Crafting items with 4 gold lines

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Despird, Jul 1, 2020.

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  1. Despird

    Despird Forum Greenhorn

    So im about to start crafting items with 4 gold lines but i dont know how. What is the easiest or best way?
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Take up a religion and pray to your chosen god.

    Joking aside, it takes a lot of luck, patience, and gold.

    You can start with improved (green) items with gold lines and build up from there, but that's even more frustrating and time consuming.

    Many people recommend farming at as high of a difficulty level as you comfortably can, focusing on extraordinary (purple) items for a particular type of gear (helmet, chest armor, gloves, weapon, weapon adornment, etc.). Bear in mind that you'll eventually want to transfer these four gold lines enchantments to a Parallel World or event unique item; so if you've already got a unique belt with good base stats, then mainly search for exo belts.

    Two main paths from here:

    1. In targeted exo to legendary crafting
      • look for two exo belts with two gold lines each in the enchantment type you want for your final belt (typically, people want increased damage enchantments for their belts)
      • Once you've got your good crafting material belts, gather a bunch of other exo belts ... ideally with good base stats and/or one gold line of the same enchantment type of the two 2-gold line exo belts
      • Put the two 2-gold line belts in the first two slots in the workbench, then two "junk" exo belts in the other two slots
        • Craft and pray
        • If you get 3 of the desired gold lines in the resulting legendary belt, accept the craft; otherwise revert it
        • You'll lose the two junk items in slots 3 & 4 if you revert the craft
      • Once you have a 3-gold line leg belt ... repeat the steps above until you have two 3-gold line leg belts
      • Build up an inventory of other leg belts
        • Farming for legendary items isn't very efficient
        • Instead, do random crafting:
          • Gather 3 junk exo belts and one junk item that isn't a belt ... don't worry about base stats, # of slots, enchantments ... they'll all be replaced when you craft
          • Craft ... you have a 75% chance of creating a leg belt, 25% chance of creating a leg item of the other type
      • When you have two or more junk leg belts, craft them with the two 3-gold line legs you crafted earlier (remember, put the 3-gold line leg belts in slots 1 & 2 so you don't lose them if you have to revert the craft)
      • You will probably need to do at least dozens if not hundreds or more crafts attempts before you end up with a desired 4-gold line leg
      • Next step is to transfer the 4 gold lines to your unique belt ... that requires Pristine cores (which you get from PW bosses and certain event bosses), and does not involve random luck. Just put the unique item you want to keep in slot one, the 4-gold line leg in slot two, then add the Pristine cores ... and gold (or andermant) and off you go ... enchantments transferred!

    2. In random crafting
    • pretty much the same as above, but skip the step of stumbling across two 2-gold line exos and random craft them instead

    • Starting with higher level raw materials (e.g., Tier 5 items [dropped chiefly on Infernal 2) will increase your chances of better quality random crafts ... random exo->leg crafts might even result in multiple gold-line raw materials better than the materials you're already trying to craft
    • If you want to improve your chances of getting 3-gold line legs from your targeted exo crafting, wait until you have 1- or even 2-gold line "junk" exos for slots 3 & 4 ... remember, you'll lose those items if you have to revert your craft attempt (you will, very often :))
    • For suggestions on what enchantments to go for on each item, and which unique items you should farm for your ultimate build, check out other threads in this sub-forum ... you can also read about optimal builds for other toon types in their respective sub-forums (you'll find many similarities between the recommendations, though spellweavers apparently have more choices for unique items to target)
    • I am a perennially struggling casual player, so have only started crafting myself (like a year ago :)), with only two 4-gold line uniques so far (at least one of which will be replaced when I finally drop a PW unique weapon instead of the Bloodmoon weapon I'm using) and two 4 gold-line leg (one is sub-optimal with 3 desired enchantments and 1 alternate enchantment) without a PW unique to transfer them onto ... so someone with more experience might have better suggestions
    • (I started off doing 1 gold green->1 gold blue->2 gold exo->3 gold leg->4 gold leg crafting ... burned up a ton of gold, made slow progress, but those early items help me farm in slightly higher difficulties which have allowed me to accelerate crafting attempts now with Tier 5 items)
    • I also play solo exclusively ... if you can find someone willing to carry you to higher difficulty levels now, you might be more successful sooner with your crafts using the higher tiered items ... If you can find someone willing to carry you
    Good luck!
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  3. Despird

    Despird Forum Greenhorn

    looks like i have a long way to go, but thanks a lot for a good answer.

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    But what enchantments should be on the different items?
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  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    As I said, there are several threads in this group and in related sub-forums ... here's one that will get you started.
  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    There is another option for getting 4 good gold lines. Run in a group on Inf 4 or higher and watch the legendary items that drop closely. Will usually take less time to find a "(4) 80+ gold lines" item to drop, than to craft (unless your an extremely lucky toon).

    For example:
    I took my Bear Staff from 4 Gold lines (78%+) to 4 Plat lines (95%+) and I have a T2 Herald Staff from 2 DtU events ago. Two weeks ago while running Inf 4 Mortis M1/M2 maps (can't solo Mortis on that level due to the cost of essence) for leader-boards and crafting materials there dropped a 4 Gold Line (80%+) (+302%) Legendary 2H staff. I immediately Pristine core transferred it to my Herald Staff. Eventually I'll get 4 attack speed lines for the gloves (T2 also) and then after several other more important things will upgrade those two to T8 and be able to start using them.
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