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  1. Pantheon

    Pantheon Forum Greenhorn

    • Chose Enchant and put the item that you would like to change into the enchanting window.
    • You can then look at which stat you would like to replace and see what you may get as a replacement stat by clicking the question mark next to the stat. This will open up a new window that shows the potential options. You can click the other question marks to view options for the other stats.
    • Once you have decided which stat you would like to replace, click on the stat name to highlight it and click “Replace Property”. You will be charged for the enchant at this point and the item will be bound to you, if it is not already, and the stat will be locked as the only stat that can be further changed.
    • A list will show up with 3 options for a new stat for that slot on the item. The first will be the previous stat, in case the newly rolled replacements are worse than what you already have, and two new options.
    • Select the stat that you would like to keep on the item and click “Select Property”
    • of course that cost gold or adermand
    EDIT etc have that crafting system. dont need to craft 4 legs.we can do it with only 1 legendary item.just we choose only 1 from the magic properties to reroll.sorry for my english
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  2. LookaL2K

    LookaL2K Forum Apprentice

    - Unless the stats of the created item would be significantly higher, combining 4 legendary items isn't a needed update, it will cost way too much just to get another legendary;

    - Getting a random gem slot amount on the created item is a much better idea, otherwise the only way we could get an item with 4 slots is if we combine 4 items with 4 gem slots each, and those aren't easy to come by;

    - Being able to just use items of the same item type is not a good idea, it will make it really hard or even impossible for some people who don't have much time to complete their daily challenges;

    - The revert functionality should be free, since we're already paying every time we combine an item;

    - I can't estimate a fair price for combining, but it should definitely be lower; combining a legendary item is really expensive.
  3. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    1. Crafting legendaries is a good idea. It will give more to players another option and maybe some legendaries will found a new "life".
    2. I prefer to have control on the number of slot, so I say that average number of slot is preferable...BUT how will you handle slot opened with ander?
    3. I think that reverting should be free, since you already paid a high cost to craft.
    4. That is related to the previous reply. If you add a cost to revert then you could also lower the current price.

    It is the same for me. If your concern are dailies do a very low level run. Plenty of green items to collect there.
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I like this very much... it means that, when combined with glyph removal and the revert feature, you will never lose your best stat lines. I found a 2H sword ages ago with a 79.16% weapon damage line... But I nearly cried when I saw the rest of the stats. However, they had already started talking about crafting 2.0, and while the details were limited, I had hopes that legendaries might be craftable in some way. So I saved that sword and now I will craft it with other legendary 2h swords. And if that uber line doesn't make it to the new legendary with at least one or two other good stat lines, then it will be a really easy choice to revert the craft. I think that this (with revert) is the single most attractive part of crafting 2.0.
    Yes and no. It won't greatly impact me because I already care more about the stats than the gem slots because I can farm ander at a predictable rate, but farming for a nice stat line takes a long time.

    My curiosity has to do with 5 slot items and items that you add slots to. If a 5 slot item counts as 5 slots in the average, instead of 4, then it will make using your existing items more attractive. If I had 3x 2 slot legendaries, but I crafted them with my 5 slot that I use daily, then a 3 slot item ought to come out. In fact, there may be times where it would be advantageous to add a slot before crafting. Say you had 1x2slot, 2x3 slot, and 1x5slot, out would pop a 3 slot item. Then, you would be looking at spending 6400 andermant to open it to 5 slots... but what if you upgraded any one of them by one slot before crafting. Then the result would cost 3200 to get to 5 slots (1600 before crafting and 1600 after crafting)... For that matter, you could always improve the number of slots of the resulting item by at least 1 by spending 1600-6400 beforehand (adding one slot to as many items as needed to guarantee the result will average out to the next higher amount of slots) which means that you would never spend 14400 for the final slot ever again. For example, if you combined 4x2slot items, you would get a 2 slot out and have to spend 1600+4800+14400=20800 to get a 5 slot item, where as if you spend 6400 before hand, you'd end up spending 12800 as opposed to 20800. This is a 38% savings on the andermant spent to open all slots. And if this would work for crafted capes too, namely the Warlord Cape, then you would never find yourself paying 64800 for a single defensive/unique gem slot.

    So, In general, I am in favor of this... but knowing my luck, because I went into detail about this, BP will view it as an exploit and not do this. If this happens, I'm sorry I got so excited about the potential of this.
    I am in favor of a simple solution to this. Make a check box for "Crafting 1.0." In Crafting 1.0, you can combine what ever you want and you get totally random stuff, same as we do now, but it also comes at a discount of 50% over normal costs for Crafting 2.0. This should allow people to craft for their dailies rather easily.
    I like the idea of free, but if BP feels that they need to charge for something like this, it ought to be cheap. I'm thinking 1%-5% of the cost it takes to craft the item.
    All the prices need to be adjusted down about 15%-25% and the crafting of 4x legendaries should be no more than 25%-75% more expensive than it would cost to craft a legendary out of 4x exos.
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes I do. But ...
    I will agree with _Baragain_ that this is the most attractive part of crafting 2.0 ... but in the same time it is a tricky one too.
    Because even after 1000 tries you can end up with the same "unwanted" stats in the new legendary item. And the answer would be the same as always "it is a random" ... and some accounts are "randomly chosen" to be always lucky ... and some accounts are "randomly chosen" to always be unlucky.
    No. The gem slot amount should be random as it is now.
    I see crafting 2.0 (especially crafting 4 legendary items) as a endgame feature ... for endgame players farming enough andermants to open more slots on items shouldn't be issue. In fact the gem slots are irrelevant if we are satisfied with the item's stats.
    I would say make them 2 by default ... so we can add more later. But that is only my opinion ... therefore I will say they should be random as they are now.
    It sounds OK to me.
    But ... as we know there was a statement from the CMs that there will be feature within crafting 2.0 ... where one can place enchantments in the items that never had that kind of enchantment before (i.e. travel speed in a belt, or attack speed in shoulders ... etc).
    This cannot be done with crafting of the items of the same type.
    I like it free of course ... or minimal fee.
    That will depend on the crafting price.
    Current prices should be lowered by 1/3 ... and the price for crafting 4 legendary items should be 1/3 higher than crafting legendary item out of 4 extraordinary.
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  6. Zynickal05

    Zynickal05 Forum Greenhorn

    • Do you appreciate the new possibility to combine four orange (legendary) items into a new one?
    Could be an improvement, but depends highly on the final costs of crafting and on your luck which line of each of the 4 orange items will be transferred to the new legendary. Seems like another contribution to BP's obvious development toward gambling game / luck-dependent aspects which I absolutely do not appreciate.

    • Do you like the idea that the gem slot amount on the created item depends on the gem slots of the ingredient items or would you rather like a random gem slot amount on the created item?
    Having influence on gem slot amounts looks good at first sight. I would only like it if BP decides to round up the amount in the created item (e.g. you combine items with 3/3/2/2 Slots = 2.5, gives you 3 slots in new item).
    We'd be able to push a higher amount of slots in the final item by buying additional slots in the 4 items to be crafted beforehand. But I guess, on the long term, it will cost us more Andermant as we expectedly will use the workbench more frequently than before in our attempt to get better items.

    • Are you very much happy/unhappy with the fact of being able to just use items of the same item type?
    I'm very UNHAPPY :mad:. Players should be able to decide themselves if they like to put items of the same type into the workbench or a mixture.

    • Do you think the Revert functionality should cost something or should it be for free?
    Reversion should definitely be free. The aim of Crafting 2.0 is obviously to stimulate the players for using the workbench more frequently. So, the usual (high) costs of crafting will accumulate anyways.

    • Having the upcoming changes in mind what do you think it would be a fair Gold/Andermant price for combining four extraordinary level 50 items into a legendary level 50 item?
    Combining 4 extraordinary into a leg. should be half compared to the recent price (i.e. ca. 50 Gold instead of 100).
    In general, all crafting costs should be reduced by 50%.

    Happy Easter,
  7. tothmartin

    tothmartin Someday Author

    For me would be interesting what is the possibly outcome magic value of the items. What if I put normal extraordinary/legendary items together, or PRO items from hard bosses where the values are much better. For ex if I put 4 extraordinary items with average 54 damage (for ex18+18+18damage) will I get a legendary item with absolutely new 4 random items with bad range? And if I put 4 100 damage extraordinary item, will this be "rewarded" somehow that I get with a very high chance an OP damage legendary item?
    Is it planned to implement an option to influence the crafting outcome with extreamly lots of gold/andermats? I mean if I get a legendary item with magic 31,32,30,29 damage, I can imagine an option to pay extra for a better item to push +damage values towards the maximal possible value. (also valid for HP defense, resistance, dmg%, crit dmg%, crit etc values).
    I know lot of player would complain about this but lot of players (payers) would be happy so they can forget endless farming for a perfect item and focus more on relaxing pvp matches.
    From this extra income DSO servers could be upgraded with less issues/lags and more developers could be applied only for bug fixing :)
    (and maybe for new developers for events, new maps new pvps and content extensions)
    So this could be interesting to anyone :)
  8. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    Nope. According to the post, random enchantments will be picked from the 16 available enchantments on the ingredient thats 3/16 if you are making a legendary out of extrodinaries so you can influence the outcome enchantments but you cannot control them.
  9. tothmartin

    tothmartin Someday Author

    this was a development request or suggestion. I know it is not implemented right now.
  10. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    The super legendary created by combining four legendary items should always have minimum 3 slots, and better enchantments values.
    The new workbench should allow to combine 4 pieces of set Karabossa to give us a set with maximum values.
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  11. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    yes i like the idea of crafting 4 legendary items.

    the slot ammount should never be less than the ingredient item with the fewest slots.

    the items crafted should be the same as it is 4 green = 1 blue ect. , also if 4 armor are used it should insure that an armor is produced.

    the reverting of the craft should cost 1/2 the cost of the original craft.

    the crafted item produced should have the same enhancements of the items used, if items with damage and crt are used the crafted item should carry these same enhancements. only in greater ammounts.

    as for the cost i will give it some thought and edit my post at a later date.

    ok here's my thought on the cost of crafting 4x leg items i feel it should not be more than 150 gold ... double the cost of crafting 4 Ex items.

    that cost reflects the coat of a deluxe premium membership at the ceafting bench.
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  12. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I just used it a little on the test server (two green -> blue items).

    All I noticed is that there was no revert function.

    We should be given a few blue/pink items and some gold, in order to test this function and provide feedback. I cannot just farm a ton of gold and items with a lvl 25 test toon.
  13. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    That's because crafting 2.0 is still not on the test server yet.
    I kind of assume it would only be introduced there with a first version of R165.

    For your request for some test resources, I fully second that.
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  14. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    Actually, it is...

    It was announced that it will be in the test server with the release of 164, but it will be applied to the main servers with release 165.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you serious man?
    Crafting 2.0 is not even finished ... it is still in process of making.
    2.0 is not at TS ... only the new reworked workbench (changed appearance).
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  16. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    Dead serious.

    According to the developer's notes, it should have been synced to the test server alongside with the release 164. The patchnotes of R164 that I read a couple of days ago even mentioned that "it is ready", although they edited/removed that now that I've checked.

    But since BP changes what they announce every couple of days, I suppose that I spent 15 minutes of my life trying to test a feature that its whole package was limited to a cosmetic improvement. Oh well.
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  17. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    DSO put this on their facebook page this morning

    "Hey there, yeah: crafting 2.0 is taking a little but more of time. It will be ready on the Test Server as soon as possible (not today though) - stay tuned to the Facebook page and the forums!"
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Forget about Dev's notes ... always read trakilaki's notes :D
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  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Now that this is on the test server, it is slightly better than I had thought, but not nearly as easy as many feared it might be. Still a ton of random involved even with choosing your pieces carefully.

    Since I don't play the test server very often, I was not among the lucky ones that got lots of ander/gold/equipment that was given away today to test this fully. Those players may have different opinions based on their attempts.

    The process itself was simple and intuitive enough. The warning signs pop as intended. The repetitiveness in crafting is about what I expected. It still relies a lot on the random generated luck to hit the enchantments that you want across the piece.

    Even on the simple 1 stat type items like full dmg on rings. Finding 4 rings with nothing but dmg lines is hard enough, but trying to get the random number generating god to add that additional enchantment as dmg was impossible for me (I ran out of gold before I ever saw it). Despite several attempts, all I ever saw was a hp line.

    The gem slots are truly a difference maker for saving ander. If you make sure to open up the slots well before you get to legendary, you'll save a ton. That is the single best part of this new system. I truly hope that they'll keep this but I would not be shocked if DSO didn't as it is way too player friendly.
  20. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well I got my Ton-O-Stuff on the test server. Basically a few hours spent working with the GIGO principle (GarbageInGarbageOut.) Only 11 orange stat lines out of 140 legendary boxes. I am not unhappy though since this was more realistic. My newly minted level 50s on Tegan will be doing exactly this kind of thing... seeking "good enuf" rather than uber items. I did manage to get decent speed gloves and boots on my TS DK and an OK 3/1 shield. In the end I replaced all my old gear for a toon that is significantly better.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that the stats are not pulled from each item. With sufficient gold this allowed me to add some junk items in the mix and just kept reverting until they were ignored. This method did not take many tries to get a "better than equipped" item making it a feasible gamble on my real toons. Granted, I'm not going to get anything OP doing this but if a piece of gear is just not cutting it this would be quick fix.

    As far as the crafting UI went everything worked fine. I am left a bit puzzled why the devs are waiting for 166 because it all seems good-to-go right now.

    Luck be with ye,
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