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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -Soifon., Nov 10, 2016.

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  1. -Soifon.

    -Soifon. Forum Apprentice

    So i have been doing the achievement in Parallel Worlds in every Q for 100 kills from mini bosses , and i noticed that i am not getting the points that are showed as reward . For example for 75 kills is shown that i am supoused to get 35 points but im getting only 25 points and for 100 kills i should have got 85 points but i got only 50. The thing is that i remember that i used to get 35/85 points before . So the question is what is happening with the achievement points ? did they changed ? is it a bug ? i havent seen any official thread about this.
  2. noor1991

    noor1991 Someday Author

    The total you get from the 3 achievements is 100 points, so for 25 kills you get 10 points, for 75 kills you get 25 points, so the total will be 35, for 100 you get 50 points so the total 85.
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  3. -Soifon.

    -Soifon. Forum Apprentice

    so from what u just said i got this : 10+25+50=85 and 85=100 ........this just blew my mind :))))
    Anyway im not sure this is how it should work and when i sent ticket to support they didnt knew about this either
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The number displayed in the flag is total number of achievement points.
    The number may vary from achievement to achievement ... but all are the same ... they are displaying the total number of achievement points.
    For example this achievement has 10 points in the start


    When you complete it it has 85 points


    That is:
    10 points for 25 kills
    25 points for 75 kills
    50 points for 100 kills

    In total = 85 achievement points.
    If it was working like you say:
    I would have more than 10K points :D instead of the current:


    There is nothing wrong it is working that way.
    You may also see the points in the forum guide
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  5. Because you asked the wrong Support team.
  6. noor1991

    noor1991 Someday Author

    What? where is the part where you said you should get 100 achievement points?

    You obviously missed up between the achievement points and the number of kills. Have a look at your own post before commenting please.
  7. -Soifon.

    -Soifon. Forum Apprentice

    thx traki , i didnt understood how it worked so this is why i asked maybe someone could clarify me , and u did :D


    i asked my regional support team , each country has its own support i think
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  8. You are technically correct. But you can ask any Support team a question. You only have to use your registered language (not country) Support team for assistance when it comes to issues involving a/c edits (e.g. refunds, alterations to quests, item/character recovery, etc).
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