Bug Did not receive what I paid for.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Aduro, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Aduro

    Aduro Forum Greenhorn

    Yesterday, I decided to take advantage of the in-game special and buy some Andermant.

    The special was 24,000 Andermant for $21.99.

    I purchased the special twice (I have a PayPal record of being charged $21.99 twice), expecting to receive 48,000 Andermant in game.

    When I logged back in to the game, it dropped down four of the item waiting things. Two of them had nothing, one had 24,000 Andermant and one had only 11,000 Andermant.

    So I paid for 48,000 Andermant, and only received 35,000!

    I entered a ticket for this in the support section of the payment center, and it was closed, saying they could find no problem with the transaction. Well, yeah, the transaction of you taking my money went just fine, you just didn't give me what I paid for!!

    Can you please look into this and add the additional 13,000 Andermant I am supposed to receive from my purchase? I attached a screenshot showing the double purchase from my paypal account to my original support ticket, and you should be able to look up the in-game transaction and see the amounts were wrong.
  2. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

    Once I logged in to see like 3k anders missing. I sent a ticket, the representative said 'we couldn't trace the andermants, sorry'

    Very rarely do our expectations and reality match.
  3. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Aduro, :oops:

    Unfortunately we cannot assist you with financial matters on the Forum. If Payment Support has closed your ticket and the problem was not resolved, please be so kind and contact general Support by selecting "Game Problem" in this contact form, and include in your inquiry the Payment ticket number, as well as the transaction IDs of the purchases you are referring to.
    Hello Durrendal, :oops:

    That is a different situation I am afraid - it sounds like you are referring to an amount of andermants spent in game, rather than missing currency from a payment made, which should be tracked separately.
    Best regards,

    - closing thread as player was directed to Support -
  4. skillarea1

    skillarea1 Active Author

    because the thread was closed by moderator, if this wrong again, please delete this thread, i am just try to answer

    this the original thread quote
    and this is the point of problem
    and this is the rule when i see, i think because use computer, for automatic transaction
    in that pict show text
    " Please dont transfer the sum of multiple transactions at once"

    so i think because of that
  5. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello skillarea1, :)

    Thank you for taking time to point this out - I've merged it to the initial thread to keep things organized :p
    However, this is not the case, I am afraid, since the Paypal purchases don't have to be made as transfers where you can set different amounts, you can only pay at checkout the amount set by the item/offer/package you are trying to purchase. Either way, Support are the only ones who can get at the bottom of this situation and I am sure they will collect all the needed information.​

    Best regards,
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  6. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Some threads are really closed too fast if you ask me. Anyways, about this thread, I think @Aduro is talking about the ingame offers from the pink dropboxes you get sometimes. You can only make use of these offers for like 1 hour. Perhaps you can only use these offers only once. If you attempt to buy it a second time, it ll be as if you buy andermant for normal rates (without discount).
    I had such an offer once, 8500 ander for 2 euro, If i had used that 100 times, i d have bought 850k ander for only 200 euro. I don't think BP would allow us to make use of such exploits.

    So you probably bought an anderpack with discount for $22, and the other $22 where used to buy ander according to the 'normal' rates. And that s probably why they couldnt find any problems with your transactions.
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