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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes,

    We have received important news so please read the following updates carefully:

    Legendary King’s Unique items for 1 day

    The 1 day set items (gloves or torso) are meant to drop in the Dragan Easter event. However, they are not supposed to drop anywhere else in the game, and especially not on boss monster Mortis.
    Wrong Glyphs of Power amount credited

    Buying the 4000 Andermant Glyphes of Power package only gives you 1 Glyph of Power.Players are advised not to purchase this package until the hotfix. Players who have already purchased it will be compensated. The compensation will follow either by script or affected players will have to contact the official support.

    White Rabbit Costume cannot be combined

    It is currently not possible to craft the White Rabbit Costume, as part 2 does not drop from the dark chests during the event. We are working on a fix which should be deployed on Monday.
    Colorful Dragonspawns zero drop

    The Colorful Dragonspawns do not drop anything when they are being defeated by a group of players.
    “Invisible Laser-Bug” has been confirmed (fix not confirmed yet)

    As soon as we have any information about the fix, we will let you know. If you experience this issue, and you could send your client log files through Support, it would be very much appreciated.
    Quest: “Black Eggs (⅓)”

    Upon completing the quest and delivering it to Agent 003, the dark chest will reward a Spellweaver with a Concentration Potion.
    Statues in the Ghastly Grave

    There are 4 statues but only 3 can be clicked and activated.
    This is intended, otherwise the table in the guide would refer to the 4th statue and explain how to activate it. The statue that is located centrally is only decorative, it cannot be activated with Sargon’s Remains.
    Event Guide / Walkthrough

    Due to miscommunication, we have updated and corrected a few details in the event guide, so please be so kind and check it out. (Update: Main rewards from chests in Castle Ravencaw, Cursed Pearl to Dragan’s Refuge (Difficult), a couple of Q&As have been added)
    Best regards,
    CM Greg and the DSO Moderation team
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  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    Some of you have reported that you have received no Weapon Adornments but rings, belt or amulets in the mini challenge of the Curse of the Black Knights event. The loot lists for these rewards are actually correct. The problem is the text description which is incorrect.

    It states: "Contains a random, legendary weapon adornment of your level, but the title is Legendary Jewelry".

    Under Legendary Jewelry the following items are understood: Weapon Adornments, Rings, Amulets, Belts

    Under Legendary Weapon you can expect the following items to appear: Main-hand weapons and off-hand weapons (Shields, Bucklers, Quivers, Spheres)
    Best regards,
    CM Greg and the DSO Moderation Team
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