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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by JadielS, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. JadielS

    JadielS Forum Greenhorn

    I have been playing for 8 years, I thought the update was very bad, but some good implements were inserted, I continue to play, because this game is my supreme addiction but I will not defend it, some who say it is cool are just those mediocre players who are content with anything. I will put here some critical points that are compromising the interaction a lot
    - unbalanced rune prices
    - ridiculously low passages from hell
    - horrible fall / andermant sphere
    - errors everywhere, just yesterday an object disappeared from my account and I had to contact support to recover, (very critical)
    - events with disproportionate rewards for difficulties or with insignificant drop and large progress bars (play until your fingers bleed or don't run out)
    - special buggy offers (level 55 + immediate rewards), all maps up to 55 are blocked for the player.
    - lullabies for insects all day
    - bug spells (you release a spell and when will it pass is another ???)
    - the drop in knowledge, even increased attention, is very low (strategy) for players to start buying)
    - Normal bosses do not correspond to the beginner levels, making it impossible for the player to finish any related mission.
    - outdated missions
    - bugs where players are invincible
    - Extremely expensive opal splitter and after dividing the stones are worth much less
    - sets with wrong values
    - Yes, is it possible to make a name for yourself between worlds ??
    - events that provide outdated or removed items ??
    - daily missions that are disproportionate at the player level and with ridiculous rewards
    -Prices for redefining unusual skills (I used a one-handed weapon to make the event and had to spend between 40k gold, and still had the OMG talent tree.
    These are just a few that I remember now and I had the dislike of experimenting in practice, there are many others that make the game experience quite tedious, I really can't see anyone putting more money into it, we have to agree that the essence of the game is good, but the immersion and gameplay are totally impaired.
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  2. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    Hey JadielS, there are definitely some things I could agree on as well sadly. I love the game, I've been playing it since 2013 with short breaks, as every single game ever made DSO also has it's bugs, but I don't think there is that many nowadays, it's more about balance which is very hard to fix even with player's feedback. As I have mentioned in one of my comments under a similar post today, I've also had a problem with disappearing items, to be specific my 10 soul stones dissappeared when I was fighting gnomes in a Silver Mine over a week ago, I don't know what happened and why... Opal Splitter is a bit overpriced in my opinion as well, it should be more easily available to players, because so many of them needs it. When boosting a character to level 55 with the bought booster pack, they are as mentioned unable to go to high level zones without questing which might be a bug, or if not it's very annoying for the players who paid so much for it. I'll also add a bug you haven't mentioned, there is a bug where a lot of the item and buff icons are white permamently, I will soon send a ticket to the support appealing to fix it. There is one thing I could agree with you for sure though, the game has one of the best atmospheres and immersion I've ever experienced in my entire gaming career. There is nothing more satisfying than killing a boss with your crew on a hard difficulty, I love it. The lore and details to the environment are also amazing, some of the upsides of CE :) I hope the bugs will get fixed, but for the next time you write a post I recommend you sending a ticket to the support here on forums or on Discord and informing Drakensang Online Devs that there are bugs like these. Regards!
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Except game breaking bugs such as the ones that are still plaguing the game would actually be fixed a few days after release, not left in the game for months or years.
    And in serious company, most of these bugs would have never made past the alpha stage.
    For the love of god, do not try to defend the indefensible, it's pathetic.

    They are not Bethesda( where many of their bugs are actually hilarious and make me laugh at them), so don't defend them.
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