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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    VC = Various Coins? Odd, I've never had such lousy luck with them before... let alone on more than one toon.

    Thanks for looking into it.

    BTW, Edward now only drops one green item. I am sure he used to drop more. I swear this occurred with the change to the drops for the community costumes. Maybe worth looking into?

    Oh thank heavens....!!! horrible event!

    I have yet to not have to turn off all items generating sound and maximize the volume on everything, including my speakers. It really needs to be fixed. The "Drakensang" sound effect at the end of the twitch session has to be 200x as loud as the actual session. Seriously.....
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  2. AmonForte

    AmonForte Forum Greenhorn

    I think glory days of dso is over with 155r bp right now is thinking only about money reading this cm posts just confirms: we know, we are working on it, we understand that feeling bla bla bla 10 pages of the same answers. They give a shit about everyone here and requests about lag, bug, pvp bug , balance skills and characters,realm f problem and so on. They are not capable to make this game better or they don't have time to do it from making new chicken ride for 100 E or golden premium 150 E it's a priority i think. sry for my bad english :).
  3. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Well, well..., Haruki-Sama, this one is aimed for the developers only, I'd love that you could read this out loud for them in your next meeting, but a man can dream...

    I'll start from there, most recurring and uber annoying bugs being tackled as a priority, are you guys sure?

    • How about this bug I reported back in January 22 regarding the non-working Frozen Sphere in several areas and spots of the Parallel World?
    • How about the auto full health of mini-bosses on the PW even if you respawn inside the same map, which I reported numerous times?
    • How about the failed Banner of War on the DK where it doesn't deploy, yet activates its cooldown?
    • How about when the same thing happens with Ranger's wolves/tree?
    • How about this post where I asked Haruki directly, on November 2015 about the vanishing singularity bug?
    And the list could go on and on, most of these are not new for almost no one, but, you would ask, why does this matter right now?, well, because of this thing listed in R164 patchnotes:

    • The Spellweaver’s Mighty Guardian will receive damage from Heredur in Parallel Worlds
    • We have fixed an error that was preventing the Mighty Guardian summoned by the Spellweaver from receiving any damage from Heredur’s attacks in the Parallel Worlds.
    What in the world?, hear the words from a Spellweaver that ran Heredur enough times to get two tier 3 shields and one tier 3 helmet, I never noticed about this bug, and I saw my guardian die under Heredur's morning star a handful of times when I mis-deployed it, because any SW in its sane mind would not cast a guardian in range to obstruct the tank and get it destroyed in the process. Also, Agathon saves poor Heredur of our mighty guardian, such an abuse on the poor king.

    Jokes aside, so, this is what you consider an annoying and game breaking bug?, something a ton of us didn't even noticed and even if we did, has a miserable impact on and over the course of the whole boss fight?, and most importantly, you decide to fix this instead of any of the other bugs above?

    Yet again you prove through your actions how well you listen, maim Haruki's and Greg's credibility on this forums and on the broadcasts, show how out of touch you are with your own game and how little you think about the community's capability of noticing this behavior of yours, way-to-go.

    And that would be all for now, sorry for asking you to forward this harsh message, Haruki-Sama, have a nice day.
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  4. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    hello haruki, ive come to ask about a problem i am having on my dwarf with the tesla turret

    they do NOT stack (meaning two wont do damage in the same area) ok thats fine i can deal with it. Problem is they dont stack with other dwarfs turrets when playing in groups

    I have a very big problem with this as it means i cant use my tesla turret when there is another dwarf in the group because 99% of them dont seem to realise they dont stack!! This is gettng on my nerves not being able to use a skill and loose 33% of my dmg (i use 3 turrets at once)

    This is causing me to avoid playing with other dwarfs, could you please take the issue up with the devs?
  5. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    I agree with you, especially for the frozen sphere bug, as that one seems to be dependent of the environment (floor elevations) and is easily reproducible e.g. at Gorga.

    For the skills not triggering, across all classes, I am still not sure if it is a "programming" bug or rather an architecture/connection problem. Of course it is very annoying and should be tackled, but this can maybe not be done by simply correcting some lines of code.

    But there are other "code" bugs that are reproducible more or less reliably, quite annoying and also deserve some more attention, imho:
    - No more local chat in PvP matches (no team conversation possible)
    - HP (display) bug in PvP
    - Locker page sorting bug at Levander

    ... just to name a few that come to my mind right now.
    I am seriously considering creating a thread for each current bug and having users vote on the urgency... Just to help BP to get their priorities right.
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  6. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    @EhtovK - i have experienced pretty much every single bugs that you've reported here.The invisible hp bug its there for 1 year, same with the singularity bug which makes the singularity dissapear, the pvp which wont ever start, also the same thing with the ice sphere which cant be used in many areas and yet they havent fixed them yet.For the love of god, you guys at DSO simply su ck at prioritising things.How the hell can you allow such important bugs like the ones mentioned above still remain unfixed?Guys, its been like a year and these bugs are still here....are you guys amateurs??Fix them already.Stop bringing lame patches for a while and focus on getting rid of these old bugs.

    Please dont say that stuff like these takes time.Guys, its been like a year.Coding errors like these shouldnt even take weeks to fix.You either are amateurs and have no clue about what you are doing or you simply dont give a crap.ITS BEEN A YEAR since we have these bugs...a year... if it was only a week, or a month we would understand, but seriously...a year???I hit a warrior in the singularity with 5-6 ice spheres and his hp is still full?I do 40-50k dmg with destruction and the char has full hp??When are you going to take responsability for your mistakes and actually do some changes?Guys no offense but i bellieve the community has allowed it to go for way longer than it shouldve had.Please stop giving us lame excuses and fix these bugs already.Its been a year since we were playing on excuses....

    Also i hear that with patch 165 hp pots will be removed from arenas.Its nice but what about hp regenerations skills which are pretty much the same thing as using potions?You dont think that by removing pots u will give the warriors an even greater advantage in 1v1 matches?Do any of you, admins, mods, developers even play the game? If so then, have you realised that for instance a match between a mage/ranger/dwarf lasts like 30 sec -1 min while a match between 2 warriors takes like at least 3 times that amount and in the majority of cases, the sudden death is the thing that ends the match because of those stupid regeneration skills?? The hp regeneration is op for warriors.If you plan to remove the hp pots and pretty much kill any other class but dwarfs and warriors who have hp regenerations (pretty much just like potting) then you should also remove the hp reg skills for these 2 classes or at least nerf them by a lot.Or is this game only about warriors and the rest of classes are unimportant??Remove the pots and remove the hp regeneration.Fair for all.If you remove the pots alone you pretty much give the wins to the warriors who are op as ....hell right now.

    One last thing which i havent understood in 3 years of playing DSO.If warriors have the best armor and hp, then why the mages dont have the best rezist and dmg??Mages die 1-2 hits because of the high dmgs in arenas and because of the low rezistances that the game gave them.If the mages are "elemental experts" giving a lot of elemental dmg and stuff, then why dont they have a decent rezistance vs elemental dmg like fire and stuff?

    Warriors - Best hp- defense (they have that) - same ressistance- similar dmg
    Mages -Lowest hp - defense (they have that) - same ressistance - similar dmg
    Rangers - Medium hp - defense (they have that) -same ressistance - similar dmg
    Dwarfs - Medium hp - defense (they have that)- same ressistance - similar dmg

    Shouldnt the mages have better resistance since they only use elemental dmg and shouldnt they have the highest dmg?Why are the warriors and mages, equals in terms of dmg and ressistance ?This is why the balance su cks.You gave the mages the same resist as the warriors and when a mage fights another mage, they die 1hit.GG guys.

    @Armando - dont bother creating a thread for each bug.There were plenty of them created for the hp bug for instance and after a year nothing happened.As long as the ander sales are good, no one will give a crap here.Its a fact.

    They probably want to go for the guiness's longest time took to fix a bug world record.Maybe in a millenium they will find a fix for the hp bug.Funny how the bugs that advantage the players get fixed in days or weeks, yet the bugs that advantage BP take years to fix.This sure shows a lot about what BP trully is like nowadays.

    Still waiting for the time when ill finally be able to play arena again.Its only been 3-4 months since i cant play it.But yes, let the new patches come since this is not important....Well done.
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  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Warriors OP?
    Similar dmg?
    What game are you playing?
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  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    He thinks that 4k damage on a DK is the same as 4k damage on a SM and SW. He doesn't realize that a DK's max damage attack is 240% where as SWs have 750%, SMs have 200% per second for 5 seconds, and so on. He asks if the mods/CMs play the game, but judging from his feedback, I find myself wondering if he is even playing.

    Regarding a DK's HP regen against a ranged class... simple. Don't get close enough for the DK to hit you and then you don't have to worry about them getting HP back from MWS/DH, and if you don't use your weak attacks, they won't generate enough rage to get back more HP than you did damage using BF. And as I always say "If you think DKs have it so easy, go try and PvP as one yourself."
  9. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Albeit I agree with some stuff in your post, about this I'll start by quoting Baragain in his answer:

    Here's the thing, even if our damage number on the character screen is the same, or could be, given that every class has pretty much the same offensive enchantments, except for the ranger on longbows, what matters at the end is damage per second, yes, a DK can hold the same offensive stats as a SW, but on a practical sense, a SW can deal severely more damage over time to anything due to the nature of its skills, and on the same page, an exact copy of stats in a SM would probably deal even more DPS than the previous 2 combined if used correctly. About RA, mine is a puny, underused level 38, so I don't have much info to comment on it, but by pure and subjective observation in my groups, it seems to me that they're dealing less DPS than a SW and obviously than a SM, I dunno about DK.

    The survivability could be an issue, but the SW is built exactly to be able to make up for its low health with the proper talents, you have 2 ways of pulling mobs off of you, several different skills to play around with them to stun/slow them, and so on. Also, I'm not saying it's your case, but I've seen SW in my guild/server that brag about their massive damage and then proceed to die when Arachna just looks at them or when Heredur screams. I guess it falls to personal play style and taste, but it's possible to build a SW that survives most of the attacks from fatal bosses and escape in time to heal and keep doing damage, takes time, proper items, lots of patience, but it's possible, and remember BigPapa's words, the dead deal no damage.

    As for the state of the arena and how this situation plays in it, I barely step into it at all, so I'll decline on making comments on that.
  10. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I've not seen a lot of DK's rocking 5000+ damage.
    I've not seen a lot of DK's with crit rates over 70% on top of great dmg.
    I've not seen a lot of DK's with speeds of 1,77 +.

    Maybe I've been distracted by my pet throwing fire balls around... Oh wait, my DK doesn't have a pet that throws fireballs. Hmmmm.

    From a pure dmg standpoint, it's really hard to beat a SM.

    From a DPS standpoint, I personally think Rangers might have a very slight edge but one could easily make the argument for the SW. The speed and crit are tough to match.

    However, when all this "talk" happens about such and such being OP, what they really mean is that they lost to one or maybe a couple of players who happen to use that class.

    Someone loses to 1 Ranger and they think the entire class is OP. Same goes for DK, SM or SW. Whatever class they happen to play is the weakest and everyone else is OP.

    Get lucky with the right gear and either farm your butt off or whip out the credit card and you to can be OP.
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  11. Indeed we do. And, in most cases, probably for a considerably longer time than you have.

    As for your (and other posters) complaints in this thread about unresolved bugs and perceived character class strength discrepancies, etc: we have got dedicated sections in the forum where such issues can be raised and discussed. Valid issues reported in those sections then get added to the Weekly Report and passed on to the appropriate BP departments. This section is intended for direct communications between players and the CMs. It is not for bug reporting or trying to get your favourite character class pimped or other character classes nerfed.
  12. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Let's agree to disagree, and I speak for myself in this one, the bugs I'd mentioned before in this thread were already reported via the proper threads/ways to do so, but I bring them here for Haruki's attention every now and then because of this:

    So, I get this means Haruki has a voice too, I don't doubt you and your team are doing an excellent work reporting our complaints, but if a particular bug or issue, like error 23, makes it to this thread, it is because it's one of the most recurring and uber-annoying ones, so, does it hurt to give Haruki and Greg an insight on this so that they can help us push the team side by side with you guys?, isn't a point of a thread like this for the CMs to get in touch with the community?, also:

    If you read my post regarding the bug fixing, the whole point of my complain is about the bugs that are being held as "priorities" by the team, which is completely far from what everyone's been asking to get fixed since months ago, then, if I may ask, could you kindly point me towards the proper forum section where we can openly discuss about which bugs we consider more urgent to tackle?

    Maybe they could give us a survey just like the "most desired community features" one, where they list the most recurring and uber-annoying bugs and make a priority list based on the community's opinion, that would be nice for a start, but for now, not only me, but a lot of people have been using this thread to try to make the CMs aware of how the community feels about those.


    I couldn't agree more, yet, sometimes we feel the need to come and throw down those biased opinions to the ground so that Haruki and Greg doesn't get the wrong idea that some of those are a reality and how the majority of the players feel, since most of them come from flawed play style/strategy and misinformation.

    Just my humble point of view, have a nice day.
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  13. 1) The Tech Support section is for bug reporting. Not release feedbacks and not here. The reasons for this are:
    a) a dedicated thread in Tech Support can be opened for a current/urgent bug. In that thread, multiple posters can have an input without their details being lost among screeds of off-topic posts. Admins can also use the thread to give updates and/or ask for further details
    b) we (admins) gather information about a bug from as many sources as possible. These include posts in the Tech Support section of the forum (but *not* the CM section), tickets sent to Support, and also from other admins (either on this team or from other language teams - we communicate with each other). Where possible, we also test the bug to see how frequent it is and how severe it is. We then report it via an internal bug reporting system and, as soon as the CMs come online, we spam them too. They then pass it on to the appropriate internal dep't. So... usually by the time a CM sees a bug being reported in this CM thread, it has already been reported to them + the appropriate departments in detail 1-2 weeks prior.
    c) because of all of the above, we are in a reasonable position to evaluate the overall impact of a bug on players. Along with the details of the bug, we give the internal BP team our opinion as to it's urgency.

    2) Haruki most certainly does have a voice. No-one has said otherwise. That's not the issue. The (potential) issue is many posters shouting for her attention can result in the message being lost or trivial non-issues being given excessive weight vs crucial issues. Sure, Haruki is not silly and she can filter out most of the noise, but there is still the potential risk.

    3) You are welcome to set up a survey regarding bugs/issues in either the Speaker's Corner or the Tech Support section if you so wish. Armando created three excellent ones ( for example ) about priorities/features a while back. I made great use of the results in the Weekly Report and gave him credit for it.
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  14. constantinozz

    constantinozz Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Greg & Haruki,
    Last night when I farm, I melted the wrong weapon which is my main 1h mage staff. Is that posible to bring me back that weapon?
  15. eedman86

    eedman86 Junior Expert

    According to this thread - no. Your best bet would be to contact support. They may be able to help you.
  16. taketh

    taketh Regular

    This needs to be addressed. I already skip new moon. Will have to skip full moon also, and still wont have enough realms for defeat the undefeatables and Dessert of essence.
  17. constantinozz

    constantinozz Forum Greenhorn

    where can I contact the support?
  18. eedman86

    eedman86 Junior Expert

    Im guessing that you are a spanish user, in which case, this would be your support page.


    OP - Yes. The iron brow talent (no cooldown after crit) and the stun charge talent (no cooldown when you hit a bleeding enemy) are ridiculously op.

    DMG - Of course same dmg? The times when dk had lesser dmg on items is gone...sadly. Now dks have the best of everything or at least equal to other classes. That's a fact.
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  20. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    So go play a DK.
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