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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 16, 2019.

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  1. god47ak

    god47ak Junior Expert

    Doesn't the 25%dmg dragan set drop anymore?
    Got a 2h dragan staff in the first run and later got the dragan's battleworn robe.
    they are new to me.
  2. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    The best chests to open are Infernal 4, so 160 Keys each. The rewards (especially gems) become progressively crappier as you go down. The Inf 3 chests have decent loot, and I think some doll parts if you need them. Traki has a nice table on his wiki that shows what drops in each tier. In the past, when there was no cap on how many Fearless keys you could earn, I would open all the Inf 4 chests, and 1 or 2 of the Inf 3 ones. Now it is a struggle just to get the 640 keys required to open the Inf 4's. The biggest thing to remember is not to waste passes or keys on any of the higher difficulty chests. Inf 5 and above don't drop anything.

    I think this round of the event, while fun is suffering from two problems. The most economical way to finish progress is on Excruciating, and that means a LOT of runs. It also means burning Secret lair offerings for a very low clover reward (Usually those are spent on infernal difficulties). Previously I didn't mind burning some extra realm frags, buying passes to my favorite boss and doing the difficulty that best suited me. It was a lot of fun. Now, that is impossible due to INCREDIBLE NERF of realm fragment droppings. I farmed and put in many hours these past couple of months and I don't have enough frags to finish the 2nd progress bar. So BP has taken something fun and forced me to do it in a boring mode, while also enduring the futility of knowing that, no matter how hard I grind, I am not going to finish the event.

    Great job as usual BP :)
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  3. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Now the events are like this: first look at your resources, then calculator and consequently the result is always disappointing because you already know in advance that you cannot reach the end and often not even halfway!

    But the stupid thing is that we are on the eve of the new expansion, what sense does it have to maintain this behavior by cutting the drop of the fragments of the sphere, etc.? When you already know that you will lose some of your items and more. The rest leads users to stop, which is not bad since we are in the summer and there are beautiful days to live outdoors!:D
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  4. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    ha ha ha ha ... right, now to play an event, you no longer look at whether the damage is enough, now you look at how many resources you have in the wallet to do the math and the time to spend it. In short, this event is super boring, there is no sense in increasing the number of tickets due to greater difficulty.
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  5. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    Same DtU event as the previous one:

    > Good points:
    End rewards are nice (inf3 and inf4+ chests are really good)
    Farming the bosses gives decent rewards without taking progress bar into account

    > Bad points:
    In a time where realm fragments are a pain to get, having to spend 4k realm fragments feels too expensive (2k3 for 5k sucess points / 1k for 3k success)
    We need too many runs for a 1week event (see suggestion about infernal changes down to solve the issue)
    Except for the end rewards, the progress bar don't give much
    You need 100-150 entries (opening 1key chests) to get the 60 newborn hearts needed to craft a pet
    => Really hard to craft a pet for people doing 15k progress, only 1 pet for people doing 33k

    What could be improved:
    > Increase infernal difficulties entry cost and rewards, for example 10 entries for 1400-1600 progress in one inf3 run, making the event time worthy in infernal for high dmg players (add specific keys chests in infernal which cost 2 or 3 keys and give a guaranteed newborn heart instead of the 1key chests), also increase fatal entry cost and rewards (2 > 3-4 entries and boost progress drop)
    > Add the resources to craft a whole pet (doll body chest + crafting resources) in every progress bar so everyone can craft at least a pet if he finishes the event
    > Either give us a better RF drop rate (outside of looter fortune) or reduce entry cost
    (6RF for 1 entry and 55RF for 10 entries seems a fair price here instead of 10 and 98 RF)
    > Add some more rewards to the progress bar and maybe split them in more than 2 bars

    For player wondering which chest to open:
    640 keys and no event jewel possessed => get the 2 jewels in inf3 then complete with inf4 chests (2/4 inf3 and 3/2 inf4 chests)
    320 keys and event jewel possessed => 2 chests in inf4
    320 keys or less and no event jewel possessed => open as many inf3 chests as you can

    About farm time needed (60k progress bar with 3920 RF needed in excruciating no lair):
    For realm frags: 100-200 RF / hour can be farmed in FBI (faster as duo trio splitting map).
    You can not kill sentinel, pick only gems, cubes, RF and andermants to be even faster.
    => 20-40h realm frag to finish event, too long
    For event: 4k-8k progress / hour in a 1 opener + 1 fast killer group
    => 7-15h event farm, a little bit long for a 1 week event
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yes, BP learned the copy and paste functions.
    Now, let's hope that they relearn to create good events.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Used to be 1 of my favorite events...but now im even skipping this one.

    I refuse to play mod2 for most efficient progress. Its just not worth paying 3-4-5 times as much fragments for an entry when the progress isnt 3-4-5 times as much.

    So 50 runs a day when i got nice weather, no thanks :)
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  8. 2night

    2night Forum Apprentice

    As someone say ..Event now not have to do about power ..but resourses who someone have ...
    This game go like pay to play thats even worst than pay to win ...
    All events is about realm fragments , something rare more like unique items ..Good job Bp ..

    Repeatable big events this kind is hard to complete someone who not spent mutch time in game .. 20 runs In parallel or 1 hour in dungeons maybe max 100 realm fragments ...

    Game it was better based pay to play at pvp than pay to play for farm Events... And this is the politic of this company..

    The only Sure is the bots not have problem ...and they scared to put script once more in game cuase they will empty completely he server and they kill an allready dead game ...

    The only reason who someone play is the old players who invest time and money .. a new player watching this and the prices for complete something is out at once..
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  9. Босc

    Босc Junior Expert

    I do not know where to write this, so I am writing here, because this also applies to this event. This is terrible and insulting. I have 300 shards left. By what miracle should I now go through the anniversary event? How? I won't even get a chance to finish the most important event of the year. Why couldn't he be made independent of the shards? Im done. I am leaving the game, because I have nothing to do here. I don't want to look at the progress bar without being able to get rewards. Well done developers.

    P.S. sry for google translate
  10. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Well Bigpoint what is your Master plan now????? You nerfed the drop rate for realm frags to almost zero. Now no one has realm frags to do the Anniversary event. Doubt you will be selling many event attire cloaks if no one can even enter the event. For me I have 64k realms but doubt will even bother with it because my friends don't have enough to play. What is the point of playing if I am the only one playing. So your master plan to reduce realm frags in players inventory failed. My realms will continue to pile up until my friends can farm enough to play.

    Unless you plan on giving everyone 5,000 realm frags so they can play. Your great and wonderful Anniversary is an EPIC fail before it even starts.
  11. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Well, Im against BP in a lot of things, included the RF decission but I have to disagree with you here, DtU needs realm frags to be done, Anniversary event does not need of it, you can finish it just by farming eggs and arena chips.
  12. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    I've been doing this event for a long time, and I thought I wouldn't make it. Not because I didn't have the time, no, I just don't know how to play this [EDIT]. 99% of the players play at low levels, and they just tug at those locations until the local NPCs start getting to know them in the face and say hello. I went to mod2 a few times and you know; Grimmage came to my location and asked me for a light, we sat down, he started telling funny stories, and I didn't want to kill that good magician anymore. But you made me, and my hand shattered the kingdom in his eye without trembling. When I received the rewards, I felt no joy, I see no use for these rewards. This action used to be an opportunity to unite, now it makes me turn off the game. By the way, you have an anniversary coming up, and I don't have any money to go in, so I just wish you good luck, I think you could use it.
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  13. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Because of this artifical created, shortage of realm frags, I opened a Thead here.
    May be some of you want to take part of this discussion.

    I actually have the same problem that I m not able to finish this events because of to less realm frags
    That is absolutly not in line with my undestanding of gamefun and motivation.

    Kind regards

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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There is no need of inventing hot water and no need of suggestions.
    they only need to revert back what they screwed up intentionally.
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  15. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Unfortunatly to say nothing seems to be a quiet Yes to the situation.
    Feedback with the content -this is Bullyshit- is quoted as whinning.

    I want to get them to work and think about a solution of this mess.
    => therfore it is necessary to get high waves with constructive ideas/feedback or how ever you want to name it ;o)

    So use your voice ;o)

    Kind regrds

    Last edited: Aug 2, 2020
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  16. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    As always, I still enjoy this event. It was a good chance to brush up my skills that have been rusting for a long time. There's a good variety of bosses to keep you on your toes so you don't get bored too quickly. I was mostly playing on Inf 3, so leastwise on this difficulty, the drop rates of extraordinary and legendary items were good, and there were enough drakens/draken cores to keep me motivated.

    Now... points for improvement. I was always a hoarder, but this event drained a huge chunk of my RFs. Far more than what I've managed to farm in the one month I returned to this game. I was lucky, in a sense. I can't imagine what it would be like to start the event with only a few frags and have to repeatedly go farm for it. Here's the thing, players don't enjoy farming so they can subsequently do more farming in an event. Like... pre-farm so you earn the right to farm more. Please increase the drop rates of realm frags or reduce the necessity of them.

    I noticed that there were new pets (for me) to collect. However, the drop rates of the parts are so rubbish, I have not managed to construct a single new pet. Pretty please, increase drop rates? :D

    As well, this event was quite short. I was away for several days and I work. It's impossible to finish the event unless I'm going to forgo sleep. I think some realism about the amount of time needed to complete this event needs to be taken into account.

    Overall, I would play this event again. Just hoping for a few basic improvements.
  17. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    I didn't like it.
    I finished the event but I have to admit it was pulled to do the 400 runs (excruciating).
    The destructor is very annoying, playing solo against him is horrible (when the mob interrupts you when you put the bomb to the generators), I have no complaints about the other bosses.
    The fall of the newborn heart / runes in the golden chests is low, I won 2 runes and 17 newborn heart, as for the drakens I would say that the fall is reasonable, the same goes for the pandora amulet and adornment.
    My biggest disappointment came when opening the Heroic Chest of the Fearless (Infernal IV), 1ruby, 1oniyx polished, 1 Flawless Amethyst, 3 sacred diamonds, 1 royal ciante and many Splintered Cyanite.
    I do not intend to play the next editions of that event, I will keep my remaining entries.
    I used google translator.
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  18. Nalucitura

    Nalucitura Forum Apprentice

    I have 5k+ achievement points so I had the 2 tiers of progress (11k and 22k). I grinded on fast Excruciating runs to finish event. Spent like
    almost 2k Realm Fragments on passes (or around that, I am not quite sure). Compared to the last event where I opened 2x Heroic Chests (inf 4), this time I opened 4x Silver Chests (Inf 3) and I found the Jewels of Encouregement and Contribution, a few sacred gems, 1 week Deluxe and a couple of world uniques. Funny enough, I managed to gather ALL (yes..ALL) the doll body parts for pets, EXCEPT Arachna >.< I don't have the newborn hearts for all of them but that's another story :p So I can say that this time, for me, it was pretty rewarding I guess. In the end I suggest make it less of a grindfest and more challenging. And maybe...make both jewels socketable together? :>
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  19. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    well i guess i got a some issue's with this event
    cost of passes to high
    drop rate of runes to low seen -0-
    nearly 0 unique from the bosses
    and this is the latest dtu on version 244
    and why 600 fearless keys and 4 boxes?
    seems a few short of what's needed.
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  20. tiki

    tiki Forum Apprentice

    Give the sphere shard the fall increase buff. Why did you remove it after the start of the event? what to do for a beginner who is not prepared? skills to increase the fall of fragments in a group do not work, give a buff!
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