre peuvent être ennuyeux. [/ QUOTE]
    Oui nous nous plaignons car beaucoup de joueurs avaient joué énormément afin de faire des bons crafts et drop les bons items avec des bonnes stats ce qui était hyper compliqué avant, et maintenant bah ils sont d'une part inutile, et maintenant tout le monde peut se faire des très gros crafts donc plus de la moitié de notre temps de jeu avant la CE est réduit à 0, tout est devenu inutile. De plus, les pierres sont trop difficiles à monter, avec les minerais avant la CE, c'était bien d'aller farmer des compos pour monter nos pierres.
  5. god47ak

    god47ak Someday Author

    Bp i don't think you can afford banning players atm.
  6. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Junior Expert

    Hi god47ak, it seems they don't have anything better to do at the moment... enjoy the hammer

  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    He can't, it's his opinion.

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