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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by westernranger, Mar 8, 2020.

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  1. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    I dont really know where I should post this cuz I dont use forum, but current place seems to be right so...

    I did little calculator for currently any build* possible in this game (tho maybe there are like 1 or 2 items with weird/old enchants I didnt cover or smth else but this doesnt really matter).

    You can use it to
    - calculate some builds you wanna try but dont have needed items or craft,
    - for specific stats only (e.g. block rate, attack speed etc.),
    - to see what you gain and lose if you change some items in your current build (like you crafted or dropped new item and wanna see how its gonna change your stats and is it worth it).

    During creation I used real game stats to double check everything + my friends helped me to test it on other builds, so it works fine (yet if you find any errors try to leave comment on the file, I'll track that).

    Stats might be calculated with possible error ~0.7-1.5 cuz of values rounding, but it doesnt really matter.

    How to use it

    1. Download file (File -> Download -> Microsoft Excel) or copy it on your drive.
    2. When you open file, you can see 4 pages (BaseStats, Enchantments ...) where you can insert your values.
    I think its pretty obvious with all the comments there, where you should type what, but for OtherModifiers not everything might be clear, so I will add my notes what is what:
    3. When you added your values, you can check em in Result tab (if you are used to excel, all calcs are being made down below on this page, so you can try to fix bugs on your own if you find any).

    Expected average hit is your average damage, you can use it to see the difference between min/max damage lines on cloak and global damage increase.
    Damage index is your average damage multiplied by critical damage (scaling with crit. rate).

    Guess thats pretty much it.

    And yeah, I didnt add lines like movement speed, cooldown reduction, mana etc. cuz they are not that hard to calc.

    * - I didnt add offensive offhands enchantments cuz they are (and most likely always will be) a joke as a build choice (you wont get damage on the same level as 2h, the only thing you can gain is some hp from crit dmg crafts but its nothing in compare to block, 1h + shield at least gives you good defence).
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  2. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    For Armor & Resistance % use this formula for lev55 where:
    - X is the number of armor/resistances
    - d = (1+ 0,20 * infernal) for normal,...,fatal infernal=0
    - y is %

    6400 is the constant valid ONLY for lev55. The constant is different for every level but, for now, only lev55 is important

    y= (100 * x) / (x + 6400*d) and y=min(y,80)

    For example
    X = 32'041
    from normal to fatal) y = 3'204'100 / (32'041 + 6400*(1+0.20*0) = 83.35% ----> y = 80%
    infernal1) y = 3'204'100 / (32'041 + 6400*(1+0.20*1) = 80.665% ----> y = 80%
    infernal2) y = 3'204'100 / (32'041 + 6400*(1+0.20*2) = 78.14%
    infernal3) y = 3'204'100 / (32'041 + 6400*(1+0.20*3) = 75.78%
    infernal4) y = 3'204'100 / (32'041 + 6400*(1+0.20*4) = 73.55%
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  3. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    @Marsicanus oh I see, thx, I'll add it.

    Do you know scaling formula for crit/block rate? I can add like a field where you type difficulty, and you will see scaling stats for that difficulty.

    here is min(y, 80), but yeah, I think it would work.


    Added scaling for armor and resist.
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  4. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    My fault... y = min(y;80)

    I think it is something like
    y = x * c * (5 / (5 + d))
    y = min (y, 80)


    x = value
    c = constant = 0.005 ONLY for level 55 see your formula. you use 1/200 that is exactly 0.005
    y = %
    d = infernal factor where d= 0 for normal-...-lethal, 1 for infernal1, 2 for infernal 2 and so on

    For example
    X = 18'674
    from normal to fatal) y = 18'674 * 0.005 * (5/5) = 93.37% ----> y = 80%
    infernal1) y = 18'674 * 0.005 * (5/6) = 77.78%
    infernal2) y = = 18'674 * 0.005 * (5/7) = 66.67%
    infernal3) y = = 18'674 * 0.005 * (5/8) = 58.36%
    infernal4) y = = 18'674 * 0.005 * (5/9) = 51.91%
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  5. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    tyvm dude, it works, added that.

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  6. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    I'm not a guru, I'm looking for truth.
    I'm a Seeker
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