Suggestion Compilation of ideas DSO needs: Wishing Wells, Auction House, Guild Halls, etc.

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Which of these ideas would you like to see in-game? (Can choose more than one)

  1. Cash sink: Wishing Well

    7 vote(s)
  2. Cash sink: Auction House

    8 vote(s)
  3. Cash sink: Guild Halls

    10 vote(s)
  4. New Area: Imperial Tiger Empire

    6 vote(s)
  5. New Area: Parallel World Dracania

    7 vote(s)
  6. New Class: Imperials

    5 vote(s)
  7. New Class: Atlanteans

    6 vote(s)
  8. PVP: Tournament Standard

    1 vote(s)
  9. Misc: Freaking change M'edusa to Medusa

    6 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    This is a compilation of ideas Drakensang Online needs. If you wish to contribute, drop the link of your suggestion below and I will add it with the rest of our collective forum ideas. Creators are credited.

    Table of Contents:


    1.1 Wishing Well - A substitute for Jesters. Uses only gold and excludes the use of Andermant to avoid predatory-corporate schemes and legal issues.
    • Available upon reaching level 30.
    • Unlocked in Kingshill and Imperial Lotus (new region idea, see below).
    • Features no drawing board where players guess. Rewards are random from gold to any other currency reward, essences to mount, emote, costume, gems and to stacks of Andermants.
    • Sacrifice gold coins in the wishing well and it spits out rewards for you.
    1.2 Auction House - a hub where players can trade, barter items and goods with other players. Sample image.

    • Overview
      • Auction House is available for players from the starting level of 40.
      • The Auction House is located in the busy ports of Imperial Lotus, the capital city of the Imperial Tiger Empire. The region is unlocked once the player finishes the (Durian) Parallel Worlds Questline by Ammon.
      • All items in the auction house are exchanged with any in-game currency, excluding Andermants but is heavily influenced by gold through listing fees.
      • Gems, runes, spirit stones, mounts, pets, and costumes cannot be traded; Glyphs, Trohpy points and Andermant cannot be exchanged. (These exemptions allows DSO to remain in control a part of the market while handing over the economy over to the players.)
      • Players can now buy items from other classes to stimulate the economy. However, they cannot use said items nor loot them.
    • Search
      • The Auction House menu primarily houses 3-window sections:
        • Selection, where players can select the item they desire.
        • Buy, where players bid.
        • Sell, where players sell their goods.
      • Players can search for offers by pressing the "Search" button in the "Buy" section or by selecting the correspeding category in the "Selection" section. The search can be sorted by time remaining, bid price, item category, levels and currency price.
      • On the uppermost section of the Auction House features a History log where players can track their personal market history.
    • Placing a bid
      • To place a bid, select an item to bid on, then enter the number of currency you are willing to bid. If someone outbids you while you are online, you will receive a notice in notification log (located on your left side of the screen) and your currency will be refunded instantly.
      • If you are offline at that time, you will instead receive a notification with the refunded currency attached.
      • Take note and claim item notifications and all its attachments from the Auction House. All unclaimed items will be purged in 14 days. Purged item notifications cannot be recovered.
    • Auction Time Thresholds
      • Very Short: less than 5 minutes
      • Short: 5 minutes - 1 hour
      • Medium: 1 hour - 6 hours
      • Long: 6 hours - 12 hours
      • Very Long: 12 - 36 hours
    • Increments
      • When outbidding another player, the minimum increment is 5% of the current bid.
      • There are no decimal points during the exchange. System prioritizes first bid in case of similar bids.
    • No buyout option and no private trading between players
      • This is is to prevent black market within the game and in-real life and to protect player interest and health. (There are real life incidents of kidnapping, abuse and bullying between real-life human beings over a virtual item. We won’t risk that.)
    • Putting an item up for sale.
      • Placing an item up for sale incurs a listing fee in gold. Players are not refunded when they withdrew their listed item or if their item is sold. Meaning, if the item does not sell, the listing fee is lost, but the item is returned to the seller.
      • The longer the item is in auction or the higher the level or rarer the item, the higher the listing fee. (This is to prevent stashing unwanted items in the Auction House to free up inventory space.)
    • Featured Auctions
      • Featured auctions are held by DSO. They often contain rare, unique, or limited time items advocated during events or promotions. The majority of these items are mounts, pets, costumes, emotes and any other cosmetic items obtainable only in the auction shop. Hence, they can’t be bought in the Item Store. Featured Auctions are advertised on the Auction Hall.
      • However, exchanging items with Andermants are prohibited in the Auction House. The Imperial Tiger Empire may utilize Andermagic but they do not deal with Andermagic currency within the Auction House. Tiger Empress decrees it so.
      • Again, this is so DSO still controls a portion of the market for profit while allowing the players to control the market and stimulate the economy.
    1.3 Guild Halls - each Guild can rent its own Guild Hall, a customizable area where guild members can congregate. Guild Halls can be accessed from Kingshill or the Imperial Lotus.

    [Pending Image]
    • Overview
      • The Guild Hall is the nerve center for any Dracanian guild. Here, guild members can relax, chat, rave on an emote party (and take screenshots and videos), and take advantage of various Guild Hall amenities at their disposal. Want to see your character finally sit? Click on the chair and watch your toon sit. Want to see your character finally sleep after years of adventuring through the wilderness and dungeons? Click on the bed and watch your toon doze off.
      • Guild Halls also features an open PVP combat inside the hall in the big open space in the middle – the open arena. This is where Guild members can test their strength against one another without suffering penalty.
      • The Guild Hall is extremely customizable, and can be expanded to fit guilds of various sizes. It can also contain a wide variety of furniture and section types, so coordinate with your friends to make your Guild Hall a true reflection of your guild!
      • An upgraded Guild Hall features guild buffs such as shrines and guild trophy passives from guild furnitures, decorations and expansions.
      • When a Guild Hall is first opened, it consists of two free areas:
        • The Open Arena
        • The Treasury room.
    • Expansions - Guilds wishing for more space can purchase expansions or “Sections” to avail spaces of the guild hall. These are available from the Treasury room (accessed by the Guild Master and Guild Officers).
      • Guilds can avail for certain spaces with a variety of different sections. Section scan be as simple as a styled empty room for placing furniture, or they can contain one of a number of different guild amenities, such as travel stone, shops, and more!
        • Example, a section of the guild is dedicated for shops and another is dedicated for room themes such as a Pool decoration or a trophy section commerating guild achievements and guild leaderboard trophies.
      • Guild Halls require a large amount of resources to decorate and maintain - maintenance involves a weekly Upkeep cost in gold. As a Guild Hall gains more expansions, this upkeep cost increases, so make sure there's enough gold in your Guild Treasury to pay for everything - or your guild will go into Default.
    • Treasury Room
      • The Treasury Room is most important room that comes free inside all guild halls. It acts as the command center of a guild, opening up a unique interface that provides a host of options for the Guild Master and Guild Officers.
      • Accessibility allows options to add/remove/move/relocate sections, furniture, decorations, objects, shops, etc. on the Guild Hall.
      • Furniture, decorations, objects are obtainable by natural means such as monster drops, chests, achievements and from the auction houses. Sections, shops and certain furnitures, decorations are purchased only in the Treasury Room via the Treasurer, an NPC that sells only Guild Hall-related items, rooms, etc.
      • The Treasury Room acts the Guild’s inventory space. Items stored within the Treasury Room cannot be withdrawn but can be discarded/destroyed by the Guild Master or Guild Officer.
    • Guild Record - handled by the Guild Attendee, an NPC whose job is to serve the guild. He/she can be hired by appropriate ranks in the Treasury Room.
      • The Guild Record logs important recent activity within the guild, such as donations to the Guild Treasury. This allows higher-ranked guild members to track who is donating a lot from the guild. Guild Masters or Officers may save the current Guild Log to their Desktop for viewing in an external program. The file will be a CSV format which can be opened with programs like Microsoft Office Excel or Spreadsheet.
      • The Guild Record is also where guild members of any rank can donate gold and items to furnish and maintain their Guild Hall.
      • This is also where guild members of any rank "donate" guild-related items such as decorations and objects for the Guild, of which can be approved by the Officers and the Guild Master in the Treasury Room. Rejected items are refunded back to the player.
    • Design Mode
      • Design Mode allows the Guild Master and its officers to rearrange the furniture and other infrastructure within a Guild Hall. Once in Design Mode, furniture items can be picked up and put back down again and by default they can be rotated while held by using the Mouse Wheel When you are happy with your rearranging, the guild master or an officer can publish the changes from the Treasury Room and make them visible to the rest of the guild.
      • Design Mode can only be activated in the Treasury Room.
    • Rent
      • Founding a Guild costs 99 Silver. Renting a Guild Hall however costs 50 gold, weekly.
      • Subsequent purchase of sections, decorations, items and guild member increases the Guild Hall upkeep.
        • Example, each guild member has an upkeep of 1 gold. A guild with 30 members, active or inactive has an added 30 gold upkeep + weekly rent.
        • Kicking a member requires gold from the Treasury Room and is multiplied by the number of days of the member's residence. Meaning, a 30-day old member requires 30 gold to kick.
      • The more your Guild owns, the higher the upkeep. Guild upkeep is deducted from the Guild's Treasury Room and is visible in the Guild's Record for everyone to see.
      • If unable to pay, a Guild Hall is set into default where only the Treasury Room and Guild Record can be accessed outside the Guild Hall. A Guild is given 8 weeks to pay its upkeep debts. Inability to pay upkeep results to Bankuptcy and demolition of the Guild Hall.
      • Items and currency lost during demolition cannot be recovered nor refunded.


    [Quality of Life Improvements]

    2.1 Travel Ratio Bag

    2.2 Essence Bag
    2.3 Gem Bag
    2.4 Diversity and Alternative Gear

    [Player-vs-Player Ideas]

    3.1 Tournament Standard

    [New Areas]

    4.1 Imperial Tiger Empire - a continent east of Qaizah. A continent featuring the eastern culture of Feudal Japan and Medieval China, home to the Imperial Tigers and birthplace of the Dragon and his children. This is where The Parallel Worlds begun tearing Dracania and the gates of the Anderworld were first opened in this continent by Balor, the Dragon's second son and Nefertarti's sister whose name is forbidden to utter.

    4.2 Parallel World Dracania - a parallel world "Wilderness" where you don’t fight monsters but heroes of Dracania. A common mob consists of our heroes: Dragonknights, Spellweavers, Rangers, Steam Mechanicus and Imperials.
    • The bosses in this parallel world embodies the malignant versions of Queen Antonia, Prince Aldred, the Gnob and the Tiger Empress, etc.
    • This is also a world where Sargon, Dragan, Khalys, etc. are the good guys and are the NPCs providing our heroes quests and shops in the "Merged Kingshill and Imperial Lotus" urban area.
    4.3 Infinite Dungeons

    [New Classes]

    5.1 Imperials - The Imperial Tigers are the masters of the way of the sword. Skilled both at dual-wielding or cleaving through enemies, their ferocity in combat are unmatched. Powered by neither rage nor use of shields, these agile warriors from the East sacrificed their defenses for mobility and deadly offense.

    5.2 Atlanteans - Experts in close-range combat. The Atlanteans can ask Favors from Oceanus, the God of the Sea and enhance their combat skills and rally allied warriors from the depths of Atlantis to aid them in battle. These ocean dwellers can turn the tide of any battle in their favor.


    6.1 Item Shop bulk buy option - allow players to buy items such as potions, tonics, physics, essences, travel pass, etc. in bulk.

    6.2 Change M'edusa to Medusa - for the love of Agathon. Freaking change M'edusa (Boss) to Medusa and alter the original Medusa to something else. "Gorgon Queen" for example.


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  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Guild halls. I <3 it.

    To show you I have been thinking about this for a while, about a month ago I made a post on the official DSO Discord server, that got a score of 36 : 3, so apparently people would like to have some cool guild features.

    These are a few points in which our ideas do not overlap:

    • Each guild is based in one of Dracania's towns. Guild members access a Guild Hall from the respective town. A Guild Hall is a one-room location built in a style corresponding with the style of the town it's based in.
    • Make a special guild window with customizable visuals / emblem; with permanently displayed guild messages on a 'notice board'. Simply make a guild something much more than just a list of names.
    • Along with decorative upgrades, practical things can be unlocked. For example:
    - A library section that gives a better bonus to ancient wisdom, perhaps along with a librarian NPC.
    - A mentor NPC who gives better XP bonus.
    - A kitchen section that slightly boosts guild members' HP or other stats.
    - And so on.

    These upgrades have several "tiers". Unlocking each new tier is much more expensive on gold and other resources.​

    • Depending on how well all guilds based in a certain town do, the better quality of life there will be in that town, meaning better prices for example. This might give individual towns more relevance.

    Great job on the detailed post, btw.
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  3. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    For years I echoed the "no trade of any kind!" mantra of many players in this game. But let's face it, the DSO that benefitted from that policy is long since dead. These days, no trade and no shared inventory only serves the total cash grab this game has become.

    Other games I play, that manage to balance their desire for profits and the happiness of all (or at least as much as possible) of the player-base, are better off because of AH, player-to-player trade and shared storage.

    I would start playing on Tegan again if these two things were added to the game.
  4. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    There was actually a shared Guild Storage/Inventory in my draft. Such feature would aid newbies and returning veterans like me to get back rather easily into the game. However, Bigpoint has proven it beforehand, they don't care about player interest. Cough, Lucky Spheres, cough.

    Speaking of trading, Bigpoint wouldn't be able to pull off such a system given how horribly the game revolves around the lack of gear/build diversity of classes. There's not enough "good" items to circulate. The Auction House can conceptually stimulate the economy, theoretically. On paper, it won't work. And given how hellish the drop percentages are, the prices can hit stratosphere.

    If the Auction House won't work neither would be player-to-player trade.
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  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yes, and that's exactly what the dev team needs :| Sorry, I mean the managers.
    BP is a part of a Chinese company Youzu Interactive that specializes in browser and mobile games. You know what mobile games are like...

    Seems like the guild halls ideas have been the most popular so far. I'd love to have it in the game. It'd be a cool thing to build and maintain along with all the upgrade options, customization, etc.

    But I'm afraid, realistically the best we can hope for is a better guild window.
    Heck it doesn't even display the number of members. You can't have more than one message of the day at a time, you don't have a notice board, ... It's just a list of names and that's it :|

    And it's the same with the rest of the suggestions. This is a really nice wish list, but I fear none of it will ever come true :[
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    good ideas, so they'll ignore them, as they did to many good ideas asked for ages by players
    You're better off arguing with a wall, you might convince it, but you can't convince BP managers
    i see your avatar, you must be a man of culture too
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  7. yeomanry

    yeomanry Advanced

    No wonder there's no love for community interest. This game was at its peak when it was handled by the Germans. I still remember the olden days where classes where defined by their roles: SWs are squishy yet deadly, DKs tickle but last to fall and RAs are evasive urchins that keeps on slowing and stunning you down.

    But you are correct. The game is almost a decade old and yet we haven't even gone close to a systematic guild. It's simply a renamed friend's list. All we can do is wish.
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