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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by titanlance, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. titanlance

    titanlance Forum Greenhorn

    I started a new mage 3 days ago to get fun in pvp before they change the system
    He is lvl42 for now, and in 1 hour in q1 circle I farm 1\2 level for now
    Every circle with buff xp give me 40-50k xp, I need 80Millions more xp to put my mage lvl55
    2min for 1 run mode 2 for 45k xp that is mean I have to do 2000 more circle = 66 hours
    I remember when I put my ranger and my war lvl55 wasnt hard like this, I remember 1 circle with buff gave 100-150k xp
    So my question is, xp is harder to farm now? where is th best place to level up?
    66 hours of intens farm I cant do that, I havent the time and Its to hard, farm 24hours for something ok but 66 hours for just lvl55 I cant

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