Feedback Curse of the Black Knights: Rage of Dragan

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. Winderlin71

    Winderlin71 Forum Greenhorn

    I am writing to congratulate you on an overall excellent event, I was able to complete my 2 main toons gaining all the extras available from both event lines. Even with the problems experienced ( lag, bugs etc.) I almost completed my warlord set even tho I had to start all over again with my helmet and pauldrons. The drops from bosses - gem bags, legendary items, amphora keys and elixers were great, heaps of all of them. Some have said that it was way too long but I find that I was always pushed for time to get the mini events done in time and still find a little left over to farm some more pearls to go farm the areas for more victory tokens to see Dragan ( the main reason for the event ). This is a vast improvement from the last Dragan event as I only found time to visit Dragan once in the whole event so that was much better, all in all a great event to play for me.
  2. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    That's a good idea to plan ahead. I stockpiled pieces as well.
    When I found a set of gear that gave me an additional 57K of offensive & defensive strength, I melted all the old pieces, and transferred all the glyphs to the newer items. The newer pieces will be available after level 50 too. :)
  3. Silaber

    Silaber Forum Apprentice

    To be honest I liked the event, liked the fact that most of the players could finish all the mini-events solo. Still had some issues with cloak drops but better drop than last time (maybe i had a bit more luck, although I killed Dragan less times). Liked the draken-cost entries for the hard map (since gnob offered nothing :/ ). Didn't xp the invisible lasers but what happened to me was after Dragan died they continued on circling and damaging :p

    Armored Lion is nice better than the most epic mounts and attack speed pet <3

    Got so much gems and amphorae keys, was fun too since it broke the monotony of the previous events (new year ... defeat the unbeatable .... dessert ess) all in all i was pleased :)
  4. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    I played only the first one in july. I think it was by far the easiest to get warlord set. I did the 100 map 4 times a day and did dragan right after. October I did not play so can not provide any suggestions on that. For this one I think doing on the 120 map if your good enough was the best way.
  5. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    I agree.
    I did 600+ kills to get full Warlord set on my tank, October event I did not play ether, was off 3 months, needed a brake.
    1st CotBN vs 3th = 1st event wins couse it was more fun and less stressful to play.
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  6. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    I'm not sure if this has been said already, but please give all the Dragonspawn mini-boss circles (on the ground), so they can be seen clearly.

    I've lost count of how many times I've died because I've not seen them, in the middle of a mob, in the heat of battle.
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  7. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    that can be very nice so many gem bags, i got out of 1 of my gem bags a +25 damage ruby
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is not possible ... I have asked you the same question in this thread but you didn't answer.
    Polished gem is the highest tier gem you can get from the large gem bag. It is written in the description as well.
  9. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    i know what i got a +25 ruby (sacred) from a gem bag that i got from the wooden box at the entrance of the 120 pearl map so it is possible unless i got it directly from the wooden box but not from a cube because i open my cubes at the end of the day in the city
    and sry not for aswering previous question maybe it was bc i took a break after the event due to so much playing during event i needed it
    thx for saying its not possible just makes my drop more special to me.
    another option i thought of could be like this the discription of the large gem bag was written before BP added another tier of stones and the large gem bag gives biggest drop ,1 stone below the biggest stone. Now there is a bigger stone so the best drop has also been increased by 1 tier
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It still makes no sense ... increased by 1 tier is radiant not sacred.
  11. .DuckDodgers.

    .DuckDodgers. Forum Greenhorn

    As I have very little space left I decided to try doing something about all useless things that don't work anymore like for instance I got the "Pulserande förbannad pärla" left from the first Dragan event don't work adding to the ones from the second black knight
    Also got 3 parts of the White bunny suit, it was said that part 3 was only availeble in script, I would like the ooffer code for that.


    I don't get the discussion I have found 1 part 1, 1 part 2, 0 part 3, 4 par 4.
    thanks in advance.
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  12. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    whatever i have it a sacred ruby and it dropped has anybody ever heard of a sacred ruby or saphire dropping.
    O and for the disbeleivers even found away to prove it. If i would want to, i could take a screenshot of my sacred ruby and a screenshot of my achievements list and there you would see that the achievement to craft a sacred stone isnt unlocked, obviously with both screenshots same players in the background.

    anyway what did you get from all those gembags and now with the 3 jewels of enchantment you must be smiling
  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Doesn't prove anything now that the Upgrade Gem exists (unless your screen shot was from before this event or also shows 3/3 of your upgrade gems or their chests). Gems crafted that way bypass the achievement.
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Out of ~150 gem bags I got 90% diamonds (19 all res.) few amethysts, 1 ruby and 1 sapphire ... my smile was all over my room and my fist into my keyboard. :D
    It will take long time until I make use of those 3 Jewels of Enhancement.

    It could be bug ... I am 100% sure one can't get better gem than polished out of those bags. Maybe the mods can ask the devs: Is it possible to get sacred gem out of the large gem bag?
  15. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    ok got the point - still have my 3/3 jewels of enchantment. so 2 screen shots i could take a screenshot of my sacred ruby and 3/3 jewels of enchantment and another of my achievements list and there you would see that the achievement to craft a sacred stone isnt unlocked
    Have heaps of time to do this because it will be ages before i have gems worth using my jewels of enchantment.

    ... my smile was all over my room and my fist into my keyboard. :D

    love your sense of humor

    just made the screenshots now i need to know how to post them here will find out one day.




    i did it i think what a learning curve
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  16. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    It's been a while since the event so I will give you my feedback here:
    1. The rewards were nice, though as many players have mentioned, the fact that you had to complete all 4 mini-events to get the reward was a bit underwhelming and disappointing. I am not talking here about the degree of grinding only, which was high but compensated by the great variance of activities you could do in parallel. I am talking about availability - you had 4 minievents on very specific timeframes to complete, otherwise you lost your chance to get the final prize. I am talking here about the psychological effect of this. I'm glad to see that this was "fixed" in the Dark Heist event.

    2. I appreciated the final boss was based more on strategy rather than just sheer power. The fact that the Gnob was susceptible to stuns and armor reduction while at the same time keeping his power level quite high (one projectile from it killed me and the dragons were not that easy to tackle) I'd say it was very rewarding each and every time I killed it. And it was no walk in the park. I know some of my friends couldn't beat him, but that's because they prefer the "power" approach instead of strategy.

    3. Sargon's rewards were really nice, though of course they required a great degree of grinding. For this reason it was hugely disappointing to have times when I opened the chest and all I got was a few silver coins. Compared to the effort to open the chest, I am surprised a unique is guaranteed - nevertheless the drop rate of the orb/shield/etc. outside the Sargon set was so high that we ended up dropping it much more often than anything else. The absence of the Armor in the drops also hurt a lot - I got the pauldrons and the helmet but in those days when I had more time to do the farm there the Armor from Sargon would not drop. And of course that was disappointing.

    4. The lion was a great idea. I think it's a really nice mount and very different from what we already had - instead of the same dragon mount or another horse.

    5. The fact that Ravencaw normal did not require anything to enter was great - this is compared to the Dark Heist entries (I will come back with a post there too). You had a good starting point that still required playing to get all those pearls. The bosses guaranteeing pearls are also highly appreciated, and the fact that the map resets itself makes the farming even more efficient (even if only psychologically).

    6. I know at some point it was specified that the colored dragonspawns appeared out of eggs. That was in fact not the case, and the dragonspawns existed in the map. On the upside while at first they seemed impossible with a bit of strategy it became quite easy. So again, thumbs up for that!

    7. The difficult scaled pretty well. I could do the event on my own, but if I joined my friends it was no walk in the park either. That's how I think all events to be - there are people who enjoy playing in groups and others who prefer going alone. Why punish one style of play or rewarding another one? Thumbs up! One complaint here is related to "increasing the difficulty by not allowing revival in the second map short of 120 andermant". Really... that felt like a huge stretch and a clear indication of "money digging". We don't like to see that really, premium players, who already spend money monthly on the account. Leave this restriction for final bosses, don't put it on an entire map... especially a map that requires a valuable resource to enter many times to complete an actual event. (compare this to putting the restriction on Blackborg or Varholm... just as ridiculous)

    8. What can I say? I dropped my first non-expected unique in months during this event, so of course that was another moment of celebration for me.

    Overall a nice event, and I personally enjoyed it. For people complaining it took too long I would say that was for the best - I actually had an extra place to farm other than M2 and Q3.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Those screen shots say it all. I don't know how you got the Sacred Ruby (maybe a mysterious cube?) but the fact that you have all three upgrade gems, a sacred, and no achievement speaks for it's self.
  18. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    the only option is if i didnt get it from the gembag from the woodenchest infront of sargons/herdurs map then i got it directly from the wooden chest. Because thats where i was when i got it and Cubes i always open in the city
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I think you got your gem directly from the chest or from the mystic cube (I would exclude the gem bag). Since BigPapa confirmed ... in one of his posts ... that he got sacred onyx out of the cube. So it is possible to get sacred stone from the mystic cubes.
    However ... you are very lucky. :p
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
  20. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I have had sacred amethyst out of cube few weeks ago.
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