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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    1. Not sure I completely follow. The character screen does take into account essences, all of them and the damage delivered matches what is shown. But there is a problem. You might be right that essences worked on top of base damage, but the issue is that previously damage from the Experience tree was going straight to the base damage, and now it is not, it acts just like another bonus. So now essence has no effect on those additional 25*2% it used to have before. This is a problem. Also, on of the moderators on Russian forum has confirmed the issue and that the Dev are aware of it. Please clarify.
    2. Expected answer. Why would DSO improve our PVE experience.
    3. This function is broken, and there are multiple proves to that already. Unless there is some constraint for capes to start dropping in 100% cases (and I assume there is not as it was not communicated), there is no PRNG in the world that will deliver 78 capes in a row for one player, and 0 in 50 runs for another. The same goes about Jullow on the map. The function used does not act like a PRNG, it produced waves of yes and no, which is impossible with good PRNG. There is no PRNG that would deliver jullow 5 times in a row and then would not 70 times. There is no probability that would make PRNG act like this. Same goes for the other things, quest items drop etc. Also, what was said about probabilities by Greg during twitch makes zero sense. He is completely wrong that proability does not guarantee the drop. It actually does, and it is just a matter of number of runs to achieve the 99.99% cumulative chance. For any probability, even very small. If you drop a coin, you are not sure you will get what you bet on. But you are sure you will get it in 10 trials, or whatever other number.
    And finally, not sure how do you set probabilities for certain items, but guess they are just given any unreasonable values. Instead, it should be driven by the number of runs you want a player to do to 100% get an item. Even of you thing 1% is reasonable for some item, it means you designed the system in which only 95% will get the item by 300 runs. And there much lower probabilities.
    4. Okay, let it be.

    Thank you for answers.
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  2. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Dear Haruki,
    i agree unique set parts should be hard to obtain.

    Personally, I haven't found any Lor'tac unique while leveling 3 chars to 50; my dwarf still has only one "Sparks" set part and the DK is also still missing the boots of the Keen set (probably won't use it anyway...).
    Only 1 item of the legendary king's set dropped so far, and NO cube unique after months of premium.
    But well, such is bad luck, that's ok.

    What COULD be improved in my p.o.v. is the dropping of multiple set parts. IF you finally happen to find a unique, you want it to be "really" unique - a new one!
    NO Player wants to find a unique part that he already has if he is still missing others from the same set.
    If your developers would find any possibility to exclude that, many people would be more happy, I guess - you would eliminate a source of great frustration.

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  3. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Was running with a level 49 RA doing multiple Hard Dragan runs for him to complete the cape. I got the cape on every run just like I have from the beginning of event and continue to get it every single time I kill him. I get the Helm everytime in Normal. He got the cape 1 in 8 or so during our runs. Only difference between us was our levels. There is a bug here as those numbers are impossible with a PRNG.

    I will be selling extra capes cheap to anyone that needs one since I get to craft them every 4 runs:cool:.
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  4. Nimorien

    Nimorien Forum Greenhorn

    Hello ! i have problem ! Last saturday i leveled from 41 to 50 in one level ! and that is higly disturbing becuse now i am a week 50 , i have the eqipment at level 40-41 ,i cant join groups lvl 42 becuse they wont have me ,i cant join groupes at lvl 50 becuse the monsters will smack me like a bug! I dont know if i can proceed in the game and use up the xp quests to unlock new maps , if i do that and Drakensang resetts me to 42 will all the xp quests be gone then ? the dialy quests then....I cant " kill a 100 monsters and get wisdom" becuse the monsters are too week!!! Please help !!!
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  5. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Lots of people exploited the bug on purpose, and are stuck in the same boat.
    Maybe BP will roll it all back. Maybe they will use the ban hammer. Maybe they are too busy putting out fires of their own.
  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Send a message to support and also stop doing quests in case the rollback does not undo the quests. You don't want to be rolled back to level 41 with no level 41 to 43 quests available for leveling.

    If you have to play, I would consider farming the easiest level 50 map I can get into for the time being, which is probably PW grimm and Ravencaw normal.
  7. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    i heard they can't help,because there are too many effected by this bug,group with friends or guild in map2 PW to get gear or lortac,and look at every green,blue ,pink,leg u find that will be better than what u have.sorry mate,but welcome to level 50;)
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  8. hempthegreen

    hempthegreen Advanced

    Ive heard that To many players have used the bug therefore The team would have to go through each and every ones account.... making it a real night mare. As I highly doubt they will do that so players that have leveled from the bug are now stuck at level 50.

    I would suggest if your very low level and just used the bug to get to 50 fast do your self a favor and stay away from pvp or you are grass and the real level 50 players are the lawn mowers haha!

    This is a bit off topic but I would love to see some new guild functions added.
    -New ranks to be awarded to the members that deserve a promotion .. Not just the same old Officer rank.
    Co-leader , 1st officer , officer just to name a quick few . Yous dwell on it :)
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  9. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    You heard wrong, huge percent doesnt even know about this bug. "The team" won't go through each account, it's called scripts which are written by programmers. It's a nightmare after the script is implemented, if you know what I mean. I don't know why you doubt, but I doubt they will write anything better disasterous code within an afternoon of testing.
  10. taketh

    taketh Regular

    I use twinks (a low level character that does not gain experience deliberately to have an advantage against noobs), mainly because I can't be bothered finding new gear every time i level up and of course wont spend the time levelling to 50 when i have my main char to play with. Since PVP skills no longer affect PVE, I rarely do pvp anymore, a 13 losing streak with my lvl 50 char is no fun at all. My twinks have extraordinary gear only, mostly from the daily quests.

    Given that i do use twinks, it is probably hypocritical of me saying that I hate twinks. I hate that some twinks have more time invested into it than my level 50 char does, and with their elite gear, they then insult all the players they defeat. They have full witch chaser gear for example, and the most probable way they got this is with the help of a lvl 50 friend. Without events, a twink could not farm and recieve level 50 items to use for gold and glyphs, and even events like full moon/varholm have limited access due to realm fragments. It is why most dungeons say "must be lvl 22 to gain access". The Dragan event is a 1 month long twink heaven especially since item drops for gold at least are very nice. Was twinking overlooked when Dragan was implemented?

    Also the problem with 5 people in a group increasing the health of monsters to 500% is unfair for strong players that want to help their friends (twinks are a problem with this), and also for the weaker player that can not find a group. If there are hidden bonusses for group play like increased legendary drop rate with three or more players, maybe BP should make us aware of this to encourage group play.

    I am too weak to help a group of people in dragan hard. Can only help one person at a time. It is a shame how the weaker players can no longer wait outside while the bosses health is lowered for them to come in and finish it (boss health gets reset), but i guess that was done to stop twinks.
  11. paganmale

    paganmale Forum Greenhorn

  12. paganmale

    paganmale Forum Greenhorn

    i have question i hope somone can answer i have shadows of sargon and sargons remains from last event are these going to be used again or should i just dump them
  13. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Hi Greg and Haruki. I have some questions for you. :)
    1 - Onyx Gems - Most players I know , including myself, dont use the Onyx Gems. Why? We have 10 slots and we have to decide between Damage, Speed and Crits. Do you think is it possible to allow us to use Onyx Gems on a Book / Quiver for example? Or maybe add another slot on weapons and arrows ? - and so the correspondent acordingly to each class?

    2 - Unique Set / Drops and Mounts - Its quiet restrict the drops of uniques like the Legendary King´s Items / the new one from Lortac and some specific stuffs. Also talking about the mount chests I feel the same thing I want to share. My lvl 50 Ranger Have only 2 parts of the Leg Kings Set and only 1 part of Lortac set. Mounts: i can open 1k chest mounts and wont get a tiger by far. Based on that , i startet observing that High PVPers looks to be away too "Lucky" than the noob ones. And that made me think: What defines that so called "Lucky". I can say all pvpers have a tiger , most of them got it from a chest, I see a lot of pvpers with the lortac set, i know a lot of them got the amulet from Agathon Aliance Hall. Are there in the game , some criteria that decides if one item must drop for certain kind of player and dont drop for others? I started believing that yes, there is. Actually its really rare a unique drop on PW for example , and when drops , its Always Yashak for my ranger. Why the other playres get other drops but Yashack? Why i can open as many chests i can afford , and its Always a horse or a dragan , never a Tiger, and other players , in 2/3 chests get the tiger? Lucky? I dont think so. We dont see noobs with fullsets , neither with tigers in this game. Did u get my quest?

  14. strike3

    strike3 Forum Apprentice

    Hi haruki i was just wondering is there some way to get in touch with u and greg privately? i have a question that i would prefer not to post to ALL of forums i messaged your youtube account but have not gotten a response... please answer quickly
  15. uopblack

    uopblack Forum Greenhorn

  16. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    If you're talking about the white tiger it doesnt drop from the chests you can buy. If you're talking about the yellow tiger, you can buy it directly from Grizmak in Yaltepetl.
  17. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @-Skygazer- I changed my mind about the ring. After seeing how good a ring of death is, it is probably third best or fourth best for me, which means its useless. Good for mages and rangers i suppose. PVE dwarfs prefer damage over crit since crit does not affect turrets. The ring needs a lower cooldown and instant taunt (1 second delay) for me to consider using it. Ring of inner fortitude is still the best ring for me, with dragan set, i will have 150 steam, 3 turrets!
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  18. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    Hi Haruki, Hope your cold is better over the weekend and you had a good rest.

    Could you please request the designers to add a visual timer for the cooldown and activity on the signet of dragan ring? the timer shld show the time left for it to be active and also the time left for the cooldown to dissipate, that way we can use the ring more strategically. Even after fix for drop rate of pearls in the dungeon maps inside dragan castle, the drop rate of pearl is still ridiculous. You once said its normal to get lvl50 items whose stats might not be better than good lvl 45 items, its been almost 2 months now. is it ok to have all good lvl50 gear have lvl55 stats lower than upgraded to 55 good lvl45 gear? The team needs to have a complete rework of item stat system, including low level legendary issue as well as armour/crit/resist stats not increasing proportionately to the damage stat on items in the game. This must be done before guild battles release. Damage mitigation is still a problem which might be addressed a bit with the item stat rework mentioned, however players are still receiving too much damage too quickly in pvp, please ask the team to address it soon. I have been asking everywhere about the 2h dk, whether the team would consider giving dk's an option to segregate into a tank class and a permanent 2h class with its own surviveability skills, please respond with a positive or negative on it. if it's a negative is there any measure being looked at to make 2h class more viable in pvp and boss runs like balor?

    A lot of questions but pertinent ones.
    Again hope you have recovered and doing good.

    Update: just to give you an idea of what dk pvp is all abt now...if dso wants to take dk pvp in this direction, this game will never ever prosper. Watch the video till the end.

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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    But they are both displayed.
    You can see on this screenshot (this is the real ring not the timed version from the code reward)


    No one has the "Dragan's Mighty Signet Ring" on live servers ... yet.
    That is my SW from the TS.
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  20. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    thanks for the quick reply traki, that timer is definitely helpful and is missing on my temp ring so that's taken care of.
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