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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by Sunlight, Oct 29, 2018.

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  1. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    i bought that custome for anders... and i don´t find it more outrageous ^^"
  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Regular

    I would like to know where to find one, because I need a few :D before/after RL no matter (daily deal hits me just with mounts for ages)
  3. darkwarss

    darkwarss Forum Apprentice

    What are you even talking about? Like what... you wanna get instant level 55 when you create your character? LOL :D You can do painful difficulty with even purple items and trash gems if you wanted to. Painful mode currently is even easier I think, cause infernal 4 came out. Also you shouldn't be rushing things & I don't know how you are a new player, playing in the test server.
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum General

    because it's a 2Hand set and 1hand beats everything in pvp, specifically cube set
  5. Looks like they will introduce a new currency that will be connected with Collector's Bag:

    I couldn't find what this "altered crescerite" is used for:

    I assume it's for collector's bag(could be wrong):
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  6. darkwarss

    darkwarss Forum Apprentice

    Its used to upgrade pets. There is also 1 more currency I think, aside from that one.
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  7. rick123

    rick123 Forum Greenhorn

    players who register in the new pvp system, must compete only with each other, players who register in the pvp of the set of the cube, you must copetir only between si, and players 2h set you must compete with each other, the players, fitting to the player choose the system that wants to do pvp or adventure in the other categories of pvp. I hope it teaches my idea
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Both Joker gems and runes should be working. I have them in my inventory but I can't use them because there is an idiot midget asking me for Anacampseros form Duria ... but those quests are so much boring that committing suicide would be looking as celebration. So I can't use them on workbench.



    1x Refiner on live server is worth 40x silver coin
    1x Refiner on TS is worth 1x gold

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  9. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    It seems you don't understand my post. Sorry for that, English is not my native language too. I hope I state it clearly this time. I'm not actually a new player. I have almost 2 yrs old lvl55 dwarf in live server and can solo all infernal 2 bosses (except mortis), I can also solo some inf3 bosses. I also have all other classes on low level. I also played this on 2013 when the level cap is 40 but stop. So I also know what DSO is back then.

    I open a character in Test Server to try what 213/214 could actually offer because the write ups from the announcement looks great at least to me. I'm also on a stand not to change the current PVP Arena instead add another Gearless Arena/MOBA or whatever they want to add.

    Why I shouldn't? it's a test server.

    Yes exactly, and thanks for adding that. Could actually a new player care to do that, farm for purple items and do painful runs? And the reward for that quest (Disaster to Master) is just a crafting recipe, no quest experience, no andermants, no gold, just crafting recipe. Those are 9 quest in total. Is there anything special a new player could get doing painful and above difficulty? So what's the purpose they put that quest in painful and above difficulty? Cash grab on new players? Could their method works? Maybe on some but most likely NOT specially if they go on MOBA's path. (By the way, as an old player I could actually do painful just using a full green gear. ;))

    If BP/DSO don't change their money making model and how they treat their players. Old players are leaving little to no new players are coming. What's next then?

    I hope i'm wrong and be happy to be wrong. I still wish for the wellness of DSO/BP.

    It seems additional reward has been added

    Still don't you think the quest should be given in normal difficulty? I understand that quest introduce the player of the crafting ingredients and drops is available at painful and above difficulty.

    What I suggest is the quest must be given in normal difficulty to accomodate new players. However the drops gets high as you go on higher difficulty so the old players have a reason to farm on higher difficulty.
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  10. primal

    primal Forum Greenhorn

    primal said:
    Hello,trakilaki ! Do you know: can we shell to use the Jewels of Enchantment after patch 213/214?
    Apologize for my bad english
    Thank you for the answer,trakilaki
    I am asking about Jewel of Enchantment- a stone which replace 1 gem-for example sacred rubin​
  11. Aktivist-Odessa

    Aktivist-Odessa Forum Greenhorn

    Questions to devs:

    1. What is to be done about runes which give 10% health etc.? It seems as the minimal rune will be 20%, so how can we use our one or two 10% runes after release? Where to get the third rune to craft 20%?

    2. The exchange rate of celerity runes. Why mighty rune of 8%, which needs 27 small runes to create, and only 4 of them are availably monthly (so half of a year is needed), will be changed into 12\6% rune - and this one can be created multiply every single Vargholm event if you have minimal persistence and luck?

    3. Why me, who used two runes of 12% + rune of enhancement to create 16%, will get the same rune out of it, as the lazy guy who did only one 12%? We both will get the same 16/8% new rune. Do you think it is good and fair deal?
  12. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Joker gem= Jewel of Enchantment

    Dailybuild_907,random kicking from game are still present, will that be fixed? It is very funny when you get kicked back to town from new map, and have limited access per day
  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum General

    so they made legendary king set another pointless set?The cape seems useless
  14. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    Best release ever!!!!!

    This is the best release that could ever be put in this game. I just love the idea of a pvp where skills matter.
    Although I hope they give us 20% run speed more and maybe 1,40-1,60 atack speed as base stats no matter what.
    In rest the pvp should be at first like this and with time they should evolve it, but gear should not matter as much is matter now.

    I do hope this is implemented and DSO never forget that this forum does not represent the full community.
    Many don't even bother commenting since they may feel that their word or vote won't make a difference, or they don't have the time to do so.

    As far as I saw comments on youtube, facebook groups, etc , there are many who are up for this upcoming patch as I am.

    I hope this patch won't get delayed and will come right on the live servers as fast as possible.

    Btw: I think heal of dk might need a nerf in the future, maybe idk. Need to see it first.
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  15. darkwarss

    darkwarss Forum Apprentice

    It's not random. Maps that kick you out to city are disabled.
  16. JamesFDelaney

    JamesFDelaney Forum Apprentice

    Where is the point of gearless pvp, problems will remain the same, infinity stuns, EDIT up range, regen of hp, 3v1 fight (midgets) and etc?? So zero problems solved for me.

    If anybody mentioned this - good, I read only first pages of this topic here.

    Did anyone test the pvp in TS? My point is right or pvp is balanced there? (preffer the test character to be ranger 55lvl)
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  17. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    I said kick from game (not map), and if you are waiting to long to finaly log again you are respawned back to town.A lot of players are getting random kick from game (when you get kicked from game you cannot open forum page aswell) on live server,and problem is not solved on TS.
  18. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    The only good point i find with this new pvp update concept is that now the pvp buff : 25% increased damage, will now be very important and have some serious effect.

    I mean with a full dmg gear someone could reach a 120%-150& increased dmg buff so an extra 25% wont rll matter. (If u have 20k dmg in pvp a 25% incr dmg will make u like => 22500 dmg , its like 10%-13% more dmg) while if u have 0% incr dmg from gear then this 25% incr dmg will be a 25% more dmg not 10%-13%.

    I totally disagree of making pve useless in pvp but at least a player that have spended 5-7 years to have his pvp buffs almost full, will have really some advanatge comparing to a newby 1-2 months gameplay.

    So my point is that if u make pvp gearless at least make pvp points and rank more usefull, put more pvp stats increases and pther pvp stuff so ppl will have at least the motivation to " farm " in pvp.....
  19. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    and i say the the dwarf healing should also be removed.

    What do you mean base 1,60 speed ????? its fight of base stats are you ok m8 ? you said one thing then you said the completely opposite.
    put your mind together
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum General

    perhaps they could use the pvp honor tree to replace the things they are intending to deactivate

    The honor tree is going to remain the same, right?

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