Craft 2.0 unofficial rant XD

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by trakilaki, May 13, 2016.

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  1. AniDrakenSniper93

    AniDrakenSniper93 Someday Author

    can you atleast post the links of the posts in which there are answers to my questions? :):) , if you don't want to answer it's fine... takes like one minute :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    and @_Baragain_ I read the official posts , it doesn't have the answers I'm looking for...


    where are these posts friend?, this one and where else?


    actually @MegaNuker , I think you already answered all my questions?, it is all random right?, there is no determinant... it's that simple isn't it?

    when you said this,
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  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    @AniDrakenSniper93 You also need to read the forum rules first, consecutive posting is not permitted and is treated as spam.
    If you have something to add to your post, use the "edit" button.

  3. AniDrakenSniper93

    AniDrakenSniper93 Someday Author

    ya sorry, was about to edit it and when I realized the mistake, it was automatically corrected.
  4. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    The answers are not directly mentioned in the crafting announcement but indirectly, here are your answers

    1 & 2 )

    As evident by Meganuker's example , the chance of getting the axe and hammer in your example are 50 50 as the are in 1:1 ratio.The more similar items you use the higher the chance of getting it as the output and as the chances are rolled every time you craft hence it will vary every time.
    In short , yes the amount of each specialised weapon type affect the output

    3) Yes cost remains same (for now at least) for crafting 1 tier item to another tier.GO here to see the costs

    No yellow lines have no effect on inherited enchantments , they are mere indicator that the value of that enchantment is 90% or higher of what the max possible value for that particular enchantment on that particular item type can be.These lines are what you actually would want to pass on to the crafted item form the ingredients.
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  5. AniDrakenSniper93

    AniDrakenSniper93 Someday Author

    Thank you @ekant1992 :), you've answered all my questions, except the first one, which I think, I haven't 'worded' very well apparently.. anyways, what I meant by the first question was that, do the "enchantments and specialized weapon type" remain the same on each attempt to craft the 'same four items' ( the two 2h hammers and two 2h axes) with the same enchantments or does it vary on each attempt?..
    I asked this question under the assumption that the four items could be recovered back and hence the outcome of crafting, if it turned out to be unfavorable i.e. if the resultant item had the undesired enchantments, one could revert to receive back the original items and proceed with another trial of combination in an attempt to receive the desired enchantments , but now I know that this is not possible... hence it's irrelevant I guess..

    Thank you very much anyways ;).
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    BLASTUP Active Author

    it varies on each attempt,...
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  7. AniDrakenSniper93

    AniDrakenSniper93 Someday Author

    ya it would have been, but now after the nerf, they get destroyed and hence you cannot proceed with the next trial :/
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