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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    The Moon events Full Moon and New Moon will soon receive makeovers. Our level and game designers are eager to hear what kind of ideas you have to make these events bigger and better.

    First one up for a makeover is the New Moon event


    1. Where could you imagine the map to become larger?
    2. What kind of enemy on the map do you like to fight against?
    3. What kind of enemy bothers you on the current map?
    4. How could you see the story evolve?
    5. In general, what would you like to see changing?​

    Best regards,
    CM Greg, Haruki & DSO Moderation Team
  2. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    1) Could you please reduce the glare in the newmoon map. There are sections of the map that are so bright that they give me headaches if I play the event for too long.

    2) I think it is better that the treant ranged attack flies in a straight line instead of homing in on the player. This gives the opportunity for players to employ skill in dodging the ranged attacks instead of either taking the attack or running back until it dissapears.

    3) Compared to the full moon event, the new moon event takes far far longer to collect enough fairy wood, and far more runs to full the progress bar for draken and scrolls. Could you please increase the fairy wood and fairy fire drops so that new moon does not take too long to complete, especially when newmoon falls on the weekdays far more than the weekend, thus people don't always have the time to devote many hours to the event during working days.

    4) In regards to the set, could you please consider adding a set bonus that is an absolute percent increase in critical. Ie it increases your critical percentage chance by 15%, regardless of your base critical hit value.

    5) This idea applies to new moon and full moon, but could you add some left side unique items that only drop on the night moon event maps? (Ie not during the day map which runs for almost the entire month.) This would encourage people to attend these events, not just for drakan, but also for some nice uniques that aren't rewarded by the progress bar.
  3. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Many Blackborg instances are too lean on wood drops, not enough tree creatures always dropping minimums, and Cribbi the cheapskate dropping only minimums. That might be designed in for marketing, but it still bites. Raise the minimum wood/map. Less than 80% of average is a rip off.

    There are still too many obstacles and snags to movement. Players need to be able to move, not be tripped up. Some junk you can run through, some you can't; graphics should represent the reality of the map. If it's big enough to block you, it should be big enough to cover you from hostile fire.

    If features don't have benefits, they are just clutter. Please finish what should be done, and ignore irrelevant possibilities.
    In that respect current minions and map are fine with me, but change is ok too.

    Level 50 gear with decent stats, defect free, would be a welcome surprise. Melts are boring. Cheap drops were supposed to be purged, remember?

    The story line on virgin sacrifice usually takes a turn, when the villagers run low on virgins. Then the heroes raid the source of the evil.
    => Pursue Karabossa after the kill. Raid Karabossa's liar in a map 2 continuation. Please, no mini event.
  4. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Map Size idea.

    There is a 3 way connection to the far right. The path that leads up to the right and dead ends can have a larger opening and path. This is where (once the new moon ecent is active) a mini boss that spawns the spiders line the Dwarven Hiest that spawn when the Kristoffer type of mob does the drill from down under. This boss could drop the weapon where as karbosa drops the reworked gear. After killing him the Virgin quest becomes active. The story line is that since the witches lost him they need to sacrifice a virgin to make up for the loss. Upon entering the quest gives explain strange brews are upon us. Help me I pray to uncover what the witches are up to. The quest to save the Virgin is now part of her text when she is kilt she will respawn. Once saved you have to got back to the start for the (re) quest.

    Only part I hate is the freeze when you enter into the area where the Virgin is. The client freezes for a moment.
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  5. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    same map,
    5 bosses
    you save the virgin when u enter to start the timer,
    you need to kill all creatures before the time is up,you can only spawn Karabossa when all creatures are killed and you still have time on the clock.(if you fail you must exit map and start again)

    Karabossa will drop an amount of draken depending on your time.(and other goodies,like permanent emotes,anderment,stacks of gold,always a legend ect..)
    no need to collect fairywood anymore.:D:D
  6. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    Hope mini bosses with random enchantments are added to moon events. And please make sure they drop a minimum blue drop and not crappy whites.

    The Chaser set was fine for all classes before and the rework must enhance the critical hit rate drastically. The unique drop rate from Karabossa was fine and hope the same continues.

    Please increase the fairy wood drop in Blackborg. The three mini bosses in Blackborg(day) must drop a minimum of 20x Fairy wood or 20x from one and 10x from the other two. Many players stop farming wood or don't get time to farm wood and few of them run out of realm fragments farming Blackborg 30+ times to get all the wood to finish event. This has made many players stop playing new moon event.
    If the drop rates aren't increased after the rework too then players are gonna do new moon again until they get the unique set and again quit the new moon until the next rework.

    For the stroy:
    The witches at Blackborg are in an allaince with the Lor'Tac Shamans!!!!
    Both the Blackborg witches and Lor'Tac shamans are known to have been corrupted by andermagic and both the cults are involved in Human sacrifices. Lor'Tac Shamans learn about Blackborg and the Fariy queen Karabossa from the scrolls that they stole at dwarf expedition camp. The Shamans somehow reach blackborg and meet the witches there and form an Allaince. 5 Elite shamans were sent to blackborg and they settle there with the witches and share their knowledge on witchcraft.
    Soon these 5 Elite Shamans take lead of the witches of Blackborg and they keep gaurd of Blackborg during night along with the witches.
    Together the Elite shamans of Lor'Tac and Witches of Blackborg make Karabossa much stronger.
    Fairy Queen Karabossa grows so strong that she creates a male companion from the strong andermagic she posses.
    The new companion is a SCORPITL that is spawned whenever Karabossa feels her life is being drained. (This resembles Balor spawning Herald).
    Karabossa doesn't spawn tiny spiders anymore but spawns a Scorpitl 3 times during the fight. The scorpitl forms a clone during the second spawn and forms 2 clones during the final spawn. The scorpitl will have similar HP and damage as that of elite scorpitls in Lor'Tac.
    The stronger Karabossa asks for more sacrifices to sustain the newly attained power.
    There will be 3 virgin sacrifices during the New moon and each of these virgins are from different regions of Dracania (A human, An Atlantian and one from Lor'Tac). One of the three sacrfices are garuded strongly and the other 2 have low gaurd (random at different instances).
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  7. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Event and Non-event times:
    -Remove unnceccesary obstacles that slows your run.
    -Make mobs more visible.
    -Reduce the brightness.
    -Start adding mob champions, everywhere. They are great addition to the game.
    -Dont force the player pick little drops every time he kills a mob. It's wasting time and is really painfull. Example - Merissa sends her pet after you to collect and get it back to her (the story can be twisted around this easily).

    Non-event time:
    -Add a big quest that will unfold untill you get all the wood. With rewards/preperation drops for the Event time.
    -Add a boss at the end of the map, to make the runs more valuable.
    -Actually give this boss some good drops. (Dont make him ordinary champion)

    Event time:
    -Let each type of weapon/off-weapon to drop from Karabossa/Vargulf. Vargulf longbow is totally useless.
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  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Already mentioned, but I'll reinforce it. Farming for the full moon event is easy. You can get two stacks of silver ess in a matter of 3-6 hours and that is enough for almost anyone to finish the event. On the other hand, farming enough wood to complete the new moon event's progress bar takes about 10 hours if you are lucky and a lot more realm frags.

    Another thing:
    It is possible to earn additional scrolls in the new moon event to summon the boss. It would be nice if there were a way to farm extra vials in the full moon event other than through the progress or the two quests that have one as a reward.
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  9. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    1. Where could you imagine the map to become larger?
    I played a 2d rpg long time ago dragon warrior monsters or some sort where the name of the main char was coby. each time coby went into diff realms it would be a random generated, the sheer amount of maps that simple 2d game had made my head spin lol. Small maps but many, well for DSO that would be impossible, and I would rather have DSO rework current maps. Where to expand? well unless DSO plans to rework the diff realms into new story lines, i am not sure how they will expand. if they do want to expand, the top left edge of the full moon map where it pans into pointy sort of cliff has a wonderful view, if there was some way to jump into an adjacent floating island or just walk thro some invisible stairs in the air into some floating landcape, it would be cool, well for the current dynamics they could just place an arrow there(lol) or keep expanding the land making sure to take advantage of the sky and waters below to make breathtaking visuals.
    For the new moon map, I dont like it much, expanding it will be tough, maybe it could lead into a sort of underground passage which leads to a city or lair or whatever as seen fit for a story expansion.

    2. What kind of enemy on the map do you like to fight against?
    The wolves on fullmoon seem to be good, i like them. the newmoon map i like the living tree trunks or whatever they are supposed to be.

    3. What kind of enemy bothers you on the current map?
    The new moon map the stupid little creatures(probably witches?) backing away and firing something, they are not really strong enuf to kill, or even impede mobility, they just irritate. reminds me of Sw's no offence meant to Sw's. anyways wish they were made more witch like with flying and broomsticks and larger figures . currently they are more like lil irritating pipsqueaks. the gnomes or even smaller scurrying creatures are irritating too.
    For fullmoon, i dont really find any monster which irritates me the wolves are okayish but i like them

    4. How could you see the story evolve?

    I would dare BP to think for their own, imagine something brilliant and surprise us(pleasantly). As for me I would like somehow for vampires to be introduced into the full moon map, no full moon is complete without werewolves,vampires and us puny humans. if dso has a vision of really expanding on those events, creating a storyline... there could be a town...people who need to be saved, vampires, werewolves.... who is the villain?

    The newmoon storyline is just stupid and i would rather it be changed. but since it wont be, well, maybe if they implement something underground, then we could somehow discover the history of the spider boss karbossa? maybe we are just fighting his chained and shackled version? maybe someone in the dark is controlling him? but i would rather it not be linked to lortac.

    5. In general, what would you like to see changing?

    map, scope, story, gameplay, new (useful for all classes)unique sets, less grinding time, more interesting times.
  10. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    The concepts of both maps are good, but there are two big frustrations with the moon events. The biggest heartache is their absolute repetition. Its never different, it's never new. No matter what you do to the map or the mobs, it will get old fast if it is the same every time. When you have to do a map 50+ times in one month it becomes stale and a task instead of pleasure. The second is frustration with working hard during that limited time and still not being able to get what you want. Then you have to wait for a month to try again. So change those things....

    Randomize maps. Make it so every entry is to a differently configured map by making tiles where the paths fit together no matter how they are arranged, then randomize the tile placement. A 3 by 3 grid or 2 by 4 grid would accomplish this, You could make 20-25 different tiles from which those 8 or 9 would be randomly selected and provide a great level of variability.

    Add a rabbit
    ; a randomly placed mob that runs away when attacked. He should be difficult to spot and wont run till hit, but then darts away. He should drop something fun and useful each time he is hit making you want to give chase, but he runs further into the map which will agro new mobs to attack you. If he gets too far away or is not hit often enough he "escapes." If you hit him enough times he should die, not from HP but from number of hits and drop something cool if killed.

    Add a repetition drop
    that when enough are collected allows you to access a challenge of some kind or a locked part of the map that drops higher amounts of event items. Call it a bonus for running the map enough times. Like Julov, but accessible when you earn it, not when it randomly pops up.

    Minimize PRNG frustration. Each boss kill should count towards some total. Once you reach the total you should be able to buy the item you want from Shady jon on the event map. No one should have to kill the boss for 6 months to get a specific item because the random number generator was hatin.

    TO answer your question directly
    1. Where could you imagine the map to become larger?
    Doesn't need to be bigger, just randomly different.
    2. What kind of enemy on the map do you like to fight against?
    Ones that offer a reward for killing.
    3. What kind of enemy bothers you on the current map?
    The trees hit you without any opportunity to avoid damage and being slowed down is annoying.
    4. How could you see the story evolve?
    Karaboosa executed her witches because of continuous failure. The maps are now filled with phantoms and ghosts that steal life and summon other undead. The forests were burned and the trees use fireballs to keep trespassers out.
    5. In general, what would you like to see changing?
    See suggestions above.
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  11. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    More narrow maps are easier to be ran. Karabossa map is easy because you just follow a path. Vargulf map is not easy because you have to open mini-map very, very, very often to track where you are. This gets even more extreme in Cradle of Death where everything is dark, on top of that the hero light makes it worse.

    More narrow maps, without obstacles to slow your run. High quality quest that will carry you through many runs (preferably 10 part quest or so, for example).

    Like BigPapa said,
    sometimes you simply dont have time when the event comes, thus you miss it. So you have to wait another month with the hope you will have time, and with the hope you will get the drop.
    Adding something to ensure you can get the drop is favorable.

    Don't place the bets over RNG, but rather place them on player efforts.
    Player A kill's Karabossa for the first time and get a drop.
    Player B kill's Karabossa for 100th time and still no drop. Player B invested many resources without a reasonable profit, this kills the excitement of the game, as we allready are suffering from it since the beggining of DSO.
    This mechanic, where the system values and rewards player efforts, can later be enhanced even more for even better DSO expirience.

    DSO is going in the right direction lately. Implementing a good mechanic regarding drop rates and what the player has done to try get them, will be very beneficial and will hugely increase the gameplay expirience.
    Map run's wont be this booring because you know, the more you do it, the more you increase your chances.
  12. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    1. Nowhere. The map is very linear with a few jump point. I wish more maps would be like this.

    2. Spiders, let the witches summon spiders and bring more Karabossa fights, maybe a hard version or 3 of them? Maybe bring some iced trees that are hard tell apart from normal winter trees.

    3. Gnomes, they are over used and don’t fit in the art style.

    4. Please stop using the damsel in distress plot. It belongs in the last millennium in my opinion. Instead let an easy form of Karabossa jump out of the fire where the sacrifice ritual was done and afterwards that spirit retreat to the boss battle ground. Players can choose to play the hard version afterwards or not.

    5. I would like to see an iced lake on the map like in the frost cradle. Maybe with the former damsel frozen in?
    I also would like to do about the same farming for both moon events. Now I need 2 farming runs for the full moon event and 30 to 40 for the new moon event, which does not make sense.
    I also would like to see the bonfires burn at event time. They look boring now, some fire and ice contrast please.

    Thanks for asking!
  13. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Small mobs are not really hard to hit, they are annoying. You kill them all just to see 1 of them is still attacking you. Sometimes you have to receive 2-3 hits just to notice your health is going down. Yes, you notice them because they dammage you, not because you saw them.
    Little monsters are simply annoying.

    We dont want to kill little spiders, we want to kill badass looking monsters that look powerfull. Your character feels powerfull because you killed a powerfull looking beast.
    Your character does not feel powerfull by killing mini-little-tiny-itsy-bitsy spiders.

    It's noticable that DSO is full of little monsters.
    There is no need for them. They just feel wrong and they do not add pleasure to the gameplay, nor challenge.
  14. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    Collecting fairy fire is just unbearable.Why? can farm scrolls from the quests don't need too many scrolls to farm karabossa nonstop if you in a team
    3.full moon is far more suitable to farm draken
    so,why making new moon progress so unbearable cuz nothing worth the effort after the 4 or 5 reward in the progress.
    CHANGE that please
  15. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    Regarding the New Moon picture, the one with the fetching young lass bound to a stake with a spider crawling up her thigh: seems the big monster on the left looks, uhm, busy *enjoying* his catch. Ie, look straight down from the monster's face, to his 'middle' leg, and tell me he doesn't look like he's doing something naughty.

    I dunno. Maybe I'm just having a Freudian moment.
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  16. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    My other post is all the way at the start, so I am just putting this extra recommendation separate otherwise I'm worried it will be missed.

    Could you please add extra ability champion monsters to both the day and night newmoon / fullmoon maps that drop bonus resources towards the event? I.e in the day event for newmoon they drop 20-30wood (or whatever amount you believe is balanced) and in the night map they drop 5-10 fire or something. It would be a nice way to include a challenge that rewards the players in context of the event :)
  17. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    at times the drop from minibosses are just pure coins... please factored in some guaranteed drops like Sigris's blue ...
  18. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Yes, I agree with you.

    Games run on many illusions.
    After we kill the boss, or any boss, the drop table feels close to one of an ordinary monster, or should I say, the magnitude of the drop table.
    In my opinion, killing a well tough mob should result in a sea of drop items. The number of items droped must be bigger than an ordinary mob. The quality of this items depends and I wont say what additional drop items should be added, but 10-20 pink ess seems reasonable to put it as an option. This feature is crafted on illusion, again. Sometimes they are good thing.

    When I kill a boss, I feel amazing to see all those coins, because for half a second I see them as "alot of drop", this feels nice.
    Would be awesome to add some more variety to the drop table of the Moon Event Bosses (and all others hehe).
  19. TheDe4thTr4nce

    TheDe4thTr4nce Someday Author

    It's about the Eternal Youth quest.
    I suggest to change the appearance of the victim every time we enter Blackborg, sometimes blonde, sometimes Asian, chubby, even an ugly one, whatever.. etc. at least we could see that the village still has plenty spare other than that one and only virgin ever :confused:. Even better if each different victim gives different type and amount of prizes, depending on the rarity of their emergence.. andermants, draken (1,10,100), leg items, or maybe unique??.:rolleyes:
  20. Willhand

    Willhand Forum Greenhorn


    Story : The heresy of Nefertari is looking for centuries ways to unite the world of Ander with Dracania.This time, in an ancient underground chamber in the region of Nahuatlan one of the high priests of the sect, finds an old ritual written by god Mortis himself which states that a powerfull dimension rift can be performed during the new moon on mountain of witches since everything that says the ancient manuscript is solemnized and a virgin is sacrificed with royal blood.

    Strategy of event : Kill the four Mini Bosses in the four areas of the map. Kill the high priest in the main room before he completes the ritual and sacrifices the virgin.

    Details : By entering the event map a ritual is activated and fills a progress bar in the top right corner of the screen (same as the soul bar in Mortis). You have limited time to prevent the high priest from sacrificing the virgin in the sealed central area and therefore completing the ritual. In order to get access to high priest you have to kill the four mini Bosses first at four different areas of the map.

    The time limit to complete the ritual is 15 minutes.

    The high priest needs 5 minutes to read each of the 3 pages of the ritual. Both type and rareness of the unique equipment you will recieve depend on the page he reads and the moment he gets attacked.

    See Ritual Proggress Bar :

    * Drop rate of fairy wood during the day is increased by 50%.

    * All 4 mini bosses drop 10, 25 or 60 fairy woods .

    * More pots for fairy fires during the night and the big pot has chance to drop 60 fairy fires with double fairy woods.

    *In this version of new moon event ,there is no defense, no buff and no scroll for summon boss.



    Defensive unique set for warrior :

    Aggressive unique set for warrior version 1.0 :

    Aggressive unique set for warrior version 2.0 + Unique weapon :

    Created by Willhand
    Editing by Opalsion
    Special thanks to my guild ShadowKnightsGR for supporting me.
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