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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I don't know what to say, the misery of ideas in the heads of the producer speaks for itself.

    I don't care about finishing the event, it is rarely a significant goal for me. At the moment I have just started the second progress bar, and I am sure that I will go a little further, from here to the end, considering how long and tedious the path is.

    In this case it was enough for me to get the t10 set in the Great Hall and then group the pearl donors from the chat region, killing Dragan in the highest modes to decrease the number of competitors for pearls (too many people now are able to kill him at inf3-4). In the days when I had time, I could make about 1k draken cores in an afternoon/evening of game.

    That's all folks. Everything else is boredom. Even this is boredom, but at least a bit "useful", if we ever could use this word here.
  2. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Yep yep! BP! U gatta listen 2 all the lazy whiners in here who complaints they now have 2 WORK for all the Xtra free stuff U get in Draganevent!
    Make me FARMING stuff in a FARMgame??? What is that?

    And how DARE U gimme additional stuff like 1 week prem, 20k+ andermant, 6-8 T5 and T6 gems and 5-7 runes, a 90 (are U kidding me??? 90 frikking free days???) day smelting pot, plus 4k+ drakens for COMPLETELY free??? + LOADS more -And thats EXCLUDING the progressbar rewards!!! -And Im not even ½ way done!!!

    And while we are at it: HOW DARE U BP? Reward the players who plays this event the most with the MOST rewards???
    -It should be all the lazy whiners, who come in here 2 complain instead of playing the game, that are given those rewards! -Not the people who actually enjoys the work, and put some effort into ACTUALLY PLAYING this game!

    Sarcasm aside: This event is GREAT! I LUUV the free entry and the ABUNDANCE of rewards!

    And all U trolls out there? U are right! ....sometimes! Some events are WAY 2 grindy, true!

    -this Draganevent? NOPE! Its just as GREAT as its allwayz been!

    Now: Let the personal flaming on me commence! ;););)
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  3. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Just dont forget to change your diaper when you get a break after god knows how long of farming the same event 380760837th time in a row with prolly progress bar 4 times longer than we had a year ago.

    1 week prem is pretty much nothing, it costs what, 4 bucks? Plus, normal prem cube drop is laughable.
    20k anders was 7-10h of playtime before they nerfed anders by 80-90% last summer. Congratulations, you're part of the problem.
    Normal and Polished gems you can farm in literally an hour on Q5.
    5-7 runes after dragan hall rollback glitch? People are YEARS ahead, pitiful scraps.
    Smelter is absolutely useless after you have enough glyphs and you can farm enough glyphs in probably a week? (even less since you love FARMING so much).
    4k drakens, maybe the least useless reward cause you can hoard it till they add something to the gnob that's actually worth spending them on.
    T3 rune (joker) if you have enough of them, sacred gem (joker), royal gem.

    Great rewards for people who dont need them because noobs cant afford doing x10 dragans than endgame players while having half (or less) the stats.

    How about we mention nerfed pearls drop, nerfed runes drop, nerfed progress?
    "NOPE! Its just as GREAT as its allwayz been!"

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  4. deadland38

    deadland38 Forum Apprentice

    I didn't get 40 pearl, me and my friends (my family) got enough pearl to do it more than that (and my dad has currently 40 pearls in his bag)

    ps: The drop rate of elementary headless skin is also garbage, after more than 50 runs in group, none of us dropped a single skin, why those skin have such a low drop rate ? what's the interest ?

    This is the example of the perfect troll, even with the worst changes ever made on a game, there are players that still agree with the dev ... It makes me voiceless
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  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    We call them shills and useful idiots (depending on the context). This one is hard to classify, he bears characteristics of both groups.
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  6. deadland38

    deadland38 Forum Apprentice

    I know dude, i was just trying to be polite but when i read those, i just want to beat someone xD
  7. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

  8. cashmeere

    cashmeere Forum Greenhorn

    I just get 2450 raven pearls in the 3rd progress bar and i dont get the scroll that allow me to do the quests to enter the great hall.
    Can someone do anything for me?
  9. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    As preDIC(K)ted... the trolls got personal! WOW! XD
    Dude! If U dont like the rewards, dont go for them; its called "free choise" 4 a reason! I will admit U do have 1 point; the BANHAMMER!!! Wow! 4 people in total banned! Hows 4 people banned EVER gunna be an entire BANwave???!!!??? -Most cheaters got away scottfree w cheating as usual... And BP just do not care! Just like they did at all the other bugs in the past!
  10. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    You can do something for yourself, e.g. reading comments in the event thread, like that Curse of the Black Knights - Return of Dragan
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  11. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    [content removed]

    There are 2 ways of farming red pearls:
    1) runefarm :
    group of 1 dwarf + 1 mage + 1 ranger + 1 war
    Kill all group chests in the dragan excavation site normal mode (and open amphoras with the keys you drop)
    => 3-10 pearls / hour
    BONUS: a lot of map1 pearls and group runes
    2) questfarm :
    group of 4 people, one at each map2 entry
    Each one kill all minions from his entrance to spawn the black knight and then kills him.
    Once everyone has killed its black knight, everyone resets through their map2 door.
    Each time you get 4 black knight + around 80-90 squires
    Need 20 runs + 5 runs dragan (find donor / do great hall) to complete map1 repeatable quest which gives 3 red pearls
    => 5-7 pearls / hour

    I find runefarm better for the additionnal loot but you can alternate to decrease boredom ^^.

    The main issue raised by everyone is not the rewards it's the length of the event.
    Maybe it doesn't bother you but this event is definitely too long + they decreased the droprate of red pearls
    => It's a far worse event than previous dragan. It doesn't mean it's not worth farming, it means people have to grind way too much to finish it.
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    How can anyone defend Bp at this point?
    Only intellectually dishonest people can defend the mess the game is becoming.
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  13. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    What exactly was personal about this message besides the diaper mention (which is on point since dragan event requires as much grind as other crappy "reworked" events)?
  14. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Dude chill! Its just a game! No need 4 shouting at me! XDDD
    And finishing progress is STILL not something Ur entitled to! Progress rewards is something EXTRA that is offered the people who WANTS 2 do the extra grind! -personally I like the extra grind! I LIKE that not all people gets the rewards unless they put in the work!
    If U dont like it, dont do it! Its as simple as that!

    Whats up w all these whiners in here having the mentality of a 5Yr-old? What dont U get?

    U want the Xtra free stuff? -WORK 4 it! -Dont wanna do the work? -No problem but also no extra free stuff 4 U!

    .oO(Should I explain the concept of getting free stuff a third time? -Naaah! I think they get it now!)Oo.

    I dunno! -Maybe people screaming at U isnt personal 4 U? XDDD

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    The problem isnt the ''grind'' or ''work''. Its the red-pearl droprate. Ive put in allot of hours allready + 200-300 amphora keys and got a little over 20 red pearls. It's simply impossible to finish bar3+4 since i dont get the great hall scroll and i dont have enough red pearls to get it from 3rd progress.

    This event is simply pay2win or if youre lucky enough to get the scroll you might be able to get some extra rewards.

    So result = either p2w or lucky with RNG (no matter how hard you ''work'' for it)

    Youre prolly one of the lucky people who found the scroll or pays a ridiculous amount of money for red pearls.....
  16. sefu79

    sefu79 Forum Apprentice

    bad drop rate for red pearls , ultra super grind for progress bar for 1 event . Events should have less grind its event for god sake already game have allot items (gems . cores . items like herald skin who dont drop etc ) what need be be farmed and farmed and farmed again and again to evolve in this game we dont need allot of grind in events we should have fun doing events not to reserve 1 ticket to mental hospitals after events
  17. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    OK then... lets do this Ur way 4 a sec! -Lets actually pretend for a min that Ur arguments are valid. shall we?

    Well... I have a question 4 U then: :):):)
    U say: "This event is simply pay2win", yes?
    My question is HOW?? -HOW is this P2W???
    What do U imagine U can buy that will get U through this?
    -The attire??? Cmon! That only gives 50% more progress, which means U will do the event 33% faster!
    -The scroll??? Cmon! No1 in their right mind would buy that! -and have U looked at the prize? -besides the droprate of the scroll is great, so no point in that, either!
    -Red Pearls? Dude why would U pay 5k ander per Pearl when they drop so often?

    So I guess I have run out of ideas on what U could buy that actually would make this a P2W-event...

    And if U only have dropped 20 red pearls by now, U havent been farming this event AT ALL!!!
    Wanna go through all the ways the Red Pearls can drop, shall we?
    This is taken from Dragan-Guide on my Discordchannel:
    -Do dailys!
    (U just gained 1 week prem! So U have no excuse not 2 set Ur dailys to get red pearls evry day! Up to 4 Red pearls this way per day!)
    -Open mapchests!
    -Open Questchest!
    -Kill Headless Horseman!
    -Kill Runechests in Runefarming
    -Gain progress in progress bars!
    -Kill Cursed Amphoraes!
    -finish repeatable quests like "Unobstructed View"!
    -open free amphoraes!
    -open keyamphoraes!

    And about that scroll...
    Heres how U drop that (also from my guide):

    The Draganscroll:
    In order 2 open solomap: "The Great Hall" U will need a "Dragan Scroll" and do a series of quests!
    The scroll drops in at least 4 ways:
    -When U kill Dragan (chance is around 5-10% per kill)
    -When U kill Cursed Amphoraes
    -When U reach the third progressbar
    -When U open Keyamphoraes! (chance is less than 2%! U should NOT waste Ur keys like this! U will need them for DoE)
    Wrong againagain! ;) I ofc kept a few scrolls from last Draganevent in March! Cuz I aint no fool! :cool: (but I have allrdy dropped 5 new scrolls this event, and I still have way owa 200 Red Pearls left also!)
    So lets make this all times 3 shall we?

    WRONG againagainagain! Dude thats 3 times! And three times is a charm!:rolleyes::p:D
    Ur actually saying that U need Red Pearls in order 2 finish bar 3+4...
    Well... U dont! :):):) Heres a hint 4 U: Try doing cornermaps and enter Ghastly Grave! PSSST! Watch Ur progressbar once Black Widow bites the dust! XDDD

    Well thats 1 whiner with no valid arguments left... only 999.999 to go! :p
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2020

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    If 20-25hrs of farm = not farming than i guess youre absolutely right.

    0 pearls from groupchests
    4-5 pearls from endchest
    rest from amphora
    Only had 3 red pearls first day, rest of days crap, so its not guaranteed. 1 = free if you dragan. the other 3 are RNG

    EDIT Just cus youre lucky with RNG, doesnt mean it works for others aswell. People like you just piss me off and are ignored for future convos.
    Last edited by moderator: Jun 17, 2020
  19. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Nothing like going against your own words.

    Well you personally like it and others personally dislike it. What makes your opinion more valuable than theirs?
    On top of that people dislike it because people want to play to have fun not to have a second job at home. If you like grinding 10h/day good for you but people have lives and the game should be balanced around these not around hardcore grinders that live in their mom's basement and play 20h/d. Extra rewards should come from grinding dragan or 4 elemental maps (and it shouldnt be anything insane, some drakens, maybe rune from time to time) and progress bars should be finishable by anybody in a REASONABLE time.
    Congratulations on proving that your hoarded currencies and items made it easy for you. Some people didnt play last edition or didnt have anything left.

    That's not how events should be balanced, ever.

    Also consider getting lessons on how to write in proper english because your style is so obnoxius and so hard to read its unreal. Going through multitude of UPPERCASE WORDS for no reason, multiple ???s and !!!s, using 4 instead of for. Its an absolute mess.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2020
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  20. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    I'm not shouting at you.
    I'm just stating the fact that the event is too long.
    Maybe you think it's normal we have to grind more than 3h / day to finish event the way he is built to be. But it's not.

    I surprisingly agree with theusen on that point, red pearls do drop and it's not about rng it's about farm efficiency.

    You are probably pretty bad at runefarming ( I get 2-6 / hour with runefarm not opening amphoras and I'm not that fast ) or extremely unlucky (I doubt it because we are speaking of "20 hours farming".
    Maybe the guaranteed way of getting red pearls would suit you better: The castle ravenclaw squire quest, for 3 pearls per quest (quest taking 25-40 mins to complete in group of 4 depending on your efficiency)

    About dailies, you probably have at least 1 chance out of 3 for the pearl reward so that makes 2 pearls daily in average ( 1/3 x 3 + the guaranteed pearl from killing dragan).

    This event is finishable in 40h fast farm (with most of the time spent farming red pearls, count more if you are farming suboptimally)
    BUT I still maintain it's too damn long, should have been max 20h for fast farmers
    BECAUSE they increased the bar while reducing pearl drops (double greedy move...)
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