You should just allow the community to create a private server

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by oOKellueHazeOo, Dec 4, 2020.

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Private servers?

  1. Yes

  2. Nah

  1. SS0-Spyros

    SS0-Spyros Forum Apprentice

    Off course this will never happen because the players now are low asf....i just say what i want to happen.

    --- MERGED ---

    DSO will die because the never heard the community and they did alone these dissapointing uptades they never asked the majority of players...
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  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    It had the same negatives the game has today, ergo it was cr*p, as the current expansion is crap, however since you're blinded by nostalgia you refuse to see the truth and pretend that level 45 was somehow different than today.

    The game is even simpler than in those times, crafting items is easy, you just need to use a brain and plan around your build, what's more simple than that? you get gems by farming and on high difficulties you get many, it's as easy as it can get.
    You're just blinded by nostalgia, that's all.

    Yes and how is it different than today? If that factor makes the current expansion bad, then by logic it also makes level 45 bad.

    Bollocks, you didn't get what you wanted even if you did thousands of runs, thousands of players can testify to that.
    You are desperately clinging to your nostalgia, that's why you refuse to see the similarities between then and now.
    Tell that to those who made hundreds of runs and never got anything, try to do that.
    Meanwhile a newbie could run KHB the first time and get a powerful unique the first time, while spending 0 resources and a few minutes, while others had to waste time and thousands of essences to get nothing in return, experienced players i'm talking about.
    It's same cr*p we have today, exactly the same.

    There was a time when uniques dropped far more commonly, during level 55 and in the end, there was a trader, but it was removed due to complains by some people, which brought us backwards to the cr*p system of level 45, which actually favours luck more then effort, while the trader( who was a cover over the stinking trash heap that was the level 45 loot system) actually favoured effort.
    And it was the time where you actually had to farm to craft worthwile items to transfer on unique items( who also had random values on them).

    I told you, you should use your reasoning skills, you should not get blinded by nostalgia.
  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    The trader actually still was luck-based. Some people got an almost-100% base value item from drop, and some farmed millions of materi, dumped it all into trader, and still got only up to 50% value. Not even saying that grinding 12/7 for months (for materi and then for cores) is crap of an effort, no game should require that. It's mind numbing thing every idiot can do. Technically effort, still turd.
  4. SS0-Spyros

    SS0-Spyros Forum Apprentice

    Yes i have nostalgia i can not to argue that but as you can see the total players nowdays are far more less than then so how can you explain this?
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  5. ProMow

    ProMow Forum Greenhorn

    I think the biggest issue is how they keep making such MAJOR changes to everything. it's like each update you never know if all your hard work is going to go out the window (obviously this happens) but your gear shouldn't go from being top tier to being weaker than an lvl30s gear. if they continued with the same gear/build stuff as levle45 and just added expansions, content, etc. I wouldn't complain...but its because they just change everything and it seems like they cant settle on how they want their game to progress.
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  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I know, infact it was a bandaid, it didn't solve the issue and once they removed it the gaping wound remained( as it was never healed in the first place.

    But at least the trader gave some sort of certainty to those who were so unlucky that they couldn't get anything out of the drop rate, even if that certainty was luckluster and it also helped noobs get a bit stronger and be able to farm on their own, at least in parallel world painful.

    Considering how much the scum complained about the trader( who was a bandaid) can you imagine if you could buy uniques from the trader with 100% on their base lines?
    Noah's flood would have nothing compared to the tidal waves of tears that would have come.
    Because there are better alternatives and some people have started to realize that this game is (and also was)cr*p, while the casuals left because they had to think for a change when building their characters and so they left because they couldn't adapt.

    Yes you have nostalgia, maybe you should take off those goggles and actually see objectively for once and not have your judgement clouded by nostalgia.

    We have roughly the same cr*ppy loot system we had under level 45, we have the same problems that we had back in the day and those problems make the game cr*p today, so how the hell doesn't make the game cr*p at level 45, as it is today?
    I like to be coherent and draw conclusions based on sound logic, you appear not to do that, because you refuse to see past your nostalgia.

    And i started playing when level 45 was max level, so i remember very well how bad it was back in the day.
    As you can see, i don't have any nostalgia goggles on, you can take them off too.
  7. Sogaria

    Sogaria Forum Greenhorn

    I have played dso since the beginning and I have stopped now for 5 months and I wont come back most likely.

    Its just a fact that the game was overall better back in the days. More exiting/rewarding events. You actually had to grind bosses 1k+ times to maybe drop a strong unique which made it quite addicting.

    And the best part about the game in my opinion is PvP. And Bigpoint destroyed that.
    Dso was always unique with the PvP-System, compared to other mmos its quite good, or was* ;).

    With level 45 PvP was way better than nowadays, and the PvP on 55 was good aswell, maybe a bit dumb because you could be with 2 weeks playtime strong as a 5 years char, but it was still funny.

    But now Bigpoint didnt care at all, they just yeeted out the CE, completely unbalanced and chaotic -> destroyed PvP. Farming is useless and boring.

    And yea because of all the trash updates the community became pretty small. 98% of my friends stopped. Probably another reason why everyone thinks old dso was better.

    But Bigpoint is blind, they dont acknowledge their own mistakes. And if they do, they dont care aslong they get enough money until they shut the game down.

    I would throw my high end acc away for old times, but we will never get them back and even if so it wouldnt be the same, because its Nostalgia ;)
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