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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there community of awesomeness,

    Quick message on my side today to wish you all productive and nice weeks ahead. I am gonna be absent from the office for two weeks as I am undertaking a quest of my own, "Path to Holidays", and this involves a lot of farming and leveling up in far away lands.

    If you have the time, please log in the Test Server for the next days since Crafting 2.0 will be there. We are very eager to see what you guys think about it but after watching the comments today during Twitch I think we nailed it and I am personally very happy this is FINALLY happening with rel166. :p

    Once I complete my quest I'll come around and start answering your questions and inquiries - please bear with me. ;)

    Kind regards to everyone,
  2. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    I live in the wrong country methinks.

    Give me some supplies to properly test on the test server and I will.
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  3. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    me too :( ...anyway happy holidays to you Haruki, and please just relax in the next days. I think you will need all your energy when you come back :p:D
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    WTH ... are BP employees having 2 weeks holiday every second week? :D
  5. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I like how this guy always nails it :oops:
  6. taketh

    taketh Regular

    The underlying problem is group health. In a group of 5 people, the monsters health increases by 500%. The dwarf+tank duo is nice. A third player must do at least a third of the dwarf's damage given that the tank does pratically 0, and weak players come up short. At first, we were carrying people often to the boss, but introducing a player eventually introduces problems, it is only a matter of time before "oops, forgot, meant to stay outside" or "sorry, wasnt listening to group chat". They dont even say sorry most of the time, they just enter and die wasting spirit stones.

    There is a big difference in essence usage between dwarf and other classes, but then again, the other classes wait outside. Strong players dont need any players especially weak ones in a group. We mostly do it for the conversation. The monsters health should be 400% in a group of 5. There should also be a loot bonus for groups of 5, because a health nerf alone is not enough to encourage group play.

    I hope that the boss's health doesnt reset by design and is not a bug. I would prefer it if the imbalance in PVE was fixed by buffing mages and rangers skills instead of nerfing the dwarf. In the same way stuns have 2 different values for PVE and PVP, each skill should have two different damage outputs for PVE/PVP. The ranger is fairly useless, it was rare for me to play with a ranger that would spam the armor break skill.

    It is easier to simply nerf the dwarf than to work on two other classes, which is a shame. I hope BP doesn't take the easy route which would be a surprise.


    That's a stupid answer and you're smart enough to know and admit this. When everybody is supposed to play dk there is really no need of balancing anymore :rolleyes:

    It's funny that it has always been dks that have used that argument. In these moments I wish they had never fixed the block bug. Omagad the dragon knight's crying right after r155 was so hilarous. But somehow they preferred not to "play another class then" and instead complained and called for balance.
    Get the point?
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It is a stupid answer. You've heard the phrase "Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer" before, right? You particular complaints about DK are all baseless and if you had the experience gained from having a DK as your primary toon, then you wouldn't say such stupid things and I wouldn't have to give such stupid answers.

    P.S. Mikey was right when he said that what is really needed is the 4 second stun immunity back. That problem right there is why SWs kill so many DKs in 1v1 through the use of chain stuns. How about, instead of more nerfing recommendations, you say more constructive things (like Mikey) like giving everyone back a vital skill that has both application in PvE and PvP and would drastically improve balance in a simple move
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  9. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Since I play DK, I decided to test your theory that because of my class, I'm automatically OP and could never lose. So I asked a mage friend of mine to take me on one on one. Well, sadly my automatically over powered DK did not survive. Honestly, I got my butt kicked hard.

    So following your logic, I must assume that every single mage from level 1 to level 50, across every server is completely OP and must be nerfed immediately. After all, a mage beat my DK, and since all DK's are OP I should have not been able to lose.
  10. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    There was someone saying that it takes a good dwarf like 300-500 reds to kill a boss while a mage/ranger requires at least 3-5 times that amount.This is a true fact.If you dont plan to increase the cost of essence for some skills (like the dwarfs turrets for instance) then the easiest way to fix this is to lower the cost in essence for mage/rangers or warriors skills.Either that or increase the dmg of these other classes (only in PVE because PVP is already messed up as it is) in order to create a balance.

    Many players consider drakens a dead currency and to be honest they have a point.Once you get the 6k weapon for warrior (dont know the exact name), Dragonache and Dark set (if you want to get them of course) then the draken becomes useless.If you dont plan to add gems/essence/costumes/mounts/pets or at least 1-2 uniques for each class every few months in the gnob's offers, then the draken will remain a dead currency.

    How about decreasing the costs for portals in realm fragments?If they cost 3-5 fragments then adjusting the drop rate for each maps wont be required and instead of wasting the time of the programmers in charge with this aspect, they can focus on other important things?High cost for portals and high drop rate is pretty much the same as low cost for portals and low drop rate.I guess you guys at DSO never heard of Occam's razor since you always take the longest and hardest way to achieve a thing even though there are way easier ways to get to the same result.

    Same thing for materi fragments.You implement a lot of useless programming and portals from boss to boss when you could easily decrease the current cost for the portals and again focus on other important things.There are so many things in DSO that can be easily fixed within a small interval of time and yet it takes you guys ages to accomplish that :/

    I agree.We need the 4 sec stun immunity back asap.As to class balance issues, i thought we were not supposed to discuss it on this thread.

    Also why does it feel as if its the end of the world when a mage kills a warrior?Prior to lvl 50 when warriors were immortal and unbeatable in 1vs1 vs any class i dont remember you or any other warrior complaining about that.There were moments when some of them warriors fought few players at once and still managed to kill them all lol.Players went crazy on youtube posting how many players they can kill solo, and how strong they were in PvP.

    Dont get me wrong bro, i appreciate you comments but you should try to be objective from time to time.Everyone wants their class to be the best but that doesnt mean that it should happen, and if it should, then why does the warrior has to be the best one?

    If you think mage is OP then ill give the same advice you gave me.Go play a mage.
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  11. paul21061969

    paul21061969 Forum General

    Why no more responds in German treat for 7 monnaten true no CM because you want the German com kidding ?
  12. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Hello CM's!

    Is it possible to craft(with crafting 2.0) enchantments with a golden line(s) from the non-paralel world items?
    E.g. items from the PvP shop? Thanks in advance and have a good day!
  13. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum Apprentice

    Spellweawers killing Dragonknights in 1v1 with chain of stuns? Pretty sure that on server Heredur that's never happened.
    A 1h mage vs a 1h war, at the same level, with top items, good gems, and PW sets had almost zero chance to win in 1v1.

    A top war can easily get to 2500 dmgs, 300%crit dmgs, and an astonishng 70+crit hit rate with a shield, on top of that they have almost twice the other classes HP (basic stats, of course there is better).

    A ranger can compete against a war, 'cause the EA with long bow is the best skill in PvP and dancing blade mismatch some of the tons of war stuns and slow effects, but matchup is still let's say 60/40 for the Dk; a 1h mage instead had no chance: once a war wears Grimmag Boots a Fireball will deal hardly 2.5k, good luck taking down people with 15k+ hp when u have 9/10k and one freezing jump or a blazing charge deals 2.5+ and multiple Iron brow+Smash are sure death.

    Bringing back the 4 second immunity will be the first step for a funnier pvp, but the unbalance here is pretty clear also in terms of stats (1700 crit hit on 1h axe? Is not OP a 1h weapon with basically 6 bonuses instead of 4?), and justifying the difference because war are not ranged is just ridicoulos.
    Is not a case that almost all the best mages on Heredur switched to 2h weapons for Pvp, cause trying to compete at high level with shield is a lost cause at the moment.
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  14. fab

    fab Advanced

    Those who is playing as a dk would love to squash a mage so much, for the mage side they stand no chance against a dk in 1v1
    Another thing is I dont understand if rangers complain about hitting a marking target ( slow moving ) is so hard how about mages hitting a target which is a fast moving character
    1st : Sw skills ( singularity and froze wind cant even stun them when they use their immunity )
    2nd : Tons of blocks and hp ( even a 3k base damage fireballs cant even scratch them enough
    3rd : They heal without having to kill anything while sw got nothing except a list of crap skills.

    Oh well, bp just likes to see mages body lying everywhere and that makes them a happy dev.
    Lower hp and blocks and yet the upper hand damage goes to the RANGER coz bp loves them so much they dream about them almost every night:p
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  15. fab

    fab Advanced

    Its doesn't take much skills to play as a ranger and dk, in tegan there are so many rangers using scatter shot in pvp now.
    All they needs to do is mark targets ( now is without concentration ) and scatter shot and mages is dead in just a 1-2 secs.
    Absolutely no cooldown for EA which is simply ridiculous
    No concentration, no problem adrenaline is there to help anytime :)
    Haruki, can't you guys make the game more fair and square to everyone in terms of skills.
    Players using a spellweavers contributed to the game as well too, its not just rangers and other toon too and i hope that the word fairness still exist
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  16. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    i agree with Fabs, dks really need to be nerfed, i have 5k dmg and i lose in 1v1 to a people who have inferior gems, gops amount only cuz of they many stuns insane block and hp, and yeah my favorite dragon hide, and other things dk now have same if not better dmg with 2hd as sw, really? i never seen anything like it in other games and now with crafting 2,0 thing willl even get more unbalanced , so here is my question when will you try to make some ballance beetwen class?
  17. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Items created randomly by crafting 1.0/different item types, drops from ANYWHERE and also the ones bought from the PvP shop can always also have maximum stats.
    Parallel world items only have a higher chance to have those good stats, that's all.

    Crafting 2.0 allows you to you inherit enchantments from the input items to the output item; it does not IMPROVE those inherited enchantments.
    If you don't have "golden" stats in the input, only an additional random enchantment for a higher rarity level could reach a max value - and the chance for this is just the same as for any randomly generated (dropped) item.

    Using good inputs increases your chances of a good output (because of the inherited enchantments); WHERE those good inputs came from is irrelevant - whether they are from the parallel world with some luck or normal maps with MORE luck doesn't matter. :)
  18. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    Please stop shouting for nerf, you are looking at all the disadvantages of the SW and all the advantages of the DK, the only point i could agree on was the crit line on the 1H axe but you should see that in return their damage much lower on the axe compared to 1h mages,

    1)About the biggest thing you missed -- SW has highest targeted % damage skills that to elemental in nature without getting any sets.

    2)To build a DK you need to focus both on the offense and defense while playing as a SW guess what , you just go dps and therefore it takes a lot more time to build a balanced DK.

    You should learn to see the advantage and disadvantage of each class.

    What you are complaining is that the tank class of the game is tanky ?Have you seen mages 2h whose frozen spheres kill these so called tanky DK's in 1 -2 shots if they fail to block because 1/5 is not such a low chance.

    You say rangers can mark and slow targets but they don't have that extra long range or insane damage on their attacks, have you seen the range on magic missile or fireball ?

    People say DW are too good for PVE but have you seen the obvious disadvantage that they cannot control the turrets once they place them, if the target moves out of the line of fire, boom , wasted essence .

    Yes there is a bit of dis balance but its in the PVP changes and not the class.Its the PVP that broken, not the classes.
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  19. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    first of all you are playing on tegan wich is a small server, try playing on heredur , and yes class is broken, guess for you is normal that dks now can have 20+k hp with 80% of block and armor and still have a decent dmg with 1hd weapon, or wait put a 2hd and have same dmg as sw if not higher but still have higher hp and armor or just turn onn my favorite dragon hide and they are invicible ,
  20. Ioedavide

    Ioedavide Forum Apprentice

    War have the weapon with the exact se damage of the wand, but still, the majority of them prefer the axe, of course 1700 crit hit is way better than 200 dmgs.

    Every char to be developed at high level need the same amount of time and money (actually the ranger is the worst due to an enormous amount of essences consumption), and the war is not the longest at all since he can farm solo every map even with radiant gems (at Lv 45 was even easier). Do you think that high level Mages don't work on both 1h and 2h setup? Plus, now with the removal of glyphs is not that u need to develop the char that much, just find a couple of defensive items and tank bosses without spending one essence.

    You get the exact opposite of what people are complaining about: 1h Dk offensive stats are too high combined with the highest defence (that second is fair indeed).
    The combination axe+multiple iron brow (I've seen wars doing more than ten in a row)+smash is insane and Heredur and Grimmag sets had influence on very important skills (is not really the same for all other classes). The point is, put that all together and the imbalance just stand there to be seen (of course my thoughts applies to endgame char compared equally, and be sure that a 1h royal/holy Sw stand no chance against a 1h royal/holy Dk, 2h mages are good almost only for flag, in the other arenas the majority of them are just carpet on the floor, so maybe they shot a war once in a while, but on reverse head+smash is mathematical death).
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