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    Official statement regarding restoration of deleted characters/items

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    The Customer Support team deals on a daily basis with many requests from players who would like to have deleted characters and items restored. In order to simplify the recovery process, please read below our official information regarding this matter.​

    Generally speaking we do recover deleted characters or items (not consumables) only IF the action was carried out by MISTAKE. Please remember that no user should wipe out his character or items just for fun or to try things out. This service is limited to certain conditions as well so our Support team cannot always give you an affirmative answer.​

    Character restoration
    If you delete your character by mistake you need to contact us! Please send us a ticket no later than 2 months after the deletion. Any inquiries that arrive later than that will receive an automatic negative reply. When sending your ticket, remember to provide all of the essential information on your game account since discrepancies or incomplete tickets can hinder the recovery process overall and may lead to a negative response.​

    Question – Can I recover my character twice?
    This depends on your previous requests on that matter. In other words: yes, it is possible, but the Support team reserves the right to verify, after a pertinent investigation, whether the episode is not an accident after all. Negligence could happen more than once but repeating the same mistake over and over again is rather suspicious. Generally we will only accept four character recoveries per account!

    Item restoration
    If you delete an item by mistake, you will also need to contact us quickly! Please send your recovery request no later than 7 days since the day where the issue occurred. Any application that we receive after those 7 days will be automatically rejected.​

    Please bear in mind that the Support team will restore up to two items per month and per account. However, if during the course of an investigation we discover that you are making an inappropriate use of this service, we reserve the right to refuse your inquiry.​

    This protocol only applies if:​
    • Your request is genuine and not a blatant repetition (we will check whether you have made other requests of this kind in the past).
    • It is clear that the item was not melted or combined at the workbench.
    • If the item does not have gems of any kind attached.
    Question – But my game account was hacked and all the items have been thrown/all my characters have been deleted… What can I do?
    This is a special situation. Game accounts cannot be hacked that easily provided that they are properly protected (please find further details about how you can protect your account here).​

    After reviewing your case, the Support team can decide whether or not to help you depending on the proof you provide. Please bear in mind that the entire process of proving a hacking episode is not always easy and you should not put any pressure on the Support side – after all, keeping your account safe is your responsibility.​

    We cannot restore:
    • Items that existed as loot drop but you did not manage to collect. The Support team is unable to check the validity of those situations and therefore cannot restore items that have never been in your inventory.
    • Consumables: essences, teleportation items that are needed to access some maps, health potions, other kinds of potions, etc.
    • Items that have been melted or combined at the workbench (Gems, Runes and Jewels is the only exception). Those items are lost forever no matter their value and they will not be restored.
    • Items that are rewards from quests: the Support team will not reactivate the quest in order to help you recover lost items.
    The Support team will not grant any recovery help if:
    • It turns out that the user who has sent the request is not the original account holder.
    • It turns out that the game account in question is or has been shared/stolen/sold or bought.
    • The user has made public in any social media channel the episode of character’s or item’s deletion as a premeditated act.
    • It turns out that the request is clearly an abuse (normally, if we discover that the player has been sending multiple requests of the kind in the past).
    The safety of your account and in-game properties is your sole responsibility.​

    The Support team will always reserve the right to investigate your allegations and decide when and under which conditions are able to provide you a recovery service. Also, understand that every case is different and can have multiple backgrounds – therefore, the Support team can judge from case to case individually.​

    Any other situation that is not clearly stated above may be discussed with the Support team.

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. Sunlight

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    Premium items restoration
    As you all know, our two premium packages come with the following items:
    Regular Premium: Tempest Phoenix
    Deluxe Premium: Dragon Wings, Harpy Pet, Tempest Phoenix

    Regardless of whether the users are current premium/deluxe users, a one time reimbursement of the items is fine on all 4 characters per account.

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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