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    What are achievements?
    Achievements are a set of optional tasks found as a tab under the quest window (hotkey: Q). These tasks cover a variety topics, varying from quests to timed challenges to PvP.

    What do the achievements look like?

    Achievement Overview.png
    1. This button sends you back to the overview (this screen).
    2. These are the different categories of achievements. Clicking any one of them will open the achievements for that category.
    3. Your achievement points.
    4. A quick overview of all the categories and how much progress you have in each one.
    5. The latest achievements you've unlocked.
    Clicking on any one of the categories will show you an achievement that looks like this:

    Achievement Detail.png
    1. Icon associated with the achievement. Icons are grey when the achievement is incomplete. Once the achievement is complete, icons become coloured and a green check mark appears in the top left.
    2. Name of the achievement and a brief description telling you how to complete it.
    3. How much progress you have on the achievement.
    4. If this icon is present, it means this achievement is associated with a title.
    5. This is how many points this achievement is worth.
    What are the categories of achievements?
    There are currently 10 categories of achievements.
    GeneralAll general achievements, including achievements for collecting and using items, character classes, groups and guilds, and placing items in your Collector's Bag.
    DracaniaIncludes the achievements for visiting different towns and doing important story quests.
    Heroic DeedsAchievements for collecting achievements, using buffs, and killing certain monsters.
    Parallel WorldAchievements for killing a number of mini-bosses & defeating bosses in higher difficulties.
    EventsAll Event-related achievements.
    CraftingAll achievements related to crafting gems, consumables and items.
    BattleIncludes achievements for winning Arena battles and defeating a number of players.
    Secret LairsAchievements for killing specific monsters in the Secret Lairs.
    CustomizationAll about looking pretty!
    LegacyAchievements that can no longer be obtained. The only players who have them obtained them before they were removed.
    What are achievement points?
    Achievement points are simply a point system that allows you to track how many achievements you have completed. Accumulating a large number of achievements will unlock several other achievements that have titles associated with them. They may also affect your access to certain events.

    Are achievements bound to a character, or shared across an account?

    There are both types of achievements. The only category shared across an account is "Character Classes." The other categories are all bound to a character.

    I have all the pieces of an equipment set. How come the achievement hasn't unlocked?

    You must have all the pieces of an equipment set at the same time, and wear all the pieces at once to unlock it.

    Do kills made in open world PvP count towards the PvP achievements?

    Only kills in the PvP arena (Duel, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and Storm the Fortress) count towards the achievement.

    Can I delete a character without losing my achievements from the "Character Classes" category?

    Deleted characters will not delete an achievement that has already been obtained. However, deleting a character intended for an achievement that is partially finished means you have to start over again.

    For example, if you have a level 25 Dragonknight, you will have already unlocked the "Knightly Accolade" achievement for reaching level 20, and have 25/45 for the "Warlord's Symbol" achievement. When you delete your Dragonknight and start a new one, you keep the "Knightly Accolade" and the progress for "Warlord's Symbol" stays stuck at 25/45 until you level past 25 on your new Dragonknight.

    For timed challenge achievements, when does the timer start?

    The timer starts as soon as one member of the party attacks a monster on the map specified in the challenge.

    How do I know if an achievement is a timed challenge or not?

    There is a small hourglass in the top left corner of timed challenges. A countdown timer will also appear on that challenge when you hit a monster on the map for which it is timing.

    Achievement Timed.png
    Are there hidden achievements?
    There are many hidden achievements. You know you've found one when you see an achievement your collection with a small magnifying glass in the corner.

    Achievement Hidden Magnifying Glass.png
    For this guide, all achievements that are hidden are enclosed in spoilers, so you can choose whether you want to see it or not.

    Is there a guide for how to obtain a certain achievement?
    The following player-created guide will help you obtain some difficult achievements from the Twisted Woods.
    Why are there two titles associated with one achievement? How do I know which one I'll get?
    Some achievements have two titles because they are gender-specific. The title you will get will match the gender of your toon.
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    What are titles?
    Titles are a form of distinction awarded upon completion of a milestone or task. They appear after your name if you choose to display one. You can see titles that other players choose to display when you hover your cursor over their character.

    Title Example.png

    How many titles can I wear at once?
    You can wear a maximum of one title at any time, or you have the option of hiding your title. You can change this by accessing the character menu (Hotkey: C), then clicking on the Title tab. Select any title you want to display by clicking on it, or click on the "Hide Title" option if you don't want to show any title.

    Title Menu.png

    What kind of titles are there?
    There are two different types of titles: PvP-Rank and Achievement Titles.

    What are the available PvP-Rank titles?
    PvP-Rank titles are achieved by accumulating a certain amount of honor points. For more information, click HERE.
    Note: Once you have moved on to a new and higher PvP-rank, you are unable to wear your old PvP-Rank titles.​

    What are the available Achievement Titles?
    Achievement Titles are obtained by completing a specific achievement. Check which achievements have an associated title HERE.
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