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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by Sunlight, Oct 29, 2018.

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  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    There is a solution to all this. Bigpoint has chose the new players over the old. I do not know one new player that would have any thing if an old player had not helped them. Do not sign up for PVP make them wait hours for a match. Sign up for 1v1 then never go to the arena let them stand there for 50 crowns. Do not group or help anyone with their PW's that has played less then 2 or 3 years. If there is someone in your guild that has played less then 3 years kick them out. Bigpoint has made this new players versus old players fine make it that way. Bigpoint may not like the old players but they need them. Any player that been playing less then 2 or 3 years put them in your ignore list.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ah yes ... this forum is irrelevant because it covers the whole rest of the world 8 billion people ... Russian and German community as largest communities don't count too ... but Burkina Faso's community with 2 players count. So whatever the other communities say they are not representing the majority because Burkina Faso's 2 players have voted differently.
    Looks like fair deal to me :)
    Exactly ... that is why you created your account yesterday so you can give your feedback on things that you wanted to say but never really bothered to say in the past.
    Well guess what ... in democratic societies people who are no going to vote have no right to complain about the outcome. Next time be more vigilant and active.

    Yes. Jewel of Enhancement and Rune of Enhancement are Joker gem/rune
  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So you take this out to the new players who have nothing to do with it instead of those actually responsible for this
    I hope some old players aren't garbage humans like you

    Also yes, unfortunately old players who have everything and as such, do not need to shop, are not needed by BP as much as the new players

    A new player is basically a new, unspoiled lands, rich with resources to exploit
    An old player is an already exploited land that have exausted its resources and it can't be exploited any more with a profit

    If they wanted to exploit old players they would have done something like adding new rune and gem tiers, increasing level caps, increasing crafting costs,ecc.

    It's the harsh reality of the situation
  4. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    yes that is correct.. This is Bigpoints choice not mine. Bigpoint is the one exploiting the old players. I do not know one newbie that would have tier6 gear unless an old player grouped with them. If you want what old players have go start farming.
  5. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    I'm free to say whatever I want, as you are :)
  6. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    So if you don't vote you don't have any rights you have just obligations, you need only to pay for the one that vote in the past. This is a big problem for many society's this days a minority that vote and usually that minority are mediocre humans mentain control over majority that pay and they don't vote because they understand that you don't have what to vote and if you vote nothing will change.
    Old thinking come from old people and we all see the results, in game and not only.
    The way I see things is you agree or you go and stop to pay that and that translate in emigration to other games and not only.
    Sure you will leave some investments behind, some friends but you will have a better life and the investments on long terms. Will. Be much smaller that if you have stay.
    I guess those that are so mean with other nations are called natzy and this is not the first time when you do that but let me tell you something, that make you a small little frustrated man that protect a small and greedy developer.
    And I'm so. Idiot that I waist my time to write on this forum after I quit the game and when I know that nothing will come good from Dso. This game is almost died and is heart is still beating because there are people that have invest huge amounts of money and they can't give up on that character that is like his baby for them.
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  7. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    i just logged in to upvote this true old school pro gamer comment
    gearless pvp is not perfect but its the basis for a better pvp
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  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    So it looks like the exchange rates are fluctuating on TS... If so I will continue to monitor them.

    Feedback: I'm finding the high crafting costs off-putting especially for new characters. I created a new TS character (a spellweaver) to test the update - the introductory Mathew allthings quests crafting the collectors boots is too expensive in my opinion.
  9. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    As far as I see, most of the people enjoy pvp more than pve and pvp seems to be the reason of them playing this game.

    So again they should make pvp better and separate it from pve since people don't like pve is logic to make pvp separate and improve it.
    And those who like pve more can continue playing and have fun in pvp too.

    I will take for example [EDIT]. I'm not a pro in [EDIT], but I'm not bad either. In [EDIT] I have bought save the world which is pve and when I get bored of pve I do pvp too [EDIT].

    I like in save the world that there we get vbucks to buy costumes in [EDIT].

    In a way like this they should try to make pve and pvp complete each other... Not everything you farm in pve to apply in pvp.

    This is just my humble opinion :)
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  10. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Q: Why we can use our event entries only when the event is active

    A: Yes, you can use them only when the Event is active as the bosses on map Circus Monstrorum are not adjusted, so they won't drop any loot. So it's not a final decision that These items can only be used with an active Event but it's Need to be adjusted first otherwise the Players would consume These items for no reason.

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  11. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Thats a very good statement AS FAR AS YOU SEE to show you another side from my point of view theres far more ppl enjoying pve more than pvp. Yes they like pvp too but they go there for enterteiment. And they have fun on pvp because of the gear/gems/runes items theyve farmed / crafted. Nobody wants to struggle in pvp. And i understand that u stopped playing because u had to craft new gear and u dont like to farm. Another thing is that u say u were top5 on heredur i understand in pvp and i belive u ( sorry i play on heredur never heard of u :D ) So when the new gearless arena comes i understand u will be back to play again. Now continuing that thought if any new player will be able to fight in arena without farming with the same gear as u ( skill based ) and the elo system will be restared they will encounter you "arena bot" as i call the type of player that i understand u are. And now tell me how this is supposed to encourage them to play pvp ? U will do nothing but arena day by day so basicly u are the last needed kind of player that BP wants to attrack. U will be meaningless to the game overview u need no premium, u will not farm, u will not help anyone u will not buy anything so as a summary pls explain to me why ur comeback and the types of u is good for the game ? And why the new changes in pvp are good ? ( of course in the way they are on ts right now )
  12. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    I will come back in the game like I said. Is up to bp to add stuffs that I need in premium to make me buy it.
    Is not something that I have to think of, is their job to make me buy their stuffs.
    The game doesn't need me? Ofc 1 person does not matter, but when it comes to more and more it matters.

    DJBarman We meet in 3v3 few times, you weren't hard to beat, but you usually played in team with a ranger forgot his name (something with 'K' i think idk I stoped 5 months ago playing) and that made the fight harder since usually I played without team (not trying to provoke a fight now of who is better etc).

    If people like pve thats good to know, I like it too, but not as much as to have to farm so much as it requires to be on top. I was on top and I know how much farm needs and luck on this crafts, and is very frustrating that to prove your skills and enjoy the game you need to farm a lot.

    I want to play dso bcs of its pvp, not pve ( is my choice what game I want to play since many kids like to say that if we don't like how this game is we should go play other games etc). If my and others opinion can change the game a bit then I will say it since I like this game.

    So I'm looking forward to the release and I'm sure that this is a good step regarding the pvp. Its complicate to fix the pvp since there is a lot of things to take in consideration such as items, skills, players way of using this stuffs. And people complain about it a lot, but if they nerf a class then again it will be problem for the other part, but now with this change, the stats of the player won't be a problem and bp can adjust the skills better ( ofc there will be mistakes, but I bet that it will be easier for them to try and make some more equality).
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    EDIT that's why you are targeting noobs
    As a matter of fact, i only help newbies of my guild, i do not help strangers, i think they should be pulling themselves by their bootstraps, so it's your fault that you decided to help newbies

    As a matter of fact, those who carry newbies in infernal 3 have created noobs' entitlement, you didn't help them, you simply went there to boast your power, not out of altruism

    You should instead told them to actually start farming maps, without doing the bosses, and start crafting

    What you're doing is taking your butthurt and your frustration on newbies who haven't done anything wrong
    no, Bp is exploiting new players, old players have already been exploited, so they're useless in their eyes, they have no more value to extract, they're like depleted mines, stop acting like a victim, you allowed yourself to be exploited, you should have remained a free player

    I do not care about your anedoctes

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  14. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    The theft of the sapphires is unconscionable. And it is theft, plain and simple. Pretty sleazy and degenerate.

    Now I know nobody on the BP side cares but for this one issue, there is simple logic.
    1. It was a bad idea to remove the sapphires originally, and you guys know this. Look at the complaints against "old" players having such an unfair advantage. Well BP, perceived or otherwise, you introduced this disadvantage.
    2. Simple solution, since you made the one mistake, simply correct it by re-introducing sapphires, and leaving the speed runes alone. This would remove the perceived disadvantages and eventually balance out the attack speed concerns. As a bonus, essence would be consumed faster by ALL players, potentially increasing your profits.

    But nope, you chose to double down on stupid and greedy, angering the players owning sapphires, as well as those with crafted speed runes. Equalizing misery is never the wise choice, and while I want to say it is yet another BP blunder, is is just disgusting theft.

    I have no comment on the other changes at this time.
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  15. I think the original idea of removing Sapphires was to make Onyx's useful. However, that could and was fixed by simply introducing transfer crafting..

    I agree, I don't see why they had to remove Sapphires. If a player chooses to sacrifice critical rate or even damage for more attack speed, they should be allowed to do so. Bring em' back and let players who have them, keep them... it's not like it will matter in PvP anyways haha :)
  16. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Sorry u misunderstood me i dont know u because i dont play arena ( no drop from opponents ) im one of the ppl ive described if u even met me in arena its a miracle :D and if in 3v3 thats even more than a miracle :D and u have a good memory better than mine i see because it had to be like 5-6 mnts ago :D im no pvp star but try to build a better char than me :D there are different kinds of lets say "level" of players one is the kind that describes a good player for his abilities in pvp and the other side where ppl look at ur char stats, the work youve put in, etc etc im one of the stats buffs so pvp scores mean nothing to me :D show me ur gems runes items etc etc and tell me how did u get them and ill understand ur value ( general concept not directed personally to you ) BUT THATS JUST ME

    aaa btw no chance ill pick up a fight with anybody about pvp as ive said im tragic at pvp :D to make me play serious arena they would have to implement some kind of "arena event" smth like Hellenic olympics was it called dont remeber so long ago that when u won a match u were rewarded some coins that had stuff in them :D
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  17. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    So, new moon event started, but i dont see why to play this event if runes will be removed from pvp. My char is already strong enough in pve, and already have good speed runes,drakens and event items, so why bother? ?

    For me, this possibble changes killed this event, i think i go to have some beer :)
  18. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Because they dont matter NOW u dont know what they will do LATER
  19. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    Regarding the proposed changes to PvP. This seems to be THE most
    controversial feature of the update.

    I would recommend the Devs give us two options, running side by side.
    Players could then choose to play the current way, in arenas using
    all their items and gems, or battle in the proposed nerfed arenas.

    The Devs can then monitor the popularity of each battle type over a few months
    To see what the players prefer.

    This is safest to avoid the risk of many abandoning the game. Everyone can play PvP how they want.
  20. GχТнeВдтмди

    GχТнeВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    DjBarman my gems were full royals offensive and for defensive I had sacred and some royals with good runes also (rank grandmarshall since I'm a pvp fanatic xd) and the gems were made by farm(not that I had a choice in order to get strong, can't spend money on anything), few buyed. But I chose to stop with my warrior 5 months ago because no fun = no reason to play, and fun is as long as I can play pvp relaxed, not where I need to go on again in pve and waste so much time for other 4x gold items, I just couldn't take this boring farm..

    And yah I have a good memory :)
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