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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by DreadfulDrakensang, Nov 16, 2022.

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  1. DreadfulDrakensang

    DreadfulDrakensang Forum Greenhorn

    as per the title says im waiitng for wow dragonflight. I did look up the gamepaly and umm looks pretty much dirffernt. so yeah
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Really hard to say. Personaly I dont think this game is very much ´´new player friendly´´ .
    * Events are impossible to complete for new players.
    * Unless you take your time, leveling up to lvl100 needs help of someone that carry you.(if you'll try this game, i'd suggest to take your time so you dont end up lvl100 without gems/runes/gold etc.)

    You can just try out the game and see for yourself. Its free :)
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  3. Dimash1964

    Dimash1964 Forum Apprentice

    unfortunately it is not just going up to lvl100, but also completing runes, jewels and picking up the gems you set in the various items. For that, given the small drop (especially of jewels and runes) bringing a character to be quite autonomous currently requires a very long time if instead you throw yourself into compulsive shopping you have to have too much money ..... for a game .... now this game has also become a Chinese game. with too many useless gifts and no advantage for those who only use time and do not want to use money ..... the Chinese do nothing without a considerable gain .. . to make yourself entertained, indeed most of the time you risk turning off the game after being "angry" for a lack of drops while others who play with you in the same maps or during the same events drop things 3/4/5 times and maybe nothing to you (see last anniversary event where many players have dropped the event weapon even 4 times and many others none) ... there are many other games to play that can have fun and not disappoint you so much
  4. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    [new player friendly´´ .
    * Events are impossible to complete for new players.

    no even tho we dont think about the game so much but if you notice that every event is a new player friendly if you just see the first and second progress bar are all easy to get for new player also the rewards you get are all for new players the last progress of every events is for those who want to grind more and its useless for new player like the bones potions runes and jewel but new player is greedy we all know that :)