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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes,

    As we already explained in yesterday’s Twitch live stream, the reworked workbench (Crafting 2.0) will be available for testing on the test server.

    The feature itself is currently scheduled to be implemented into the game with release 166.

    If you want to leave your feedback, please do so here: Feedback Crafting 2.0.

    Below you can find a compact overview of the most important information around the feature.


    The new system comes along with an updated set of rules. Here are the most important ones:

    Old Enchantments

    A text will show up when you try to combine items with old and incompatible enchantments as these cannot be combined at the Workbench.​


    Gemstones in items

    Items that have gemstones in their slots cannot be combined​

    Incompatible items

    Should a set of items not be compatible a text will indicate this inability once the fourth and final item has been inserted in to the workbench.​

    Equipped Items

    Items that are currently equipped by your character cannot be used at the workbench.​


    Costs of Crafting

    Every character is has the option to pay by using Gold, Silver & Copper or Andermant. Click on one of the two buttons that state Combine to finish to confirm the payment.

    The maximum price was lowered from 220 Gold to 110 Gold.

    Revert Crafting

    The reworked Workbench allows you to revert 1 crafted item back to 2 of the 4 items it was crafted from, the ingredient items.

    Only 2 out of the 4 ingredient items will be available again, not all 4 of them. Place the items that you prefer to keep in case you want to revert in the first and second slot from the left hand side (see picture). These items will be the 2 items that you will keep, in case you choose to revert.

    Remember, reverting is only possible if you have 4 items of the same rarity and item type.​

    Once you have inserted the 4th and last item into the workbench a text will show up and notify you about the next step.

    Only In case you won’t be able to revert and recover the 4 items that you use for crafting, the following message will pop up before you click the button Combine.

    If you proceed anyway, then your items will be combined to 1 new item but you won’t be able to recover them at anymore.

    Costs of reverting crafting

    Reverting a crafted item back to the 2 of 4 ingredient is will cost you 25% of the price you payed to combine them.

    Benefits of Reverting

    Reverting a crafted item has the benefit that you can always recover some of your best items in case you do not like the outcome of the crafting. It gives the entire crafting mechanic a whole new level of flexibility.​

    Additional Enchantment

    When you upgrade from one rarity to and a higher rarity your crafted item will always have 1 extra enchantment. This additional enchantment will always be random.

    For example:


    Result Preview

    If you insert 4 items of the same item type and rarity you will be able to see a preview of the stats of the item that will be the result of the crafting process. (left picture)

    Should the items be of the same rarity but different item category/type, then the tooltip will not be able to give you a preview. (right picture)​

    Preview: Inherited vs Random Enchantments

    When combining 4 items of the same item category/type the 1 newly crafted item will always inherit a random selection of enchantments of the ingredients.
    When combining 4 items of different item category/type the enchantments will always be completely random.Before hitting the Combine button to finalize the crafting process, you will be able to see exactly how many enchantments will be inherited from the 4 ingredient items. The preview will list up either:
    + inherited enchantment
    + random enchantment

    Note: the following examples are made with items that have the maximum number of enchantments possible in their rarity.

    Improved ItemsMagic Item

    The crafted magic item will inherit 1 out of the 4 enchantments from the 4 improved items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted magic item will have 2 enchantments.

    Magic ItemExtraordinary Item

    The crafted extraordinary item will inherit 2 out of the 8 enchantments from the 4 magic items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted extraordinary item will have 3 enchantments.

    Extraordinary Item
    Legendary Item

    The crafted legendary item will inherit 3 out of the 12 enchantments from the 4 extraordinary items and will get 1 additional random enchantment. In total the crafted legendary item will have 4 enchantments.

    Legendary ItemNew Legendary Item

    The crafted legendary item will inherit 4 out of the 16 enchantments from the 4 legendary items. In total the crafted legendary item will have 4 enchantments.​

    Genealogy of Enchantments

    Once you have clicked Combine and the new item has been crafted, thanks to the new tool tip, you will be able to see directly where the inherited enchantments originated from.

    Hover over the ingredient items with your mouse cursor and their tool tip will show you if the enchantment originated from the item. If the enchantment was inherited the enchantment will be highlighted in the color blue. If the enchantment did not make it to the newly crafted item, the enchantment will be greyed out. (see infographic below)​

    All sorts of combinations are possible. However the crafted item can never inherit all enchantments from only one item but sometimes none of the enchantments of an ingredient item, simply take a look at the tool tip and see which enchantments have been greyed out.​



    Finalizing Crafted Item

    If you are satisfied with the result, you can click on Accept and finalize the crafting process. Should you be unsatisfied with the result and wanted to inherit other enchantments then you can click on Revert and try your luck again.
    Special Values on Inherited Enchantments

    Special values of enchantments will be displayed with a golden number also when they are being inherited. Very lucky heroes will be able to craft items that inherit 4 special enchantments.​


    Slots for Gemstones

    Newly crafted items always inherit slots of ingredient items, provided that the ingredient items had slots. The gem slots are always the average of the gem slots on the input items.

    If all 4 ingredient items have each 2 gem slots, then the crafted item will also have 2 gem slots.If 3 of the ingredient items each only have 1 gem slot and 1 ingredient item has 5 gem slots, then the crafted item will have 2 gem slots.


    Simply count the number of gem slots on the ingredient items and divide it by 4, then you will know how many gem slots will be in the crafted item. Results with decimal numbers follow the rule of adjusting up- and downwards.​

    Combing items of different categories

    When combining items of the same rarity but different item category the following rules apply.If all 4 items are of a different type then each type bas 25% to be the crafted item type. The result item will have completely random stats based on its item type.​


    The more item types are the same, the higher the chance that the crafted item type will be the same. In the pictured example the chance to get a staff is 75% and the chance to get a book is 25%.​

    Note: This is a feature that is not fully finished and will have minor problems, that’s why we are testing it with you guys!

    Here are a selection of already problems:


    Tool tip Information

    The tool tips of items can have several issues
    - enchantment that have been inherited are not displayed as inherited
    - enchantments that cannot be inherited are marked as inherited
    - tool tips fail to load

    Upgrading Items

    As long as crafting 2.0 is active there is a bug when you upgrade items: As soon as you upgrade an item one time, the values being displayed get switched to maximum values
    This is only a display bug and the issue is gone as soon as you change the map. Besides that, you cannot use upgraded items when crafting new items.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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